Full list of Windows Mobile 6.5 phones

Today's launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 truly is a global event, with dozens of phones either already available or being unveiled. At home, we have the following [via Microsoft (opens in new tab)]:

  • HTC Pure from AT&T, available now.
  • HTC Imagio from Verizon Wireless, on sale online.
  • Samsung Intrepid from Sprint, available Oct. 11, 2009
  • HTC Tilt 2 from AT&T, available in the coming weeks

And after the break, a list of everything released worldwide.

In Latin America:

  • Samsung Omnia II available in the coming weeks from TIM Brasil

In Europe:

  • MDA Vario V, MDA Compact V and HTC Touch2 and the Samsung Omnia II from Deutsche Telekom in select European markets
  • HTC HD2 from Orange, available in the coming weeks in France
  • HTC Touch2 from Orange, available in the coming weeks in France, Spain, Switzerland and Romania
  • A software update for the HTC Touch Pro2 from Orange, available in the coming weeks in France, U.K. and Romania
  • Samsung Omnia II from Orange, available in the coming weeks in Poland, Switzerland and Slovakia and from early December in France
  • Samsung Omnia LITE from Orange, available in the coming weeks in France and Spain
  • Samsung Omnia PRO B7320 from Orange, available in the coming weeks in France and the U.K.
  • Toshiba TG01 W from Orange, available as an update to the TG01 in the coming weeks in France, the U.K., Switzerland and Romania
  • LG GM750 and Samsung Omnia II from SFR in France
  • TMN Bluebelt 2 and TMN Silverbelt, made by ZTE Corp., from TMN in Portugal
  • Samsung Omnia II and Omnia LITE from TMN in Portugal
  • HTC Touch Diamond2 from Vodafone in Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Australia, South Africa and Central Europe
  • HTC Touch Pro2 from Vodafone in the U.K. and Switzerland
  • LG GM750 from Vodafone in Germany, the U.K., Spain and the Netherlands

The following phones are available on the open market in Europe:

  • Samsung Omnia II
  • Omnia LITE
  • Omnia PRO B7320
  • Omnia PRO B7330 and Omnia PRO B7610 available in October

In Asia:

  • ZTE X60 from China Unicom
  • HTC Touch Diamond2 from Telstra

The following phones are available on the open market in Asia:

  • Acer beTouch E100
  • beTouch E101
  • beTouch E200
  • Acer neoTouch
  • Garmin-Asus nüvifone M20
  • HTC Snap
  • HTC Touch Pro2
  • HTC Touch Diamond2
  • HTC Touch2
  • LG GM730
  • LG GM550
  • Samsung Omnia II
  • Samsung Omnia PRO B7320
  • Omnia PRO B7330
Daniel Rubino

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  • What no upgrade coming for Verizon TP2? :-(
    That would be disappointing!!!
  • seems like all the phones are going, or staying over seas. that sucks and depresses the entire event. 4 phones ???? come on !!!! when and how will veizon upgrade the tp2??
  • Those look more like new phones, right? I wouldn't worry about getting updates. They're coming.
  • AT&T HTC Fuze - will we get an upgrade to 6.5?
  • Hi good to be with you guys
    but one question my htc windows 6. 5 profesional how may i get it unlocked to read lime network setting am in jamaica
  • am fine just need to unlocked my htc windows 6. 5 professional phone help please
  • no US support so...i`ll keep my omnia for use with wifi and my android for us for EVERYTHING else!
  • Full list of phone that will be updated according to Microsoft here; https://www.windowscentral.com/e?link=https2F%2Fclick.linksynergy.co...
  • Anyone else getting a chuckle out of the fact that all the phones that are listed have "Date not yet available". Way to go! The news in Toronto today is all about how Bell and Telus will be getting the iPhone in November (hey look, a date!) while WinMo 6.5 is getting pretty much ignored by the media here. Microsoft needs to find a way to seriously slap these carriers into honouring launch dates. Nobody cares about that "OS that came out last summer" is finally making it onto a phone... and I'll be bloody surprised to see a Canadian phone get WM65 before February 2010.
  • I just got a Touch Pro 2 and I'm happy running 6.1. I'm afraid to see what 6.5 will break will adding other features.
  • Where is Sony Ericsson X2???
  • I just bought a Pure today at an ATT store. The guy asked me if I might want to wait, since the TP2 will be shipping on the 8th of this month.
  • tnx 4 tell about italy -.-
  • Dude, Just want to ask if Samsung Armani or sgh-p520 can be upgraded into wm 6.5?