Gadget users never lie, says gadget user

Aw, that's ...sweet? Or maybe horrible. Gadgets apparently make it easier and more appealing to lie. I'd have more to say about this phenomenon, but I'm feeling really sick lately. Seriously. Super ill. In the meantime, you look great in that shirt. Seriously.

More than four out of five people admit to telling little white lies at least once a day and the preferred way of being "economical with the truth" is to use technology such as cell phones, texts and e-mails, a survey on Thursday said.The research by UK pollsters 72 Point found that "techno-treachery" was widespread with nearly 75 percent of people saying gadgets like Blackberrys made it easier to fib.Just over half of respondents said using gadgets made them feel less guilty when telling a lie than doing it face to face, the study on behalf of financial services group Friends Provident found.

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