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Gaana music service in India launches its Windows 10 app

Gaana, the popular online music service in India, previously launched apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1. Now it has launched its Windows 10 app, offering the same service to Microsoft's latest operating system. The app has been in beta test for a while.

Here's what Gaana users can access on the app for free:

  • Access to over 10 million songs
  • Thousands of playlists created by Experts and Users
  • Save your favorite songs, playlists, albums and artists
  • Listen to Non-stop Radio & also 10 + Radio Mirchi stations.
  • Music updated daily for Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri and other regional languages
  • Dedicated sections for Top Songs, Ghazals, Romantic Songs, Bhajans, Dance Songs
  • Enjoy Lyrics of your favorite songs

People who pay for the Gaana Plus subscription service will get these additional features from the app:

  • Download unlimited songs for offline listening
  • Ad free Music experience
  • Music in high definition audio quality
  • Sync downloads on 5 devices

Thanks to Aakash Sharma for the tip!

Download Gaana from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: Guaan

  • Way to go.
  • One doesn't need Spotify to come to India as we have good music apps like saavn and gaana
  • Gaana portfolio is missing a lot of good albums from Tips
  • The UI in the old app was terrible. I really hope this one is better Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • I think we will have to wait and see what new Mobile app looks like. It's not updated yet. Only the PC app updated
  • Spotify available in India for windows 10 user if you are
  • No it's not. It's an online service so it doesn't matter what OS you're on. Your region may be set to some other country.
  • Ucbrower, opera mini, snapdeal, and more.. There are lots of apps which are still non UWP
  • Things like snapdeal u can browse the web. Opera has Windows 10 but not uwp app.
  • Great news
  • I still find saavn a good one though it is bit slow and crashes sometimes -.-
  • This was updated almost a month ago. And I even tipped WC about it
  • Today, it's officially updated with new UI, and bug fix to support Windows 10 with new live tile. Previously not a new UI
  • That's what I am saying. I have been using built for windows 10 app on my surface pro for almost a month
  • yup I am using the Win10 version for couple of months now, but the UWA was only available for a short period of time and was pulled from the store. Today finally it (re)launched officially with all the features. Way to GO.. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Yes, even i had tipped WC about this. They had updated the old app to the new one. Then the new one stopped working and another update reverted it back to the old one. Then again after a series of chats with them, this new one came back. They said Win 10 mobile version will come soon after win 10 mobile launches.
  • Hope it comes to mobile real soon
  • I can't find the update in store, still running the old version. L830 Running windows 10M.
  • It will get a new update in coming weeks for Mobiles, currently for Pc only
  • Yes, waiting for Mobile.
  • Does you phone screen gets off for 2-3 seconds in between while using?
  • Yes, it does for 1 sec I think. Keep in mind that we are not using a stable OS. It will be definitely addressed in future updates. So no worries.
  • Na na. Am not worring. Just wanted to be sure that am not the only one :D
  • Saavn is too good...great ui...will try gaana now
  • Yeah, Saavn is awesome. But I was still using Nokia Mix-Radio in my Nokia Lumia 2520 - tablet ( pretty awesome )! 
  • MixRadio is officially closed, and not letting me go beyond the 1st page that displayes the notice of being closed. How can you use this !!!
  • I'm uaing Lumia 2520 - tablet, MixRadio didn't updated for Lumia 2520 ( Windows RT ). So, good for those who have Nokia Lumia 2520 Windows RT tablet
  • Well just downloaded....still that old kind of ui.....saavn looks so much beautiful and so smooth....gaana,need to work a lot
  • How much does it cost for the plus subsection?
  • I'm in a loop gaana or saavn Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 with a Nokia Lumia 730
  • No doubt it should be saavn
  • Saavn... without a doubt
  • When in USA?
  • Never I think ;)
  • I'll stick to saavn
  • Very Bad app dosend even have login functionality to access the account, its just there to increase the numbers 
  • But I was using Gaana app on Windows 10 for a month, was that the beta version but it was not mentioned there.