Full HTC Vive Pro kit now up for order at Amazon and Overclockers UK

HTC Vive Pro
HTC Vive Pro (Image credit: Windows Central)

Full HTC Vive Pro kit now up for order on Amazon

HTC introduced its revamped Vive Pro virtual reality headset at CES 2018, offering an updated design, improvements to audio, and a big increase to its display resolution. The only catch at the time was that HTC was only selling the headset by itself, meaning you'd have to shell out for trackers and controllers separately.

But if you're a first-time Vive buyer, you can now get your hands on the full HTC Vive Pro kit, with trackers and controllers included, at both Amazon and Overclockers UK.

To recap, the HTC Vive Pro headset now includes two OLED displays, totaling a resolution of 2880x1600. That adds up to a 37 percent PPI increase, meaning VR visuals should look clearer than ever on the headset's displays. That's in addition to more immersive audio from the integrated high-res headphones and improved comfort from the included deluxe headstrap.

The kit also includes SteamVR base station 2.0 tracking units, which can support a play area of up to 20'x20', along with a pair of matching controllers. You can also expect the headset to be compatible with HTC's Vive Wireless Adapter when it launches later this year.

If you're looking to buy in with the whole kit, however, be prepared to pay out a hefty sum. The total price for the headset, trackers, and controllers bundled together comes in at $1,399 in the U.S. and £1,299 in the UK.

You can order the full HTC Vive Pro kit at Amazon right now, while preorders are open at Overclockers UK.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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