Four new banking apps for Windows Phone: Air Bank, Bank Nordik, Caixadirecta, and Bancolombia App

Earlier this morning, we reported that Veneto Banca has released a new banking app for those in Italy using Windows Phone.

As it turns out (and some of you reminded us), there have been numerous banking apps released around the world in the past few weeks. Here are four of them that users have tipped us on so far.

Air Bank (Czech)

Czech bank Air Bank now has a nicely done app in the Windows Phone Store. Released on March 26, it is very new with no reviews just yet.

Download Air Bank for Windows Phone 8.1

QR: air bank

Bank Nordik (Denmark)

Back in February, the Danish division of Bank Nordik released their Windows Phone app.

According to reader of the site Mark Tandrup, there are now 29 new banking apps released in Denmark over the last month. Evidently, SDC's platform (Skandinavisk Data Center) is being used to handle most of the banks there, making app development more straightforward. Want to see the list of all 29? Check out Mark's blog where he denotes them all.

Download Bank Nordik for Windows Phone

QR: bank nordik

Caixadirecta (Portugal)

Caixa Geral de Depósitos Bank of Portugal, one of the largest institutions in that area, now has their Caixadirecta app for Windows Phone 8.1. Caixadirecta also has a Windows 8.1 app available too.

QR: caixadirecta

Bancolombia App (Colombia)

If you are in Colombia, make sure you pick up Bancolombia's new Windows Phone 8.1 app. Reviews so far are excellent, as reportedly the app is on par with the Android version.

Download Bancolombia App for Windows Phone 8.1

QR: bancolombia

If we missed a banking app in your country, leave it in comments to let others know. Despite Windows Phone growth hurting bank adoption in the US, it is great to see other countries up and running with their financial institutions.

Thanks, SantiagoDesign, Luís D., Martin S., Morten P., and others for their tips!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

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  • Also, Bank Dofar in Oman coming last week
  • This is big news...would love to nbo and Oman bank also
  • There were two other banks as well. Sadly, we have a small (but vocal) amount of people who love to whisper WP successes and shout the failures - so they'll be too busy trying to get our focus on the tiny handful of banks we've lost while completely ignoring that we have fresh new support of some very reputable names.
  • Those vocal list of people includes Windows Central. They do it to generate clicks on their articles.
  • I'd always figured it was just them trying to be balanced. They report the bad news without gushing about the "Death of WP"
  • American banks are being a$$h*le about windows phone while in other countries they supporting the new OS. I don't get it. :/
  • I'm gonna blow your mind then: Windows phone does better in other countries than it does in the US.
  • Which is why MS should stop their US only deals and apps
  • "Which is why MS should stop their US only deals and apps"
    Wrong. You could argue they should expand programs to other countries, or tailor specific deals for certain regions. The answer is not to throw in the towel in the US. That'd be suicide. Microsoft is based in the US. All hardware and software development happens here and the majority of the WP/Win team is US, English speaking. It should be shocking to find a US based company initially releasing software/deals here. it is simply easier and more direct.
  • The truth has been spoken !! Offers should be extended worldwide, rather than restricted to just the US
  • "The answer is not to throw in the towel in the US. That's be suicide"
    Says every another American.
  • I only said that they should stop with their US ONLY stuff. They do it even with things like Bing being able to do math on the US version but not the Danish. That's surely not the most difficult thing to expand world wide.
  • and what has Bing has to do with WP? nothing. WP uses bing, and it uses your location, and changing it is not as easy as desktop website.
    But again. 1. most people will go to anyway 2. Bing has nothing to do if WP sells better or not. 3. US only and WP is just stupid comparison since many features have been expanded to other countries, even Cortana. I would love to hear what US only features are so critical that being outside the US makes WP useless or worse.
  • I'm talking about MS stuff in general... Nothing except food, water and love is critical to have, it just seems stupid that things like the Garage developed apps are US only. Give me one good reason why Tetra Lockscreen should reserved for the US..?
  • I dunno. Sure, math is universal, literally it's the same in the entire Universe (maybe not black holes, assuming they do in fact exist), but it's possible that the US and Danmark are in different universes... No? That would totally explain that!
  • Daniel...being editor of this website doesn't make you right or other people wrong. It just adds some authority to your opinion.
    Just remember that Nokia became by far the largest phone manufacturer in the world without any real US market share. The US is no longer the biggest economy, and its saturated smartphone sector is hardly an easy one to break.
    Microsoft would be FAR better off building market share in those areas of the world that are receptive to such devices...rather than constantly release products and services in the US first that then fail.
    I guess it's easy to get lost in the importance of America when you live there. However, it is an ever smaller market in an ever bigger world. It's time Microsoft took Apple's approach of releasing things at the same time and in all markets (Cortana / MS Band being perfect examples).
  • where are the lies in this
  • To be fair, Daniel has never claimed being an editor makes him right and others wrong. Otherwise you're right on the money
  • Second that @SpinzeroWL.. The approach of testing waters in US first is wrong.. Bing works great in US but try finding an address (happened today, walked a lot to find nothing I was looking for) in India and you are sure 95% of times it wont get it right. Love windows OS and getting bullshit in return doesn't make anyone feel good. Worst of all we don't have a better alternative for those who hate Scroogle. Fuck yeah
  • Or maybe U.S. based banks are waiting for Windows 10? Then release "Universal/Windows Apps"? That'd be cool and will work I guess!
  • For once I think you're wrong Daniel. He was merely saying MS should stop US ONLY deals, not to abandon that particular market
  • Not to mention that domestic law is easier to get through than international law.  The latter takes more time.
  • I'd say not stop, but expand for example, cortana should be available in it's full version already in the entire world. However, that's not the case and it's still very far from it.
  • The guy even reiterated his point... "Stop US only", which is another way of saying expand to other countries. No need to argue here... Not that you were, but some of the other posts are definitely argumentative. Seems like a misunderstanding is all. With that said, considering the US is where they are having the most trouble, it makes sense why the promotions are usually US only... It sells already in other countries.
  • Here in the U.S., most people are close-minded when it comes to choosing technology. They just want what their friends have or what is recommended by the salesperson as the best selling phone. They want to be one of the cool people who has an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy. There are always exceptions, particularly those of us who have worked in the technology field in the earlier days and know how stuff works and don't care what other people have. In addition, Windows in general has somewhat of a bad reputation among the general public, caused by Microsoft's monopoly power in the 1990s and also being targeted by viruses and computer manufacturers installing bloatware. I do see people with low-end WPs on a regular basis when using public transportation and I don't mean to stereotype but most of these people aren't the type to have a bank account. Large banks like Bank of America and Chase made a business decision to risk losing a very small number of customers in exchange for not having to devote any resources to the platform. It's unfortunate that they are letting their greediness interfere with treating their customers right and hopefully the situation will change with Windows 10 when they can more easily develop an app that works with both desktop and mobile.
  • This guy gets it!
    This right here is the sole issue(s) here in the US. It's not the trivial garbage most of you come here crying about it's THIS right here.
  • I agree. It makes sense. I've been one to cry about it, I'll openly admit.
  • Because there is a bigger market share outside of the US.
  • Definitely need more US banks. I'm about to open an ally account due to the app and good interest rates. BofA should be called Bofandroidandios.
  • Just waiting for the TD Bank US app.
  • While my first thought was 'ha ha', I think Chase and BOA have actually created an opportunity for other banks to step in and gain business.  I'm not sure too many people really move banks because of an app being withdrawn but when people are looking to open a new account it might be something that is considered.
  • True, very few people would switch banks because of an app being available or not.  TD Bank has a WP app in Canada and said they're working on one for the US.  I'll just continue to sit here and wait,  I've learned a lot of patience by waiting for the Denim/Os update for my Lumia 920.
  • I was one of the few that did just that. I closed both accounts I had with Bofa & Chase. I know a few others especially since Bofa started blocking users on the mobile site as well. It was easier for me and cheaper to switch banks than my phone.
  • That's completely understandable.  I wouldn't stay with a bank that was blocking my online access to my money.  It sounds like you made the right choice.
  • You can access the BofA mobile site using Surfy Browser.
  • And the Danish bank Spar Nord has just made an app also. Finally! Sadly they have opted for their own solution and it sucks. Its so slow that's its barely usefull...
  • Hvorfor bruger du ikke bare Danske Bank? Deres app er virkelig god
  • Den er jo ikke særlig god for mig,når jeg ikke er kunde hos dem... Har lige testet Spar Nords app igen, og den virker hurtigere end tidligere. Måske den er blevet opdateret
  • Jamen, du kan jo skifte hvis det ikke er for besværligt. Mange i UK gjorde det, fordi Chase ikke har en WP app længere.
  • Jeg skal nok til at skifte på et tidspunkt fordi jeg har været i banken længe, men det bliver ikke pga en dårlig/manglende app. Der er også rigtig mange i UK som har WP
  • I'm sure Apple's influence here is stronger then in the rest of the world. Just like Nike, Snapchat and others - in the banking work if you want to play with Apple Pay then you need to do what Apple says... Can you say monopoly??!?!
  • I can say, f*ck apple and the american banks.
    I got my money on Swiss banks cause I earned them from drugs and weapons.
  • Lmao
  • BS. WP has minute numbers in the US, not worth anyone's time to think up conspiracies to limit banking apps, android would be the logical target.
  • Banco do Brasil app is pretty nice here in Brazil.
  • Banco popular has a good one in the Dominican Republic
  • Canada. The largest bank in Canada, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has a great Windows Phone app (I am a customer). Considering Canada has a higher concentration of BlackBerrys then most places, this is good to see. The last update for the app for Dec 23, 2014, and they have a Windows 8 app as well.
  • Well sine we are on it. My coffee is is still hot but it has just been brewed a couple of minutes ago. I also use Windows 8 while writing this text
  • LOLwut?