What Windows users need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S8

Alongside Apple's iPhone, the yearly Galaxy S is the big phone of the year. Whichever platform you personally prefer, numbers don't lie, and the Galaxy S8 is bound to be another huge success.

This year, it's particularly interesting for Microsoft fans for a variety of reasons. For the consumer, Windows 10 Mobile is still a tough sell outside of the most committed fans, and so it's not unreasonable to expect a number of Windows users to be looking elsewhere.

If you fall into that category, here's what you need to know about the new Galaxy S8.

It's still preloaded with Microsoft apps

Samsung Galaxy S8

Just as several other recent phones and tablets from Samsung have been, the Galaxy S8 comes preloaded with a selection of Microsoft's applications. It's also likely that these can't be uninstalled, but then, why would you want to do that anyway?

Here's what you get on the regular Galaxy S8:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Skype
  • OneDrive

That 'regular' is important for a very good reason. There is another way for the Galaxy S8.

The Microsoft Edition

Samsung Galaxy S8

On a hardware level, this is exactly the same as the Samsung-sold Galaxy S8. The key differences are that Microsoft will be selling it through its own store and that it's supposedly going to make it "easier" to install and use Microsoft applications beyond the preloaded ones.

Samsung Galaxy S8 'Microsoft Edition' will be available in Microsoft Stores

It's not exactly difficult to install apps from the Google Play Store, but this version of the Galaxy S8 is expected to include this in the setup process in the retail store.

If you're a Microsoft fan and a heavy user of the company's services, this will potentially be the best version of the Galaxy S8 for you. However, it's also not that likely to be much different to the one Samsung sells.

DeX is like Continuum

Samsung DeX

Continuum allows you to connect certain Windows phones to a big screen for a PC-like experience, the same is now true of the Galaxy S8 with DeX. By dropping the phone into the dock, you'll be taken from the small screen to a full PC-like desktop.

Samsung DeX may beat Microsoft's Continuum, but it's still no slam dunk

It's unclear exactly how many apps will be supporting the feature, but importantly for Windows fans is that Microsoft is on board for launch with the Microsoft Office apps. So, with Office preloaded on the phone, DeX will give you a larger, more desktop-like experience to interact with the apps.

So, it's like Continuum, but running on an Android-powered phone. With support from Microsoft.

DeX is like Continuum for the Galaxy S8 and supported by Microsoft

Other Microsoft apps

Samsung Galaxy S8

It's completely possible to go full Microsoft on any Android phone, including the Galaxy S8. If there's something you use and enjoy on Windows, you'll find it over on Android as well.

It's not just about the Windows services, either, Microsoft even has both lock screen and launcher apps for Android, too. Google might be responsible for what's ultimately underneath, but you can easily have a full dose of Microsoft facing front.

Our pals at Android Central have done a grand job rounding up all the Microsoft apps you need to know about.

The best Microsoft apps for Android

The bottom line

Samsung Galaxy S8

Aside from Windows phones, the Galaxy S8 is looking like the best Microsoft phone that you'll be able to buy in 2017. Samsung and Microsoft have been partnering for some time now, but the Galaxy S8 takes it up a notch with both DeX and the Microsoft Edition of the phone.

Importantly, if you're reliant on Windows and Microsoft's apps and services, with the Galaxy S8 in your pocket, you'll be in good hands.

For more on the Galaxy S8 keep it locked to Android Central where you'll find absolutely everything you could possibly want to know.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

Richard Devine is a Managing Editor at Windows Central with over a decade of experience. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently, you'll find him steering the site's coverage of all manner of PC hardware and reviews. Find him on Mastodon at mstdn.social/@richdevine

  • I love the bait peppered throughout, like calling it a Microsoft phone. I'm getting my popcorn ready
  • Galaxy S8 with Windows 10 Mobile will be useable
  • That would be a nice phone for W10M lovers. The S8 is a good looking device
  • And finally something bigger than the 1520 at 6.2". Where's Rodney?
  • Agreed Microsoft should make windows 10 mobile just like they do their desktop OS, something you can install on any phone. I know they did the Mi experiment but why stop there? Make it so you can put on any android phone and market the crap out of it. Then you don't have to worry about getting oems to buy into the OS because the OS can go one anything. It's how they made their sucess with Windows for pc So take that methodology and apply it to mobile.
  • Do you really believe it's that simple? It would actually be easier to put Android on a windows phone.
  • Yea I do you have roms for android which are essentially the same thing. All it essential comes down to is is drivers and making windows 10 mobile have the ability install drivers for the hardware out there. It's software all you have to do is code it to make it work. Software development is only limited to someone's mind if there is a will they will figure out how to make it work. If they could come up with a base rom that pulls necessary drivers for the different hardware from Windows update like desktop windows does then yes its feasible. They already did it with desktop windows just do the same thing with mobile Windows its the same core So I don't see why it can't be possible.
  • Too bad W10M doesn't know about arbitrary resolutions, among other things.
  • The Surface phone has landed, just by another name.
    Until/if that vaporware ever does land, this right here is the future of Windows phones.
  • Wouldn't it have to have been announced and in perpetual design/development to be considered vapourware...?
  • Pre vapourware
  • It's just sad. I am sticking with my windows phone and will get an iPhone if needed while waiting for the elusive surface phone which may or may not come to fruition.
  • Same.
    Don't believe the Surface phone will ever eventuate tho, be like bringing a price of wet celery to a gun fight.
  • Better buy NoPhone Air https://youtu.be/F3ax_DLTCy4
  • And the point of the article is ?
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  • It was cool in 2016
  • But it is not Windows related.
  • But it is. It's not Windows, but its related to Windows through Microsoft. Note the keyword "related." It does not mean "is." It simply means that there's a relation. It has a Continuum like feature... ie, related. It has Microsoft support... ie, related. I mean, I can go on. I suggest looking up the word "related."
  • Sure, and Windows Mobile and Android are both mobile phone so they are related. The are both build in this world, so they are related. I found the word 'related' .... some 50 years ago.
  • Seriously? That's your argument? You think when the creator of one OS gives a good deal of support to a competing OS, its not related or worth mentioning?
  • This, right here, affects the Windows Mobie users in that it indicates the strategy the creator of WM has for its presence in teh mobile sphere. Android being "a mobile phone like WM" doesn't affect WM, unless everyone migrates to Android and threatens WM, then it becomes Windows related and worth mentioning.
  • Microsoft is marketing a companion phone to Windows desktop. They're supporting it as an option to buy for someone in the Windows ecosystem. If you still can't see why this is being covered, you're just shutting your eyes really tight. I don't think it threatens W10M's existence or should be read that MS is giving up, but it's still important to the Windows ecosystem.
  • and those tons of xbox posts are not windows releate but they pass just fine
  • XBox runs Windows.
  • Xbox One start running Windows 10 last year but the post didnt start appear last year
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  • Is this site called Microsoftcentral or windowscentral?
  • Microsoft is saying that this phone works in the Windows ecosystem. I view it as evidence that a surface phone is not coming out real soon, so they want folks to at least stay on MS services until they can release a phone consumers will buy. Plus it allows for desktop like experiences to mature in the consumer world.
  • Good thinking. Surface phone will see daylight late 2017 or in 2018.
  • Reaching...
  • I don't understand the point of this article
  • The point is: Windows Phone is dead. But that's not a problem. You can get all the things you had on it on Android on much better phones and with an OS that's alive and supported.
  • You are a liar and a troll. Recently MS recruited senior positons in their mobile division, creators update will be available on the 25th of this month.
    GS8 is for people like you who jump around not knowing what they want in life.
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  • The mobile devision is getting senior positions but they never stated it was for Windows Mobile itself. They could be developing features like this for Android just as easily with these new employees. I in no way, shape and/or form wish for this to happen or want it to be the case but the possibility is there. I still hold out hope for Windows Mobile and future development and will stay strong with my 950 then more than likely an HP phone here soon.
  • You have a funny way of explaining things, soon you will be saying creators update is for android.
  • He is right, Windows Mobile is dead UNTIL MS decides to do something about it. Despite barely having any apps, we're not only losing them as time passes but the ones on the platform are barely even being supported. While it's plausible that MS will be selling an Android device in their own store, do you also realize that the Galaxy (with Android) will be promoted and recommended more than any of the Windows Mobile devices in their own store? For starters it looks much more appealing than ANY WM device. It will be the only phone in the MS store that has all the apps consumers want. Its also the only device in their store that will be waterproof/dustproof. There isnt a single thing a WM device does that this cant do. My point is, even if MS personnel were to try to push their WM devices onto customers, it will be VERY HARD to do so with the Galaxy S8 in the same room. MS surely knows this as well and I while Im certain its main purpose is to demo their apps on other platforms, it's a very dangerous move for WM but a good one for MS. To me this looks like MS is flirting with their plan B ...a plan that has been discussed often on here since over a year...one which involved a Microsoft Android device and here it is! Who said MS doesnt listen to us?? 😂 All jokes aside; for Microsoft this is good but for WM fans (such as myself who still proudly wields a 950 as my primary phone), let's not lie to ourselves, this simply isnt good news but I hope im wrong as I truly love this OS.
  • Say that to HP...
  • Say what to HP? Surely I dont need to say anything, as it's already clear to them otherwise we would have seen more devices from them or atleast a bigger push ...but either way the X3 was made to focus om enterprise users not consumers. its been a year since the X3's release and over a year since it was announced ...do you hear of an updated version for 2017? No. The only good thing coming out of this for WM, is that IF users really start using the Microsoft services on Android (which they do for the popular ones), it could essentially sway people to Microsoft devices should they actually release the Surface Device/Phone ...but even then, the Surface device will appeal to a niche audience before becoming a popular device ..kind of like what happened with the original ones.
  • The only reason u keep getting updates is due to shared code base so everytime windows10 desktop is bumped up, mobile also gets an update without any noteworthy features or even the bugs are not resolved.
  • and you are delusional and and misguided if you think the "creators" update will bring back a single user nor will it make Windows phone, not dead.  Mobile division can also mean tablets, or just mobile apps for iOS and Android etc. Not phones. Windows phone is dead. Surface phone is Not real. The surface phone idea was created by Windows Central for more clicks.  no one at MS is working on a windows phone OS. there are those two guys the are being paid to work on it, but they just stand around the water cooler now since there's nothing to do. 
  • Why would they just now need senior positions to bring their services to other OS' when they've been doing it for years?
  • Why would they just now need senior positions in their mobile division to bring their services to other OS' when they've been doing it for years?
  • Might as well buy an iphone.  Ios has all the same Microsoft apps, and it wint lag like a Samsung phone.  Or buy a one plus 3t and do what this article says besides dex, but who is going to use that garbage anyway. Sammy software is always the worst 
  • Finally, someone who realized how terrible Samsung is.
  • Go back to Android Central DJ. We get it you use a Windows PC and an android, so keep yourself to the PC related articles. Don't come and troll here.
  • That wasn't the point of the article,, at all.
  • My over 3 year old 1520 alive and well and running W10M. Get regular MS app updates and various other apps I use are updated. Nothing so bad that I would ever go to lame boring android...
  • You are not helping Windows by keeping a three year old phone around, go buy a new one. Keep the 1520 but please go buy a new one.
  • I'd be happy to buy a Windows Phone newer than my Lumia Icon...just as soon as they offer such a thing on Verizon.
  • We're, potentially, looking at...at least...a two year wait before any new Windows phone is made compatible with Verizon Wireless.   Microsoft, HP and Alcatel refuse to spend the money for CDMA certification, so, the Lumia 735 is the only Windows phone still available for Verizon Wireless customers.   Once the 735 disappears from the website, that will be it until VZW has it's next generation network ready for traffic and the current CDMA network is closed off to new activations.   Verizon Wireless is pointing to 2019 as the target year. The questions remain...will Microsoft, HP and Alcatel still be producing devices that run on Windows OS by then, and, will there be many VZW customers left to purchase any new devices because potential buyers got sick and tired of being pushed off to the side while customers of at&t, T-Mobile and other GSM carriers got to purchase new hardware?
  • No way dude-still 100% supported. With carriers eliminating contracts won't be paying $500-600 for a new phone anytime soon..
  • lol. you were paying for the phone no matter How you bought it.  Math is hard. I get it. but you paid $700 for the Nokia 1520 I have Noticed that windows phone users are cheap as can be. Even if MS release a new phone once a year like samsung and apple, you guys wouldn't buy it "because my old one works just fine"  The users are 90% of the reason the platform failed. MS should have only supported their devices for 1 Major update (1 year) and then cut them off to force users to buy a new phone if they wanted new features. 
  • Well let's see math expert. The 1520 listed I believe for 589 when released. You're a little off there.
    Since the elimination of contracts and thus "subsidies" how come my bill did not go down if there's no subsidy payment built in anymore? Haven't seen a "subsidy credit" on my bill. Now if I want to get an expensive phone I'd have to add payments to my bill via ATT Next. As I wouldn't use cash or a credit card to pay for an expensive phone how has no contracts made it cheaper to get a high end phone? Yea, I get it, math not your strong suit.
  • It was initially over 700 euros here in Finland.
    I have a bunch of them and then some. (also Droids which I will not admit)
    My bro, Mom, cousin and a few others bought themsellves the Lumia 1520 and are still using them.
    (Older bro+wife got the smaller Lumia 930 both)
    All the Lumia 920 owners that I know bought the Lumia 1520.
    what phone should I buy this year?
    Hint: It will have a pen...explosive decision it is...
  • Regarding this, it's hard to make this assumption as the devices really haven't been released as of lately. Not sure if you are new to this game but back in the day, when Nokia was churning out Windows Phones, us Windows Phone supporters bought them like crazy! Lastly, your comment about Microsoft cutting off users is hilarious. Microsoft "cutting off users" is the EXACT reason we are where we are. Your comment shows that you are either misinformed or naive.
  • He's entirely right about Windows Mobile users being cheap and not updating. The Lumia 930 for example was a rightful update to the 920 and till this very day I actually prefer it to my 950 (except for the cam which is a great improvement) ...yet many 920 owners and even 820 owners wouldnt upgrade because they were looking for the stupidest reasons as their argument was it doesnt have glance screen so its not a worthy flagship upgrade ...i mean seriously wtf iPhone till this very day doesnt have some of the features 920/930 had and updates between new devices are even more minimal with apple. That 1520 user for example should have upgraded to 950 xl by now even 6 months ago he could have found it for great prices. Instead of complaining that Windows 10 doesnt run well on a device thats 3-5 years old, those users should be upgrading their devices not just to support the platform they "love," but so they can experience how much better these new devices run but alas, they choose to hold back and complain instead that the OS doesnt run well on their device instead of seeing how well it runs on newer devices (of which it was designed for). either way, too late for their support ..the ship has sunk ..unless Microsoft has a great plan to go with their Surface Phone.
  • Actually, no.  Many users were still under contract on the Lumia 920 when the Lumia 930 came out.  Not to mention, while the 930 is a beautifully designed phone, it had some of the highest rates of hardware failures of any Nokia phone - primarily microphones that rendered the phone borderline useless - this is the exact reason I have skipped the 930 to this day. Regarding your second argument.  The main problem with this is that WM10 still does not run well, still to this day, compared to 8.1.  So any owner of a higher-end 8.1 device who tries out even the newest WM10 devices gets pissed off.  For instance, my wife's 640 on 8.1 still runs better than my Lumia 950. You are picking out 2 specific models of phones that people should have purchased when most of us, in all honesty, were purchasing Windows Phones like crazy.  Just my immediate family has/had - two 920s, four 520s, one 1520, one 925, one 950, three 640s, etc. etc. You can't blame users for not purchasing a $500 phone on an annual basis to support new hardware for a company that hasn't supported the platform properly for years.  Every single one of us could have purchased twice as many phones and MS still would have pissed off even the most loyal of users and abandoned us. Also, there is no Surface Phone.  But, hey, go out and buy yourself another 100 Lumia 950's and maybe MS will get their crap together.
  • Every device comes out with some defective ones ...you didnt use the 930, you skipped it, I used it and still have it as well as the 950 and my 920 ..till this very day, I think to myself, if I could just move my 950 cam to my 930, it would be perfect because the 930 was a beauty in form and use. I never faced issues except for that green issue which got resolved. Im not saying W10m is perfect or butter smooth as 8.1 if anything, I tend to compare it to Android but my point is, those users with old devices who are complaining dont have 8.1 installed they have 10 and theyre complaining. If you want 10, upgrade your phone ..you want 8.1 fair enough stick to 920/930 but dont complain that it doesnt function properly or some features dont work. Im not picking on anyone and yes MS should have put the effort Nokia was putting into Windows and more but our userbase didnt exactly help either. The 930 was a shame for anyone to skip and if you dont care about having the 950 cam, I would recommend you to buy one now, so you can see my point ...it was a phone that anyone with a 820/920 should have upgraded to. No had their devices been selling well, MS obviously would be taking the Mobile more seriously but to them, the amount of users on Windows Mobile is sufficient to have us as beta users to help them build improve this platform (which us why it still probably exists and getting some support). lol I dont need to buy more 950s, i already have 2 + 930 and 920 and just recently got a galaxy which as a secondary phone which will soon be replaced with a Nokia device...as much as I love Windows Mobile im perfectly happy using another OS as well.  Love Windows but need certain apps that we dont have.    The only new device I see in you families list is the 950 so maybe the other ones should have been upgraded? You are one case ...if there are more ppl in a similar situation ..then that's a lot of ppl not upgrading and not supporting the platform ..simple as that. The large number of iPhone users and Galaxy users/othrr flagship users dont seem to have any issues upgrading and the numbers and efforts speak for themselves.      
  • Very true. I get app updates every other day and not just ones from Microsoft.
  • You don't like Android but it in no way is lame or boring. All windows phone's sure runs the same and looks the same. That could definitely be seen as boring.
  • Go buy an Android device, Windows on phone is dead for now!
  • Are you the one that killed it?
  • You noticed i said for now? Look i am fan of windows phone but hey let's be honest no Lumias or whatever else is available for buyers except HP and Alcatel phones...apps problem still there, even WC wants us to buy Galaxy S8, even Microsoft wants us to do so! Except fans no one give a s**t about Windows Phone
  • All of what you said is based on assumptions on what you think they want for you.
  • so what are your "assumptions"?
  • It's dead. This article proves it, Microsoft had moved on.
  • Say that to Alcatel...
  • 950 xl still going strong
  • Mine too!
  • Agree, my 950 is fine. Yes, it would be wonderful to get updated hardware and some nifty features to the OS but it works. For me it works very well to the point I don't see in switching for the near future. Even debating picking up the next version of an HP Elite X3.
  • Yes that is what we all need to do, buy a new Windows 10 mobile device
  • I guess since nobody thinks Microsoft is in the phone business anymore, it might be relevant to acknowledge that they're still very much involved as far as software goes. I don't think anyone really knows what "the next big thing" will be for us as fans of Windows Mobile. What, when, how and why haven't really been answered yet. Microsoft knows they can't compete with Android and its in the mobile hardware market. But they need Windows 10 accessible on mobile devices. So why not put preloaded Microsoft apps on the latest and greatest handsets available, and publicize it in Windows Media? Every day more of us turn to alternatives to "Windows Phones", either giving up completely, or adding something out of necessity. Having news like this on our forums helps us make intelligent decisions.
  • Well said
  • I know!!!!
    Richard Devine is an idiot!!!
  • Same thing I wanna know
  • Not getting one.. Its a beautiful piece of hardware...should be fantastic for anyone looking to make the jump... Very happy with my 950xl/IDOL4S
  • Also happy with my Idol 4S here in Australia :)
  • Cool. How does it perform in Oz, any issues to be aware of? And if you don't mind answering where did you buy from & how much?
  • yeah i will jump from X3 to this, never coming back
  • Finally, good bye
  • Oh, defectors like this always come back to the comments section to remind us that they left and to let us know how happy they are and how dumb everyone who didn't switch is. For some, it becomes their religion.
  • And fanboys like yourself always remind us how their "950XL runs just find" they "have had no issues at all" and W10M is still very much alive (this really IS their religion) despite bugs not getting fixed and the tiny selection of apps keep leaving in droves and the company focusing on apps for rival platforms to the point they actually co-release hardware with a rival OS. So what are you complaining about exactly?
  • People liking something you don't, doesn't make them a fanboy. The religion starts when you try to convert. I use what I want and never try to get anyone to follow along. The constant bashing of people who make a different choice than you, is really a zealotry, by definition. Why do you care that my L950 works fine for me?
  • Honest and intelligent answers are not allowed on forums.
    Turn immediately to a PMS like feverish rant and bash Droids and idiotPhones!
  • Goodbye .....
  • thx boys see you in 2y. when the WM platform dies. The Android community will welcome everybody, dont worry :)))
  • If wishes were horses
  • Then we'd have a real horse over population issue?
  • They don't seem to be too welcoming. They seem to come visit WindowsCentral with pitchforks trying to make me feel like a loser for using a Windows Phone.
  • your time has come. take care with your new choice.
  • Good riddance to bad trolls.
  • Auf wiedersehen!
  • Sheesh Pappale, are you still here? The ever-looming promise of you leaving just never seems to happen. Sell your phone and take your negative take on the world to Android.
  • After several failed products, I will NEVER buy a Samsung product ever again, quality control is poor.....but nice to see you are leaving regardless, don't let the door hit your a-ss on the way out
  • Yeah, gee I thought that guy would never leave. Ok now we can talk.
  • Samsung abandoned the Ativ series too soon. Not the worst Windows phones that we have seen so far !
  • Meh ....... boring phone.
  • And expensive. I give it a "Hell naw!"
  • Windows Mobile hardware ain't exactly known for setting the world ablaze, either.....
  • If you find this boring, then I'm interested to know what phone you don't find boring.
  • The one I own .... Lumia 950. Love it.
  • Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
  • What's so funny?
  • And how is it not boring compared to this?
  • He will say live tiles :P
  • I own a Lumia 950 as well and I love it ...but compared to this, it IS boring and looks ancient. This runs laps around our 950's in every department.
  • The only Android phone I would consider switching to is the Mi Mix. Large screen, with a good aspect ratio and very little wasted space. The S8 is way to tall compared to it's width for my taste. Problem is Xiaomi doesn't sell it's phones in my country, so shelling out that much cash for no warranty is a no go for me.
  • Same
  • I wish it would be a Windows 10 mobile or a Windows edition too.
  • "What Windows users need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S8": It doesn't come with Windows 10 Mobile. End of story.
  • You are so right.
  • Yes. Android/Google are disgusting.
  • Indeed, I will stick with my 950 xl for a while and if the Surface mobile device takes too long I will just get the new elite x3. Android is disgusting and apple boring as hell
  • Lol, and Microsoft is a saint's organization. Yes, the justice department had to step in on them a couple times but that doesn't matter.
  • On the money!
  • Well spoken!
  • No Live Tiles
    No integrated Cortana
    No UWP apps
    Not a complete Windows user experience.
  • Fully Interactive Live Tiles
    Choice to set any default assistant
    Full app store with responsive apps
    Missing nothing from Windows Ecosystem Everything you listed is better on Android.
  • But not everything, if anything, I listed is on Android. Therefore it's not Windows.
  • Yeah except for Android.
  • Fully interactive live tiles? Do you mean does ridiculous widgets that not only look terrible but also suck the battery dry? He said universal apps, not just boring phone apps...
  • Widgets don't affect battery life anymore. Android and all the hardware has become much more efficient. If Live Tiles were actually useful, there is nothing stopping Android developer from creating the exact same thing for their apps. Boring phone apps? Windows doesn't even have phone apps and the few it does have are terrible. They look and function like an Android app from 2011. Android apps also run on TVs, smart watches, tablets and now desktops. Not only are they more universal than UWP, they actually exist.
  • Those are advantages!
  • sadly i can make a better windows experience WITH live tiles on my lg v20 but most here dont know that.
  • I'm actually very interested to see these live tiles. Could you provide a link to the app that does this or how to enable it? How do they stack up to Windows Mobile live tiles? I would really appreciate a response, I haven't touched Android for a very long time mostly due to the fact that tiles make sense to me. If Android has a way to make this work as well then that may be a viable option.
  • Most apps have a "Live Tile" you can place on the home screen and resize. Android calls them widgets and they are fully featured unlike Microsoft's implementation. They are fully interactive and chaseable. Live Tiles are antiquated in comparison.
  • There is a launcher called Squarehome 2 that uses a live tiles interface. It is one of many launchers that offer a live tile experience, but it is the best one I've used. I switch launchers periodically and it is in my rotation.
  • Its a half baked skin, nothing like win10m
  • Windows Mobile is a half baked mobile platform. It is years behind.
  • Another try for Android/Samsung market. That's clear. But nothing for the Windows 10 OS fans. Just a few default apps. That's all.
  • Exactly! If this thing points me to the Goolge Play store, uses Google instead of Bing, and DeX instead of Cortana, it's not a Windows phone.
  • Dex is not an AI Assistant, Bixby is.
  • You meant instead of Continuum
  • So to put matters in correct perspective, you won't use a great service as long as as it's not Microsoft's? Damn fanboys 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Agreed
  • They should've released a Windows10M version, instead of this. Not just because it has 3 Microsoft apps, mean someone would get interested about this phone. I'll pass.
  • If you think no one is interested in the GS8, especially speaking from the perspective of a W10M fan, you're being willfully ignorant.
  • Well, everyone who is interested in the S8 should go to Android Central.....
  • I get it. You like Windows 10 Mobile. I do to. That's why I'm using the x3. However, this is no longer Windows Phone Central. Its Windows Central. There are plenty of people who use Windows 10 but have an Android phone. You won't make many friends by alienating everybody. I love W10M more than Android, but I know that if someone asks me for a recommendation, that there's a good chance I can't recommend W10M to them. A large portion of the consumer population will *not* like W10M. It's just not ready yet. I personally think it will get there and will become successful. There's plenty of ammunition for the other side of the argument as well. So, lets all just get along. Windows 10 Mobile can't succeed if Microsoft doesn't succeed. So, until it can get its vision together and working, it needs to stay relevant in the current digital world. That means Android and iOS.
  • @pjhenry1216, you have spoken well
  • i know right...some of us own all 3 platforms and so do most of the writers here how about everyone else leaves so we can have an intelligent conversation.
  • Surely we are speaking from W10M fan perspective, or what perspective should we speak from? We love windows phone, is that not simple enough to understand?
  • Why release a phone that only 0.3% of the market would be interested in?
  • Samsung what to a make profit not go downhill
  • W10M isn't compatible with this hardware. Samsung couldn't do that even if they wanted to.
  • What's not compatible ?
  • I am sure the processor and display resolution isn't compatible with Windows 10 Mobile and there is likely sensors and other hardware that isn't supported. Windows Mobile is very limiting in hardware choice.
  • I think Microsoft needs to revisit and do a hard push into giving people Windows 10 Mobile Rom to push onto Android phones. Let people put Windows on whatever device they want.
  • That sounds much better than some Microsoft apps on Android ...... junk.
  • What makes you think they haven't? I wouldn't be surprised if that's basically a standing offer the no one is accepting.
  • i love w10m, but anyone who refuses to acknowledge that its not ready for mainstream is keeping their eyes closed. i believe it will succeed, but i do not believe it can succeed in its current form.
  • I remember reading on Windows Central that Samsung filled a patent to be able to load both operating systems (don't remember if they would load at the same time). So it could happen.
  • Its not that easy. Drivers for each component have to be developed, tested.
  • Honestly I wanted the opposite to happen. I mean how cool would Android 7 be on my Lumia 1520. The camera, the split screen functionality. I would love that phone even more.
  • I've been thinking that too. Not that I would buy a Samsung.
  • Is the Bixby button is for Cortana in the Microsoft version?
  • No, Cortana. LOL
  • Dex! Why would microsoft want to improve its competitor with a feature that was before s8, exclusive!. Well we got it. Microsoft is giving up on us while we are holding tight to a hope that better things will come. Hopefully it comes soon because the rest are catching up!
  • DeX will instantly be available to millions of users, because the Samsung Galaxy S devices always sell in huge numbers. Microsoft knows this. Making their apps available on DeX cannot hurt them. Now, whether or not S8 owners actually use DeX remains to be seen!
  • Motorala had it before Microsoft the problem is that on phone with 512MB ram and Dual Core CPU couldnt do **** to hold it
  • Since Windows Mobile didn't catch like they were hoping then this gives people outside of Windows Mobile an ability to try desktop via docked phones. If they can sell that on Android then turn around and say "Hey, it's a ton better over here because we are a desktop company" that may help sell a Windows on Arm with full desktop to consumers ontop of enterprise. It's a complex move that could backfire easily, just like in chess. Yet it is one that is needed at this point to set themselves up in the future.
  • Check this launcher out. It's awesome for Windows Mobile 10 fans! I will install this when I receive my S8: https://www.windowscentral.com/e?link=https2F2F...  
  • This looks very interesting. If (more like "when") I move to Android, I'll definitely give it a try.
  • Can't we install Microsoft apps on regular S8? So what's so special about this edition?
  • It's and Android phone with pre loaded Microsoft apps, which you can download on any Android phone.
  • LOL. Microsoft must be 'excited' about it. They are always 'excited' about everything what they do but nobody gives a ......
  • This article written about Android to a bunch of Windows Mobile enthusiasts reads like it was written to prepare them for life without Windows Phones. This is essentially confirmation that Microsoft is leaving the mobile game. MS is obviously not going to release anything new anytime soon and sell it against the S8 in their own store. Once the remaining Windows Phone users swap out their aging Lumias and jump to Android, most of them are never coming back. Even if a Surface Phone does magically appear. Which isn't going to hapoen. If history has taught us anything, it's that the final breath for your mobile platform comes once you throw in the towel and embrace Android. Amazon, Blackberry, Ubuntu.......and now Windows 10 Mobile.
  • You do know that this is a Windows site, not just a Windows Mobile site? You're reading too much into it.
  • Is he?
    Microsoft abandons all phone production and starts selling Android phones from their own shops. If they were planning a come back there's no way this would transpire.
    I'm a big fan but the message sounds loud and clear to me....
    Very reminiscent of Toshiba selling blu ray players after the format war, this was the phone war, lost and gone. They are focusing on software on all phones now and are ignoring hardware, that's always been their strength anyway.
    It's all over, WOA won't be the saviour.
    Sadly, time we all moved on, just like I begrudgingly did with HD DVD
  • Exactly this. If selling phones with a rival company's OS isn't a sign that Windows Phone is dead, then I dont know what it's going to take to convince these dummies.
  • As long as they keep releasing updates to WM10 there is a glimmer of hope. I certainly can't blame anyone for ditching WM, but for me the iPhone is so lame and Google such bastards that I really have nowhere else to go.
  • @aj173, Is that you watch too cartoons or that you read too much fake news.
    Where did you get such nonsense from?
    MS is diversifying their products. Hey, remember MS is first a software company then a hardware.
  • Where did I get such nonsense from? Gee, I don't know. Maybe from the fact that they're selling phones with a rival company's OS on them. What, are they going to make Windows Phone great again by supporting Android better than they support their own platform? 
  • did Amazon ever not run Android on their mobile platforms? and I believe Ubuntu has actually *dropped* Android support, no? So... the only one left in the list is Blackberry and you can't extrapolate a line from a single point of data.
  • All of the manufacturers of Ubuntu phones have switched to Android. There was Ubuntu. And then there was some experimentation with a sort of Ubuntu-ish Android variant. And then there was just Android. Ubuntu on phones is dead except for a few people still running it on outdated hardware. Which is almost where Windows 10 Mobile is. And Amazon DID run Android from the start. Which is why they never even got off the ground. At least Windows Phone had some initial success, and there was at least some buzz among enthusiasts around Ubuntu. Amazon didn't even have that.  
  • Well, that's different than what you said. You said Ubuntu switched to Android. They didn't. Theyr'e still Ubuntu: https://www.ubuntu.com/mobile. In fact, they're closer to Microsoft's vision than anyone: one OS on all device types. With their desktop marketshare, I'm not surprised by their mobile marketshare. But in any case, your comment was talking about when someone switches to their competitor. Ubuntu didn't switch. Manufacturers were dropping them in favor of Android. That's an entirely different situation. Moreover, its been rumored for awhile that 2018 may be the *earliest* we'd see a Windows phone from Microsoft. It's quite possible that it'll be releasing with RS4. RS3 will probably be preparing for it and using the current W10M users as guinea pigs. At that point, they may switch to Windows on ARM. This may sound cold, but they don't *care* if W10M users don't come back. There are so few of us that if they ever release a successful OS, it wouldn't matter. Their only hope is an OS that will win back Android and iOS users. They don't need to fight to keep us. However, what they do not want is people getting caught up in Google's services because they know that that will be something that's difficult to break. If you go to Android which so many people are, they want to funnel people willing to switch Google services for Microsoft services. If they get with one of the most popular phones, they'll be able to hold on to those people in a way. Then, once they have an OS that's ready, it'd be a lot easier for those people to switch as opposed to dropping an entire ecosystem. People with a GS8 will be like, "huh, i'll still have DeX like capabilities, I'll still have all my services." and hopefully there'll be something to address the app gap or at least minimize it by that point. Windows 10 Mobile users are not important to Microsoft beyond being beta testers. Aside from that, we're such a small group, that we don't really affect their bottom line. If they lose all of us, it won't change their future plans. Their success depends on switching people from Android or iOS, it doesn't depend on keeping us around. We have to stop assuming our decision to stick around is integral to Microsoft's mobile future.
  • Looks very boring very plain designed
  • I agree. iOS is a boring OS, Samsung makes boring phones. They all look the same ...... boring.
  • i find Android boring, but i'll admit that their hardware is nice. its not for me though. i want a bezel, otherwise i'm getting fingerprints all over that infinity screen's edges. you may not like a design, but you can't deny that they put an effort into it. its not just slapped together and its not just utilitarian. i can easily see why other people would like it.
  • Yes, I dislike the design and I find Android very boring, s8 with Windows 10 mobile the live Tiles would have keep the phone alive lol 😁 just saying haha 😆
  • Yeah I won't be touching Android, even if you pay me.
    Apple perhaps if W10M is killed.
  • Same
  • W10m cannot be killed, only suspended. And it can be revived instantly!
  • I would touch this if Google was completely stripped from it. I'd even rather download my Apps from Amazon's service than Google's
  • Easy to do for someone who cares that much. Maybe not with this phone yet​ as Samsung has some solid security, but there are plenty of phones you could do this with. I would recommend finding a popular phone supported by Lineage OS. No Google unless you go out of your way to install GApps.
  • Samsung keeps delevoping tizen...soon they will leave google and use ms for production apps and their own store for andriod apps. Alot of the public sees samsung as andriod not google..it would be easy for them to jump ship soon.
  • That is PRECISELY what I am hoping for...
  • While i do agree and thought of that as well, thats kind of what MS and Nokia were thinking when they decided to hit th3 deal they did.  MS was betting on the Nokia brand to bring users to their platform which in turn would build developers interest ...and for Nokia their benefit would have been the leading OEM on WP/WM should the platform have taken off. The advantage though with moving users from android to Tizen is that it practically looks and feels the same and generally speaking, most consumers seem to think every phone practically runs on same OS just looks different according to the brand, so Tizen is a familiar interface. Had Nokia used Android for their smartphones back in the day, the transition would have been just as successful as Samsungs if not more, because Androids interface (im not even considering the app difference here) pretty much looked like a touchscreen version of Symbian but Windows tile interface on the otherhand was too far of a stretch that most Nokia users went to Android devices because it was more familiar.
  • Android definitely wasn't a slam dunk for Nokia, but then they would at least had a chance. Using Windows Phone exclusively meant certain failure for them. It was like boxing Mike Tyson with your hands tied behind your back.
  • Ones you switch to Apple they got your skin and money ;) With Android phones you can at least choose how much you spend without feeling robbed.
  • Funny these flag ship still people out there do comparison with Lumia 950xl and Lumia still holding the candle for the best Camera i have s7 but still prefer using my Lumia to take pictures, and s8 Camera is the same as s7.. By the way why are we still discussing Android phones on pretty sure this is Windows central not Android central #Boring
  • Agree
  • Because this is Windows Central and there are plenty of people with Windows PCs and Android phones? So an Android Phone that's supported by Microsoft is worthy of news coverage.
  • On the contrary the s8 has a newer sensor imx 333 compared to the s7's imx 260.
  • Still doesn't make me wants buy it.
  • I think even this website said the S7 camera is better than the 950.
  • I'm pretty underwhelmed by Android. I was considering moving because there's nothing to buy to replace my 950 on W10M, but Android OEMs kinda screwed up. I don't know why, but I'm just not a fan of Samsung phones. They always feel incredibly safe, predictable, and boring. The GS8 is no excpetion. I was intrigued by LG because even though the G5 failed, it was trying new things that seemed interesting and cool. Then they revealed the G6, and it's just another safe, boring phone that pretty much can be described as a "GS8 Lite," from the physical design to the internal components. LG was the OEM I had the most interest in, sad they didn't keep working with innovative phone ideas. If it weren't so highly priced (close to the more powerful GS8), I would still consider it, but not at $700+. Huwaei probably released the phone I liked the most, but it's not to be sold in the U.S. That sucks. HTC's just off in a corner playing with paint or something. Blackberry made something that stood out, but isn't for me personally, and its guts are pretty weak (at least the price it to reflect this). A pretty bland showing of hardware by Android OEMs has me unsure what I'll get for my next phone. I'd like to have something to tide me other to Surface, rather than sticking with the disappointing 950 for another year. None of what I see from Android is worth the $700 price tag at the top-end. Rather than high prices and giving me add-ons I don't want like a VR headset (GS8), I'd rather see the base prices reined it a little. Around $600, I'd probably pick up a G6.
  • depending on your feelings about the camera, the Elite x3 or Idol 4S are your only real options to replace a 950. Even then, its only incremental improvements. I enjoy my x3 but the camera is *noticeably* sub-par to that of my previous 950XL.
  • That's the problem, yeah. I don't do a lot on my phone, so it's the core stuff that matters most. A fantastic camera isn't a requirement, but a bad camera is a big negative. In fact, I care more about losing a camera button than any app I can't access on the platform. Both phones are definitely not big enough upgrades (if at all) from the 950 to warrant their high-dollar investments.
  • The build quality is pretty fantastic on the HP and Alcatel.
  • The Idol 4S does not have a bad camera. It just requires taking the time to use manual settings. And the Idol 4s does have a camera button.
  • The EliteX3, to tide you over, perhaps? The price is lowering. MS Store had the dock bundle at a good sale price not too long ago.
  • It's definitely not worth the price of admission. I'd want to either get something legitimately cheap or carrier-subsidized, if it's a short-term buy. That, and the Elite isn't much of an ugprade and HP will never get my business again after the last time I had to talk to their support team.
  • Possibly a new version of HP EliteX3 during the summer with SD 835?
    Would you consider?
    Why not?
    Waiting for the Surface device?
  • Almost certainly not. I got an HP laptop years ago. It had an issue with the motherboard (the common laptop problem of charging issues). HP's customer support flat-out lied and claimed liquid damage and refused to fix the $800 laptop unless I paid $750 to replace ever component inside. Because of this, I will never buy from HP again. Even if I got past that, $700+ upfront isn't something I want to do with a phone. Through plans like AT&T Next, you can upgrade after 60% of the phone is paid off by trading it in (example: can trade in my $600 950 after $360 is paid off and get a new phone). The pricing of high-end phones has finally gotten to a place I find unreasonable for my uses. I'm not attached enough to my phone. There's also the problem of trusting Microsoft. They've delayed and disappointed me way too many times to toss out that kind of money on the assuming it will have any long-term support. We've heard several times this OS is likely to be replaced, and we know nothing of whether W10M devices would get upgraded to W10A or whatever they went with. We don't know when the platform will make any significant progress, if it's kept, thanks to the absurd Mobile delays from both RS1 last summer and RS2 this spring. I can't convince myself to trust MS, not at those prices.
  • ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • The S8 is a good looking device and the specs aren't too shabby. That being said, I'll stick to my 950XL for as long as it lasts. I don't buy a new phone every year, or even 2. My last phone before this one was my 920. I'm just going to ride this out and see what happens. I don't have to make a choice for at least another year or two.
  • honestly, the only thing that might make me switch is the network. I'm on T-Mobile. it's not the best where i work. i don't even get signal in my office without an amplifier. Even then, sometimes i only get 3G. I'm trying my best, but i can't put up with this indefinitely. i *might* consider AT&T so i can keep my phone, but i just don't know. if i did switch to Verizon, something like the S8 will have to tide me over til Microsoft is ready to battle in the arena again.
  • You and everyone like you are the reason W10M is doing poorly. Go buy a new Windows 10 mobile device. Everyone else buys new phones about every two years, but Windows Mobile users seem like they keep using very old phones, that doesn't help MS or any OEM building Windows 10 mobile devices.
  • ...i also tend to keep my automobiles until the wheels fall off of them. I pay $700 for an electronic device and I expect years of service from them. But hey, if me buying a new phone every time a new style or color comes out is so important to you please PM me your credit card number and I'll buy every new device that hits the market regardless of how well my current device is working. I buy quality not quantity.
  • I buy several phones a year - all various sizes - testing some software...I need a 64 bit WinOS (Mobile)
  • that's absolutely not the case. the reason people aren't buying new phones is because they're not coming out. plus, they're not really trying to sell them. they're not pushing W10M right now anywhere except enterprise. main reason is its not ready for the masses. there are those of us who think its the best, but to the majority of consumer smartphone users, W10M isn't ready. W10M isn't doing poorly. Doing poorly means you're trying and failing. Its simply not trying right now. Alcatel thought they could make some money. Good for them. HP targeted enterprise, so hope that works out for them. Microsoft suspended phone production.
  • Stop windows for mobile because is shiiit apps missing like messenger not work call video!! I have lumia 925 soon will drop garbage then buy new Nokia 8 or 9 with Android or Xiaomi
  • Good luck man, it's Microsoft fault though. Just hanging on cos I still believe.
  • And who cares?
  • messenger is missing? no, its not. its on there and it works fairly well (unless you're referring to some other messenger and not facebook messenger). i can also use skype preview to make video calls and that works. i mean, i know there are issues, but at least complain about real ones.
  • Beat it, then!
  • First, what qualifies as an attractive phone is purely subjective.  That thing looks like pretty much all other Android phones with a little iPhone mixed in. NEITHER of which I find attractive in the least. My gauge? The Lumia 900/920/1020.  As I said, it's purely subjective.  Second, it's Android. No amount of Microsoft 'touches' would entice me to throw my money away on this.
  • I'm with you
  • My 1520 has started showing It's age.I need a new WM.Stupid MS release a surface phone soon.
  • Those wanting new wm,,get hp x3 elite...tough unit...i love my x3
  • Yep, the X3 is a very sweet device.
  • unless you really care about the camera. then i suggest the 950XL or maybe the Idol4S? I haven't used the Idol4S so i can't say if its good or bad. But as a user of both the XL and x3, I can definitively say there's a world of difference in the camera and the XL blows the x3 out of the water. I'm no photographer, so i didn't mind the downgrade, but again, not being a photographer, i can still easily see the difference.
  • No matter how pretty and sexy any phone running Android is, if it's not Windows Phone then nothing else. But I must admit Samsung have done a great job with the S8, I wish there's a version for Windows.
  • Yea. Why don't Microsoft reflash it with Windows 10 Mobile and offer both in the Microsoft Stores.
  • Kindly write something about windows 10 mobile.
  • Yeah we want more about Windows mobile than android
  • I'm not gonig to get this or any other S8 variant, but I'm curious about three things:   1) What carrier are these sold on? 2) Are these on the same software track as "regular" S8's? 3) How easy would it be to get rid of Microsoft's bloat?
  • 1) What carrier are these sold on? As far as I know, which versions Microsoft will carry in their stores has not yet been disclosed. It will of course be available on all major US carriers, as well as a US unlocked version that will work on all US carriers. There will also be an International version. The US unlocked model is set to release about a month after general availability. Microsoft's reported availability date lines up with the initial release, from which we can assume that they will stock the US carrier versions and/or the International model. 2) Are these on the same software track as "regular" S8's? They are regular S8's, so probably yes. 3) How easy would it be to get rid of Microsoft's bloat? Delete it. ;-) From what we know at the moment, the only difference between buying the S8 from Microsoft or buying it somewhere else is that Microsoft will install their apps for you. The device itself is no different.
  • 1) According to the Samsung website, you can click on "Pre-Order" and it gives a list of the following: AT&T, Verizon, Team Mobile and Sprint. (Searching is your friend) 3) Easier than getting rid of the Android bloat. $720 USD out the door. Personally, I don't think I will pay more than $300 for a phone again.
  • Microsoft will definitely have a vested interest in this phone's success, to a degree. Largely because it gets the idea in consumer minds that mobile devices can be used for more. This starts to shine the spotlight on DeX and Continuum capabilities. I think Microsoft might use this to come out guns blazing later on. Nobody knows that Microsoft created Continuum or that Windows mobile devices even exist. Samsung can have that credit with their own version. Later, Microsoft can come out saying they've done it better with full Windows on ARM that runs desktop applications and Continuum. They'll still (technically) be the ones to invent it, even though consumers will likely think it was Samsung, but they'll have implemented it better. Similarly to how Apple tends to hold off on innovation until they get it to be better than their competitors. Maybe it'll launch Microsoft's mobile efforts into the public eye.
  • Keep dreaming. LOL
  • that's a pretty interesting concept. make the idea of continuum-like capabilities mainstream and then deliver an experience like no other. Get people hooked and then use that hook to move them over to W10 when its ready. tablets existed before the ipad, but until the ipad, no one developed tablet-focused apps. DeX will help continuum-like experience go mainstream and people will come up with cool ways to take advantage of it. This will strength continuum in the long run and give it more usage scenarios that no one has thought of yet. i think you're on to something.
  • It's called crack
  • Great idea. Get people hooked on DeX so developers start supporting it, then years later release your version with no apps or users. Solid strategy.
  • We still don't know everything about DeX (as far as I'm aware). And it's also pretty expensive. I don't think most people are going to fork out the extra money to have a phone perform a little bit closer to a laptop. Windows still has things going for it, even if it's not necessarily on the mobile side.
    Time will tell; I'm just speculating.
    But in the meantime, keep the salt to a minimum, okay?
  • Actually he has a point. I still have my 920 + 950 Lumia devices but our app situation is bleak. Actually got to me enough I picked up a used HTC One M8s (which is now my main phone). If Microsoft can get all the apps on utilising Continuum then they may have a chance but nowadays apps are king for the general public. There's outliers that don't care about apps sure but they're very much the minority. We need the apps to stand a chance and we need to allow people a risk free way to use Windows Phone (that is to say they're not out of pocket from it) for it to stand a chance. People don't want to have to rebuy all their apps. Their investment is too deep.
  • Yes, apps are necessary. But the proper apps are what matter, not just numbers. Apps don't have nearly the hold as it appears nowadays. Smartphone users use 6-10 apps per week on average. That's not a lot, especially when you consider that a few of those apps are probably games, games that are possibly even the same kind as one another (my mom has like 3-4 versions of Candy Crush-esque, match 3 games). Apps have lost their popularity because people have found what they need, and anything else that could be great is buried beneath the mountain of crapware. 65.6% of users download 0 apps/month, 8.4% download 1, and 8.9% download 2... the percentages get smaller from there. The point is, apps in number aren't the deal-breakers, the apps being used consistently are. Microsoft could focus on banks and big name shopping stores. We already have a number of games that are similar to each other and free. In 2016, the top 1% of app publishers brought in 94% of App Store revenue. The retention rate for new apps after 30 days is <10% and gets even smaller as time goes on. Clearly it's not new stuff people need/want, but the same stuff. Also, to be frank, mobile sites have come a long way and typically aren't half bad anymore, and can fill in app gaps. Or, people can use Continuum to popup a full web browser (Edge) and surf the full website without relying on the app. In a way, Edge in Continuum addressed some of the gap on its own to an extent. With that said nobody really knows any of this stuff exists (W10M, Continuum, etc.), so it doesn't matter as much until they're aware. DeX can be used to launch Microsoft into the public eye mobile-wise, if done correctly. Honestly, though, I don't think regular consumers are going to be quick to come out of their comfort zones with Android and iOS. It just seems to be the nature of non-tech-savvy users. If they find out how to work something, they stick with it until they get super frustrated with it. I think the primary users of this stuff are going to be enterprise. Once the "phone as a PC" idea is normalized, Microsoft can capitalize on that and come out with W10 on ARM. Again, I'm just spitballing here. I don't think regular consumers will be Microsoft's target, at least initially (hasn't worked too well before). But it doesn't mean some can't be persuaded. Microsoft has a great app framework, just no userbase on mobile. They either need to incentivize/subsidize, or focus on growing elsewhere (enterprise) and using that as a springboard into the consumer market.
  • your last point isn't entirely true. you get people switching from android to iOS and vice versa. people are willing to switch. not everyone spends that much money on apps or its over a long enough period of time and was a low enough investment that they don't care that much. the big hook is the services. if you have all your data in google drive and all your documents are google docs, you're less likely to switch services. if you're heavy into those services on apple or google, you're going to have huge headaches switching to windows phone as neither of those services are strong on w10m. however, if you get them to switch services without them having to worry about the environment so they can do it at their own pace, such as selling them an android phone and touting the MS services on there, down the road, they may be willing to switch to a windows phone if they've made the transition to MS services by then.
  • I agree that services are a bit part, at least for the people invested in their ecosystem. I see a lot of people who have a scattered personal ecosystem, though. I rarely see anybody really that is completely embedded in one. When it comes to people only switching when things get obnoxious, that's just from my experiences. My mom switched from Windows because of apps, even though the apps she wanted she never uses (literally). She was dead set against iPhones, but now that she has her Android, along with the issues it's giving her software-wise, she's starting to be more receptive to options (including coming back to Windows, haha). Again, maybe that's just my experience with it, but I personally notice more people switch out of frustration. Then again, when Microsoft actually marketed Lumias, and market share was around 5%ish, people seemed to be interested. But that was at a time when I could tell them great things about Windows on a phone, whereas now, I have to give a disclaimer for stuff. ):
  • What don't we know about it? It is straight forward and the functionality is built into Android through Free Form. It will be easy for any manufacturer to add a DeX feature to their devices.
  • Well, for one, I don't think we know how quickly apps are going to adopt this or how well apps will work with it. Sure, they can add the feature, but does mean it's optimal, or does it just mean it's capable? If it's optimal, then Microsoft has a slightly bigger problem. If it's a one-click capability thing, then the apps could run like crap or just look like they're projected instead of adapting. Anyway, I don't think enterprise or anything will be swayed by it too much, partially because of Android's security reputation. Consumers may find it interesting, but again, it's still expensive and only so useful.
  • O.0
  • We the windows 10 mobile users refuse any OS that is not Windows.
    By simply preinstalling a few Microsoft apps doesn't make it Windows.
    There is something about Windows Phone! It is Windows Phone.
  • So true. Many of us don't care about Microsoft apps. OS and UI is more important. We love Windows 10 on both PC and Mobile and Xbox...
  • Maybe next time this site will post about 'apple running windows' as titled. But when we look inside it's all about microsoft apps preinstalled LOL
  • Funny enough the only company that will change the whole idea of phone will be Microsoft, all others will follow. SGS8 is another refined peice of metal with upgraded specs, no real innovations to inspire the crowd. Keeping an eye on iPhone if they will still stick with same old design, if they do then they too have lost touch of innovations completely and will just rely on Microsoft to come up with an idea that will change the way people think and use their mobile phones.
  • It's a sad day when you get better Microsoft integration on Android than you do on W10M.
  • As an Android and Windows 10 Mobile user (and iOS, Symbian..), installing apps on Android is not better for me than the Microsoft Account integration on Windows 10 Mobile, in my opinion from my daily usage of both OSes. The Microsoft experience is tacked on at best on Android as it is a Google driven OS. Microsoft integration of the Microsoft Account in Windows 10 Mobile is far better than just downloading Microsoft apps on Android and signing in. The Microsoft experience is fragmented on Android, always needing to sign in, missing key Microsoft apps that everyone could use such as Photos, Movies and TV, Edge/favorites/bookmarks/password syncing and all of the other benefits that the Microsoft Account provides. The grass may look greener on the other side and writers may try to paint a prettier picture but once you get there, you find that it is not grass at all, it is artificial turf and it looks green all year round but has many issues if you were expecting real grass. I'd rather have my real grass (Windows 10 Mobile/Windows 10 ecosystem), that smells real and feels real yet may turn brown and die and then grow again than artificial turf that looks great but doesn't completely satisfy my need for real grass. Please don't confuse installing or preinstalled Microsoft apps as Microsoft Integration. Android has Google integration and Samsung is applying Samsung Integration on top (Samsung Pay, Samsung Pass and other OS hooks). The only true Microsoft integration is in Windows, everything else is just an add on to an OS. Example, using Cortana on Android and iOS is not as intuitive or a seamless experience because they are not integrated into the OS, same thing for Outlook/Mail on iOS and Android, bolted on apps instead of OS integration. The experience is inferior to having the services integrated into the OS. The individual apps on Android may see many updates but it is not a unified experience like with Windows.
  • @Deaconclgi, I can't explain it better than you've done.
    Very well said!
  • does anything say this is better than w10m?
  • If WINDOWS central is recommending Windows fan to move to Android, it can only mean one thing; they are giving up and the rumoured Surface phone (and/or non-surface phone, rumoured for Q3 2017) will only stay forever rumours!!! Surely Windows Central must have received confirmation that the Surface Phone won't happen since they are recommending the move to Android??? ;-) Will "windows central" be merged with android central?, Dan and Zac out of jobs? ;-)  Or maybe will become "Windows Apps Central", covering Android and iOS?  Surely Windows Central must have received confirmation that the Surface Phone won't happen since they are recommending the move to Android???   On a more serious note, I have an Android tablet and struggle with the Android OS, (messy file system, the overall interface, etc.). To me, the Win10 Mobile start screen with tiles, app list, settings, Cortana integration,  and overall clean experience of is still the best user experience there is (and yes I have the Microsoft launcher and apps on the Android device). There are many things I would be missing if I moved to android (not the apps of course) + the security concernS (my DPI router keep blocking dodgy packets targeted to the Android tablet)! I will stick with my still going strong 950XL and hope for a Win10 phone in 2018!  (full Win10 Cshell on ARM would be nice... let's keep dreaming for now!). £650 for the S8 is too much for now... I will keep saving for next year!
  • It's not like there are other Windows device like PC's, laptops, Xbox and Hololens...
  • Indeed, I know. The first part of my comment was ironic ! I do know that Windows Central also publish a lot of Xbox Games reviews, Project Scorpio news, Hardware and Software reviews (Best desktop, Best Laptop, Best printer, Best router, Best NAS, Best mouse, Best screen, Best Antivirus, Best Backup service, etc)...  Not much is happening on Hololens, but I hope for the best once the cheaper VR headsets and Win10 Mixed Reality are available (although they also have the VRHeads.com channel for that!).
  • Thanks for the second paragraph, still hoping for the surface phone next year.
  • No Xbox, no Groove, No Outlook apps preloaded. ROFLMAO.
  • Are you unable to download them from the store for some reason?
  • Why should I download these apps if I'm getting a Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition. This company is beyond idiotic and foolish. They add some of their services / app but not all. They are missing someone like SJ or Steve Ballmer. Nadela is an also-ran.  Welcome to IBM 2.0
  • Got it, pressing two buttons to download them from the store is too much work. 
  • steve ballmer? really?
  • Basically, MS is asking you to move to Android and use MS apps from Android phones..
  • Where are they 'asking you to move to Android' ?
  • Right in their stores. They certainly aren't trying to sell you a Windows phone.
  • if the rumors of a surface phone not being available until 2018, this makes sense. they know people want to buy a new phone. they know they can't deliver a decent enough w10m device to really get a decent amount of customers (i love the OS, but its not primetime yet... but its getting there and it has more promise in my opinion than Android). so what do they do? get one of the most popular phones and make sure they make it super easy to get those customers hooked onto Microsoft services. it's much easier to switch phones if you're already using MS's services. If you're heavily invested into Google, its much more difficult to cut that cord immediately. *but* if you're heavily invested in Google, but have a phone that's preloaded with all this stuff, you may decide to give it a shot. then you transition at your own pace and don't have to make that decision overnight.
  • No, MS is trying to win over android users to Windows.
  • Basically Nadella asking you to move to Android
  • @rollindice, Nadella can't move anyone to android, we are not using W10M because of Nadella, we are using W10M because of the experience.
    He is trying to bring android user onboard to W10M, and those who have jumped ship.
  • There is still no Microsoft movie and TV app on android, correct? That is where most of my purchases are. More because of the Xbox then phone but still a big loss if I was to move platforms.
  • not yet anyway...one reason i stayed on ms for so long too but im sure its soon.
  • i don't know how likely that is. Google has all their services on iOS, but not Google Play Video if i recall. i think that's more a licensing issue. if this has changed since i last checked, please let me know.
  • What if Microsoft secretly installs Windows 10 Mobile on their version of Galaxy S8 !!!!!!..... And what about the user who will see a Windows logo on first boot.........ha ha ha
  • And what if Galaxy S8 is already running Windows 10 Mobile with Project Astoria onboard and it's all is just a social experiment?
  • A lot of what ifs if you ask me
  • Here is what I did yesterday, I sat down, put down my 950Xl on my desk, opened a package with an iPhone and android phone in it (which wasn't my package to begin with) and I started to compare, trying to get a feel of android and iOS.... In short after spending some time with both, I can't, I just can't get a positive smile about those phones. I'm so day 1 used to Windowsphone. If Windowsphone stops existing it will be a hard time for me picking an Android or iOS.
  • Same here bro, a dreaded moment I pray never comes. Windows is windows and we bleed windows.
  • I pretty much own every MS device at this point, and simply to say Windows phone makes things easier for me and my work on a daily base, from and to device to device. I will be scratching my head when there is no windows phone support or whatever anymore.
  • its your first girlfriend/car syndrome I know i suffer from it too. Prolly wont end till you can let go.  
  • iPhone was my first. Then Android. Then WP8. then WP8.1. Then W10M. Definitely not my first girlfriend.
  • I think, you can have all phone running android but when you hit home button all looks the same #Boring and you can have all phone running Windows Phone when hit home key you will see very interesting live tiles and colors according to personal preference. #Fun
  • Exactly!
  • "It's still preloaded with Microsoft apps" I don't giv a ****. I m UWP developer and xamarin is garbage. Now I am going to develop in android studio and Microsoft do the same.
  • Is that SquareHome launcher meant to make Android "look like" Windows Mobile? Wouldn't it be good for MS to make something like that to "wean" Android users over to the WM platform?
  • More like wean the last poor saps to Android from Windows mobile.    That's what really is happening 
  • Are the Service prices for office and onenote exactly the same as on 10 mobile? Is the feature set on mobile for office, OneNote, OneDrive and Cortana one to one with windows 10 apps? will end of service for Microsoft app be android build independent? (future proofing). Is maintaining, installing and aecuring outlook accounts and emails as smooth and safe as on windows 10. (there are still stories of issues trying to add google accounts to windows 10 mobile for email and calendar. Will the experience be just as problematic? (this is a critical question) Will windows users be able to customize Microsoft services as the default on android without compromise on a google OS and google services?    
  • How well does the Galaxy work with Windows 10 laptops and desktops as far as sharing notifications and working together?
  • Pretty good...
  • If you don't mind me asking, do you see your calls and text messages on Windows 10 with your Galaxy like you do with a Windows 10 Mobile device and Windows 10?
  • doesn't it have like Galaxy Flow or something like that with other Samsung laptops/desktops? i recall something like this.
  • Flow works with Windows 10 devices like the Surface Book?
  • Either way, it's interesting that Microsoft choose to sell an Android phone in their stores.  
  • Because their own mobile platform is dead. Dont be surprised if they start selling iPhones.....
  • F**k off msft
    Msft gives more than windows for android platform
  • Nothing is given than on the windows phone to the android, no GROOVE, no outlook etc on android.
  • Sorry perez5k,  there IS groove and outlook etc on android...I have it on my note.
  • Hypothetical question:  You're a large multi-national software company.  You create operating systems, applications, and cloud services.  Your mobile operating system, in spite of three (!) resets in six years, has tanked, while the two competing operating systems have 98% of the market.  What do you do? Do you think you might consider investing heavily in making your applications (which use your cloud services) great for these operating systems?
  • I'll stick with my 950XL & HP ELITE X3.
  • Sadly it comes with 4GB ram. So, nope I will wait for note8 or iPhone 8 or S9.
  • You know times are tough for Windows Mobile fans when we're seeing Android phones being promoted here. Never thought I'd see this day. Unfortunately, it's all there is to be excited about right now.
  • Worse yet: Windows Mobile fans considering moving to Android. Windows 10 has been so disappointing for some of us that the grass is starting to look greener on the other side (no pun intended).
  • Well no offense to anyone here but the grass has been greener for a long time. I only made the jump to Android in November last year and haven't looked back since. Prior to my change I'd only used Windows Phones for the last 8 yrs. So for me, the switch was life changing. You don't realize what you don't have until you have it lol. I still keep a close eye on Microsoft in hopes they nail it with a Surface phone, but unless they get the app gap fixed it will always keep me and many others from switching.
  • I switched from a Shamesong MilkyWay S(hit) series to Windows Mobile 10 device.
    No more lagging.
  • Not sure what that means but no lag over here. I know that was a thing of the past though.
  • It can only happen under Nadella's watch
  • i think that from a store sales point of view it makes sense for Microsoft to sell a Version of Android devices filled with a lot of Microsoft apps especially the money making office 365. ​I  do not think Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer would allow this ESPECIALLY SINCE MICROSOFT SPENT  ​BILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO BUY NOKIA PATENTS AND RIGHTS TO MAKE SMART PHONES.MS CEO Nadella may get some flack from his Fellow Board menbers from selling a new Samsung smart phone without having a single New Flagship Windows smart phone on the market place. Folks even Blackberry has a New flagship smart phone on the market place even though their sales are low. Microsoft is a Billion Dollar company they can get Foxcomm or someone to make a Flagship smart phone for them  they can purchase and resell it as a Microsoft Smart phone in their Microsoft online and physical stores Apple does this. Microsoft execs Please stop being a dumbass  and say yes or no we are  making smart phones anymore just doing the softwear. Now if Microsoft is just making softwear like in the Windows phone 7 era that's OK=It  means Microsoft smart phone users/Fans will have to buy a Physical Windows smart phone from an authorized Microsoft OEM partner like HP, Dell, Samsung, Acer, LG, or Lenovo ect that sells one in the market place. Hopefully we will see a Microsoft designed and sold windows 10 mobile smart phone on the Market Place.
  • Blackberry​'s new flagship is running Android. Basically what Microsoft is doing with Samsung.
  • Rumour has it that Gates (as well as some other board members) was strongly opposed to the Nokia acquisition.  Some consider it to have been the nail in the coffin of Ballmer's tenure as CEO.  Also, as soon as he took over, Nadella brought Gates back from retirement to a 1/4 time position as technical advisor.  Also, recall than during Microsoft's early years, Gates was astoundingly pragmatic about how and where he bundled with competing products, and dealt with competitors. IMHO, it's much more likely that Gates is all in on this Samsung tie-in than opposed to it.  
  • Stop rubbing it in!
  • But it's a Samsung and I can't bring myself to buy a Samsung phone after so many bad experiences in the past. Looking at getting a pair of Idol 4s's as that Cerulean is just underwhelming. 
  • Galaxy S8 with windows 10 mobile will be welcome not with HANGROID
  • Strange times for Windows Mobile.
  • I think Microsoft should focus on shocking the world with the ultimate mobile device aka Surface Phone.
  • They already shocked world with this recent stunt,All Galaxy S8 & S8+ support requests head down to your the closest Microsoft Store in your area
  • But Microsoft can't seem to get out an actual Windows phone.  Priorities...
  • Still not keen on android, they just seem too busy, my wife has one so I've had a good mess around with an s6. will never buy an apple product again after a poor experience with a product and woeful backup/customer service.
    though its not really stable out of the box or on the rings, I'm currently on the release ring, I'll stick with my 950 because I just prefer the windows os compared with the alternative. Even though its laggy and buggy for the simplest of things and most other things I can't see myself swapping to anything else any time soon.
  • After years on Windows Phone, from Lumia 920 to Lumia 950 XL (and also with 1520, 830, 640 XL, and 530), the S8+ will be my next phone.
    I will still love Windows Mobile 10, but with a lack of functionalities and applications, and will waiting and hoping for a Surface Phone.
  • They should have included the Arrow Launcher, Xbox, OneNote, Groove and Office Lens as well.
  • I wasn't happy with this move. Maybe MS wants to give android users a preloaded windows apps experience. I am not sure.
  • And couldn't that be done through Ms office updates for android? Nadella to blame for this crap
  • What Windows users need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S8? If there's a real Microsoft Edition out with Windows 10 mobile,that's what.nothing else
  • Ok relative to say but this looks exactly ugly. Just another android phone with iphone mix. No innovation, not much creativity...
  • Totally agree
  • I doubt I'll be paying this much for another flagship when I still have the Lumia 950 XL. But I did just buy a Moto G4 Plus for $200 on Amazon to try out Android as a secondary phone, at least...
  • And how do you rate your experience with the $200+ android phone
  • We'll see.  I'm gonna receive it on Wednesday.  But the Moto G4 seems to get good reviews for low to mid range Androids...
  • Keep me posted
  • The Amazon Moto G5+ is $189. It looks much better than the G4.
  • The Microsoft Defence Force gets more hilarious every day, now you applaud Microsoft letting their mobile OS flounder while they sell a competitors devices? Bleat on, Microsheep!
  • My wife recently broke her 950, had to buy a cheap android and boy does she hate it,she says ui sucks ,always sticking,she misses her windows 10m ui,I'm thinking of getting her Alcatel Idol 4s ,most of my relatives and close friends use Windows 10 m devices and we wouldn't change it for the world one bit.
  • That's because she bought a CHEAP Android phone like you said? You can't compare a budget phone's performance to a flagship. That's like me saying Windows mobile sucks because I tried a Lumia 435 and it was rubbish compared to my Galaxy s7 edge
  • The cheap android costs about 150 USD, comparing that to a Lumia 650, it sucks big time, sorry I didn't mention the amount in first comment, It's cheap android, not that cheap though
  • "It's completely possible to go full Microsoft on any Android phone, including the Galaxy S8. If there's something you use and enjoy on Windows, you'll find it over on Android as well." So I'm able to play UWP games and unlock achievements on xbox live network now?
  • Rocking an HTC 8X and it's still doing great!
  • For me, this move by Microsoft shows how far they are willing to go to try and remain relevant in the mobile space while paying lip service to those of us still using the Windows mobile platform daily or testing through the Insiders program.  I never thought this day would come but I shouldn't have been surprised and it still hurts. It shows a Microsoft who's really lost its mobile soul and sold out to whatever and whomever will have them.  They must have paid Samsung a pretty penny for the privilege of this Microsoft Edition and when you consider that everything is available through the Android store anyway, why would someone buy one of these instead, who is it aiming at?  Most seasoned Galaxy S owners can't wait to remove or disable Samsung stock apps if possible so why would they buy a version with even more stock apps that presumably can't be removed? What I really want to understand is whether this strategy is really all that better than continuing 1 or 2 Lumia product lines to keep the WP momentum going?  What direction or leadership does this show to potential W10 developers, businesses, partners?  At least with Balmer, we knew that the Windows platform would be put first, front and centre. What we've come to expect from Nadella is that literally anything goes, there's no loyalty, expectation or continued suppport.  A ruderless ship with no destination in my humble opinion.
  • I blame it all on Nadella's leadership,truly sucks
  • Balmer implemented the failed Windows phone and Windows phone strategy. Why would you blame Nadella for Balmer's poor choices?
  • You mean this S8 deal - and not releasing a Lumia 960 /XL for Xmas 2017?
  • Preloaded MS can be done by anyone on any phone. I dont consider that as a big point for MS fans.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S8 is probably the most attractive Android phone yet for Microsoft fans and Windows users at large. Here's what you need to know ???????? What the heck am I reading....
  • If you're a Microsoft fan and a heavy user of the company's services, this will potentially be the best version of the Galaxy S8 for you. However, it's also not that likely to be much different to the one Samsung sells.........so funny reading that.. Best version for Microsoft fan would be an S8,S8+ with Windows 10 Mobile
  • Microsoft at least now has a mobile strategy Android.
  • MS is really playing with it's supporters. It is a friggin' joke. What is a F-ing point in going for Android MS edition phone? That is just a plain BS from MS side and a clear signal for all people who were there for MS: "forget about W10M! We at MS do not give a flying F about you fans!" These are the last days/months before MS will anounce that W10M is dead and they will simply abandon every MS supporter.
  • Well done Nadella
  • .
  • I see no point in your comment...
  • Microsoft kicking the dead corpse that is Windows Mobile....
  • why samsung is wasting its resources ?
  • I want someone to figure how to bootload windows 10 mobile on the S7 and S8 Galaxy phones. Then holla at me.
  • Windows Mobile is only compatible with very specific hardware. It likely isn't compatible with the hardware in the S7 let alone the S8.
  • Will Skype on Android be just as bad as it is on WM10? If so, I will pass. Why would anyone want to install MS apps on their android phones?
  • Skype works great on my Android phone. You can even set it as the default dialer.
  • The thing is, once you go to Android after Nadella has basically shoved you through the door to it, you quickly realize that 90+ percent of Redmond's offering are okay, but hardly best in class on that platform. Not maps, not search, not photo management, not email or chat, not music etc etc. So the whole 'keep them in the ecosystem' on the competition plan is seriously flawed. If however, you hate Androids dated icons/virtual desktops approach, I would suggest installing 'SquareHome' as your launcher, it's Windows Mobile interface and it's surprisingly good, with a lot more Tile customization options than MS has ever offered. If after years of Windows Phone you wave the white flag and go Android, but miss the interface, give that a go.
  • I'll give the S8 a miss & keep hoping. I think. My 950XL still working exactly how it worked 12 months ago. Knee jerk reactions since the launching of the S8 mainly because of the deafening silence coming from MS regarding any Surface Mobile device, leading to all sorts of conclusions & accusations from MS 'loyalists'. It's just a phone after all. Switching to android or ios is not going to be the end of the world.
  • the Galaxy S8 is looking like the best Microsoft phone that you'll be able to buy in 2017   Nope, Sorry won't touch it
  • Do you know if Cortana can be used in a similar fashion (Hello Cortana) as with 950XL?
  • wrong edit
  • Good job Samsung and Microsoft, this is the future for Microsoft Mobile going forward. Is it time for Microsoft to officially support Android ? like a NokiaX strategy  but now with support for a app store outside of Google Play services?  IMO I think Microsoft mobile, should get independent from Google's apps and services, just like Amazon does with their FireOS on tablets and start doing an Android fork officially supported that comes preloaded with Outlook, Bing, Cortana, OneNote, Groove, Skype and Office.  If this phone is a success, I have no doubt other OEMs could benefit from Continuum dock on their phones which support a Microsoft Android app store where developers using this as a PC can finally do their job on their phone without need to have a expensive PC.  
  • Good job for Microsoft Phone not for another phone
  • Buy an S8, install SquareHome 2 launcher and all MS apps. Enjoy your new Windows Phone.
  • This will be my next phone. Tired of win mobile. I'm sure I've been a fan longer than most of you have been living. It's time to switch. From winmobile flip phones(reg edits, locked up 40x a day), from palms and Qualcomm, treos and Nokia (best phone ever 920, 1020, 1520 and Nokia tablets. Investing in Microsoft bands what a great device but no future and a lot of apps to have them removed from the market with no refund. Yes this is a sentimental rant. I have to purchase an android device for myself. Forgive me.. S8+ Microsoft Edition (still a fan)
  • Who sucks Natella sucks. and micorosft. This is the worst news i heared yesterday. I only wish it was #FAKENEWS.   Why did you even bother to buy nokia?
  • I'm glad I own a 950xl and have a few backups with 640xl and 640. Feels like I'm going to be waiting awhile. True windows tablets already exists that are basically phablets. They just needs a few more tweaks and the ability to use a carrier. I can see in a few years, surface or not, using a pc tablet as a phone. Until then, ill be using my 950xl. Still working great, ill likely just need a new battery after two years.
  • Oh if only it had W10M I'd buy one. What a shame.
  • Looks nicer just the droid o/s...
  • As a Microsoft fan I just need to know one thing: I don't need to look at an Android phone.
  • Hhhhhh
  • Surface phone??
  • I really don't want to spend this sort of money on a phone. Happy with my Lumia 950XL (more than half the price of a S8) until something similar comes out (camera, screen, expandability, features) and is priced more than half that of an S8. Now - would I spend $800 on a micro-computer that runs full Windows when docked. Now that's a different matter.
  • Just waiting for the GS8 Windows Edition running full Windows on ARM. If this were available at the same price as the GS8 Android - what would you buy?
  • What you need to know is that the message is clear "Just switched on to Android or ios and use microsoft apps if you need Ms office" else switched on to android and get your life back that's all
  • In your face windows phone fans!! Thank you WC for hitting us with the truth
  • I'll wait for the Nokia flagship.
  • I still wish they made a w10 variant. While most (if not all) MS apps are on Android as well, we're still confined to Google's ecosystem that some of us might not prefer.
  • If it didn't have Android on it, it would be a good phone.
  • Android sux. That's all I can say.
  • Rofl you describe this as the best Microsoft phone you can buy? What a load of crap. It's an android phone with Microsoft bloatware. If you are a real Microsoft fan you will go for a 950 or Elite..
  • I know someone who has a S7 and they said after a year the phone has slowed down and the battery runs out much faster. My Lumia 730 dual sim after 3 years works even better. The battery is still good to, maybe not like brand new but can still make it through the day.
  • Nothing because I don't care about android or Samsung
  • Naa i will pass , just make Windows store flash it with W10M on arrival ;) then there's a reason for some people to buy it. I am all about legacy or flagship W10M devices!
  • We don't need just another Android phone with some default Microsoft apps. Samsung, Sony, LG or whatever the name of it... Many people here are ok with their HP Elite or 950 XL phones. Just create a phone with Windows 10 Mobile OS with 20mp+ 4K Camera (41mp is ok cause we have this technology), 64/128 mb default disk space, Continuum support and put some Microsoft unique apps in it (like 3D Paint, Print, Scan, Pen Tool etc), a real connection with Hololens or Xbox and a high quality music system in it and come here and take our money.
  • I'll never ever EVER go back to another Samsung device. You couldn't give me one for free! Chock full of bloatware!
  • If microsoft was going to release a surface phone, why kill Nokia, then start officially selling android phones. Looks to me like they just want to invest in software for mobile solutions... IMO...
  • The only comment I have is that Windows Central must be overjoyed they have been given a backdoor into reporting on android affairs to save their skin and jobs.. Prepare to see yet another rework of what is reported here from Windows Phone > WIndows in general > all things Microsoft > anything Microsoft touches (including Droid Phones sold by MSFT)..
  • From now on correct domain name should be MicrosoftCentral.com Back in the day, i really miss heydey era of Windows Phone Central. Especially when we had a dedicated creative developer like Rudy Huyn, best camera experience with Lumia 1020 and Elop's conferences with full of passion when we had popular apps like Path, Hipstamatic Oggl, Vine etc... Those were the days...
  • These are the Droids you're lookin for... <handwave>
  • I fail to see why I need to buy a new phone every year. Why my phone will slow down and the battery runs out quicker after one year even after paying $600 or $700 for it. Are people that stupid or they just don't know better?
  • Haaahaaaha haaahaaa just dont call it Microsoft Galaxy S8 just because it's sold with preinstalled microsoft apps
  • So the MS edition will be preloaded with Cortana instead of Bixby?
  • If only they'd put proper Windows on the MS version of the phone. Why doesn't this kind of thing cross the minds of MS staff?