From the Forums: Surface RT pricing and more worried souls

It has been a busy week for Microsoft today with the pricing being revealed for its Surface RT Windows tablet, and pre-ordering being made available in a number of countries. As well as this, more news surrounding carrier and retailer availability for Windows Phone 8 handsets has also been coming to light. But what's being discussed in the Windows Phone Central forums?

What kicks us off today is a thread covering the Surface announcement. Are you a happy bunny with the pricing that has been placed next to the purchase button? Many are, some are not, but what's known is that consumers are definitely interested enough to consider placing an order for the next generation tablet. Teetu explains his concerns in a response:

"I think the pricing of the RT is very disappointing. It's priced as high as an iPad 3 which has twice the resolution and what I assume has a more powerful processor (even the kindle fire hd 8.9 has a 1920x1200 display for far less). If they would have thrown in the touch type for $500 I think that would have been a decent price."

It would have been a difficult decision for Microsoft to make - how to effectively price the Surface. We know many have placed their orders, but have you? What are your thoughts on the pricing of the Windows RT tablet? Be sure to head on over to the "Surface RT pricing revealed" thread to add your opinion.

Advantages of Windows Phone?

Forum user dgr_874 has crafted a thread to outline concerns of Windows Phone. What's worrying the poor fellow is how it's believed Windows Phone simply has no advantage over the competition anymore.

With the recent annoucement of XBOX music being avalible on other platforms "within 12 months" and the growing rumors that office will come out on the iPad soon next year, why even buy a windows phone? I like the windows phone interface and I really think it has alot of potential but what is the killer thing that makes me want to choose the Microsoft ecosystem over the Apple one? I can get my xbox companion, skydrive, Xbox music, and if the rumors are true, Office on my apple products. This does not seem to make any sense.

It's a valid concern, which has been voiced by Windows Phone owners when Microsoft decided to unveil its Xbox app for the iPad. While this certainly showed iPad owners what was being missed in terms of user experience, it failed to impress those who believe Microsoft should restrict services and products to its own brands.

What are your thoughts? Add your $0.02 to the "Is there any advantage to owning a Windows Phone anymore?" thread.

Worries of Windows Phone's future

Microsoft Willy

Apps. Apps. Apps. The little bits of the cake that makes it taste ever so delicious. Consumers have constantly been baffled by the lack of content on the Windows Phone Store, which as been shared by those who look at Windows Phone as a viable alternative to competing platforms, but simply can't switch due to missing apps. iPhonemilk created a thread on the forums detailing concerns of just that.

"You see the app store on iOS go through a change on the homepage blowing my mind with all new apps. Android and Windows phone both felt the same way... I would constantly check for new apps and nothing even struck out to me that i would want to download anything."

Microsoft and Nokia have schemes in place to tackle such problems but it has taken a long time to get even the most basic apps onto the platform. While we still wait for the day when an official Instagram app will be available on the Store, one can't help but wonder if the experience really is damaged by 'lack of choice'. What apps would you like to see on Windows Phone?

Head on over to the "iOS user and Windows Phone user, WORRIED about the future of WP" thread to add your voice.

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