Free The Crew 2: Gator Rush update brings hovercraft to the bayou

The Crew 2 is already known for its fast-paced racing action with a variety of vehicle types, but it's adding another to its roster with its first free update. Called "Gator Rush," the update is set to launch in September, and it'll take players to the southern swamps with the new hovercraft discipline, a new difficulty level, and more.

The addition of the hovercraft discipline is the big highlight here. Players will be able to take control of the off-road vehicles to slip and slide around any terrain, bump up against their opponents, or even land on top of them after performing a leap from a ramp.

On top of adding the bayou environment for players to toy around in, Ubisoft says that other places across the map have been enhanced with "steep slopes and banked curves." New skills, locations, and events are also tagging along.

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Lastly, players will be able to race through the new "Ace mode," which is a new, higher difficulty level that will reward them with legendary loot.

Gator Rush will launch as a free update for all player on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 on September 26. On the same day, season pass owners will also be able to access two new additional vehicles seven days before everyone else.

If you're considering giving The Crew 2 a shot, be sure to check out our review first. Otherwise, the game is available now on all platforms starting at $59.99.

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