From the Forums: Surface RT pricing and more worried souls

It has been a busy week for Microsoft today with the pricing being revealed for its Surface RT Windows tablet, and pre-ordering being made available in a number of countries. As well as this, more news surrounding carrier and retailer availability for Windows Phone 8 handsets has also been coming to light. But what's being discussed in the Windows Phone Central forums?

What kicks us off today is a thread covering the Surface announcement. Are you a happy bunny with the pricing that has been placed next to the purchase button? Many are, some are not, but what's known is that consumers are definitely interested enough to consider placing an order for the next generation tablet. Teetu explains his concerns in a response:

"I think the pricing of the RT is very disappointing. It's priced as high as an iPad 3 which has twice the resolution and what I assume has a more powerful processor (even the kindle fire hd 8.9 has a 1920x1200 display for far less). If they would have thrown in the touch type for $500 I think that would have been a decent price."

It would have been a difficult decision for Microsoft to make - how to effectively price the Surface. We know many have placed their orders, but have you? What are your thoughts on the pricing of the Windows RT tablet? Be sure to head on over to the "Surface RT pricing revealed" thread to add your opinion.

Advantages of Windows Phone?

Forum user dgr_874 has crafted a thread to outline concerns of Windows Phone. What's worrying the poor fellow is how it's believed Windows Phone simply has no advantage over the competition anymore.

With the recent annoucement of XBOX music being avalible on other platforms "within 12 months" and the growing rumors that office will come out on the iPad soon next year, why even buy a windows phone? I like the windows phone interface and I really think it has alot of potential but what is the killer thing that makes me want to choose the Microsoft ecosystem over the Apple one? I can get my xbox companion, skydrive, Xbox music, and if the rumors are true, Office on my apple products. This does not seem to make any sense.

It's a valid concern, which has been voiced by Windows Phone owners when Microsoft decided to unveil its Xbox app for the iPad. While this certainly showed iPad owners what was being missed in terms of user experience, it failed to impress those who believe Microsoft should restrict services and products to its own brands.

What are your thoughts? Add your $0.02 to the "Is there any advantage to owning a Windows Phone anymore?" thread.

Worries of Windows Phone's future

Microsoft Willy

Apps. Apps. Apps. The little bits of the cake that makes it taste ever so delicious. Consumers have constantly been baffled by the lack of content on the Windows Phone Store, which as been shared by those who look at Windows Phone as a viable alternative to competing platforms, but simply can't switch due to missing apps. iPhonemilk created a thread on the forums detailing concerns of just that.

"You see the app store on iOS go through a change on the homepage blowing my mind with all new apps. Android and Windows phone both felt the same way... I would constantly check for new apps and nothing even struck out to me that i would want to download anything."

Microsoft and Nokia have schemes in place to tackle such problems but it has taken a long time to get even the most basic apps onto the platform. While we still wait for the day when an official Instagram app will be available on the Store, one can't help but wonder if the experience really is damaged by 'lack of choice'. What apps would you like to see on Windows Phone?

Head on over to the "iOS user and Windows Phone user, WORRIED about the future of WP" thread to add your voice.

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  • Msrp vs retail. Its one thing people keep leaving out of the pricing complaints. Apple never budges on msrp until a new device is in the pipes. By Christmas these MS tablets will be able to be discounted by retailers and right now you are just paying the premium to be first. At 10 - 20% off the surface becomes highly competitive with more options and features, but it still has the list price to be in the same pricing category as an iPad. Basically MS is avoiding the discount crowded tablet category.
  • What retailers?? Surface is only being sold at MSFT stores.
  • Maybe in the US but here in Germany Surface will be avaible at "Media Markt" and "Saturn". 
  • It's true that in the smartphone market we've seen prices drop on phones before the next generation comes to market, but I can't think of a single tablet thats dropped its price until the next device is released (if you can please name specifics). Almost all manufacturers have adopted Apples strategy of selling your device at a set price for a year and when a new one comes out, drop the price of the old one. Only in most cases they discontinue the ond ones and when they're out at the lower price they're out.
  • Honestly you should be worried. Today I got laughed at when I had to admit there was no capital one app to check if I could get cash back at a certain store. No one cares about built features. Folks wants that buzz word apps apps and more apps.
  • Or apps that connect to cars, smart homes, banks. We have 95,000 crap apps.
  • Seriously your mates laughed at you cause capitol one is too cheap to support windows phone. If an app is missing I blame the company they obviously don't care about you as a customer. Really cap one could not spend $1000 to support you as a customer. I don't really care for banking apps so I don't know what's in the market or how it compares to other platforms. But unless you close with your mates no point doing that kind of mocking. I don't mock the apple fanboys cause they don't have dlna something i consider more than banking apps. Love to stream movies from my home server :)
  • Time to get new friends...or a new bank
  • There's always the web
  • There's even Local Scout.
  • Does Capitol One not allow you to text a number to get your balance, or even specifics? I find that much more convienient than opening an app, waiting for it to load, clicking on the right links to get to the balance.
  • No use placing an order if it's not available in the first place.
  • Is it me or isn't MS a software company, it think MS should stop being and just create more of the own games, make productivity apps for their own ecosystem. They can imitate these apps out their and improve or make better apps. Most developers are making the same apps but in their own version of it. MS can do the same thing and make better apps.
  • I've been saying the same thing since day one MS can call these companies and just get there permission to create said apps or help them to get the apps going, WP is about apps, I was given an Android tab Acer which I use for gaming mostly and when u compare the same apps on both OS even though Android is buggy there apps have lot more features and design.
  • Microsoft actually already does this...
  • Facebook app being the perfect example, though there are plent of others.
  • Pricing was $100 too much across the board.
  • You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but, honestly, I think $100 cheaper than comparable iPad models (which is where the Surface RT is currently priced) is more than fair.
    The 32GB Surface RT model without the keyboard cover is $499. The 32GB iPad without a cover is $599. A third-party keyboard cover for the iPad costs around $100-125. Therefore, to purchase a 32GB iPad with keyboard cover (which you might have to purchase from a separate retailer, and potentially pay separate shipping) would be at least $699; the 32GB Surface with keyboard cover is $599. The 64GB iPad with a keyboard cover would cost at least $799; the 64GB Surface with keyboard cover is $699.
    If you want to look at it a different way and interpret the Surface pricing as being the same as iPad pricing, then you need to consider the fact that you're getting the $120 touch cover for free. Either way, it looks like a better deal than the iPad right now.
    Personally, though, I'm waiting to see what the Pro models look like, how they perform and how they're priced. I'll be in need of a new computer within the next 6 months or so, and if the Surface Pro is able to effectively run PhotoShop, Dreamweaver and Office, while still offering the tablet functionality I'd get from the RT models, I will seriously consider replacing my desktop with a Surface Pro.
  • Just some key things you left out cgrymala.  The Surface has a full USB port, HDMI port, and you can put a MicroSD card in for additional memory.  Add those into the price of an iPad and you can probably add another $100 or better.
    So actually the Surface is priced really well.  It is a little higher that what I was hoping for on the RT version but it's still not bad.
  • ...Really?  Even after the fact that Office is included?
  • I am in. A family member has been playing with the device for awhile (MS employee) and stated, "I am constantly being surprised at what it (surface)can do". He is an engineer type that uses apple devices as well. We ordered 2 and will likely get a pro after Christmas or maybe another manufacturers Win 8 device.. Even with price parity the carrying costs of using apple products exceeds both Windows and Android. With a family of five i- tunes is rip off. Xbox is our families entertainment center for roughly $150 a year. My kids did that damage in a month with one apple device.
    Rant complete....
  • The thing that stinks the most about options to purchase a Surface tab was the option to choose the colour key board of your choice. I wanted a 64Gb with blue but have to settle for a black one, I do not need or want 2 key boards. If I was in charge of the sales team someone head would roll.
  • +1
  • Dude, that's only for pre-orders. When it comes out there will be a 64gb w/o the keyboard.
  • I hope so because I called Microsoft store and they said they will offer the Surface the same way it is online, with the black touch cover. I wish they would of offered these with a choice of color, i would of already ordered the 64GB with the cyan touch keyboard.  Instead I'm going to give less $ to Microsoft and spend it on the 32GB and no cover even if I have to wait 3 weeks.  I guess MS was scared the keyboards wouldn't sell so they shoved the ugliest color on to people.
  • Was this confirmed? What about when the pro comes out, are we going yo have an odd stipulation?
  • I can understand pricing it at $499 its a complicated sandwich MS was trapped in between apple and oems. But not including the cover for free when it's all that's getting marketing is absolutely dumb. Especially when they had given the impression it was going to be included when they had the secret rushed announcement.
    I wanted this but im not willing to pay 499 for any tablet
  • Guys. Remember even though RT is not a full blown version and the resolution is less than of an iPad and Android Tablets.  However, it's about the value of the package.  Remember, MS Office RT is included in the whole thing.  It's not that you have to purchase it or anything.
  • Resolution does not dictate price, that was a retarded comment, and should not have been quoted, your just encouraging idiocy.
  • +1 I agree about the dumb comment
  • Calling someone idiotic and that their comment was retarded....yet not knowing the difference between 'your' and 'you're' is priceless.
  • Relax with the grammar policing ffs. There's one of your type in every article.
  • +1 this isn't school to keep grammar in check.
  • And this isn't your personal playground to subject people with differing points of views to insults because of your myopic mentality.
  • And there is one of your type in every forum. The person who cannot fathom that other people are entitled to their valid opinion without being subjected to insults by narrow minded individuals.
  • no one here is narrow minded, it is just tiring to me to see people complain about other people being entitled to their opinion whilst giving people crap for voicing the very opinions you think your fighting for. We are just as much as entitled to have the opinion that the comment was dumb as you are that we are being insensitive to their opinion. Also your not my or anyones english teacher, im pretty sure that no one in here likes to be corrected, if i feel like typin dis way i can you feelzzz me brooszzzz.
  • Apps r a very big deal; why get windows when u can do more with an iPad or kindle. More Apps should Microsoft's main focus, we just sound foolish trying to get people to try their products. Apps! Apps!! Apps!!
  • Why are people still talking as if apps will never appear on windows 8. It is obvious by now that every developer with half a brain will make apps for the biggest ecosystem in the world by far. With 1.2 billion people using windows pc at the moment and many millions soon using windows 8 on both tablets and pc ( not to mention at least a few on windows phone 8 which is basically the same system) it is a no-brainer. In a month or two the market will be flooded with apps and I'm convinced that in a matter of 6 or 7 months it will overtake the app store.
  • Agreed. Apple establishing themselves first in the app market has brainwashed majority of users. Developers have been producing apps for apple for a long time and its only a matter of time before MS can overtake the market share. I find iOS dull and boring regardless of app quality. I tried android after apple and its a shame how buggy and insecure that platform is. Never could update to newest release of firmware without rooting or having a device they actually supported. Went windows phone back in April '12 and won't ever go back. Can't wait to see what they have in store.
  • I have an iPad 3 (as a gift) and I check the app store desperately every day trying to find something that will make me use it more than just for facebook and games.  And every day is a slight dissappointment.  With Surface, I know I'm getting Office, which to me is a necessity.  Games are ok, but honestly, I prefer to play actual PC/PS3/Xbox style games.  I want something that is extremely portable like a tablet that can be used for WORK and play.  iPad doesn't fit the bill.  Surface seems like it will, hence why I took the plunge and pre-ordered.
  • +1...... I agree with you on this.  I do think that with the people that only think of apps, apps, apps will hesitate if even buy a Windows 8 tablet or phone right now but if they hang in there I think over a short time in the next year it will really increase the amount of apps as well as key apps that people are looking for will come as well.
  • people are still talking about apps because nothing has come to fruition. I believe apps will come now with w8, but one can only make an educated guess as we will never know for sure until it does or does not happen.
    I am more irritated that MS is giving up apps, services that should not be available on ios or android. If Xbox live games, achievements are available on ios I will just keep my iPad as everything else appears to be coming (office, Xbox music, etc). MS should improve their structure. It is like the divisions do not interact or work together.
  • I like Windows Phone because I can drop it or throw it out a window without it breaking (both have happened with 2 different WP7). Looks like Surface will be the same from the "riding" article. Apps are nice, but useless if the device breaks
  • I'm not sure which devices you used, but Windows Phone can't be credited to their physical prowess. I have an HD7 that I bought on launch day and it's gone through its share of physical abuse, but the operating system has nothing to do with how well its come though it. HTC built a quality device, so they deserve the credit in my scenario, just like the manufacturer of your phones deserve the credit.
  • If you can get productivity done or anything done on an iPad or kindle then you're not working hard enough. The features that come with surface are much better, and more valuable than an iPad. Office would cost you $90-$150 alone. You get that included, RT basically is a PC. When developers build an app for x86 it will be available for RT. So if companies like Adobe make a Creative Suite for W8 it will/may be compatible with RT.
  • ms OFFICE.  That is all
  • What really is a danger to the Windows Phone platform is not having the Nokia 920, the 'flagship' Windows Phone, on every carrier. 6 months exclusive might as well be an eternity in the tech world. I think I see more clearly why Microsoft might need to release a Surface phone.
  • The 920 isn't the flagship phone for Windows Phone 8, the two new HTC models are.
  • Lol no they're not. The 920 is clearly the best phone.
  • No the htc devices are the signature devices.
  • Yeah right, everyone knows the 920 is the real flagship phone for windows 8, the htx 8x is a distant second best with no real differentiating factors.
  • Yea and just the Nokia app store alone is enough to prove that the device is better. They have way more exclusive apps and better ones than any of the other carriers. I've had my HD7 since launch and I will not buy any other version of wp8 because Nokia actually supports their devices better.
  • No kidding. 6 months!? The Galaxy sIII came out in July... That's 4 months ago. There are already whispers of an sIV being rolled out. I would venture to say by the time Tmobile and Verizon people can get their hands on the flagship, it will be viewed as long in the tooth and no one will want to waste an upgrade on it. Fair? Reasonable? No... But that's the new world of smartphones.
  • Yeah 6 months is a poor choice. 1-2 months would be ok. When it takes six months for Verizon to get the 920 other phones will have exceeded it by then, or the world would have moved on to the next galaxy. This is a bad decision and makes me question windows phones.
  • It should make you question Nokia, not Windows Phone. The 8X is on all major carriers.
  • Ipads are toys. Surface, and any other win8 based tablets are the next generation of pc's. They aren't even comparable, when talking about features. I look forward to visiting a customer and doing a PowerPoint presentation on my new surface...good luck going that with an iPad!
  • I've actually had employees come to me and ask why they couldn't install desktop software on their shiny new iPad. Gee where do I start? A) its not a desktop. B) its not a desktop operating system, its not even an apple desktop operating system C) we ain't joining that thing to the domain. Yes miss, see where it says iOS. This is a giant iPod.
  • Didn't they say that the only desktop programs available for Rt was Office and IE?
  • What else do you need? How much of your day is spent in programs other than office and ie? If you need the full desktop experience, get a win8 Pro device.
  • Currently, yes it is. But anything written for Windows 8 is directly compatible with Windows RT, which is something alot of people seem to gloss over. So when Adobe updates their software to the new version of Windows, theres a large possibility they will do so within the 'metro' system and it would be compatible with RT as well. (Adobe just being an example, but this holds true for any software maker updating their software to the new OS)
  • I wonder sometimes just how big the checks Apple and Google deposit in instagram's secret offshore accounts accounts are...
  • I've to give Nokia some credit here. They've done tremendous amount of work to get apps on board but it's time other ODMs step up their efforts (Samsung n htc I'm looking at you). These 2 odms haven't even paid for any major app developments. What is saddening is how all of these services want to be paid big lumps to support wp7. Other odms just want to produce phones and expect users to buy it and rip from Nokia app dev efforts. No wonder Nokia is making some apps exclusive.
  • Surface pre orders sold out? Anyone know how many surfaces were sold?
  • This is a classic case of Microsoft Stealing Defeat from the Jaws of Victory.
    Between the Nokia screwups with only being on ATT with the 920. To the Surface misplaced pricing. Ya gotta wonder Does Microsoft WANT to win this thing?
  • Because Microsoft can totally control Nokia.
  • Explain to me the 'misplaced pricing' of the Surface please, and no you can't use "I'm cheap" as your responce.
    The Surface is priced perfectly. It's $100 cheaper than the equivilent 32GB iPad  What people fail to realize is that if Microsoft priced the Surface anything less than the iPad, it would be immidately seen as the lesser product by consumers. Apple would hold the "premium" branding that it loves so much and since the price difference isn't that much, it would remain incredibly more successful in this space. By pricing it the same, it puts it on the same playing field and consumers can decide which is the premium device on the devices merits and specs, not on its price.
  • So what you are telling is that Microsoft priced Surface for $500 so that people won't say that iPad is premium? LOL, really.
  • At first I though that the pricing for the surface RT was 100 usd too expensive and although I still think that the touch covers should come bundled with it I now think that the pricing is spot on. Firstly because it is 100 usd cheaper than the iPad while offering consumers much more. This will make any would be iPad buyers at least seriously consider getting a surface instead, and I think most will. Secondly if the surface was cheaper it would really undercut other windows 8 tablet makers which could have disasterous consequences. Furthermore it would make the device look cheap and not a High quality premium device. The high volume of pre-orders already shows that people don't really mind the price that much
  • I am hearing conflicting stories about the Verizon deal...i can't believe they have gone this far through the rollout process to back out sure they signed some big contracts with HTC, Nokia and Microsoft...that's not something you can just "pull the plug" on...
  • People need to realize the Surface RT is a low end spec'd device bottom line. It's made to compete with the iPad and the productivity comparison of an iPad.  Sure the iPad has more apps just like Android, Windows Phone Developers had no reason to make an app for a Microsoft device. Ok the the Surface Rt has Gorilla Glass, VaperMag, Detailed Build, Ports, Xbox Controller Support, Stand, KeyBoard, HD Out support, Office, Skydrive, 2 HD Cameras rear is angled, and a few other things.  That alone is enough for me to purchase. I can sit next to any ipad iphone user now that surface has arrived and represent what i like and not be a fadBoy.  The bad, no palm technology for stylus but you can use one, no domain join, no remote desktop but some websites say different, no legacy Programs. iPad and Android tablets as far as I know don't have most of the missing features that the surface RT doesnt have.  Its not a laptop!  The technology alone for my liking has already defeated the other tablets.  The Surface Pro becomes a laptop and doesn't compete with iPad it competes with laptops and notebooks.  If you look at what the Surface Rt is you'll soon realize youre looking at your next Windows Phone made by Microsoft "Surface Phone".  iPhone iPad, Android Phones Android Tablets, Surface Rt Surface Phone.  Same apps, tablets just have no radio.  I'm waiting on my Microsoft Surface RT Tablet (64g with addition Red Keyboard) to go along with my HD7 for Interenet sharing and Titan soon to be replaced by a Nokia Lumia (Gray) 920.     
  • +1
  • You guys always complain about exclusive apps... Off course in order for msft to remain competitive they have to show off all this apps that we enjoy on what if iPad users have the Xbox live app,,you all have to realize this iPad users own Xbox 360 or Kinect...for msft is all about advertising they have to put it out there and that's the only way WP will be notice by the masses.. The surface is getting a lot of buzz even my co workers saw the commercials..i think 500 is the correct pricing.. Dudes this is not an iPad this is SURFACE.. SO STOP COMPARING THE ANDROID CRAP AND THE OVER PRICE IPAD.. I DONT CARE ABOUT THE RETINA SHIT.. IM ALL ABOUT USABILITY AO YOU ALL RELAX EVERY THING WILL BE FINE
  • Its a PC. That's is worth it. This is how I see it. RT is about office and apps. Pro is like a portable desktop, but, and here's the thing people are missing, apps will run on all platforms of surface. Just think about that for a minute.
  • I like the surface, I want a surface.    I just don't see the value at $599(i say $599, because it's obvious that's the one Microsoft wants people to buy.  "Click in" seems to be their slogan).  I just don't see how hdmi, microsd, and usb makes it reach the level of $500 dollars.   Those components probably don't cost more then $10 bucks to have on the board....
    If the RT 32gig alone cost $399, I would bit the bullet and bought that with a type cover.
    Going to wait and see if any price drops for black friday/cyber monday/christmas or may just wait for gen 2.  make sure they have all the bugs/hardware problems worked out. 
  • "which has twice the resolution and what!"
    ...and marketing wins again.
    P.s. I honestly believe that most of the population have no idea what Surface is let alone that it arrives with Microsoft Office... those two words alone beat the ipad
  • Not for everyone. You need to be careful when you make broad claims that something is better than something else.
    I'm sure there are people who are far better off  with an iPad than with a Surface, but for me iPad was never even an option. I need Office in a mobile package, thus the Surface doubles as a "netbook" and a tablet while allowing me to be productive as well as use it for entertainment on the go and at home too. I bet quite a bit of iPad customers have zero use for Office on the go and they dont do anything productive cos their job or school doesnt require that, they could be perfectly fine with just the consuming part of iPad. I dont see how exactly the Surface would be better in that case, except I love the kickstand and Win8 RT features in general.
    But point being, not everyone will be better off with a Surface, but also many people are let down by the productive capabilities of the iPad.
  • After seeing the price. Was £399 WITHOUT the Touch Cover and actually seeing how shite WinRT is, my money has gone elsewhere.... I'm not paying £400 for an enlarged WP8 without the calling function.... Might as well get a decent Win7 x86 tablet and install Win8 Pro for fraction of the price.....
  • Depends on the needs. Surface RT should really fit well with what the average family needs: Some productivity, a lot of entertainment.
    If somebody needs more, there's of course W8 Pro devices.
    The options sure beat the pants off iOS and Android.
  • The problem is that 99.9% of MS customers aren't using WP... To make those sort of things (i.e. xbox apps) exclusive is basically shooting themselves in the foot.
  • I think Surface RT pricing is fair, especially when it has Officer which is worth like 20% of the price of the entire device. Still totally getting one ASAP.
    As for apps, not concerned for either WP8 or Win 8 RT
  • There is nothing wrong with the price... Even if it's RT, it's still better than buying an oversized iPod...
  • The RT is not a PC when it doesn't even have Outlook. It's not for me yet until the price comes down later. I'm still sticking to my WP and soon to be upgraded W8 laptop.
  • anyone?
  • Regarding apps I'm really not sure if the count is the most important issue here. With it being much more viable for developers to develop an app for Windows 8 and then make small changes and that app will run in Windows Phone 8 (as far as I understand it) I'm pretty confident the app count will increase.
    No, in my mind the big issue here is the way that they current marketplace displays and categorises the apps that are in the store. In my experience (limited as it is) you pretty much have to know the app you're looking for in order to find it. In comparison to the android marketplace (as i've never used iOS) the transparency within the actual marketplace as to what's new, what's the best apps and so on is like night and day in comparison. Sure there are some apps that you can get to show you some of this information, but in this day and age should we really have to download another app to be able to see the best apps and the apps I'm most likely to want to try out?
    I'm really hoping that MS are reoganising and working in a way that's much more comparable to the other established ecosystems when it comes to displaying new apps. I'd go as far as to say that it's likely going to make or break a lot of people's experiences of WP8.
  • There is no doubt that Surface with Windows RT tops Apple and Android tablets in terms of software, productivity and accesibility but the fact remains that Microsoft are new entrants into the market.
    By pricing the Surface at premium Apple level with lower headline specs they are making the same mistake that Android tablet makers made.
    The simple fact that Apple, like it or not,  is the established acknowleged leader in the tablet market and trying to compete at their level from the outset is foolish. Look at the ultrabook market, Intel thought that consumers would pay premium prices for the similar form factor of the Macbook Air. Sales are massively below their expectations.
    By pricing the Surface $100/150 below the iPad and promoting the clear benefits of RT v iOS, Microsoft stand more of a chance of capturing more casual purchasers. At the moment RT is an unknown in the market and your regular consumer is unlikely to take the risk at that price against the halo effect of Apple products.
  • Problem is, MS needed to price a bit on the higher side as to not alienate their OEM partners. If they had been really aggressive with pricing, all the other companies which rely on MS software wouldn't stand a chance.
    Personally, the pricing is exactly what I'd anticipated.
  • What comes with office, is it just word, excel and outlook are other programs in it?
  • Surface comes with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote 2013 Beta.
    There is no Outlook but rather a mail app. 
  • Thanks
  • Surface also has USB and MicroSD.  Those two things alone make it better than iPad for me.  I mean, you're getting more capability for less.  One might argue an app gap but how many iPad apps were available at launch?  At least as many*, if not more, apps should be available when Surface is available. :)
    *as many as at launch date
  • Yes, the surface is better than the ipad in specs and we all know that in the last years, Apple has sold so many units only because their specs are better.
  • I'm waiting for a 32 or 64 bit convertible laptop. Or maybe one of the tablets with removable keyboard will catch my fancy. I can't really justify RT yet; there are about 100 apps in the windows 8 store ATM :/ Plus I just don't understand tablets. Not as good as my desktop, yet also not much better than my phone. The whole "tablet" market is just the silly trend / after math of the iPad. Remember when the iPad was a disappointment, when we were expecting a "tablet", our definition of tablet being the convertible laptops with keyboard? I don't think anyone wanted an ios device, everyone wanted the mac desktop. But if apple does anything, they control the trend. I'd bet that tablets will become a thing of the past when the next new thing comes around and "revolutionizes" technology in some other dumb way. I really just want a new laptop. I think touchscreen laptops are here to stay. I've only had those since '07, but now they're going to get better... Finally. Anyway I think this whole tablet fad will blow over soon, but at least manufacturers are learning a lesson in minimal battery usage.
  • 100 Apps? I stopped counting yesterday at close to 3000 in the store already (USA).
  • Yeah I just read the news article about it being 5k. Why the heck is it there is only 1 RSS app and none of anything I'd consider useful? Lol
  • I really think when WP8 come out, the app situation will get better, what with more coding support and the ease of porting between W8 and WP8.
    Those companies which have had little to no interest in WP8 will still likely support W8, and when it's so easy to bring an app to the phone from there, it should really be a no-brainer.
  • The only pricing complaint I have is with the SmartCover. I think that $120, or even $100, is too much for the SmartCover. Considering the necessity of it to get the complete experience that Microsoft advertises, it's much too expensive. It should be $80 solo or add $50 to the price of the tablet if bought together. This would make it only $549 to get the full experience that Microsoft advertises and seems to me a much more reasonable price for what you're getting.
  • The only complaint I have about the price, 499, is it does not come with the key board cover. Add that and it is a win. I just hope the pro is not 300 hundred more for the base and comes with the cover
  • My best guess on the Surface Pro? I bet we'll be looking at $799 for a Pro alone, $899 with the keyboard cover. If they could shave $100 off of that, it would be amazing, but I can say that I highly doubit it. If it's more expensive than that, its a mistake.
  • Why are so many disappointed with the price? Apple has been charging a premium price on everything for years, and I don't hear anyone saying that they are too expensive. This is a great price for a mobile device. You would pay more for an ultrabook or desktop PC to get all the functionality you are getting in the surface.. And you will still have to buy office. If you need outlook, have you tried the OWA recently?
  • People ALWAYS complain that the apple products are over priced for the specs. When buying Apple, you are paying extra for the brand and status of the product.  Win8 RT doesn't have any brand or status recognition...
  • You're right, it doesn't have 20 years of windows operating systems to lean on..just the vista black eye.