Friday fun: The Halo community is dabbing, for reasons

On the first day of PAX West, Septermber 1, popular Halo YouTuber HiddenXperia and several other Halo fans were visiting 343 Industries' headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

Upon entering the building, HiddenXperia was overcome with shock and awe at the illuminated neon wonder that is the wall mounted 343 Industries logo in the front lobby.

In the heat of the moment, he did what any well known, popular community member would do.

He dabbed.

Having a colleague capture the moment on his phone, HiddenXperia than proceeded to post the image on Twitter. Once he did, that's when things went crazy in the Halo community.

Some laughed at the picture, and others thought it immature. In the end, however, the vast majority of those who saw the image decided that they should dab, too.

The dabbing trend only continued to escalate as the next few days of PAX continued. Halo content creators everywhere, ranging from journalists, to YouTubers, to streamers, to pro competitors, all lent their dabs to the movement.

Perhaps my favorite, though, was when a fan by the name of Andy Van Riper utilized Halo 5's Forge mode to script an in-game person shaped structure that dabbed. Now that's what I call dedication.

By September 4, the last day of PAX, hundreds of Halo fans had participated in this peculiar community event. However, the circle would not be complete without a dab from 343's own Jeff Easterling, a writer for the developer and a man that the Halo community has loved since the dawn of time.

Aiming to complete this final mission, HiddenXperia, the man who started it all, was able to convince Jeff to partake in the endeavor. And partake he did. Spectacularly.

This video by Halo YouTuber MetalhedSpartan perfectly illustrates the epicness of this occasion, summarizing the history that was made.

Several days after September 4, the hype around the movement has died down, and most have moved on. But the Halo community will never forget these glorious days.

Brendan Lowry

Brendan Lowry is a Windows Central writer and Oakland University graduate with a burning passion for video games, of which he's been an avid fan since childhood. You'll find him doing reviews, editorials, and general coverage on everything Xbox and PC. Follow him on Twitter.