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AT&T's gearing up for TITAN II and Lumia 900 release

The HTC TITAN II and Nokia Lumia 900 are rumored to drop on Sunday, March 18th and last we checked it's getting close to that date.  Two things have happened within the last few hours to make us think that AT&T is starting up their Windows Phone gears again:

  1. The AT&T site is teasing something big as "Coming Soon" on their site with signups to be notified
  2. The Microsoft Windows Phone site now lists the TITAN II and Lumia 900 as "coming soon"

Sure, it's no firm pricing (Lumia 900 is rumored for $99) or official release date but c'mon, if those phone aren't launching in the next two weeks then we'll eat our vegetables. Start saving your pennies, folks.

Source: AT&T (opens in new tab), Microsoft (opens in new tab); Thanks, Mario and PLeX™, for the tips

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • If it isn't out on March 18, I'll be so upset. I am loosing my patience.
  • Lol!  Well, it would be your own fault for believing a rumor....
    I would imagine many others that believe the March 18th and the $99 price tag will be upset as well.
  • Oh please!
  • I hope ATT does something like a 200 ft tall working 900 in NYC, times square..tongue firmly planted in cheek. Maybe they'll spend marketing$ during March Madness?
  • It would be cool.
  • The something big is probably the IpadHD or Ipad3 or whatever its called..
    The 900 has worse battery life than the Titan and Lumia 800 according to AT&T's page.... thought it had a bigger battery?
  • hmm..interesting.  Hopefully this is incorrect, and if not, hopefully it receives a battery life update like the 800.  7hrs talk time is not much on a smart phone nowadays.
  • Possibily iPad 3, but seems odd to put up a "coming soon" page with a curtain which will just be "revealed" in a few hours...why both with the teaser for 12 hours?
  • Exactly. Plus, doesn't that "curtain" have the same color as the 900?
  • I think it's simply orange + blue = AT&T's colors. Wish it was for the Lumia.
  • "First in line" tells me its an Apple product
  • optimism for the launch of a Nokia WP in the US on ATT is my take
  • theres an update being sent to fix the battery
  • It's definitely iPad3. Reason? Verizon posted a similar teaser with email sign up on their website few hours before AT&T.
  • I know I'm late on this but I'm on a Lumia 900 right now (work for at&t) but the battery is phenomenal. One of the other guys new to the platform went 30 hours straight with medium usage. By far one of the better battery experiences I've ever had on a smartphone.
  • Now I want the white 900 that would be cool
  • I'm ready pennies saved already
  • me too!
  • me too!
  • Wish I was on art right now. Stuck with sprint. Gonna check it out in the stores.....:-)
  • I have to agree with scrapples comment about this being about the ipad3 - in fact that's the first thing that came to my mind. As much as I'd love to have ATT make a "front page" deal out of a WP launch, lets face the facts -ipad3 is being announced tomorrow. Pretty coincidental timing, no?
    - the ad on ATTs site says "an exciting new addition" - singular
    - has ATT ever shown this much marketing initiative towards WP? Hopefully I'm eating crow over this but seems more coincidental than anything to me.
  • A new addition hint not the same thing just new hardware they didn't sho up at CES 2012 for nothin' and Nokia walk away with the CES 2012 trophy this is big trust me ull see
  • I am almost positive it is for the 10" iPod touch, errr iPad, with LTE.  They don't do this for phones ever. 
  • Hey, they did say Microsoft would pay them royally to push this thing. So, they should certainly be ready to enter unchartered waters.
  • What about tmo?? Damnt
  • Pretty sure nothing til Apollo comes out for tmo
  • The Microsoft Windows Phone site now lists the TITAN II and Lumia 900 as "coming soon"
    They have been there for over a month.
    Most likely the ithing..
  • yeah, I had thought that Windows had the coming soon stuff up there for a while too...
  • U beat me to it!
  • I'm holding tight until end of year with Windows Phone 8. Even if Microsoft puts out an upgrade AT&I won't release it for these phones. Heck, they still haven't released the minor bug fix update.
  • Nokia Prodigy..... =)
  • Probably a smart idea, especially if you want Expandible memory
  • This smells like fruit.
  • Hopeful, but doubtful. My at&t Samsung focus and focus flash still haven't received the 8107 update, so I don't have any confidence in the "premier partner." Looking forward to the next time my keyboard disappears...
  • "Looking forward to the next time my keyboard disappears..."
    So annoying, isn't it?
  • The 8107 update is supposed to be the cure for the disaappearing keyboard  which is the result of background agent issues.  If the new phone doesn't cure the problem the update to tango should include all prior updates  not pushed out.
  • Its gonna be the iPad.... if you go over to Verizon's website they also have a coming soon thing
  • I know the blogs have been talking about a March 18 launch for the Lumia 900, but I stopped into an AT&T store yesterday and they says the launch is postponed until the first week of April. :(
  • Btw, the coming soon on the windows phone website has been out forever.
  • I am still hoping for March 18  and probably will get it but still a little bit concerned about update to Apollo!
  • My friend who is an assistant for an art store sent me a pick of him holding a 900. He said there isn't a release date yet.
  • art store?  would that be Hobby Lobby?  they've beat AT&T to the exclusive?
  • Nokia will initiate the launch of this device, not AT&T.
    Nokia gave a preamble to the Lumia 800 release - teaser ads, launch parties, etc.  There have been no such in the U.S., thus I'd wager that until 'Operation Rolling Thunder' is officially kicked off by Nokia, this device won't see the light of day.
  • Actually Nokia execs have said the opposite.  They state ATT will initiate the device not them.  They said ATT doesn't like to put out a release date for a product unless it's right around the corner.  There is a youtube video out where an exec from Nokia is having this discussion regarding the 900 launch and other carrier and Lumia strategies.  
  • Just wish Nokia and Microsoft would announce phones and have them available soon thereafter. Apple announces a product and it's available the next week while the hype is fresh creating more buzz and keeping the products momentum going.
  • Uh.. Ipad was announced...  ATT still showing ... coming soon... your saying the page hasnt been updated ???   LOL
  • Well we all lose, it is the iPad 3 :( If they can't even get updates out for WP7, then what makes us think they are going to push the OS on their site. Maybe with WP8 and WOA tablets we might see some excitement from AT&T. I think I am going to wait for WP8 and hope MS finally figures out how to push AT&T into actually releasing updates for our OS of choice. 
  • Well, looks like the "coming soon" page is moved to the second tab in the feature banner. (if you click the second radio button, at the bottom of the page). But who knows if it's just AT&T forgot to remove that page...
  • No, they did not forget to remove the "coming soon" page. If that page showed up sometime in the past 48 hours, it was apparently not for the iPad becuase everyone knew a) when the announcement was, therefore wouldn't need to sign up for an email alert b) the iPad would be immediately available for pre-order upon announcement. The page is very much there for the Lumia 900, the Titan II won't get as much fanfare from AT&T because Nokia + MS is spending the dough to roll this baby out.
  • Wondering if it has something to do with SXSW tomorrow:  (The AT&T Lounge)
  • So will I be getting big discount on the next Nokia phone with windows 8? Because with it coming out when win 8 releases why shouldn't people just pass on the 900.
  • Maybe because all we have heard are two code names, and no specs, and the Lumia 900 - a great phone that'll suffice most people's needs nicely - will be available in a couple weeks as opposed to some date in the future?
  • And it turns out the "Coming Soon" was the 9" iPod Touch.
  • The coming soon page is no longer showing on AT&T home page.
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