Free MS ebooks now offered in reader formats

Back in October, we told you about Microsoft's emphasis on getting developers to check out WP7 and their posting of free ebooks including Programming Windows Phone 7 by author/developer Charles Petzold.  Until recently, you could only get them in the PDF or XPS format, which was inconvenient for those with ebook readers.  However, Microsoft is now offering Petzold's book, along with a few others, in MOBI and EPUB format.

While Programming Windows Phone 7 is currently the only WP7-related title out there, multi-faceted techies may find interest in the other ebooks on Visual Studio 2010, Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, etc.

You can click the links to get Petzold's book in EPUB and MOBI.

Source: Microsoft; Via: Softpedia

Seth Brodeur