Popular Indian music streaming service Gaana continues updating their Windows Phone app

If you have never heard of the Gaana.com, it only means you are not in India. The service is one of three in that country, letting people worldwide stream free and licensed music in 21 different languages (thank you, Wikipedia). It competes with Saavn and Hungama with Saavn grabbing most of Bollywood's music catalog lately. Gaana now focuses on a lot of regional stuff, as a result.

Anyway, the developers behind the Windows Phone app have been going on a tear this last week, overhauling the app to bring it more in line with iOS and Android. This after nearly a year without an update, so yeah, a big deal.

Gaana for Windows Phone

Gaana v1.1.0

  • Slick new black theme
  • Download songs to your phone using Gaana+ subscription
  • Listen to Radio Mirchi stations
  • Select streaming quality for better experience
  • Select music language for a personalised experience
  • Start radio around song and artist
  • Pin Albums and Playlists to home screen
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

Many people have tipped us over the last few days about the app, remarking about the improved UI, ability to download songs finally and being able to use the Gaana+ subscription service.

So if you have missed the updates, another just came out today, so make sure to grab it. Moreover, if you are new to Windows Phone, then make sure you grab the app to get your groove on.

Download Gaana for Windows Phone

Thanks every Windows Phone user in India for the flood of email tips

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Daniel Rubino

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  • You are not 'indian' daniel :P
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  • I have to recheck the author's name.
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  • Wow... Great to see Daniel reporting this... We love India
  • I don't think there is any need to confine the WC authors to news and posts from their home country only. I am from India and I would rather see any India related news up there quickly by any of the WC staff than to wait for Abhishek or Harish to cover it.
  • Unless there are live events for on-ground reports or local perspectives, I think everybody should be open to write about global news. I've reviewed accessories not available in India or written about global apps too.
  • A true netizen doesn't belong to any country.
  • Wen in America? :-)
  • LoL
  • U can still here ..songs..n now its available from this update..!
  • You can always come to India. :P
  • Awesome. Love the support coming from India. TBH, Microsoft should be investing heavily over there, if they are not already.
  • +1520
  • Microsoft is doing good here but I believe with this massive support to the ecosystem they should invest more and focus here.
  • They have done lots of ui changes along with the added subscription service that was missing. It is still a good update even though its late. Still a little buggy.
  • I'm tired of waiting for Xbox music. I bought secondary android to use some apps like gaana. After this update ganaa is just usable, not at par with other platforms
  • Yep. Numbers show it's doing better than iOS here. Lumia 640 and XL are also incoming!
  • Most of the top tier Indian services now have fully functional Windows Phone apps.
  • +520
  • Daniel's affinity to India appreciated!
  • I still don't understand why were they ignoring the windows phone app since windows phone is ahead of ios in india
  • ios has a established itself as a standard in India. If you don't have an ios app you're not a standard company.
  • They have the app updated now. Forget the bad past. Be optimistic now, at least.
  • Mostly because the westernized elite all have iPhones. They try so hard to be like Americans... lol Developers follow the money.
  • Still,the new apps..first available for android and iOS..thn after wp..a year later..like..saavn they don't think..their customers who is using wp..n talking about hungama..there app is outdated.. :\
  • Hungama got updated recently.
  • Yup..but still sucks.. :\
  • When I contacted saavn few months ago regarding WP app, they didn't responded properly, they said something on the lines "we have no intention to develop WP app....", where as Gaana's response was much positive and we have the result now.
  • Same for me..
  • Hahaha loved that last line. 'Thanks every windows phone user in india for flooding emails'
    I also tipped +1 for me :P
  • +me too.. (:
  • Yup. Same here long time back.
  • Need sbi freedom+
  • Yea and few more banking apps
  • But most prominent bank has fully functional apps for wp.
  • Most of them are private banks. Public sector banks need to step up.
  • Yes! Public sector banks need to make apps.
  • Yes yes yes! Previous version was as old as 2013!! Thanks for the tip!
    Tip: I noticed that it is now v1.1, previously it was v2.0. This is officially a revamp for 8.1.
  • Still, I'd prefer universal app! Cuz their windows store app sucks as hell
  • None of us is "INDIA" we all are Indians.....
  • Lol yeah.. We are Indians ;)
  • P.S. Daniel made a mistake on first line 'If you didn't know gaana.com,it only means you are not "in" India'.
  • Fixed, thanks.
  • Your welcome bro.
  • You're* :P
  • Works well? Anyone reply. Is it worth to donwload?
  • Why not try for yourself?
  • Yuo..!
  • Why would have Dan posted about if it didn't work..!!
  • Daniel Rubino posted it. He got Good knowledge of indian music scene
  • Hey,, dan..i think n i remember that ..when the app was released first time..Abhishek baxi reviewed this app..!
  • Yeah. Been seeing less of Abhishek lately. Probably he's been invited to a secret Lumia exclusive hands on ;)
  • Can't wait for Gaana app to come on XBOX. I was thinking it would release along with this much anticipated WP app update. May be we have to wait a little longer.
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  • bas bajna chahiye gaana ..... :P love that jingle... :P India has shown much love for Windows Phone lately.
  • Yup..!
  • Thanks Daniel.
    For your knowledge....Daniel is a punk fan.He loves bands like Good Riddance, Fugazi, Lagwagon, NOFX, Rancid etc...
  • No payment option pls improve windows
  • It's available..!
  • The app functioning is more smooth now. Though the previous player was a bit more good looking , current one works well. Thanks for the article Daniel.
  • I cant seem to update the app/download once uninstalled. 920 user. Can download new apps/update older apps. Not sure what the problem is. The download is stuck in pending mode
  • Finally a good update. Microsoft is apparently doing quite well here in India. Yesterday took my dad to two places to buy a budget phone and both the places the salesperson recommended buying a windows phone first. Great to see this change in the reputation of WP
  • "बस बजना चाहिए गाना....."
  • Thanks Daniel ❤
  • Wow. Had thought that the app is dead..!
  • I have one doubt. Whether the songs download to SD card or downloaded to just app data storage?
  • Now release that beast called 640 xl..... :)
  • Rdio is available in India now. They bought dhingana.com about 6 months ago and stream songs in English along with local Indian languages. The app is pure crap though!
  • Savn is still missing
  • Similarly Wynk is also missing
  • It has new subscription feature to download songs. This what I was waiting for.
  • "Filed under-Windows phone apps" is this new?
  • We need more payment options ... why can't MSFT accept common debit cards ? apps are doing well ... :)
  • Debit card works for me..!
  • Jana, gana, mana
  • Gaana app quitely discontinued from store...