From the Forums: What's your next Windows Phone?

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We have Windows phones lots of Windows Phones available and more to come. Some of the early adopters of the OS are reaching the end of their carrier contract and it's decision time.

Forums Member RiseAgainst94 wants to know "What's your next windows phone?" and so do we. With AT&T's gearing up for TITAN II and Lumia 900 release  we will soon have more top-of-the-line hardware to chose from making the decision even harder. Are you at the end of your contract and looking for information on what new Windows Phone will be best for you? Our What's your next windows phone thread is the place for you--it's our top thread in the forums for a reason. 

It seems everyone has an opinion when you're making an investment like this, so it's best to have as much information as possible. When you have made your choice and think you have the device that is right for you in mind, you can then visit our device forums where we have all the details on all these devices. Come and join the discussion and let us know what shiny new Windows Phone you will be carrying. 

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  • I'm skipping the mango and tango phones, going go wait for windows phone 8 :D
  • Agreed. I'd hate to get locked into another contract, before the Win8 phones drop.
  • Ditto. I usually try to upgrade yearly, but the truth is that I've been so happy with my Focus that I just don't see a need. I'll wait for the first gen Windows Phone 8 devices at the earliest. With that said, I'm also running the Win8 CE on my Macbook Pro, and expect I'll be trading in my iPad for a Win8 slate/laptop convertible as soon as they're available.
  • I'm with you. WP8 Nokia QWERTY #dreambig
  • I currently have a Dell Venue Pro on a two year contract with TMobile that ends in December.  I really want a Lumia but I absolutely love the QWERTY that comes with my DVP.  Hopefully Dell with get their heads out of their butts and realize they need to be in the mobile space and get serious about competing.  Otherwise, I'll be upgrading to a Lumia and hopefully a Nokia tablet running Win8 that looks like the Lumia.
  • 4.1" screen with slide qwerty .. too much to ask ? :(
  • Nokia 900 I want a more Samsung focus looking rounded Nokia with polycarbonate and gorilla glass with a 12 megapixel camera that would be nice
  • But until thin I'm using my Samsung focus and iv got 5 people to switch to wp7
  • Isn't it funny how we do all the work that sales reps are supposed to? :D
  • I've converted 4 friends!!
  • I'm sticking with my Samsung Focus until the Win8 phones arrive. We do a lot of the leg work for the reps. I convinced 3 friends to get the same phone.
  • Only converted 1 friend, if only there was Arabic support in the browser :/
  • Want either the Lumina 900 or Titan 2.
  • AT&T Lumia 900. I'm going 10 minutes early to ATT, just in case.
  • Whatever is out around the end of the year in 2013. ;)
  • Having just broken my iPhone, I'm going BACK to the only WP7 device Big Red carries: the HTC Trophy. However, if my contract is up in December and they don't offer something better (4G-ish), I'm jumping back to AT&T and picking up the Nokia Lumia 900.
  • Still digging my HTC Surround. If I had to pick a successor I would probably go with the Titan II.
  • Going to keep with my Samsung Focus until I can get a Windows 8 phone with expandable memory. Need the memory, I am already maximizing out on the Focus with an additional 16Gb for a total of 32Gb. Plus I will also wait for dual core and higher resolutions. I see nothing in the new phones (since Focus) that are mind-blowingly better except for a front camera which I wish I had.
  • Yes, the main (and only justifiable) reason why I just renewed my contract without upgrading from my focus is that memory o have and use. I have 38.1GB total memory and I actually use all but 500MB of it. So I delayed my upgrade until mid September when I'm waiting for wp8 to come out.
  • What Memory card did you guys get?  I'm hurting with my 8GB :(
  • I have 32gb microSD. The thing to for with sd cards and the focus is not class or read/write speeds. Its latency (I think that's what I'm thinking of) and it's that easy to find those specs. Check/search for older articles and the forums they should have something about it.
  • I used this page to figure it out:
    For me it was the "SanDisk 16GB Class 4"
  • I did 16gig in my focus but I also own a 16gig Zune. So mainly apps and stuff on my phone. Still have 21.34 gigs free.
  • Waiting for wp8 but ill admit the Nokia 900 is tempting. Got 2 people to switch to Nokia 710. Both are super beginners to smart phones
  • If I didn't love my 24gb focus I'd be all over the lumia 900. However, I will be totally content to wait for a wp8 device. I don't know about anyone else but i don't mind the way Samsung incorporated the integrated microsd memory. No expansion support is my beef with second gen phones.
  • I have first Gen HTC HD7. Going to wait until a flagship Windows 8 comes out!
  • Dude the 2nd Gen windowsphones are so much better..faster,snapier
  • I'm going from my current GALAXY S2 to a LUMIA 900 next month :)
  • Waiting... I already have the 710..and the hd7.. The titan 2 looks really good though but ain't switching to pay more
  • Got my Titan today after my Optimus 7 bit the dust yesterday. Nice phone, better than I was expecting.
  • Really like the 900 & Titan II but won't sell my soul to at&t for them. I'll wait until the end of the year & pray tmous gets a few high end windows phones. Until then I'm good with my unlocked HD2 & Radar.
  • I'm switching from Verizon for the Lumia 900. I was tempted by the Titan II, but I played with a Titan the other day and it's too big for me.
  • I will buy any Windows Phone that Sprint sells. I don't care if it's upgrade or full price, anything is better than the Arrive at the moment.
  • Lumia 900 all the way. I can't wait to drop my Android device for this gorgeous phone!
  • Titan 2 here, replacing my HD7S. Wanted a Nokia bad, but I want the bigger screen more.
  • W0uld love feedback on this.... Thinking of dropping Sprint after 10 years, since they show no love for WP. 
    How is does ATT network really perform?  Here in Orlando it does well from what I have heard.
    And to answer the Question, NOKIA xxx released next year, when contact is over.
  • Might I recommend to you to purchase a $10 ATT Go Phone...If you get a decent signal and reception on a $10 phone, I'd wager that you'd get at least that on a higher end device.
    You'd only be out of pocket for $10+tax to test out the network :)
  • You know, I did not even think of that.    Thank you.......
  • I'm running the original Samsung Focus, and I'm one of the unlucky few who got the "special" version that has had all of the issues updating due to the memory card.  Regardless, I friggin LOVE this phone. 
    Having said that, I have a short attention span when it comes to electronics. It has angered me to no end that US carriers have shifted to 2-year contract models and no longer offer 1-year options, so I have over a year left on my contract. Therefore I'll be paying full retail for a device, which will make me exceptionally picky about selecting the next one. 
    From the current slate of devices I would love to get a Lumia 900, but the full retail price would have to drop to $550 or below for me to justify it....and that ain't gonna happen.
    My REAL wish is that Samsung take the new Galaxy Note device, scrape off that Android muck, and load WP7 (or Windows 8) on it and sell it to me. THAT would be my perfect device. What could be better? It's a tablet, but small enough that I can actually carry it. It's a phone, but big enough that I don't go blind reading on it. And with Windows Phone on it I'd still have the OS that rules them all.  I've used the Android version at their promotional events and it's pretty nice hardware.
    Samsung folks, if you're reading this:  MAKE IT HAPPEN
  • I just want to jump in and say I'm getting the 900 launch day
  • If a Nokia Windows Phone comes to Sprint then that or if Titan like Windows phone comes to Sprint then I would have some thinking to do.
  • Whatever phone finds its way to Sprint.
  • I am in WP7 hell....otherwise known as Verizon. I have the Trophy but still have a year left on my contract. I'll wait until Windows 8 phones come out and see if Verizon continues to torture me. If they do, I'm switching to AT&T. At least they get some sweet windows phones like the 900 and Titan II.
  • I'm right there with you. I'll be picking up whatever WP8 (hopefully Nokia) super phone Verizon puts out this fall. And they better have one soon, or there will be tears.
    I'm not too eager to jump to a different carrier though, I like my grandfathered unlimited data plan.
  • Lumia 900 all the way.....I can't wait :-D
  • I'm with all the other original Focus users that say they are waiting for either more storage or expandable storage in a 2nd gen device.  I have 24GB in my Focus now, and had to remove several albums last night because I added two games and dropped below 500MB free space.  If you store video files, it goes especially quickly.  I'd go for a Lumia 900 if they came out with a 32GB version, but will likely end up waiting for WP8 with SD card support.
  • I'm currently running an omnia 7, just waiting for it to give me an excuse to upgrade. Otherwise I'll just wait for wp8. I'm not locked into a contract so whatever I buy will be outright. At the moment I'd go titan 2 as long as the f2.6 camera holds up, which it should do with the backside illuminated sensor. Otherwise I'd get the 900.
  • Lumia 900 @ launch. Booyah!