From the Forums: What's your next Windows Phone?

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We have Windows phones lots of Windows Phones available and more to come. Some of the early adopters of the OS are reaching the end of their carrier contract and it's decision time.

Forums Member RiseAgainst94 wants to know "What's your next windows phone?" and so do we. With AT&T's gearing up for TITAN II and Lumia 900 release  we will soon have more top-of-the-line hardware to chose from making the decision even harder. Are you at the end of your contract and looking for information on what new Windows Phone will be best for you? Our What's your next windows phone thread is the place for you--it's our top thread in the forums for a reason. 

It seems everyone has an opinion when you're making an investment like this, so it's best to have as much information as possible. When you have made your choice and think you have the device that is right for you in mind, you can then visit our device forums where we have all the details on all these devices. Come and join the discussion and let us know what shiny new Windows Phone you will be carrying. 

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Dave Blake