FoxOne Advanced Edition is today's myAppFree Deal

FoxOne Advanced Edition is an action flight simulator that is available from the Windows Phone Store and is a special release of the FoxOne simulator that hit store shelves some time ago. The advanced edition has several new features, some of which were based on user feedback, that helps enhance the gaming experience.

FoxOne Advanced has a dozen new aircraft, new simulator controls and improved graphics. The Windows Phone game normally runs $2.99, but for the next twenty-four hours through the myAppFree Deal you can pick FoxOne Advanced Edition up free.

In the short time I've spent with the Windows Phone game, FoxOne comes across as a fun flight combat simulator that should satisfy the Top Gun in most.

FoxOne Advanced Edition Missions

Along with improved graphics and user-interface, here is a rundown of the key features included in FoxOne Advanced Edition.

  • Twelve new aircraft with authentic cockpits that includes F-5E Tiger, MiG-21Bis, F-4 Phantom, Jaguar GR3, Tornado GR4, MiG-29 Fulcrum, F-2A Viper Zero, F-14 Tomcat, F-18 Super Hornet, Rafale, J-20 and the F-22 Raptor.
  • Two new camera views (First Person Cockpit view and First Person Full Screen view)
  • New advanced simulator controls that include touch and tilt options to enable real aircraft maneuvers such as Barrel Roll and Split-S
  • New in-game progression with stages in different order. Canyon stages becoming optional
  • A 'Retry Mission' option
  • Missile Warning defense sound

FoxOne Advanced Edition has seventeen global missions to tackle that range from destroying enemy strongholds to protecting allied squadrons and cities. As you successfully complete missions, additional aircraft and weaponry will become available.

FoxOne Advanced Edition

In just spending a short time with FoxOne Advanced Edition, it comes across as a challenging and entertaining Windows Phone game. Game play does have more of a simulator feel to it than an arcade feel and will keep you on your toes.

Normally priced at $2.99, FoxOne Advanced Edition comes in as today's myAppFree Deal. This means for the next twenty-four hours you can pick up FoxOne Advanced Edition free and save a little coin.

If you give FoxOne Advanced Edition a try, let us know what you think of things in the comments below.

Download FoxOne Advanced Edition from the Windows Phone Store

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  • It seems it's priced 1.99€, not free (but I'm using the Ita store, maybe that's the cause)
  • No, still 1.99$ when changing settings...
  • There are 2 links for different games in this post! Try the 2nd one! That's the Advanced Edition version which is free.
  • The app on my device says the free app today is an app called Eyex, not this flight simulator game.
  • I think it might refresh after 3 hours after the current free app. But the App is already free in store.
  • Showing free in the US Market. Remember due to time zones it takes a little time for this deal to span the globe and show up in everyone's market.
  • i have downloaded this game eons ago, but im stuck at the hangar scene where you get to choose your plane/missiles theres no option where or how to proceed, im thinking probably because of my screen size of my 620 not compatible with the game screen that i dont see any options where to proceed, which buttons to click please help
  • If you are having problems on the hangar please do this.
    When the language and country are to India and Spain for instance, it shows the EURO and RUPEE symbol.
    These currency symbols cause problems on the interface, and that's why the games don't work on some  countries.
    Do this please.
    1. Change the language to English, United States (reboot)
    if you see $ on currency instead of rupee or euro, it willl probably work.
    We will try to fix this bug asap, this week.
    We are very sorry, and apologize for the troubles.
    Please contact for any help.
  • Just to confirm, The bug is fixed!!
    We fixed this week, and it's already on the store. Check for versions,   <<< the .1 last one :) is the fix for all countries.
    Should work all over the world, on all languages. Thanks for playing.    
  • When in India???
  • ROFL
  • There's already Guardians which was made in India against the backdrop of the IAF. That was a great game.
  • agreed !
  • Yes Guardians of Sky is very good.
    We are lauching a new version till december of FoxOne, and FoxOne Adv Free is coming in november.  
  • Already there
  • Game is pretty.... Ok and easy.
  • Hello I'm the project manager of FoxOne. We found a nasty bug that happens on some countries.
    When the language and country are to India and Spain for instance, it shows the EURO and RUPEE symbol. These currency symbols cause problems on the interface, and that's why the games don't work on some countries.
    If you want to play the game, and are having problems on the hangar, please do this steps. Do this please. 1. Uninstall the game 2. Change/Cambia the region to United States(for english) or Mexico (para español) 3. Change/Cambia the language to English, United States or Español,Mexico ( para español) 4. Reinstall the game.    The problem seems to be the rupee symbol, if you see $ on currency instead of rupee or euro, it willl probably work. We will try to fix this bug asap, this week.   We are very sorry, and apologize for the troubles.
  • India, and others 
    If you are having problems please contact Spain, España
    Si usted está teniendo problemas por favor contacte Portugal
    Se você está tendo problemas com a app, por favor contacte
  • I was wondering why this was happening when i came back to the article and checked the comments. I think I'll wait for the update.
  • Hello Daniel,  just change the language to English (us) It should work. You can get back to your default language, after you play. What country are your language set to? Sorry for the trouble.
  • Its set to En (India). Is it a one time thing or do we have to change to En (US) everytime we want to play ?
  • We have fixed the problem, but is waiting for approval at the store. So please do this change everytime you play. After the fix,, it won't be necessary. Sorry for the troubles.
  • I believe you can keep the language at EN-GB, and add a Hindi/Urdu/etc. keyboard for texting. The only differences will be the currency change from rupees to sterling pounds, and possibly number separators (1,000,000.00 vs 10,00,000.00). Just a thought.
  • We fixed, the problem is the rupee and euro symbols. A Dot Net + WP "Feature", because this bug doesn't occur on Android and iOS. Just change the language to EN-US or any other language with $ currency, that will work. UK,GB works fine and Russia too, UTF-8 problems on others, go figure. Thanks Silver.   
  • Was facing the same problem. Now I know! ;P
  • I got it
  • Really nice game. Running smooth on my 535.