Windows users with Galaxy S8 phones need to download these Android apps

It's no secret that the Android platform on which the Samsung Galaxy S8 is built has a lot more apps at its disposal than Windows 10 Mobile.

Nevertheless, if you're a Windows user looking to pick one up, there are some apps you should get immediately. Here are some of the apps you should be looking for.

What Windows users need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S8

Microsoft core apps

Microsoft Apps

Rather than list all of them out one by one, it's easier just to say you should get all of Microsoft's core apps. Or all of them that you need to use, at least. Microsoft's apps on Android are very good, for the most part, and you'll be well served with regular updates.

OneNote, Outlook, Xbox and Groove Music are all present. Microsoft Authenticator is also an important app to have if you're set up with two-factor authentication on your account, which you should be. It works as well as it does on Windows and allows you to approve logins with a simple push notification.

Check out all the best Microsoft apps you can get at the link below.

The best Microsoft Apps for Android




If you're getting into Beam since Microsoft acquired it, you'll be pleased to know that there's already an official app for Android available in the Play Store. Considering there isn't even an official app for Windows 10 yet outside the Xbox One, this is a happy bonus for Galaxy S8 owners.

It's a fairly-basic experience targeted at viewing streams above anything else, but it's an experience nevertheless.

Download Beam from the Google Play Store (opens in new tab)

Skype and GroupMe


Skype might get some slack for its applications across platforms, but it's still the de-facto choice for online voice calling. It's certainly better than trying to switch over one of Google's ever-increasing number of communication apps.

GroupMe is also available should you be making use of it on Windows. It's an excellent app on any platform, and that applies to Android, too.



Samsung has Bixby on the Galaxy S8, and Google has the Google Assistant, but neither of those can boast the freedom of Cortana. By being available cross-platform, you have some elements of synchronicity between your phone and your PC with Cortana.

You can have basic notification mirroring, and of course the benefits of using Cortana as your assistant, on both phone and PC. If you use Cortana on your Windows 10 PC, it's a no-brainer to download it to the Galaxy S8.

Recent updates have allowed access to the lock screen, and because it's Android, it's a simple process to make Cortana your default assistant.

Download Cortana from the Google Play Store (opens in new tab)

That's what we recommend for Windows users when getting started with the Galaxy S8, but if you have any hot suggestions we didn't mention be sure to drop them into the comments below.

Samsung Galaxy S8 'Microsoft Edition:' Everything you need to know

And for the full story on the Galaxy S8, head over to Android Central.

Richard Devine
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  • Starting to feel like android central around here with all these s8 articles
  • Can you blame them? Galaxy S8 is the best phone Microsoft has ever sold, which sounds kinda sad.
  • As Dan said, if only it ran Win10M...
  • haha, why should it run W10m? Itw would lose 90% of its functionality and app
  • Because Win10M has everything I need. So for me personally, and other MS fans, an S8 with Android is useless, but with Win10M... oh boy.
  • So let me get this straight.  WP users didn't cry foul when Microsoft started to chip away at the Metro design to make WP try to look more Android like, now they want to complain when they are getting the real thing (Android news)?  Well, I have no pity for those who think the current version of WP is acceptable.  Enjoy your hamburger menus and your Android like device.  Long live the Metro design!  Long Live WP 7.X & 8.X!
  • 90% of its functionality? What are you basing that on? No joke man I hate bs stats when you make a comment like that I would expect to see at least 9 out of 10 functions that the device would loose because of win10m.
  • Well I don't know how current WM has been since I've used 8.1 but 1. Split screen tasking
    2. Screen pop out window
    3. Edge View
    4. Finger Print Lock
    5. One Hand Mode
    6. Send SOS Message
    7. LED Notification ?
    8. Performance mode ?
    9. Themes
    10. Animated wallpaper
    11. Screen customization
    12. Pop up text window
    13. Skin Launchers
    14. Samsung Pay ? I mean, there's quite alot of features.
  • You're still here?
  • But it would then be able to ADD contacts and sync it with my Outlook contacts... Something Android cant do as of right now. (Just one-way sync, not two-way sync). Not sure why they havent fixed that yet. 
  • Just add an exchange account and add people to that account. Disable sync on the outlook app.
  • Hey he did talk about a custom ROM as well, now in theory, MS can send out a Custom ROM of Win10 "CShell" and allow users to download it if they wish, that'll be great.
  • Yeah, I was wondering about that... we have Android ROMs everywhere, and even that Win10M ROM for Xiaomi (or was it Huawei or whatever). And we also have a crazy community that gives its best to try and hack/tweak everything, and is quite experienced with those things.
    Is it really that hard to push a Win10M ROM onto an Android device (remember that MS lowered the requirements for Win10M in hopes of OEMs jumping to it easier), or is it that there's just not that many people working on it after all?
  • yes, they did lower the req. but you still have to take the drivers of the actual components into consideration. Seeing that these are relatively new specs on that phone, I don’t see anyone coming up with something for the next six months. Maybe Microsoft themselves is doing something with it in the background that we are not seeing, so let’s just keep our minds open.
  • Well yeah, but for some other older popular phone, it shouldn't be too hard, right? It sure would be nice if MS did something like that, though I doubt it.
  • I think they used the word image, which could mean anything. And flashing a ROM would mean that Microsoft would have the bootloader unlock keys and my guess is that Samsung wouldnt let those out to give to Microsoft Stores.  I think its a great idea. Windows works on all the PCs why not phones too? "Ill take that Galaxy S8, oh and my wife the LG G6, and make that Windows 10 please!" What a great world that would be...
  • Or if the community is as passionate as Dan says it is, someone can create custom drivers for all older windows phones.
  • I doubt that the Galaxy S8 is the best phone Microsoft has ever sold. If you buy one just don't drop it and expect the battery not to last very long. Also expect it to run slower and slower as time goes on. You should be wanting a new phone in about one years time.
  • Can someone tell how to get Android phone notifications (ALL of them) on the PC.... Is Cortana the only way? And if there is another way, what's the procedure? Do we have to somehow *sync* the phone using Phone Companion or log in into our MSFT account on phone (where?)
    I have a L650 and wanted to know how Android works. Might have to get a MOTO G5+ since it supports VoLTE in India. Thanks!
  • Just Cortana
  • Use Pushbullet. Install it in Google Play Store and Chrome browser, and voila!
  • Thanks!!
  • The "SideSync" app?
  • Absolutely agree. I'm so sick of hearing about Android this, iPhone that. I wish both would just go away.
  • Its all over
  • does a phone that doesn't run Windows even get air time on this site. Honestly, Daniel, exercise some managing editorship and get your runaway contributors back under control. Between Devine who looks like he still lives with his parents based on such article gems like how to clean a mousepad, to Jen with her weird porn fetish (you're on the wrong site Karner) to Jason Ward who permanently up Nadella's you-know-what, this site is a far cry from the days when Nokia was making Lumias. Sign of the times I suppose. At least the comments are still entertaining.
  • I thought the same. It's normal to read comments of people crying and throwing a lot of negativity, but recently this has turn out to happend on regular posts. It is becoming really depressing visit WCentral. And those porn articles? WTF!!, at least they are not depressing, but really they had nothing to do here.
  • It's just sad.. The need for content is so huge anything even remotely related to windows is now acceptable..   They went from Windows Phone > Windows in general > let's throw in Xbox > Oh look, iOS and Android also do Microsoft apps now > Here's how to use Microsoft apps on your Android device > As MSFT now sells Droid phones we can now report on/write about droid.. Oh wait.. we just became Android Central II  
  • To be fair, most Microsoft users dont have a windows phone. They have android or iOS phones. And it could be beneficial to see how to get Microsoft services on your android/iOS phone. That being said, like 10 articles in 2-3 days is a bit much, lol :)
  • "Windows Users with Galaxy S8 .........." You are not Windows users anymore once you switch to S8.
  • Actually... That could still have an Windows PC... But I'm on your side
  • Seriously... I will start to believe that this is our long awaited Surface phone!
  • Panos is going to walk out on stage, pull a GS8 out of his pocket, and say this a the suface phone with Win10 CShell and 128GB of storage. I would still buy it.
  • And he is 'excited' about it.
  • Wow WCentral really wants people to buy the S8. There have more S8 articles than there was for the Lumia 950 when it was released. ;-) I smell a name change coming again. WinSamDroid Central
  • there nothing to cover about the Lumia 950
  • 950(XL) were a national disaster. So bad, they started giving unlocked 950s away for free with every purchase of 950XL.
  • International...
  • It was not. It is a great phone, great camera, first with continuum and so on. Samsung is living on its name, but the phone itself is much less "great" than it is promoted here... There is really not one feature if it which has not been there by someone else before. May it be the hp elite x3 or the lg g6.
  • I guess that's subjective.  My wife and I both wasted our money on 950's.  The devices look like every other Android device, are poorly built and perform horribly.  We both hate Windows 10 Mobile compared to WP8.  And the camera on my 1020 still takes better pictures than my 950. I, at least, had the luxury of going back to my 1020 as my daily driver.
  • What disaster, say. With each update, they got better, it's terrific. Listen, these phones got fantastic, with an incredible camera. My pictures now are great again.
  • They were inching towards bankruptcy covering all those windows & MS news. By covering android and apple WC will be in fortune 500 in just 1 year. You know. ;)
  • at least be truthful. when the 950s came out, there were buttload of articles. i get there's a handful of S8 articles here, but considering this is a Windows site and there's a "Microsoft Edition" of a phone, its clearly meant to be paired with a Windows PC. This isn't Windows Phone Central anymore.
  • My original comment was intended to be a joke, not a statement of fact. I mean come on, I used a winking smiley ffs.
  • Stop with this s8 crap already. If i want information about this phone I will go to android central. This is becoming annoying.
  • I think we need a Galaxy S8 tap in the Windows Central app menu.
  • Hahahah
  • Won't be surprised to see Windows Central writers using S8 Microsoft edition. When that happens they'll start pumping android stuff in our heads and that'll be the end for me on this site. I can't believe this but if you are writing this what should android central write? Mspoweruser is doing better.
  • What a bloatware....Google now + Bixby + Cortana. How many personal assistants can a phone have? These plus others will make an SD835 phone run like SD S1 phone in no time. Thanks for the article but I'm happier with my Lumia 950 📱☺
  • there is a magic button call Disable but you propably have never use an android phone in the past 3 years
  • Yeah... Disabling everything is needed here... Not really what i want. This is what people call bloatware.
  • I agree. Android phones have so much crappy bloatware. Why does Bixby HAVE to be on my phone to work? I get it being on by default but if I cant uninstall it I have a problem with that. Most phones have like 12 google apps and I dont want any of them (except the store because its an evil I cant get around because of Google Play Services). And yet they only can be "disabled"... Useless. 
  • if disable isnt enough then root and unistall them and also if you have such a problem with the playstore use APKMirror or a similar site and manually download and install apps and updates
  • Oddly (from what I can see on my work Android) Cortana doesn't seem to take calendar feeds from the Microsoft Outlook App - so would also need to add exchange into the Google Mail app....which would be duplication...Otherwise it is nice having Cortana available and having Android more bearable (my 950XL getting a smashed screen replaced a the moment). I guess barring some miracle this will be the only route available to me when finally replace the 950xl.
  • Only thing holding me back from switching to Android is the amount of money invested in the Microsoft Movies you know if Microsoft has an app for that on Android?  Everything else from what I can tell can be accessed via apps on Android (like email, xbox, cortana, etc.).
  • I am glad to say this S8 crap is not on sale in The Netherlands (MS store)..
  • I love it.. Yes I'm a Windows fan and being a fan sometimes you're support a losing team. Samsung S8+ it is..
  • Well, don't like.
  • Why do u posting it again and again...if I need to know about it I wouldn't be here.crap
  • Why give this phone so much attention why?
  • It's a conspiracy!
    That's why...
  • It's just fake news from the Russians.
  • MSPoweruser app is way better than this .I'm tired of this android ****
  • I will give it a try ....
  • I will give MSPoweruser a try right away. Windows central has become nonsense!
  • Ok no fun anymore, actually annoying. When this article series stop?
  • If it wanted to stop it would already...
  • Maybe we should start down rating WC app in the store 👎🏼
  • Good plan.
  • Use MSpoweruser you don't get all this Android crap on there...
  • Not maybe....let's do it...
  • I did it i gave it 1 star
  • Done
  • Yes!
  • Just report a virus as it's bringing up articles from Android Central :P
  • Hahaha +100 .... best comment this day. LOL
  • i'll probably be ending with another sony or apple but not samsung not a fan of samsung too late updates
  • This is getting out of hand
  • I'm just read this article 👉 Now this. I'm sad.💁
  • Are you serious? Please someone recommend good alternative to this ex Windows portal? Thanks.
  • How to transfer people hub to android?
  • Never thought a community of Windows Mobile/Phone fans would hate Android ecosystem so much, I'll just say this, if Microsoft invested money and resources on apps for Android is better than not doing anything, so now all we need is a official Android Fork outside of Google Play services like Fire OS which lets Amazon tablets install Android apps
  • Speaking for myself. I don't hate Android but I don't give a **** about Android. People here are asking to stop this writing about S8 but Richard isn't listening..... It's okay to write about the Samsung S8 but do it on Android Central. Not on Windows Central. That is all most of us asked.
  • I don't understand why it would be a mystery that Windows Mobile/Phone fans might hate Android.  Or iOS, for that matter.  I hate both Apple and Google/Android.  Always have.
  • With you there!  I hate both Android and iOS.  But people should expect this.  They were the ones who clamored for WP to be much like Android.  They didn't bat an eye when hamburger menu's showed up.  So, this is what they get.  Again, I am expecting Microsoft to migrate to the Android platform.  That's why I need my current phones to stay in good enough working order for the next foreseeable years.  :)
  • I don't hate Android. I don't hate any OS. I like all 3 and also dislike some things about all 3. I regularly jump between Android, iOS and Windows. I'm also an active member on Windows Central, Android Central and iMore....BUT when you come to Windows Central you expect to read about Windows device news. There's been endless news items about the s8 on this site now and it's way overboard. It's an Android phone and it's rightly heavily featured on Android Central including the Microsoft Edition cos hey
    ..thats where it should be
  • Well please tell us this. How many articles have been put up on Android Central about the S8 Microsoft Phone?
  • It's not the matter of hate & love. It's about a series of articles in the wrong location. Obviously the author and the editor-in-chief who should oversee the publication of articles on this website after numerous readers' dissatisfaction are not idiots and totally aware of this issue...
  • If they had a MSAndroid fork that would be cool. A problem though is it would probably need the play store (not sure if Google would allow that because they have certain criteria to include that I think) and it would probably need Google Play Services (because a ton of apps use that to even work properly). So its a great idea but I think Google road blocks it pretty hard. Android might be "open source" but for practicality it isnt. It relies heavily on Google Play Services to run the apps. 
  • This is getting a bit ridiculous.  However, I guess it's obvious that even Windows Central has to pivot and change course a bit away from Windows Mobile.  They had to with the transition from WPC to WC.  Now, here is yet another.  There are only so many times they can let us know what Microsoft isn't doing and what new Xbox One dashboard update is released.
  • It's not WC....It's W10C!
    Fake name!
    Pretty soon going to be SG8C......sadly.
  • Ya know what would suck,that Windows Central post video about unboxing and use of S8 & S8+ with Ms apps after phone released
  • And giving one away after using it for a week.
  • Crazy,I'd take and sell no question
  • You need to win it ....
  • That's is actually going to happen...
  • I actually want to hear about what Microsoft does to the phone... But that is the only and last article I want to see specifically about the S8. I do want to read Zac's post about living on Android with Microsoft apps on it as well. 
  • OK, I've finally moved to MSPowerUser, they have much better app and also Windows news. F this S. Good bye.
  • True
  • I'd give it a try.
  • Sad sad sad, we should have been taking focus on old Nokia Lumia on how to update them to Windows 10 mobile, I have 920 and 1020.... Still rocking Windows 8
  • Groove Music is awful on Android. It doesn't even play local media. 
  • Just got a note 4 and its ok... But the resolution of the screen make it handle like a toy. The resolution option on my 950xl makes the screen really all about information, the note can't manage to display as much. The apps, well yes the MS stuff is all there and they work like the windows versions but just display less info without scrolling. Issues so far with the switch.. Resolution, no edge browser, no option to hide or delete google apps. Better for screen responces, battery life and the stylus in onenote... Main reason to switch, that and my 950xl is worn out and has a cracked screen.
  • And another s8 blog... The only analogy I can think of for what's going on here is that Microsoft is like a wife or girlfriend who doesn't have the guts to tell you the relationship is over so jumps into bed with a younger, hotter guy then sending you the pics just to make sure you get the message loud and clear. And no I'm not unfortunate enough to ever have that happen to me lol
  • Lol!
  • LOL.
  • Go to hell with these articles!!!! I would do to Android central if I wanted this news.
  • Is WC dying too ?
  • Seriously, this crap needs to stop. It's an Android phone ffs. We can install MS apps on any Android phone, why is this one so special to deserve more attention than all others?   EDIT: Actually, that was the wrong question... Why is this the only Android phone to deserve attention on Mobile Nations sites other than Android Central?
  • All these SGS8 articles are paid ads.
  • I have an app suggestion... What about not buying the S8 and staying with windows? I mean, come on guys... I know things aren't looking good... But are you sure you want to give up? Might as well throw you HPs, Alcatels, Lumias away and be the first in line to buy sammy new phone... You guys are supposed to be our heroes, our leaders... Sure, there isn't a lot of us left in the whole world... But I can assure you one thing... Windows Phone fans are THE fans. We are loyal, and even without every flashy and shiny app or phone available for us, we stick to the platform, we believe in its features... And you guys, most of all, are the center. You are the ones that give us hope... Recently, Windows central basically said "That's it Microsoft, you guys are idiots, with mobile"... You guys said that by abandoning / setting aside W10M, Microsoft would make devs worry, make them rethink if Microsoft is going to stick with its ideals, or if it's all going into another reboot... Now you ARE DOING THE SAME. By posting things like this, it's worst than saying "I give up"... I understand that you want to place something on the internet, so that users might stumble upon, and might read it, and might download the apps, this way having a perfectly nice UX, and never hearing about W10M again... But, in that case, leave it to Android central, they are the ones that should talk about Microsoft selling Sammy's phone, they are the ones that should talk about Microsoft's apps on Android. You are the ones that should be TALKING ABOUT THE FRIGGING CERULEAN MOMENT! The community needs to support each other, not support their rivals. Cerulean Moment is an awesome phone, made by and awesome company, owned by an awesome guy, who happens to want us to be AWESOME. Because of you, I'm learning how to be a dev, Tring my hardest to became an UWP dev, and help the community... Windows Phone is an awesome OS. Sure, Microsoft made a few thousands of bad choices about it, they had the gold, and watched it go away. But never give up hope! I want to see more Windows Central's app updates. New features, even things that might be useless for most, but we need it. If the Windows community itself isn't improving their apps, why would anyone else? I'll be sure to send feedback with new ideias every week, it will be up to you if you choose to improve. But don't give up, show that you are active. Inspire others to became devs! And show what our community is made of! I know probably most things I said doesn't make sense to most... I just got disappointed and threw it all here... I don't like seeing the people that I admire give up...
  • Very well said.
  • I agree with the others. You are giving this particular phone way too much attention when this is supposed to be a Windows site. One article would have sufficed to announce the fact that Microsoft is carrying their own edition of those phone and anything related to Android apps, Microsoft or not, belongs on Android Central. After all, you don't put iPhone articles on Android Central because Google apps are available, do you? Is Mobile Nations being paid to push this phone? 
  • Yes, MN is being paid off...there wouldn't be any other reason!
  • my question is in regards to purchasing the microsoft edition...Can we pre order? do we get a free gift like on the samsung website? Do i get a discount if i trade in my 1020, htc m8, 850, and old ativ? lmao
  • I get the negative comments, people are getting tired of seeing articles about the S8 all the time. But you have to see this situation from the other side too. What can the Windows Central staff do? There haven't been any important Windows 10 Mobile news to write about in a while, and with all the new features of the Creators Update being revealed, there's pretty much nothing to write about, Windows related. The Galaxy S8 is a brand new phone, that not only has all the Microsoft apps available, they're sometimes even better than they are in Windows 10 Mobile it self. With a lot of people moving away from Windows 10 Mobile, the Galaxy S8 is a great choice for them. If we compare the people who left or are about to leave with those who stay committed to Windows 10 mobile, you'll see that it makes much more sense repurposing Windows Central as a place to help those users get their new phones up and running than keep writing articles about how maybe some day Windows 10 Mobile will rule the market share and make the 0.1% of the market (us windows users) happy. Not only that, Microsoft it self is supporting this phone and it's selling it in It's own stores! With all those things in mind, it makes perfect sense to write about this phone, since it's Microsoft related, Microsoft apps related, and maybe even Windows related, since many of It's new features where only available in Windows 10 Mobile before. Now if you can't understand that, then go ahead and down vote me. But I know that deep inside everyone knows that this is the only alternative for the Windows Central staff to do. Of course they'll keep us updated about Microsoft and Windows news, but you have to consider the major part of people who used to own a Windows Phone and now owns an Android/iPhone. The only way to get those people back on Windows Central is to write about their new platform and where's Microsoft in that platform. I hope this helped you understand...
  • Sure, many of us own an Android phone or iPhone, including me. I happen to have a Google Pixel and I'm able to run all these apps on it. For the record, I have a Lumia 950 as well. The problem is that they are saturating this site with articles about this new Galaxy S8 phone and this is not the site to do it. If there is no new news on Windows Mobile, then just post articles about Windows, XBox, Hololens, etc. as this is a Windows site, not just a mobile site. One article on Microsoft selling the phone and how it affects the future of Windows Mobile would have sufficed. Instead, they are pushing this new Android phone hard with the excuse that it runs Microsoft apps but this was already possible with older Android phones so it is nothing to announce. If anything, the article belongs on Android Central.
  • I gotta agree with you, because there have been a bit too many articles saying pretty much the same thing over and over again, so if that stopped I believe nobody would complain (in fact, they would be happy, seeing most of the comments). If you've noticed, many of the articles here on Windows Central were uploaded on Android Central too, without a single word changed, so it may have been that they took a decision to upload anything S8 and Windows related to both sites, but it might have a gone a bit wrong. Still, can't blame them for doing so, for the reasons I mentioned before...
  • Okay, so one solution could be to have 1 article announcing that Microsoft is selling the phone and what it means to Windows Mobile users and in that article, put a link to a page on the Android Central site. That page should contain links to any articles related to the Galaxy S8 including this one and they should be posted on the Android Central site. This would allow both Windows Central and Android Central people to discuss the article rather than a whole slew of complaints that the article was posted on the wrong site. Duplicating the same articles on both sites means that the comments are also separated and there is no reason to separate them if they want a meaninful discussion. Both are Mobile Nations sites and use the same login. 
  • It's clickbait. Say Samsung Galaxy s8 anywhere and watch the monkeys dance. They've got no news for Windows Mobile or Phone and they needs our numbers to be relevant. I've recently read a story that Microsoft short sheeted the Xbox kind of the way they did Mobile and they're getting just dividends there too.
  • Well, wish them happy firecrackers day.
  • Time to ditch Windows Central I think. Stupid S8 articles everyday, getting zzzzzzzz
  • Have no fear people .... Microsoft will soon abandon this phone as well. They really need to close the Starbucks Store on their campus as they call it and get back to work. The Microsoft Feedback Hub recently sent me a notices, wanting to know if I would recommend Google's Chrome Browser to a Friend or Colleague, of course I would, have you tried using that trash they call Edge, I'd recommend a chisel and rock over Edge.
  • Stop pushing the S8 on us! This is an Android phone, we come to windows central because we want to read about WINDOWS devices!! The S8 MS edition is an affront to windows fans!
  • Clearly Microsoft is pushing this as a Windows PC companion device. This site has to appeal to *all* windows users, not just windows mobile users. i'm gonna stick with my x3, but i can clearly see the reason for an article like this on a site dedicated to Windows. Microsoft obviously has a  goal to get microsoft services into the hands of Android users. This will make it easier to transition them to windows-whatever-mobile in the future as, yes, its difficult to switch app environments due to any investment there, but services investment is much more difficult. no one is gonna switch from Google Drive to OneDrive the moment they buy a Windows phone. However, if they get an Android phone who's purpose is to transition them away from Google services at their own pace, eventually they'll have a much easier time switching OSes. This isn't necessarily a sign of giving up. It still makes sense with a Windows-mobile-future. I get that it could also be a sign of giving up, but lets be optimistic here. cause lets face it, you have to be a glass-half-full kind of person to be sticking with w10m this long.
  • Big Thumbs Down to Richard Devine. Sorry, this is one of the worst article on Windows Central.
  • Stop posting Android articles!!!
  • If I EVER decided to go back to Android (which is highly unlikely) Samsung would be the last phone I would even consider.
  • This is getting ridiculous.I think its time to move into MS Poweruser app
  • Like spam news. WCentral need a hard look for their click/spam news strategy. It's a shame.
  • Windows Central gas just become the most horrible tech site for me. I am completely moving to mspu, tired of this s8 crap. How much were you guys paid to write these samcrap ads?
  • Hope that you are putting as many articles about the new Creators Update and how it works with Android on Android Central. Maybe at least wait until people can actually get hold of these devices before you start flogging the things we need to do with them? Most users won't remember most of this stuff by the time they get one and will even forget where they saw the article in the first place. and I agree with most of the others here... ENOUGH of he SAMSUNG CRAP!!! if we really wanted a Samsung device, most of us would have one.
  • In other words, give up on WM10
  • Thanx but I am happy with my windows phone so I will never replace it... If I do that will be only for surface phone.
  • Another day, another clickbait Samsung Galaxy article.
  • Groove music?
  • I love it, an article telling people to install Beam right above an article about Beam having issues. I haven't used Beam often but every time I do it's a mess.
  • I like Android but I would never buy a crappy Samsung phone ever again. S4 was garbage. GPS broken out of the box, screws missing, cheap flimsy plastic back, sim card sometimes never detected... The list goes on.
  • Someone please guide me to windows central, it seems I am in android central.
  • Perhaps the article authors wanted to declare a truce between Windows and Android fans =)
  • yup I'm out... i have been with the windows platform since the LG Quantum..... I am on my 4th lumia because all they do is break.. i have been waiting for the promise of a surface phone with no end in sight. to be honest im not loosing much going to an android set up for windows apps. there are very few functions exclusive to windows mobile that i cant get with this phone..... its sad... the HP is tempting but for 150 more I can get a phone that actual allows me to function and that I dont have to find a workaround for every hole in the OS and missing app in the store. Microsoft did the amazing thing with the surface pro. i love my surface 4 it is prof of what they can do but until they can make the dream a reality and do that to a phone. im out. to be fair I use EVERY Microsoft service available and as they are also available on this android i don't see what the big loss would be. just some minor Cortana functions and that's it.
  • also my current lumia just crashed 6 times tryin to type this comment... and took 4 trys and 15 min just to load the app again......
  • I get that you guys are angry and traumatized, but is it fair to take it out on WC? Blame Satya Nadella for the direction things are going in. Windows Central is getting dragged in a direction it doesn't like any more than you do. I don't read Android Central, so these WC articles are my main source of news on the progress of Nadella's exasperating assault on Windows phone. WC has to walk a perilous line between delusion and burying its head in the sand. I expect WC staff will notice all the complaints and scale back on Galaxy S8 articles, so why threaten to leave WC forever and downvote their app for spite?
  • Outlook is JUNK. With capital letters. Cortana is more regionally restricted than on WM. Groove isn't available in my region as well. Screw you MS.