French site gets hands-on with the HTC Touch HD

French site Geek Inc. (translated site here (opens in new tab)) managed to get its hands on an HTC Touch HD and has blessed us with a bevy of pictures. And the overall impression is quite good.

By now you know the deets (opens in new tab). Quad-band EDGE and HSPA (900/2100 only so far - boo). WinMo 6.1 Pro with TouchFlo 3D. A 3.8-inch, 480x800 WVGA touchscreen. Five-megapixel camera with autofocus, and front-facing VGA camera. 512 ROM/288 RAM. MicroSD card. Assisted GPS. WiFi. 1350 mAh battery. 528 MHz Qualcomm processor. Exactly the same dimensions as the iPhone.

Their conclusion is the same we often have and mirrors a conclusion Dieter briefly spoke about in the latest Treocast over on our sister site.

The greatest fault of this HTC Touch HD is … Windows Mobile 6.1 … I exaggerate and that is not so bad as that, but it's still anti ergonomic!

But I'll reiterate another point frequently mentioned: Higher resolution can make just about anything better (see also (opens in new tab)). So if you're dead-set against the iPhone (opens in new tab) and its mere 320x480 screen, this could be your answer. Stay tuned.

Via Engadget Mobile (opens in new tab)

WC Staff
  • 5/12 ROM/288 ROM?
    Typo, or confusing memory chipset?
  • Eh, butterfingers writer. Typo's been fixed. :)
  • Gotcha! Thanks for the heads^ Phil!
  • The guy in question hosts the french podcast for Generaiton Phonehouse which is the french division of Carphone Warehouse (in the UK). According to their blog they will do a video podcast on the Touch HD. In general their video podcasts go pretty in depth so that should be good.