Nokia Lumia 900 to arrive on March 18?

Since Nokia unveiled the Lumia 900 (Ace) at CES on Monday, people have been salivating and waiting eagerly to hear when it would be available to the masses.  Sadly, the only tidbit anyone got was that it would hit shelves in the next few months.  Thanks to Mary Jo Foley and Paul Thurrott, who hosted an episode of TWiT together, we may now know that the exact date will be March 18.  The two techies discussed the latest issue of Nokia's developers news letter, in which a March release on AT&T was listed.  Although no source was given, Thurrott added that it would in fact be March 18.

The Lumia 900 was a hit at CES, and we were more than pleased with our first look at it.  Even if the March 18 release date turns out to be inaccurate, its still exciting to know that the Ace is coming fairly soon. 

Source: Windows Weekly (TWiT); Via: Engadget

Seth Brodeur