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Nokia Lumia 900 set for March 18th and only $99 [Updated]

We have heard rumors of a March 18th launch for the AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 but now we are seeing rumors on pricing for Nokia's latest Windows Phone. BGR is reporting that they have received a portion of AT&T's 2012 roadmap which shows the Lumia 900 hitting the shelves on March 18th. The roadmap also indicates the Lumia 900 will cost a meager $99 after contractual discounts.

The March 18th date does fit with AT&T's previous releases that hit on either the first of third Sunday of the month.  The $99 price tag is a little surprising but a nice one if the rumor holds true.  Sporting a 4.3" AMOLED Clearblack touchscreen, 8mp Camera, 1mp front camera, 16gb of storage, and 4G LTE networking the Lumia 900 is an appealing Windows Phone in its own right. Add a $99 price tag to it and it may be too hard to resist with the Samsung Focus S and HTC Titan going for $199.

Update: Confirmed by Paul Thurrott "Yes, that $99 price is in fact correct for the Lumia 900 based on the docs I saw."

source: BGR (opens in new tab)

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  • Hope its true
  • Yea that's awsome
  • Good bye Verizon and your stupid arrogance. Had you given your customers a decent WP I may have stayed.
  • Verizon did the same thing to Apple then later was kissing there backside to get the phone after they lost people. They seem to always realize their stupidity after they lose clients.
  • Ok Verizon, you have until 03/18/2012 to give me valid information on when you will have a new top tier WP device fo sale. I have 5 lines and 3 are up for renewal, so its not a big deal for me to pay out the other two in order to go to AT&T. Plus tell your reps to stop calling me trying to get me to buy the next Android flavor of the month phone. 
  • I'm gettn one I have the Samsung focus and love it but the Nokia is better hardware
  • Same here :)
  • Really want my contract over now.
  • Wouldn't ATT have to buy the phone at the MSRP?  If so, then ATT would be taking a big hit to lower the price to $99 despite them making up for it in contracts/subscriptions; Nokia's MSRP on their devices are pretty high, in my opinion.
  • No, AT&T would not pay the Manufacturer's Suggested RETAIL Price. They would purchase them at some wholesale agreement price ad then sell them at, above, or below, the MSRP.
  • Ok.  Thanks for the insight :)
  • I have a hunch this $99 price might be a launch-only promotion. Makes sense to me if AT&T is going to lose its exclusivity after a month and a half. After that they'll probably bump the price back up to the normal price on contract.
  • This makes sense.  I mean, the device is premium enough to garner the $199 asking price, in my opinion.   $99 for a limited time only - say a week - would be OK.
  • If it's true, im ending my tmobile contract 6 months early..!!!
  • T-Mobile is rumored to get it later this year
  • Yeah, just in time for the WP8 phones to come out.
  • It looks like the Lumia 900 semi-supports T-Mobile. The 900 does have 2100 MHz support for 3G, but the other 1700 MHz frequency is only for LTE according to Nokias specs: (Click on 'Hardware') Maybe someone will find a way to hack it :)
  • in this article, they said it's LTE is not backward compatible with 3G networks.
    so I supose it will not work but can A real pro tell us?
  • If the Lumia 900 has far and above better aspects front camera, Carl Zeiss, bigger screen, is it safe to say that the Lumia 800 is going to be free on contract when it hits the Microsoft Store next month?
  • How ever the 900 gets priced doesn't matter. The 800 is sold unlocked, not on contract.
  • If this is true, ATT rocks! I currently have Gen 1 focus and will ditching it for the 900
  • Question.. are you going to be eligible for an upgrade? I got my Focus in Dec 2010. Which means the penalty for breaking my current contract next March will be ~$175. Is there a way to do it for cheaper?
  • That's odd. I got my Focus in Jan 2011 and I know I can upgrade without penalty in April. AT&T usually permits upgrades a few months before your contract ends so make sure you check your date on their website.
  • To be honest, this is just me calculating it ($325 ETF minus $10 per month on contract). I haven't talked to an AT&T sales rep. So thanks for the tips! I'll make sure to visit an AT&T store on launch day and hopefully get the ETF penalty waived.
  • I wasn't eligible for an upgrade (was 6 months off) when I got my 1st gen Focus on release day, but the sales associates will waive the details if they feel inclined.
    I can only recomend showing up at the store looking excited and like you're there to spend money, and I'll doubt they'll make a fuss over upgrade eligibility, especially if it's somewhat close.
  • Hey bud just to give you a heads up, with ATT if you are the main account holder (main line if you will) you are eligible for an upgrade every year. Therefore you wouldn't be penalized with a fee no matter if you signed a two year contract.
  • Was already sold on this. Now I don't have to spend much for it as well. Win win for me!
  • Didn't Nokia come out a while ago and say that in the American market they were going to be extremely aggressive in their pricing?
  • Yes, and I had a feeling that $149 would be a magic number, but $99 wouldn't have surprised me either. A poll over in the forums suggested most people suggested it would be $199, so a majority of people are expecting to pay more and will likely not pay more. This is the definition of aggressive. Let's hope this remains true through the official announcement.
  • Holy #$%@! If they're really gonna sell it for $99, then they should release the Black, CYAN, and MAGENTA all on the same day. Otherwise there wont be any availible for a while after the BLACK and CYAN sell out in a few hours. The Titan sold out at twice the price so you know these won't last on the store shelves.
    Now i'm certain there will be a 32GB version in the pipe a few months later. With the volume they're gonna move at the $99 price point, they're gonna want a revenue generator to go along with the volume sales of the $99 phones.
  • Either a 32GB version for the Lumia 900 or the upcoming Lumia 910 will be announced at Barcelona MWC with Carl Zeiss 12mp cam.
  • The Titan sold out because it was on sale for a penny.  One penny =/= [2 x $99], haha
  • Yea if all those ea games coming have xbl achievements, then this is a great deal.
  • Wow! If this holds up I will totally forget the entire 8107 issue. Bring it!
  • Hope that price turns out to be true. But I'm afraid the demand will be so high we'll be waiting for stock to come in. But here's hoping.
  • Upgrade due in February, just in time!
  • I will buy this:) just need to use my US shipping address
  • I wonder what the off contract price is, or how long until you can get the 900 unlocked or for other carriers.
    At the end of the day I can dev unlock it, but I'd like a phone that only said Nokia at the top and not AT&T. (in Canada)
  • get some extra fine sandpaper and sand off the ATT if you have to.  WHATEVER!
  • Please help me understand what advantage  buying a  Lumia 900 unlocked gives a gives you if AT&T still controls the OTA update for our phones?  If I can't get the update directly from Microsoft on this platform, then I'll buy a subsidized  one.  I think I'm going to take this to the forums because on my old webOS phone, an unlocked device meant no AT&T customizations whatsover, and that my OTA updates came directly from Palm's Servers.  Please correct me if I am wrong but WP7 is not setup that way, right?  If I pay the $99 to MS, does that mean I can somehow free myself from AT&T's update schedule?
  • Nope.  If you were to buy this phone, and IF AT&T gave you the unlock code (most likely won't for at least 9 months due to exclusivity rights), you would still be tied to the AT&T release schedule, and not MS's.  Again, one more reason why MS should own the ENTIRE PROCESS and have no carrier involvement (with the exception of them testing their apps.)
  • I'm more interested in the price off-contract
  • You and me both. I'm still getting it pretty much regardless of what the price point is, but if $99 is to give me any hope, then that hope is for less than $500.
  • It actually makes sense since the Apollo devices are around the corner and will support additional tech that the 900 will not, but at that price It might be worth it since Apollo will certainly come to it as well.
  • based on the rate of cell phone technolgoy upgrades every 6 months, Apollo should be out by late Sept or early October.
  • Yeah, Apollo is rumored to be releasing at the end of this year, in time for the holiday's. 
  • Hmm, I guess that's great news for consumers, but I can't help feel like its too cheap (if there is such a thing)... If true, it sort of cheapens WP in general, as that the (presumably) flagship device will sell at that great a discount to the iPhone. I think a better price point would be $150 (and $200/$250 for 32/64 GB models, that will hopefully also be offered).. I mean I love the 'more for less' value proposition as much as anybody, but does anyone else get the same feeling, or is it just me..?
  • I have to admit that I'm having the same concern as you are. It could make WP7 and Nokia seem cheap or desperate. I'm torn frankly. I think it would be great if it were that affordable, but perception can hurt as well. I agree that your pricing would be more respectable and somewhat affordable at the same time.
  • Agree with you.  In my opinion, selling a device with 'supposed' top of the line optics (Carl Zeiss), not to mention the differences that set it apart from the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800, at a measely $99 just doesn't seem 'appropriate'.  Sure, folks will find it affordable, but this devices will still sell well at $199.  The price drop to $99 should come later when the new devices are ready to launch.
    At the end of the day, it's between ATT and Nokia - if $99 will be asking price, so be it.
  • Stop complaining about the price, most people buy good phones at a lower price, for example if an atrix will be sold for $99 next to a titan for $199 which do u think would get bought? This is competitive pricing which is what WP needs.
  • Um...Plenty of folks have already expressed intent to purchase the Titan II - Not everyone wants a Nokia, regardless of the price.
    No one is complaining about the price; there are just some who are questioning why such a low price point, out of the gate, when clearly the device is premium enough to warrant a $199 price tag. 
  • HP Tried your logic out when they launched the TouchPad. They insisted on pricing it on par with the iPad in order to be viewed as a premium device. Didn't work out too well for them. Though when they "fire saled" them they flew off the shelves. Nokia and ATT are hitting the nail on the head with this launch. Create buzz, seed the market and grow from there.
  • You are aware that the device is going to be most likely $200 with a hundred dollar mail in rebate right. That is what they usually do when they announce something like that. So it wouldn't cheapen the brands but what it does show is that MS and Nokia is listening to their customers.
  • Holy freaking shit! Talk about an amazing price
  • If I had $1 for every smartphone that was rumored to be super cheap, then came out at $200+ I'd be able to buy the 900 off contract with that money.
  • In my opinion, this is a must. People just aren't willing to pay $200 for something relatively new and unknown, when they can get a comparable Android or iPhone for the same price or less. Cutting the price to $100 will make people finally consider WP. Here are yesterday's rankings, FYI: AT&T (59 phones offered)
    25. Samsung Focus Flash (23. a week ago, 24. a month ago)
    36. HTC Titan (34. a week ago, 34. a month ago)
    55. Samsung Focus S (57. a week ago, 58. a month ago)
    57. HTC HD7S (59. a week ago, 63. a month ago)
    58. HTC Surround (60. a week ago, 67. a month ago)
    No longer available: Samsung Focus (26. a week ago, 31. a month ago) T-Mobile (34 phones offered)
    13. HTC Radar (12. a week ago, 7. a month ago)
    25. Nokia Lumia 710 Black (21. a week ago, not available a month ago)
    26. Nokia Lumia 710 White (25. a week ago, not available a month ago)
    No longer available: HTC HD7 (34. a week ago, 33. a month ago) Verizon (55 phones offered)
    41. HTC Trophy (43. a week ago, 38. a month ago) Sprint (45 phones offered)
    28. HTC Arrive (28. a week ago, 30. a month ago)
  • Curse you, Verizon!
  • remember when the HTC trophy was $99 when it was released! Curse you Verizon indeed.
  • Taking my titan back asap.
  • I really torn on this one.
  • How many people didn't think about a company being cheap and desperate when the original iPhone was release? $199 for a smartphone that was head and shoulders above what most people were using as phones at the time was a great deal, and people rushed out to get it. That was Apple's magic number. Now, with heavy competition, the pricing war is rearing its head, so this doesn't concern me because 1) Nokia did not outsource this device, so the quality is tight to the chest of Nokia 2) Nokia has to get into the banners of the AT&T/Best Buy stores, and pricing the same as a majority of smartphones would not have worked for people not familiar with Nokia and WP7. Nokia will likely come out with two or three more WP7 phones this year that are a cut above the 900 in terms of memory capacity and internals (perhaps dual-core support with next iteration of Windows Phone) because for this to be their flagship for the American market and be priced well under the competition is paving a way for the price points the 900 doesn't fall under.
  • If my info is correct, their numbering scheme makes the 900 series the top of the line. So, they're not discounting a 300 or a 500 or a 700 ... they're discounting the high end. That wasn't official Nokia info, though, if I remember correctly.
  • I was considering grabbing the Focus Flash to replace my dying Samsung Focus. But, if this is true, I think I might wait to grab this instead.
  • All they need to do to succeed is: Gorgeous hardware (check) Great software (check) Low price (check)  
    I hope its true.
  • Also add: 4. Aggressive and effective marketing (check) This is the one big differentiator in my opinion. You see Apple and Android advertising everywhere, but until Nokia recently all WP phones were nowhere to be seen.
  • True.
  • 5. Get the AT&T sales reps to stop telling prospective customers that Windows Phone is a new platform that still has problems.
    We marched straight for the Windows Phones, and as my wife was looking at one, the rep was seriously trying to talk my wife into another phone (presumably an Android device). Turns out she didn't get that far... somebody indicated we weren't comparing OSs, but choosing the hardware for our Windows Phone. (She got another rep to take her place.)
  • I am hoping that $10-15 dollar inscentive will help stop reps from pushing other phones and actualy learn the OS to be more helpful.
  • Ok, if someone could be so kind to help me out here.
    I want to buy this whenever it comes out. But I don't live in the US. Is there a way to buy it, pay something to get out of the contract and have it unlocked? I remember some friends doing this with the iPhone.
    Does anybody know?
  • I'm pretty sure you can pay $99 and make a new contract on AT&T, and then pay the $325 fee for terminating your contract, plus $60 for the first month's price (not sure about the last bit). I don't thing AT&T will unlock it for you though, so the question is how to do it. It was very simple for my AT&T Focus via and $10, but I don't know how quickly they will add Lumia 900 to their supported devices.
  • Ok, thanks. I guess I'll wait and compare if some unlocked ones pop up on amazon or something
  • 100 bucks for that kind of phone?? Sounds like a win. 
  • I just had a cyber orgasm.
    Looks like the rumor is a FACT
  • Wow, if this is true, then not only will I wave goodbye to android my wallet will to. 
  • Hellz yeah!  I can haz Nokia Windowz Ph0ne for $99.  I am a bit torn that this will only have 16GB of storage, but I don't think Nokia will release a larger capacity device any time soon after the 900 hits the streets.  I will compare it against my Focus S, which it will most likely blow it out of the water.
    Oh, and let's hope that Nokia is working with accessory vendors to release things like cases and shells for it on DAY 1.  I'm tired of waiting months for cases to be released for our beloved WP7 devices.
  • Damn you Tmobile please get this phone, all the WP7 on Tmobile has the best reviews and even better than Android.
  • By march 18 the focus s and Titan will drop in price to combine and make the most irresistible trio, if the $99 price for the 900 is true.
  • As an original Focus owner, not eligible for an upgrade, my plan was to skip buying the Lumia 900 and wait for Apollo. $99 though...? I'm pretty sure my original plan was just destroyed :)
  • WOW if the Nokia 900 gets released at that price, I can definitely see this phone selling like crazy. That's not bad for $100. I thought it'll cost more than that
  • Well, I'll be buying one off contract, regardless of the price. Had gone through 2 titans that both had serious reboot and call quality issues, picked up a Samsung skyrocket to hold me over until the 900 is released. I'll be there release day with cash in hand for this bad boy, I love windows phone, just not any of the current hardware.
  • Ohhhh mannnn LET IT BE!
  • I would of paid up to $300 for it. They really are being aggressive with a $99 price if true. $149 would of been aggressive.
    I only fear that at $99 it may not have the perception of being the high end device that it is.
    After spiffs to the sales reps they really are not making a whole lot on this unless they sell in big volumes.
    $99 for 16GB, $199 for 32GB, and $299 for 64GB sounds fair.
  • I have a 1st gen Focus, and love it.
    Over the holidays, I got to play around often with my mother's Lumia 800, and it's utterly amazing. The touchscreen is perfectly responsive, and the build quality is second to none.
    $99 for a Lumia 900 is a steal.
  • Somebody really wants me to switch to ATT, to bad there prices just went up
  • My contract has been up since 12/25/11and i have been waiting for the Focus S to drop to $99 but, looks like I am headed to Nokia come March
  • Well, that pretty much does it. Verizon, you can kiss my white ass goodbye. You keep releasing Android after Android, while I head to AT&T for this Nokia Lumia 900.
  • Laters Sprint!
  • First Sprint bets on Wimax. Whoops.
    Next they bet on Android.
    Sprint, do you still wonder why people are leaving you in droves?
  • $99 is FRACKING Awesome!  What's not awesome is that I'm stuck on Sprint for another year.
  • The fact that the Titan I just dropped to a penny corroborates this, gotta clean out that stock!