Gadget Show does iPhone 5 takedown while liking the Lumia 920?

Here there and everywhere, Microsoft is busy promoting Windows Phone 8 here in London, at the same time Nokia is heavily promoting their Lumia 920. Billboard displays, dedicated TV adverts and even sponsoring dramas and product placements, it's everywhere. On UK TV, the Lumia 920 was on two separate gadget shows, one of which being Stephen Fry’s ‘Gadget Man’.

Last night saw the popular Gadget Show TV show put a bright red Lumia 920 with its wireless charging pad up against the HTC One X+ and the iPhone 5. In what can only be described as a hilarious iPhone 5 take down, the presenters gave all the props to the Lumia 920 and the HTC.

The Lumia 920 is a great device and many of the staff here own one as their daily driver, but it’s always interesting to see how well it goes down in the mainstream media. We’ll forgive them for thinking that it runs Windows 8. Hit the clip around the 13min mark to watch the segment for yourself but here are the salient points:

"Loved the design of the Lumia 920 but didn’t like the weight, I could feel my muscles work, when your using a smartphone I don’t think that should be the case" - Pollyanna Woodward

"iPhone 5, little bit slimmer, little bit lighter but for me it just looks like the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 4s – they need to make more of an effort"

Then onto the cameras, sure they really liked the Lumia 920’s low light performance but the HTC also fared well. Once again it's back to the iPhone 5.

"The iPhone stood out for all the wrong reasons, out of all the three cameras, this one has the most bland colouring, when I look at the photographs they just don’t stand out, I just don’t feel like there is any life in the pictures"

While the performance of the iPhone left us both pretty cold, I loved the Nokia, I think it and it does it, this feels like its part of me, it’s the tile system, so easy. You cannot go wrong - Pollyanna Woodward

Fast talking, breathless love for the Lumia 920 - no christmas cheer for the iPhone 5.

The guys on the show really didn’t seem to get on with this year’s iPhone but when it came to battery performance they had more bad news..

"The real story is how bad the iPhone’s battery life is, bad doesn’t even begin to cover it, and battery is dead by 3pm, that means you have to carry your charger around, unbelievable. And while the iPhone seems to have stood still Nokia’s innovations are charging ahead"

The Qi wireless charging was loved and even touted as a “genius idea” as they whooped but then it was onto the call quality and with a *huge* sigh..

"iPhone, where do I even start with that, absolute nightmare, every single phone call I made with that I had issues with other people on the other end asking if I’m still there - every single person I spoke to has said that." 

IPhone 5 gets summed up with: No real innovation, bad battery life and build quality is poor. The Lumia 920 scores well on its ease of use and the wireless charging but they do mention its weight and lack of apps. It’s great to see the Lumia 920 getting such a rosy review on a popular TV show where they make some valid points but why so much anger towards the iPhone 5? 

Source: Demand 5

Robert Brand