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Samsung 'DeX' is Continuum for the Galaxy S8 — with support from Microsoft

That's right, with the new Galaxy S8, Samsung is taking on Microsoft's desktop-esque Continuum feature with its own take that has a clunkier name. DeX is the desktop dock system available alongside the Galaxy S8 that will transform the phone in your pocket into a PC-like experience on the big screen.

Better still — at least for folks who use Microsoft services — is that Microsoft is already on board with its long-term mobile partner, and it optimized some of its apps for the launch of DeX. Microsoft has been preloading Office and other apps on the Galaxy devices for some time now, so this isn't surprising.

Five things to know about the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the DeX dock

Samsung DeX

There's still a lot to learn about exactly how Samsung's system will work, but even at this early stage there's much we do know. The DeX dock is required as the interface, much as you need some form of interface for Continuum, and it allows folks carrying a Galaxy S8s to plug in their phones, hook up a keyboard, mouse and other peripherals, and then use their phones like a PC.

The biggest drawback, if you can call it that, is that it only runs Android apps. So while it may look and operate like a PC, it's far from it. This won't be replacing a desktop or laptop right now, but like Continuum, it could be a great tool for working while on the go.

Samsung Dex

The interface is very PC-like, though, right down to the "Start menu" and the ability to pin apps to the desktop window. It also doesn't lose any of the phone functionality when docked. After all, it's a phone first and foremost.

There's still a question about how Samsung is going to allow non-optimized apps to run in the DeX environment, but what about those that are, such as apps from Microsoft? Office apps like Word and PowerPoint are already fully DeX compliant, offering a tailored experience for the big screen when docked. Exactly like you get from Continuum.

Other apps such as Adobe Lightroom are also supported — something which would be AWESOME to have on Windows 10 for Continuum — as well as virtual desktop solutions like VMWare and Citrix. So for the right person needing to get the right work done, DeX should be fairly compelling.


The launch of DeX is both a good and bad thing for Microsoft, depending which angle you approach it from. The good, of course, is that Microsoft is one of the world's largest software companies, and it has to be smart business getting onboard with the single largest selling smartphone that doesn't have an Apple logo on it.

The bad is that one of Windows 10 Mobile's distinguishing features, Continuum, is diluted somewhat by Samsung's goliath phone. The Galaxy S8 will sell tens of millions of units again over the next 12 months and beyond, and even the most optimistic fans of the platform must admit it will dwarf Windows 10 Mobile sales. The potential reach of DeX is much wider, though it's hard to say whether it's more appealing to enterprise buyers than something such as the excellent HP Elite x3.

Only time will tell, but competition makes all parties involved stronger. And Microsoft is already coming into this mobile computing revolution from both sides.

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Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Oh, Windows 10 mobile and've been too slow
  • Always the case. Lack of focus and execution.
  • Microsoft has a bad habit of wanting to perfect things - yet never seems to accomplish that - to such a degree that by the time they feel it's where they want it to be, it's been surpassed by the competition. It clashes so completely with their overall Windows 10 SaaS regular updating that I have a hard time comprehending what's going on with their mobile division, other than remaining silent.
  • I say MS showed their hand too early with the continuum technology, so other companies saw this and started working on it for at least the last year, maybe 2, but under cover so that they had a more polished product when it finally was revealed. Samsung has now come out with their version. So we have this...MS showed Continuum too early and with no app support, and it was a mess. Now MS supports the DeX with their awesome Android apps. Google will build up their next OS or 2 with a similar feature so that it can be deployed on multiple phones, and Samsung wont need DeX anymore. In the meantime, Microsoft is still trying to dig mobile out of its trench. Sigh...a tragic comedy that is a sequel to Blackberry.
  • You nailed it. I think Microsoft rushed the release of Continuum before making apps available on the platform.  Android supports termux, which is basically a Linux distribution with apt-get commands so you can install all kinds of software needed when you're in a desktop.  If bash for Windows was available in Continuum and Microsoft has a cool source code editor with autocomplete for most programming languages, I think they can compete with Samsung. Lets wait to see if Windows 10 on ARM lets the Linux subsystem run on a Windows phone device.
  • Windows 10 on ARM is certainly one of the things that can save Continuum, especially if Microsoft is pushing for the "PC replacement" aspect for businesses. It might very well end up that DeX ends up being more consumer-grade while Continuum ends up being more business-grade if they're really going for that angle, with x86 emulation, etc.
  • I agree completely. Look at the Surface/Surface Pro. Microsoft was smart that they kept it close to their chest. We see lots of 2-in-1s now but imagine if Microsoft leaked the Surface Pro 6-12 months prior. Things might have ended up a lot differently.
  • honestly, i think their hand was forced. this was always going to happen. the motorola atrix tried it, but didn't do to well. so, this concept was inevitable. microsoft had a somewhat working version and decided to be first as opposed to running a me-too later.
  • S8 will have facial recognition as well. It's as if Microsoft and Windows Hello never existed.
  • Technically, the S8 will be the first to have facial recognition on a mobile phone.  The Lumia 950/XL has an Iris scanner instead.
  • It will be interesting to see how this works then. The problem with facial scanning is people holding up photos to fool the system. Microsoft embedded infra-red into the technology to get around this. What are Samsung doing?
  • Android phones have had face unlock for many years. All the way back to 2011.
  • Microsoft is always slow Samsung is the leader, this is the future and I am happy with my S8 preorder. BYE WP never again
  • @Pappale I could make a house payment with what I would spend on one...hope you can make do for the next month ;)
  • The S8 cost $50 more than the Elite X3 did at launch, I think he'll manage.. ;)
  • the elite x3 isn't the only windows phone with continuum...
  • Do you promise to continue to troll these boards?
  • Hmmm... Can't wait to see all the Android forums full of Pappale's constant ******** once he gets his S8 - although I'm guessing it won't stop him from continuing to ***** on the WM forums as well.
  • Enjoy your Hibachi S8!
  • Bye.
  • Nice bait, on this site it will work
  • Plus more apps than you know what to do with!
  • This is the end isn't it... MSFT has screwed up a nice opportunity.
  • Give it atleast 60 days for the units to get out there.  Hopefully Samsung has it all together with this for their sake.  But I do not see where Microsoft lost anything. 1. It is a Samsung proprietary app/service on their hardware. Unless you are a Samsung fan, I do not think people will just flock right to it. 2. It is Android. 3. Microsoft has been there and doing this already. 
  • Assuming the s8 don't blow up.
  • No galaxy has ever blown up.
  • Only because those rebels blew up the Death Star... twice.
  • This. This was very good :D
  • Why's true.  NO GALAXY has blown up.
  • I seem to remember there was something called a Galaxy Note 7.... wait, did it blow up? Why yes it did!
  • They NEVER BLEW UP...they did Catch on fire but there was no explosions....get facts straight.
  • I think people are taking the proverbial Steve, lol! Even your post has been down voted!
  • Galaxy Note 7. S7 Edge also had some isolated issues. Your statement is not true
  • For people who want to or have to stay in the W10 ecosystem, this is a non-event.  RS3, CShell, wireless Continuum, UWP, deep integration and synchronizatiobn with W10 are very important for me.  The Cellular PC solution is far more strategic in the long term.  DeX, however, can put some pressure and swing some potential iPhone 8 buyers.
  • MS fcked up with that continuum crap, with no multi window support ,lack of apps and horrible UI and performance.
  • No, they have retrenched a nice opportunity. There is a big difference. I don't know what that difference might be, but we are assured it is a big one. I'm sure MS will let us know what the plan is any moment.
  • Yes, everyone blames Ballmer for screwing up tablet and mobile, this time Nadella screwed up Continuum. The fact that Microsft supports DeX tells me enough.
  • Of course they support it - you will need to be a Office 365 subscriber to use it, and my assumption is that MS makes far more $ off those customers than the couple million people hanging around using W10 Mobile
  • Samsung wants to sell devices - phones, TVs, monitors. Windows 10 on ARM is coming, and maybe we see a partnership growing? Samsung is training a global population on a new device form factor at their expense and Microsoft's benefit.
  • How is it to Microsoft's benefit for Samsung to create an Android desktop platform? When developers start making desktop apps for Android? Sounds like the exact opposite of what would be good for Microsoft.
  • lts beneficial because developers will start to take smartphones more seriously.  Because where before they would look at smartphones as "toys" good only for games and social media, now, they will consider making serious apps ofr these devices.  Business will consider starting moving to smartphones for knowledge and clerical workers, and Microsoft already fully supports mobile software, so, in a way, they are in a very good position to take advantage of this shift.  So more money for Microsoft.   Furthermore, other developers might start using their Xamarin development tools  because it looks like they will be able to code Android apps to be more responsive to depending if its running on the big screen or not.  And if developers use their Xamarin tools, its a lot easier to make a Windows version of the app.  And as previously mentioned, app developers will never look at mobile apps the same way again, so future productivity apps will be built mobile-first, and thats ok for Microsoft because UWP is basically mobile apps anyway and that will all be available on desktop.    
  • Ballmer didn't screw up Mobile but the infighting of those oppose to Microsoft going mobile. Nadella has it along for the ride but has not made it a high priority but give greater priority in supporting the major platforms to keep Office as a front runner.
  • I dont think this is the end actually. Sure, maybe its the end of Windows 10 mobile phones but we knew that already. But this is the begginning. This validates what Microsoft did with continuum and shows that Windows 10 using CShell to go to mobile form factors is another great idea. If Office is already set up for this phones MS knew about this already. Potentially worked with them to help create it. To me, this is the beginning of a new form factor coming and Microsoft is right on the curve with this. Some place they havent been in a while in mobile... :) ​Also, it runs android. Having used OSs like RemixOS Android on desktop isnt the same as a desktop at all (aside from look). Android is a phone platform first and formost. Their tablet OS has failed to appeal for years and no traction as a desktop OS yet so we will see... 
  • That depends how powerful Continuum is when Microsoft release the next big mobile device. DeX looks excellent and improves greatly on the current public iteration of Continuum with windowed apps, desktop shortcuts and drag-and-drop, and a far more mouse-friendly File Explorer. But there's still so much more that can be done to bridge the gap between DeX and a true Windows desktop, and Microsoft needs to take advantage of that.
  • its been DEAD...NOT slow.....
  • Now the hate it comes Microsoft.  Blame Satya.
  • Slow? They have products out there on the market for over a year now. Unpopular doesn't = slow.
  • Implementation was slow and wrong... and Nadella is to blame.
  • Shut the **** up
  • the irony when Windows's Continuum doesn't support actual windows but Samsung's Android DeX does.
  • "Windows's Continuum doesn't support actual windows but Samsung's Android DeX does."   Huh???  From the article it say Microsoft Office is compatible with DeX.  Microsoft would be stupid to shun all Galaxy S8 users from using Microsoft Office.  They're not Google or Apple...  By the way, last I checked Office also works in Continuum.
  • In DeX ypu can run full Office using virtualization technology. Continuum only supports Office UWP apps lacking crucial functionality. The article is wrong, when it says it can run only Android Apps. It can run everything you can run on your PC using virtualization technology. While in Continuum you can run almost nothing. Besides: with DeX you can have multiple windows and you cant do that using Continuum.
  • You can put complete office through virtualization on Continuum.
    The office on dex is an app but with the ability to adapt to big screens and not only scalable (aka 99% of android apps)
    HP offers a full service of virtualization on their servers/cloud.
  • Yes, HP offers virtualization. But that is not standard on Continuum. It's impressive Samsung manages to beat Continuum with one single blow. They are offering a better Windows Mobile than Windows Mobile. There are almost no apps for Continuum, not even Microsofts own apps (except for Office). Who do you think wins? HP with their 100 or so sold phones or Samsung with 70 Million? Who do you think will come out as winner and who will stop selling phones? Microsoft just wasnt fast enough. Once again.
  • Do already tried dex?
    Do you know the real number of HP on enterprise market?
    Hum... Looks not
  • It would be surprising if HP hit 5 digits with the Elite X3. No way they moved more than a few thousand.
  • Lol. I worked in mobile sector for years and still have contacts there. Its almost impossible to sell Windows Devices now. Actually, all customers are porting their applications to Android. My old employer had to hire more Software Engineers just to port Windows to Android Apps. I know what DeX is doing with Citrix. I dont need to try it, I know how Citrix works. And yeah, I know how many x3 HP has sold.
  • Lmao how many times are you trolls gonna recycle those accounts?
  • One of the good things about DeX is that we'll see whether consumers will tend to use such functionality. If they do not, then Surface Phone has one more problem, because we talk a lot about this function, but above all, we do not know if people will use it as much as we think.
  • It people are not gonna use lagdroid simulating a desktop on a single phone it doesn't mean the same functionality, with better implementation, security and reliability won't be adopted
  • I hope that by "better implementation, security and reliability" you do not mean Continuum. There is no such thing, not even after 2 years. And this is not just about DeX, it's clear that Android will invest in this functionality and it will delivery to consumers. All that Microsoft is doing now is more a proof of concept.
  • Microsoft simply has Mobile along for the ride and has not made it a focus level like us consumers. Samsung has a higher focus on mobile than Microsoft so it's not really hard to see the development of Dex which allow  independent progressing along this line of functionality...
  • Always the bridesmaid
  • That's ingenious comparison... U have an iq of some advanced alien race..
  • "The biggest drawback, if you can call it that, is that it only runs Android apps." Seems like that's an improvement over W10M/Continuum, given that Continuum only runs W10M apps and there are more apps available on Android. 
  • Windows 10 apps are Windows 10 apps. DeX does not run Windows 10 apps.
  • Yes and no. The desktop version of Word doesn't work in Continuum (yet, if ever) because it isn't a UWP. 
  • But the UWP version of Word is a desktop version, so it does run a desktop version. Once the old version has fully moved over to UWP there'll be no confusion.
  • Come on, you're smarter than that. You know I mean the non-Store, fully featured version when I say "desktop" version. 
  • Of course, but my point is that to refer to the old platform's app as the 'desktop' version implies the UWP version is just for mobiles which is a big misunderstanding of the new platform. Once the migration is complete, there will be only one version. I'm sure you know that's what I'm saying though?
  • No worries! MS will create android version of the apps for Dex! And Android has so much more developers, so no worry that Dex will get left in the cold like the dead horse Continuum.
  • There is worry actually. Devs havent made a lot of good tablet apps much less apps tailored to desktops. Not many people use Android apps on Chromebooks even though they can. Because the apps are made first and foremost for phones. 
  • I'm flattered. Made my day. #tileart
  • Richard,  yes...but.......when there are no windows 10 apps....the android wins every time!
  • Richard doesn't get it...
    Makes me so sad.
  • Like 90% of the fanboys here too spazz (love the name btw!).  They all tout pinning mobile sites?  what the F&#K is that?  its not 1994. 
  • it's their only way to still defend MS and that pathetic win10mo OS. Another few months and they will say why do we need apps and browsers for? you can call and sms on your device, isn't that enough :)))
  • Android never wins, not for the end user, not for oems, only for google
  • Nope, instead it has far more Android apps. W10 apps are a joke, there is almost nothing in the windows store worth installing, Web browser works better for most tasks.
  • Actually there are a few good ones.
  • I have yet to see a windows10mobile/phone/PHONE app work better than the equivelant android/IOS verison. 
  • A few. Literally three.
  • Lol the 4th account from the same troll
  • If your including me in this statement you are wrong there little fanboy.
  • I think Edge is best thing about windows mobile.
    I wish they would release it for Android.
  • Yup sounds about right. Android's tablet app scaling might not be great but it'll blow Continuum away, especially if applications can be windowed... I'll be doing some research on this...
  • Android still has some issues with scaling, but if Microsoft and Adobe leveraged some of the new API's from Android Nougat - specifically, window re-sizing - it should work decently well.  I still don't see the merit in using this (or Continuum) over a laptop/desktop though. 
  • Not everyone has the money or the inclination to buy multiple devices, especially when mobile devices now have desktop-class processors.  It just seems like a waste of money, resources and time to switch to a different device just to have a larger screen. Your question is similar to people in the 90's asking why someone should need a laptop computer when desktop computers are so much more powerful.
  • Right, but with laptop docks costing as much as a real laptop (the HP Lapdock is $600), why not buy a real laptop?
  • The HP Lapdock is admittedly overpriced - but it is a business solution, not something for consumers. Of course the bigger picture is once you've bought a lapdock you'll rarely need to buy another - it's hardware upgrades with your phone.
  • Windows 10 Mobile apps made for Continuum only, further diminishing the usefullness of Continuum. No idea why Microsoft didn't allow Continuum to run non-Continuum apps in a fixed size, in a similar manner to how iPad runs iPhone-only apps.
  • I totally agree
  • "No idea why Microsoft didn't allow Continuum to run non-Continuum apps in a fixed size, in a similar manner to how iPad runs iPhone-only apps."
    It's a checkbox, basically, for devs, if they want it. ONLY issue is the app needs to be native UWP, not off 8.1 e.g. Slack (beta) or using Centennial. It's like any UWP can go to Xbox too, it's not hard, it's up to the devs if they want it there. End of story. Have you used Continuum? I'm guessing not because most UWP/Win10 apps DO work with it. I'm not sure you understand what's going on here. If the UWP scales it works in Continuum. That's it. You do want some mouse/cursor controls, but it's not a scaling issue. Scaling is a problem for iOS and Android, not UWP, where it's basically free when you make the app.
  • Why wouldn't an 8.1 app be able to run in Continuum if it can run on the phone screen? That just seems weird.
  • I think that was more along the lines of what I meant. Even an app that was built for Windows pre-UWP should be able to run on Continuum, if it runs on the phone anyway. That's my non-engineering take on it, mind you. :)
  • I actually use Continuum more than most, though that might not be saying much. But clearly the developers of the apps I use have not checked that box because a lot of my Start Menu is blacked-out, even on apps I know are UWP. I _am_ seeing more that work with Continuum, but still not tons of 'em. What I'd really like is for Microsoft to add a filter to the Store so I could specifically seek out potential alternatives to apps I might already use that would work with Continuum. Fingers crossed.
  • Scaling is even more free in Android, it doesn't even require a check box. Developers can also create custom UIs for their apps that are displayed according to the screen size if they want. This has been available since Honeycomb and has been constantly improved. Samsung might even be able to entice developers into properly implementing it.
  • That's generally how it works since Windows 8, isn't it? Or am I misunderstanding? (Granted, I'm talking Windows in general, not specifically Windows Mobile. Just saying that the general concept is there, I think. And I've seen that extended to apps I run under Continuum - they scale up on the monitor usually in a completely different UI than on the phone. Same way as if you stretch out certain Windows Store apps on the desktop.) Again, I might be just confused. :D
  • Yeah lol but why would someone want to use that crap?
  • I know right,  the android system is much better than the windows version.
  • Yes, and with the tens of milions of Galaxys sold in the next months, I can see this feature helping in a big way the upcoming ChromeOS with support for Android Apps.   Well done, MS. Well done. [/s]
  • Microsoft are pretty much writing their own death certificate at this point. They're eager to gain back market share but keep forgetting about the consequences of handing their unique selling points to competing operating systems. 
  • They're eager to gain back market share
    What gives you that impression, their enthusiastic "retrenchment" or lack of any meaningful updates to their mobile OS? 
  • I wasn't necessarily talking about the mobile OS, it's pretty obvious they have let that ship sail
  • Ah but they aren't competing operating systems are they? You're forgetting that MS has retrenched, so no probs right?
  • Actually, I think Office was already optimized for chromebooks...
  • Kinda. It's still not an ideal experience, but that's because the Android app layer on ChromeOS uses Android 6.0.1 API's, so there's no resizing or moving application windows around. 
  • And that android apps are optimized to a desktop environment? Or just scaled and get pixeled, bad usability, etc?
    Guess not
  • With in 1-2yrs Samsung reached MS. S9 will be more features packed with dex experience.
  • And because it's android,I can see someone doing a skin pack or a Win10 style launcher for DeX. Like there already is for android phones.
  • What's problem with skin or android. As android has more apps. I just want to see if apps work as meant for this environment with keyboard and mouse.
  • Android was designed from the start with keyboard and mouse (trackball).  Originally it was not capable of touch.  Google bolted touch onto Android once iPhone came out.
  • The way the things are going, I'll be not surprised if Microsoft itself would be the one to publish this launcher on Play Store...
  • But does it offer live tiles?
  • Lol an even worse symbian-like **** in 2017
  • WHat?  the S8 already has many features in the DeX space...and it will continue to evolve before sales start!
  • HP's only hope for w10m, somehow a bit in a tight rope. Now continuum has now a competition.
  • HP is going to move to android and develop their "DeX" system next go round....
  • Lol the crystal ball
  • No the "writing's on the wall ball".  
  • It looks more like Windows than Windows does. If Continuum had made massive leaps forward ahead of this then I wouldn't be worried but it looks like Samsung pretty much just matched it for functionality right from launch
  • They surpassed it for functionality. Desktop icons and multi window support? That's not even available to insiders on Windows mobile yet.
  • And that really nice File Explorer using drag-and-drop. Meanwhile Microsoft have some weird icon explorer with little useful functionality. Ugh.
  • Well, just found my next phone!
  • Me too. Time to put the 1020 up
  • I am waiting for the note 8....I want pen support!
  • A Note 8 with DeX sounds like a next ultimate smartphone we can have soon, while MS is still having a slow pace on drastically improving W10M Continuum experience through CShell, which is a big project and likely won't get polished at launch based on MS history. For now, it seems Galaxy S8-series are the stop-gap while Microsoft still cooking up the CShell. The biggest problem though is that they stole the limelight from MS this rate and just reduced the uniqueness of W10M which is the Continuum into almost nothingness. UWP is the only a slight advantage here, but its more of a technical advantage that only holds promise but doesn't translate anything for people that doesn't care what's behind-the-scenes and just care what works.
  • A lagdroid? Well good luck
  • SO the last time you touched an android phone was gingerbread hey?  beacuse it has not been laggy since then.  Even my galaxy note 1 is faster than my 1020. 
  • We all knew it was coming. But they were faster to launch it than I thought.
  • Ms is only looking for money it dsnt care about itz windows phone fans..They hav given all apps which were on lumia to android even cortana n now even features(continuum) moreover i cant even find a new lumia to buy anywhere they r like killing it...go ahead ms i know u can do worse..rather than developing this for a competitor y not improve it on ur own os..
  • Microsoft didn't give Samsung Continuum. It doesn't own the idea of using a phone like a PC. Motorola did it (badly) way before Microsoft.
  • MS showed off the technology too early, with little to no third party app support. They are shooting themselves in the foot by inviting any and everyone to join Insiders Preview, this is making their RnD totally public. Samsung/Google has no alpha/beta testing open to the public, they don't show their hand until they are more ready and polished and catch the competition off guard. MS flaunts its emerging and unpolished tech, "emulate us if you can....Wait! You did it! I didn't think you actually would, oh no!!...oh well, we'll make more Android apps".
  • By the way, have you seen all of the different Android apps MS has put out? Geez!!
  • I would even go as far to say that MS helped Samsung with the developement of Dex.
  • Yep.  Samsung took that and basically made it better, under the UI Galaxy skin.  I think the motorola concept was a bit different though under the hood.  Good Point!
  • how in earth do you already know it's better? did you use it? oh, guess not... Assumption is the mother of all screwups...
  • You couldn't tell that it's better by looking at a static pic?  /s
  • Shhh they even think utter crap already existing is "better" imagine what they could say about something not even real yet
  • Ubuntu wanted to do it 4 or 5 years ago as well, but they failed to bring the product to market.
  • If you can't beat them, join them! MS is slowly becoming a supplier to iOS and android rather than a competitor. Obviously this is going to cost them in the long run, young folks will never use a windows OS and eventually this will also affect the business environment where MS makes all of its money. Android and iOS will become stronger there as well, if they play their cards right and develop their OS for business. MS is shooting themselves in the foot by making their own OS redundant. This also kills my hope that windows mobile still had a future, I'll go out and replace my daughter's 640 and 735 with an android this weekend. I'm throwing in the towel.
  • Completely agree.
  • You are right. They are feeding their nemesis just to sell Office 365/apps. I guess they're trying to protect Office from other productivity solutions by being everywhere first, and feature complete.
  • Windows on everything..or is it Microsoft on anything.
  • You are absolutely right.
  • THEY are going to be so happy with all the apps they can use on android compared to being gimped by windows on phone.
  • Well Microsoft is famous for shooting themselves in the foot. I'm surprised they still even have their feet.
  • If it's as you saying, how MS survived for the last 35 years or so and still the top 3 tech company?
  • Do you know why the Xbox One launch was an absolute disaster? It's 100% their own fault.
  • Hum... But MS fixed xbox and now show me the Xbox numbers? 😉
  • I don't understand your point. Making stupid decisions/shooting themselves in the foot has nothing to do with being a giant company, unless you're saying they're incapable of such things. You can probably also find the losses MS had from losing to Sony for the longest time, especially since revenues during launch are most important. Besides, being a giant corporation is the only reason why they can afford to make stupid mistakes.
  • Of course every big companies makes stupid decisions. But to most of people here still saying MS shooting in the foot over and over again for everything.
    Furthermore, MS is now thinking on "surface phone", two steps ahead.
    And, by optimizing office for dex it's a clever move.
    Most of the people here still not getting the vision of MS or the technology future.
    Btw, Surface was claimed as another shoot in the foot... yep... hum, hum,...
  • The Visio of MS to the future of tech? :))) We've seen enough visio for 5 years :)) Does MS really think people would simply wait for them to actualy deliver something good?? they are not cabale of delivering anythin good in the smartphone area! their mobile attempts are less than pathetic and now Samsung has shown them how a continuum concept must be done! :)) Really, how more pathetic can they get?? Lumia 950 had the iris scanner first, but it was slow, buggy and with a utterly ugly interface. Samsung got it right now. They came up with the continuum thing without multi window support, poor implementation, lack of apps and mediocre performance. Samsung got it 1000 times better again! Indeed, MS should be in history books for these embarassing failures.
  • Let them be ignorant, don't even bothrr
  • I'm really curious about its performance. This would be a real test between the efficiency/optimization of Android and Windows: which has better performance when scaling beyond the phone? I suppose the S8 would have the snapdragon 835 which I assume the 'next' HP flagship would have as well, so let's see which can really 'replace' your laptop :-) I think this is where the next 'battleground' is, I'm calling it now! :-)
  • Neither can replace your desktop.   HOWEVER,  the S8 will mop the floor with anything with a windows mobile OS on it!
  • I've lost count, are you the 4th or the 5th troll alias?
  • NO just me....not a troll,  a realist..but your fanboy blinders are maxed out to see whats really going on.
  • I do not entirely buy into the doom and gloom of the PC disappearing, but if there is even a lean towards that and Microsoft - and now others - are correct about the 'future of PC' being the device you carry with you all of the time, I would be concerned if I was Microsoft. If this is indeed the way things slowly begin to go, then Microsoft faces fewer and fewer desktop installations. And if there is no viable 'PC in your pocket' wonder device from Microsoft - or even the foundation for it with how Continuum is floundering with Microsoft planning to release the Windows 10 Mobile update do it 'when it's ready' - then where will they go? With Samsung making such progress in so little time, I see their desktop replacement surpassing the entire Windows ecosystem, given enough time. Not months, not even a couple years, but eventually, it could happen. It's frustrating to see Microsoft release with such fanfare these incredible solutions, then sit on their thumb and call it a day. I've never understood their need to push products to Android and iOS devices. Well, that's not true. At first it made sense, showing those users what they can do in an attempt to lure them to Windows Phone, etc. But when the experience on these devices begins exceeding what is available on Windows Phone, or outright doesn't exist on Windows Phone, then where is their thinking? Even if it works, it'll only work once. Once Joe Blow User buys a Windows Phone, sees how Microsoft sh!ts on their users, you can rest assured it will be their last Windows Phone device. I love Windows Phone, but it's quickly nearing the point that Microsoft decides on what sort of future they want for themselves and **** or get off the pot. This letting Windows Phone stew in its own mess is really starting to get old. It's been getting old for awhile now. What confuses me the most is how Nadella and others cannot see this. Do they have their hand so deeply rooted in the sand that they are not aware that is is the perception that they are giving off? Surely Windows Central and others must reach out to them from time to time. Does Microsoft not realize they're sitting in their own mess, or do they just care so little?
  • Microsoft is trying to be in the future of computing without being strongly enough in its present. They will lose both ends if care is not taken.
  • I agree. And I want them to succeed, even if it's only in the business market. I suppose we'll have a general idea in the next 12-18 months depending on what they reveal about their proposed devices, whether they be branded Surface or not. Windows 10 on ARM could be their saviour. We'll see...
  • MS has taken the wrong road the last couple years and in the long run it will end up what kills them. They won't be relevant in the spaces the gave up on or the spaces they tried to focus on. They needed to be in mobile, it was the future and it was the only way they would ever get the type of UWP development they needed to keep Windows relevant. They didn't see that and instead decided to focus on the desktop and enterprise. The desktop isn't where the growth is, it not what captures attention and draws in new users. Enterprise will need them less and less as they provide more of their services on other OS's. I don't know 1 person under 30 that uses a Windows Phone or tablet including Surface. And I know only a handful of kids that use Windows PC's. MS will be enterprise and cloud only within 5 years, and then cloud only within 10. A shell of it's formal self. Congrats to the board members and Nadella. Mission accomplished.
  • Completely agree!
  • Wow you just wrote what I have been thinking for quite some time now, and even in details.. well put sir! :-) let's hope that some day Mr Microsoft will see the light. If not.. well then we jump ship over to the competition..
  • Sure, been there heard that already, don't worry you're not the first with this bullshit
  • DeX and Bixby?! Lol 
    Who comes up with these names? These are barriers of entry for me.
  • No worse than "Continuum"
  • Are you for real? I don't have to think about what Continuum means as it speaks for itself. What is Bixby or DeX?
  • I'm guessing DeX means Desktop Experience? I've never bothered to find out but if I'm right then they've obviously got it right somewhat as it's fairly self explanatory
  • I think your right, its the only "logical" thing it could be. Anything else would just be stupid.
  • Drx is quick and snappy, more consumer friendly, Continuum is long and slow to say, it feels more akin to business in it's use of term.
  • Each to their own i guess but for me continuum doesn't feel long or slow to say nor does it seem business oriented for me its exactly as named.... A continuation of an experience from small screen to larger display with seamless adaptation to scale and resolution but that's just me ☺.
  • Because ignorance
  • It's the DEX, bro! Get on board with the DEX! It's the FUTURE! -pukes-
  • Without knowing anything about W10M or seeing a commercial, what about "Continuum" tells you what the feature does? Not that "Dex" is any better in that aspect, but Samsung is likely to actually market the feature. 
  • NO point to argue with the fanboys Tom.  They just had their perverbial ass handed to them by Samsung...PLUS,  The "FOLDABLE" samsung is probably going to be the note 8....before the UNICORN surface "phone" arrives.   Game set and match for anything mobile from Microsoft.  DONE LIKE DINNER!
  • By the immaturity in your response, it's no surprise you throw the fanboy word around. Remember this is a forum where everyone can share their opinion. It's my observation that Samsung's naming convention is rather odd. It still is my opinion. As an IT Manager, I have to be open to all technologies, not blindly follow one. My personal preference because of the state of Win 10 M on my Lumia 950, is to use a OnePlus 3 device and not Samsung. Again, there are many choices and every user gets to make those to their liking. 
  • Stop speaking coherently.  It's changing the tone of this thread.
  • I keep wondering why you bother taking the time to still visit Windows Central when all things Microsoft are so ugly in your eyes. You must have really nothing to do the entire day...
  • Sorry,  all things microsoft is where your wrong.  I will only own windows laptop/desktop devices....even going one step further my next round of devices in about 3 months are going to be 2 surface books with performance bases and a surface studio.  So please....give up with the fanboy goggles of my views.   WINDOWS MOBILE SUCKS.....NOT WINDOWS DESKTOP....two completely different things.   You can make a phone call and check your email with a windows phone at this point.  I am purchasing a 950xl for the fact that it works and ties in with 3d builder...which I need for my business.  So there ya go...even though the platform is dead,  I am still buying one because of ONE FEATURE.  The rest,  Android and IOS just simply walk over windows 10 mobile.
  • You are such a beast! I admire you!
  • Lmao your baits always work here
  • I think you just answered your own question.
  • At least you tried
  • This Microsoft's self-sabotaging behaviour is getting ridiculous. How long the board will wait to see the obvious and dump this stupid Nadella? If it's only about the money, as far as I can remember, Ballmer was doing at least as good as Nadella is doing...
  • How is it self sabotaging? If anything, it's better for them since more people will use Office 365 licenses rather than move to Google's GSuite. 
  • Not necessarily. People are already using (free) Google apps by virtue of being on Android, and Google makes sure to keep their products in line with their goal and vision of uprooting Microsoft (by not developing for them on mobile). You need a license to use Office 365.
  • People may be, companies not so much. GSuite also has a cost for business, though I can't remember it off the top of my head. By continuing to develop Office for iOS and Android, Microsoft provides a way for Office 365 subscribers to still use their applications, rather than have those businesses test GSuite. 
  • No major corporation (the major users of productivity software) is abandoning Office for Google Apps, they arent even remotely up to par
  • Lmao "free" google apps you mean... Not as much used as you imagine
  • It really just feels like Nadella doesn't care about Windows.  You know he comes from being a server guy and from really pushing server, that was his entire early career at MS was desperately trying to convince enterprise to run IIS.  Now he's more interested in pushing Azure and MS services.  I wish they would spin out their cloud platform to a seperate company to stop him from turning Microsoft into the next IBM, or worse, SGI.
  • Well. Bye Bye Continuum. Windows 10 Mobile's last trick just got topped. It's CShell or Hell for Windows 10 Mobile at this point. The only positive I can think of is that maybe, just maybe, hotels, libraries, restaurants, and other businesses will be more compelled to put up dummy terminals if this phone does well. Then maybe, just maybe, we can piggy back off of that success...assuming the S8 uses USB-C.
  • It does use USB C, but there's no certainty that terminals will be cross compatible to Windows devices. I would be intrigued to test out an S8 on a Microsoft dock to see if it works, if so I expect many people to sell their MS docks as cheap alternatives to Dex in the not too distant future.
  • Yeah, that's what I'm really interested to know if DeX dock and Continuum Dock can be used interchangeably. Though my guess is that it won't work because of driver compatibility and proprietary standards behind-the-scene. What I wish to happen is in the near future, we should have a standard protocol for these docks to work in any devices and platform. So Windows and Android can use with same docks. USB-C Docks should be platform neutral so does extra peripherals and add-ons such as external GPU.
  • LMAO boi. No really this **** is ao fun to read
  • Can't say I'm surprised. MS is after all a software company and money talks. Just want to see what Build brings.
  • Build will bring nothing, and this Jason Ward dude will keep selling dreams.
  • Why MS why..... Now we have the answer if they care about us......
  • Lol Microsoft sucks and we are all suckers for sticking with them for so long. I just wish there were something else out there I wanted... :-(
  • They don't suck. It's just Win10 mobile. There's nothing good about it besides the start screen, action center, Cortana, and camera. It just has a nice interface. They could easily import this to Android.
  • You litterally mentioned everything that's keeping me on a Win10 mobile.  Guess what?  It's all there still.   Also, if they can implement the interface on Android I would consider switching.
  • Download Cortana Download SquareHome Done
  • Any launcher trying to copy the actual live tile implementation in Android is a joke. I moved away from WP for over two years already but absolutely none of these "windows phone" launcher ever come close. Ironically I am using Microsoft Arrow launcher which works great.
  • Agreed. I think MS needs to be the one implementing the launchers.
  • here maps, paypal, santander bank app and my fitnesspal, netflix still cant cast to my tv,and no premium feeling windows phone, theres my resons i bought the s7 edge last year.  i still thiunk windows is the best os but lack of apps and working out of the box functions like android pay and apple pay really do finally put a coffin in windows mobile for me. You know what  groove doesnt read my sd card on a s7 edge, so thats a huge market of people wholl not use groove and the app is better than play but again microsft too slow.  Oh wait ipad air 2 has no actual app for it.  Using ios the phone app on the ipad is not good, and thats not surprising as its not made fopr the ipad tablets lol. cortana on the s7 edge is pointless.  doesnt even come close to the windows version, hell google  now assistant and siri arent even as good as cortana, shame we cant get cortana the proper intergrated version into our android phones.
  • Could they import reliability and security? Nope. Could they export spyware and lags? Nope. Case closed
  • id say the oposite.  window s10 is great on desktop and good on mobile, i defo prefer it to ios and android, but the big problem is microsft, they do suck.  One drive free storage removal anyone?  always online xbox one?   Edge wont let you open a new tab to the default home page of your choosing?  Forced installs of windows 10 to people? people with a kaby lake or higher cpus will ahve to install windows 10.  Microsft continues to do stupid things even after the one single brilliant marketing moment, the surface book.  So yeh microsft suck.  Remember when they removed games for windows and stoped alot of your paid games working overnight, i do.  Do you really want to put trust in their newly found interest in gameing, the single thing that keeps some people on windows dektop.  If apple or google took a large  interest in pc gameing i doupt microsft would be anything more than another ibm or even a smaller cisco
  • Hey, look on the bright side, with Creative Update we'll have do we have with this update???
  • so when is this Creative Update due? :p
  • Lol talk for yourself
  • Huge Windows 10 fan, was really hoping they would get Citrix on Continium sooner rather than later, mostly so I wouldn't have to take my work laptop home at night.  Dissapointed Android did it first but maybe Windows can follow suit.  (I know, don't get my hopes up...)
  • So Microsoft had 2 years head start and are now about to be completely passed by Samsung in less than 6 months, given the Samsung's reach.  This is simply ridiculous. Surface Phone better be something insanely ground breaking, otherwise all hope is lost.
  • At this point, the S8 is the Surface phone. Windows mobile is still very much incomplete and any services that compare to the S8 (Bixby vs Cortana, Dex vs Continuuim) are lacking in polish and feel like beta software. That's not to say the S8 is perfect, I haven't tried one out, but so far it certainly looks like an all round powerhouse that MS can't compete with.
  • Yeah, it seems S8 is the "Surface Phone" of today that you can buy, unless for people just don't like Android and Google for whatever reason period. DeX may not be a perfect desktop experience, but geez they manage to actually have a real desktop experience while MS who have a 2-year headstart stuck with Tablet-like projected experience from 2011. DeX at least can run unoptimized apps in portrait window, while W10M Continuum doesn't allow you to run at all. Not to mention the healthy developer support and flexibility of having to run Bash in specialized IT needs means that Samsung literally steals a limelight from Continuum for now. Microsoft always have this problem of being first to introduce wonderful innovative idea but suffers from bad execution, half-baked implementation, unpolished and very slow progress that competitors often able to overtake them with better implementation and way more polished experience, even not perfect.
  • LOL
  • There is no surface phone.
  • I agree with the disappointment of MS on this, but Microsoft has Samsung beat "if" they release a new phone soon that runs on SD835 with W10M interface and when docked displays W10 interface with x86 app emulation.
  • That still leaves it with an unpopular mobile OS. 
  • it took more than an year for W10M to stabilize, cant imagine MS releasing a perfect WoA on arrival, history tells us it will be full of bugs and cause surface phone to fail
  • This news has really made me sad today.
  • You and me both.
  • Not me :)) I am filled with joy seeing Samsung slam MS in the face with something better. Maybe this way Microsoon and their CEO will finaly understand how to deliver quality and good stuff, not beta crap and lies over lies to users.
  • It's not like the care bro. They don't and it's not even a competition for them, if it was they wouldn't have aided Samsung in Dex.
  • And now the consumer at large will believe that Samsung 'invented' the continuum feature. The Marketing dpt at Microsoft should have been fired a long time ago for a big fail in the mindshare game,
  • OH ****... OH ****... OH ****...
  • You people are really ridiculous... 🙄
  • Drama! :)
  • A part of me sunk as soon as I read the headline. I predict that a large swath of people on the fence about switching will now leave Windows on phone to buy the SG8. Microsoft just lost the perception war for 3-in-1 smartphones. Samsung will market the living daylight out of DeX and in a few months (!) most people will never realize there was anything called Continuum, and if they do assume Microsoft copied Samsung. Thing is, even the polish of the UI is surprisingly better with DeX on first glance. I don't usually like being pessimistic but Microsoft talks or imagines a lot more than releases in time (and strongly enough) for their plans to matter. Then they don't market enough and wonder why things are the way they are. I think Microsoft is hedging for the possibly of Windows on phone dying off ("our apps are already on the ruling platforms") or becoming Enterprise-only (business buying fleets of small-form-factor, Windows-10-on-ARM devices running the full OS). Your call, Microsoft.
  • NO one realized there was a thing called continuum anyways...only about 20 fanboys and microsoft employees (even then, limited amounts)....
  • And the other million on the enterprise market that you looks like don't know that market exist
  • who bought it in enterprise? i have not seen it anywhere, enterprise is not quick to pickup anything new until it is fairly established.
  • Do you know all the companies around the world? Do you know all the HP clients?
  • MM-PT is just another fanboy with empty hopes that companies were dumb enough to actualy buy that overpriced X3 and actualy use the continuum with no apps and poor implementation :)) He actually believes this, can you imagine? We don't have to know all the companies in the world. Any non-MS blinded fanboy ca notice that no sane company would invest in wincrap mobile and evn less pay over 700EUR on that X3 to do what with the HW it has? run winshit mobile? :))
  • Nice bait is nice
  • How is dex a clunkier name than continuum...?
  • It's not name its about last man standing.
  • Another thread full of crying losers.  Why don't you all go on to your Android and iOS fansites and just leave Windows Mobile alone?
  • Because people need to give feedback so Microsoft hears the cries. If it weren't for us "crying losers", you would never see 950/XL simply because Microsoft gave those device not because they wanted, but because they were pressured. Believe it or not, Microsoft employees do read these blogs and comments.
  • You are crying over a thing that no one knows if it works. Dex looks nice on pictures... Like Ubuntu phone does...
    Does it works? Hum... maybe not so nice as looks at the pictures.
  • It's been demo'd and runs super nicely.
  • Like continuum did on the demo... Even with side by side windows...
    Come on... LOL
  • It's useless man, retards don't grow iq
  • james...secretly you are the one 10 mobile just got it's death KNELL from Samsung...Even Microsoft knows this,  hence the reason the backdoored apps that were partnered with samsung on it...Do you think MS did not know this was coming????  if you do,  you are very out of touch with MS and their "ways"...This is the reason why the "SURFACE PHONE" unicorn was not released or announced....Microsoft knew this was on the way from Samsung...and instead of wasting more money on a crap OS with no support,  they jumped on board and got their services designed for DeX.  
  • MS already supporting Samsung for years.
    MS also support ipads.
    This is business, not a playground .
    Off course ms knew about this to have office ready on time.
    Like it knew about ipad pro.
    Business is business.
  • Business is business also for Apple, for Samsung, for LG etc yet they deliver, unlike MS which has become totally incapable of anything mobile related, anything besides PC and Xbox is big fail for them...and I do not even wonder why...when you fire engineers and replace them with cheap interns and free insiders it's obvious you're gonna have a mediocre quality. interns need time to settle, and insiders are not all pro testers.
  • Because they now lagdroid is simply **** and ios devices are too expensive and sometimes retarded
  • Don't knock something because you cannot afford it....lagdroid..ha ha...faster than ANY windows phone.   proven time and time again.  and ios is even faster again.  please come back with some real arguments.  I would love to hear something worthwhile...but LAGDROID and TOO EXPENSIVE are LAME COP OUTS!   Just so you know!
  • Things may suggest microsoft is slow again, but Samsung lately has shown to be fast and volatile. I'm sure there's still merit to microsofts approach to deliver a more robust, stable and safe OS. The guarantees with DeX are still unknown as what samsungs reputation will be in reliability and servicing for consumers and business and consumers. For now it all presents itself as a one off system. Although I feel excited for Samsung achievement to push competition, I think Microsoft has done a better job with hardware performance and reliability and desirability lately. For business though Samsung would potentially have the tough job in business to convince them to choose android over dependency of win32/legacy programs. Microsoft does cater for that. So it would be interesting to see if android and windows would be willing to collaborate. Would certainly fit microsfts roadmap for rs3 and Samsungs Dex project with android. I think this in a way is a win for Microsoft as they have finally found a door, in a way, to take over the pc and mobile space. Dex would the catalyst Microsoft is looking for to make things work for windows 10., playing android, and perhaps iOS too, right from under their noses. Interesting development.
  • For an average Joe it doesn't matter. With Dex they can use multiple Apps and surf easily. 
  • You tried already?
  • Do I need to, Just look at the number of app support Adobe, Microsoft, VMware etc etc etc And for fun you can watch this:
  • Sure they do, in their dreams
  • Wevenhuls,  Please lay off the cheap drugs you are on.  Microsoft mobile hardware is more desirable than samsungs? are in another "galaxy" so to speak with that comment.  Thats why samsung pummels every other manufacturer in sales....even the mighty apple.   Microsoft sells 10s of units every quarter. 
  • Or the remark could be too sober and narrow-minded. Better desirability and sales of samsungs devices would suggest Samsung galaxy is the drug here.
  • Nope...the samsung is not a drug...Just a very well designed phone that has desirability...unlike windows mobile devices.!
  • Man, you have some deep seated emotional issues you need to have checked out... or at the very least go get a cat. The level of trolling you commit to is borderline psychotic and manic depressive at best.
  • My second comment was meant at me. The second sentence in the second comment was a humouristic play with context. The second comment was not meant as a sarcastic Steve.
  • I think that you are the one with issues 513.  because someone has a differing opinon on the ACUTAL state of windows 10 mobile,  instead of the fanboy goggles that many wear 10 mobile is D E A D dead.'s true....if it were'nt,  why would MS even develop their office apps for the DeX platform?
  • Of course windows phone is dead, its being replaced by Windows, and MS is a software/service provider, if their is a platform you better believe they will offer their software and services on it. Thats why their stock is doing so well. It has nothing to do with your opinions lol, look at the manic nature in which you spam these boards trying to belittel and condescend to people that disagree with you. Its depresing to see a person be so unhappy with themselves that they would need to use this board as an outlet to try and make their lives seem less pathetic. I truly hope that you someday seek out and get the help that you need, or i fear the worst. No happy or well adjusted human being goes to the lengths you do to mock others. Dont give in to the hatred, your life can be turned around no matter how bad it might be right now, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to be willing to reach out and make the effort to not be such a horrible excuse for a human being.
  • Gentlemen, please.
  • Can people stop calling Microsoft a software/service company? They have been producing hardware for at least two decades.
  •     Microsoft's Satya Nadella announced himself at Build 2016 that Microsft would continue its ambitions and mission as a software and services company.
  •   ha ha..symantics...513..... WIndows on devices to be used mobile, LIKE A PHONE/surface "phone" unicorn is dead...NO APPS,  NO DEVELOPMENT,  NO BACKING from microsoft.  if you cant take the truth regarding mobile/phone/Phone/arm/Unicorn farts,  then maybe you are the who needs to stop visiting...your the one with their panties in a bunch...not me.
  • You don't really need to ridiculise yourself so much man
  • Man, there are places you can go to find the help you need. Please just take the time to get yourself checked out, mental health is a serious thing and shouldnt be ignored like this. Youre in desparate need of help, nobody should be as angry and sad as you.
  • Because the same reason as developed for iPad pro - is Surface Pro dead?
    Business, money, long term revenues.
  • He is a savage! :)  
  • Lmao "very well designed phone"... Man you should be writing comics
  • Well, this sucks.  The only things is that it is Samsung software; that isn't a good thing.  Samsung software generally isn't good..  Google and Android basically saved Samsung by being the software for their hardware.  'Course, if this is a shell or feature on top of the parts of Android that were very similar to Continuum, that is a lot less programming Samsung has to do, so it might work. Either way, I'll wait for Apple to introduce this feature.  It will be feature competitive before MS at this rate...
  • Apple with continuum? LOL
    Not going to happen.
  • Your iPhone is also a mobile Mac Mini! Apple people will eat that up. It will be a while before Apple goes that direction. Mac hardware sales will have to be minimal, Apple doesn't want to decrease software sales.
  • Lmao nope. His iphone is a small ipad and the ipad is a small iphone, neither of those runs a real os
  • Don't need it to.  I have a windows 2 in 1.   works great.  and while mobile my iphone kills anything with windows moible on it.
  • At last ms found a cause to kill W10M. Good luck Samsung.🤣
  • Watch the review of Samsung S8 and you will know why MS S**ks at implementation. So long Continuum :(
  • So, Microsoft releases continuum almost two years ago? A first party OS on a first party device that still lacks primitive features, applications, and uses. Samsung comes out of the gate with a better system with better implementation. Sounds about right. As I've said before, the Surface Phone exists, unfortunately it'll be released by Apple or Samsung before MS gets their junk together!!
  • What's next? "Microsoft announces the sufrace phone running Android"?.. This is so frustrating..
  • No, that doesn't make any sense...they will announce win32 apps on Android. Wait...whaaat???
  • Hahaha hahaha... That's so funny that I am actually less unhappy about the Samsung stealing the thunder from MS's butt.
  • Microsoft created this Phone on the Desktop thing... now other companies are going to take it and run. Microsoft gets very little out of it once again because of a lack of marketing.
  •   Hey Bleached, DBJCS (nokia man),  and myself have all called this play LONG ago.  Microsoft's fanboys were oblivous to the fact that it was on the way....and guess what...the folding phone idea,  that will be the new NOTE series....NOT a surface phone being released first.  Samsung has one upped Microsoft in a big way now....They have a phone that runs microsoft apps,  adobe apps etc in a desktop environment, which is more than continuum does,  plus they have the phone that acutally has mobile apps on it,  NOT pinned websites. Richard,  Enterprise will eat this up....full android app catalog,  all the needed desktop apps on the DeX side of things...better than the joke that is microsoft mobile on both fronts!
  • Sure sure, the broken record still spins
  • Yeah totally  you feel compelled to comment on everyone of my posts.  Broken record poor sap.
  • Ibr so benevolent... Surely the one who could pull out Steve out of his miseries.
  • As much as I like Microsoft and want them to succeed, I like this. Ultimately Id just love one device that can replace my multiple others. Now With other companies doing this, it is going to up the ante, you could say. Sure Ubuntu is doing it too, but this is big. It will only cause increased competition which will increase innovation in the territory.
  • No device will replace others, lagdroid phones can't even replace real phones
  • Ms has failed the fans
  • Dominic,  This just in.....2 years ago!!!!!!!
  • Like it or not, MS is not a fan oriented company. Never was, never will.
  • Is this works like Continuum does with just a a Wireless Display Adapter, I'm officially jumping ship. Continuum was the last thing w10m had going for it. And the only thing holding me over. I'm sure even Android is more stable than w10m by now.
  • Like its been said before, we kept wm alive, we have to be the ones to kill it.
  • You all are acting like it's the end of the world for Microsoft in general. Well guess what? Win10 Mobile has been dead for a while. The only reason any of us stick to it is because it's beautiful. Not because of its functionality. It can't do much. Microsoft is not going downhill. Increasing numbers of people are using Win10 for desktop, more people are using Bing, ridiculous amounts of people use MSN, Office is used everywhere, tons of people use xbox, etc. Microsoft's stock right now is at almost at an all time high despite mobile being down the toilet. Microsoft is doing great in other things. If anything MS can make Win10 mobile run Android. The Windows Store has lots of apps but not as many as other stores because on Windows 10 for desktop developers want to make POWERFUL apps and not lightweight store apps. Win10 has all the apps on the internet. Developers are not going to make Photoshop a UWP app. It's not happening. This is why devs don't go to the store. They have more powerful methods. Despite this MS is making a smart move with the thing with Desktop Bridge. This is normal for Pcs. Macs and Linux systems don't have many apps either. All the apps are for mobile. But MS doesn't have the apps for it. Either they create something else revolutionary secretly and release it once Win10 mobile has outstanding customization and more features like Android, or they screw it and make apps for Android and IOS like they're doing now and merge the remnants of Win10 to other systems to keep the great Win10 features available on devices with a ton of apps.
  • The problem I see is that Windows (not only Mobile) will also be in problems in the near future. As more people start to use their phones (mostly Android) as their only device, full Windows will become obsolete. Of course there will still be a need for it, but mostly for professional or business use. The regular consumer will be happy enough with just a phone, specially if they can dock it for a desktop experience when necessary. I say either MS takes agressive action in the next 6-12 months, or they will be obsolete in 3-5 years.
  • I completely agree. However, I do know many people who game as well. So besides business and professional use we can consider gamers.
  • True.
  • Azure and other services has been increasing profits YoY.
    Most of the cloud oriented services from MS you can use it on every platform, on every OS... even on the fridge.
    Smartphones is a small part of a big pie... and smartphones as we know today will be much different in 5 years... if still exist smartphones.
    Most of the people who complains only see smartphones as the end product and not even have vision to see that this market are changing real quick.
  • MArket is changing, tech is changing and almost every OEM follows, except MS. IT doesn't matter where you look: 5 years from now, 10 years from now as long as MS hasn't proved anything in the past 5-6 years! nothing! besides the PC area, gaming area and office services, they have nothing towards the evolution of the mobile devices: smartphones and whatever form they will take in the future!  They have nothing! Windows 10 mobile, continuum as they have it, it's all a bad joke, a mediocre/pathetic/embarassing attempt that should go in history as the worst developed things from a once respectable company, that was even so pathetic to sell a beta broken OS to the public on new hardware (950/XL)
  • All of that would be great news...if my sole intent in life were to make Microsoft a great company. It's not.  I'm glad their stock is "at almost an all time high" as I'm sure it is a component of my 401k; that is good news for my retirement.  Suppose, for a moment, that I want to call my wife, check on my account balance, play a song on my Sonos system and then later fly my DJI Mavic drone. Is there one hand held, portable device in the world that can do all that? Is that device made by Microsoft? As far as Win10, there isn't anything in it that I absolutely have to have and quite a bit about it that annoys me.  Does that mean the "end of the world for Microsoft in general"? I don't know; probably not but I do know that I can see an end to my use of Microsoft products. Not because they're a bad company but because they don't provide the things I want. Bing, Office. MSN(?) and even Cortana are not reasons for me to hang around.
  • I see what you mean. However phones are always going to be a limit when you have a small screen. You can't do professional art or music editing or post a good video to YouTube on a phone unless the phone is like Continuum to the max with support for Win32 apps. However most of the things you do are on the phone. The thing about phones though are that I start to hate them. So many things are being developed for them that they are constantly in people's hands and people are addicted. I know a person who is so addicted to their phone you can't even have a conversation with them at times. I hope PC never dies because I'm sick of this disease that mobile devices are bringing us.
  • I upvoted your response and I, too, see what you mean. This thing we call a "phone", has become, for better or worse, a ubiquitous portal into the digital world. Not everyone can afford or even wants a PC or a tablet but most every human on the planet can get their hands on a smartphone; and where the people go, so go the developers. I use Adobe LR and Ps for photo editing and can't imagine doing this on a phone or even a tablet. There will always be a powerful PC in my house for those type of tasks. Years ago I was firmly entrenched in Windows having jumped on board with the Lumai 920 and then the Icon (even had one of the first Surface Tablets.)  Loved  both of the phones and had I been able to find simple things like banking apps and support for my "digital toys" I'd still have a Windows Phone. I'm not sure what to make of Continuum, as I don't think it would have saved Windows Mobile but the fact that Samsung has come out with the S8 and Dex supported by MSFT seems a harbinger of things to come.  
  • For those looking to switch, I'd recommend the following: Axon 7, HTC One Plus 3T, Pixel, Galaxy S8.... enjoy
  • wtf is the HTC One Plus 3T?
  • It's hybrid...
  • Xiaomi MI Mix is what LG and Samsung copied. I recommend it now its global. Its the only thing I have that's not Microsoft. Cortana works on it so it syncs to my PC.
  • Why would I want to switch to that ****?
  • oh btw, Its raining Android Phones!!!!
  • It's been pouring Android phones for the last few years.  Competition is crazy on that side of the fence.
  • MS just kicked us windows mobile users in the 🏐🏀⚾ . Please Nadella, finish your master plan. Pull the plug on our OS and put us out of our misery So we can move on to android or iOS.
  • And if you do move you'll have plenty of MS apps to use.
  • Why wait? Fine mobile devices running either OS are available right now.  
  • So, now that continuum has been overtaken, let's see what happens to Hololens.
  • I remember seeing something about iGlass from Apple planned for next year.
  • LOL but seriously... C'mon lol
  • This just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I am tempted to leave my 950 for this now for good. But I am still put off by touchwiz. I want a clean android experience at least. EDIT: Go ahead and down vote. 😂 I have done nothing but support this platform and will continue to use it. But being a W10M loyalist is like being friend zoned by a chick who dates others guy but you stick around anyways because you still have hope. Microsoft needs to be called out on letting Continuum sit and squander their two year lead.
  • try the Axon 7, my daily driver, keep your 950 nearby for that every now and then desire for a shot of w10m tech.
  • I actually got a Moto G4 for just a cheap android phone. Still love my 950 and use it regularly. But options are nice.
  • And even Android is behind.  Unless you haven't noticed how much of TW features have been implanted in Android N.  Android needs Samsung just as much as Samsung needs Android.  They work hand and hand but the "Android Experience" is overrated.  
  • Yeah trust me I'm not a fan of android. But I was convinced to buy a device given what a pathetic update RS2 is for mobile.
  • Yeah I feel you, I have probably no chance now of going back to to WM.  Android is just to enriched and ftis my needs much better. 
  • The android experience is complete ****, I mean totally
  • you poor blind little person.  Android is miles ahead of windows 10 moible.
  • So the feature on W10M that the iphone/android fans dismissed as an unnecessary gimmick that could all be done in 'like you know, the cloud' or using a VM, is suddenly the Microsoft killer now it's on Samsung?
  • It's still a dumb idea compared to just bringing a laptop with you. It's slightly less dumb now that the feature is on an operating system that people actually use. 
  • Yeah like that and Apple will come out and make like they made it all happen. The thing is Microsoft will have full Windows 10.
  • DeX is a big step forward for Android. I already see how developers will begin to update applications in a crazy speed for large screens. This means more applications for Android / ChromeOS on laptops and also means less interest for windows ecosystem, even for enterprise market.
    But Microsoft will not just stand there, I'm sure they will find a way to bring Win32 apps on Android.
  • You mean like Microsoft has been doing already?
  • I have no ideea, but we are talking about Microsoft, so everything is possible. Not to mention the fact that they are already working on emulating Win32 apps for ARM in Windows, how hard it would be for them to do it for Android too. If this Android "Continuum" will become a "thing", then I think they will not will destroy their mobile division even worse ... as that seems to be their strategy.
  • This is Samsung product, not android product
  • It is a Samsung product built with Android. I bet they are using Android Freeform to create this desktop interface. It would certainly be much easier than creating their own Windowed mode.. That is the difference​ between Google's​ and Microsoft's strategies. Microsoft implements a half baked feature and doesn't allow manufacturers to iterate or improve them at all. Google gives manufacturers the tools and allows them to create their own features and experiences. It is no wonder manufacturers have always been more excited to create Android devices. In this case, Google put Freeform into Android and let manufacturers take it and run. Now LG is going to have their version and HTC will probably be right behind them. They will all be able to use the same apps and the ecosystem will grow as app developers can just add a desktop UI to their Android apps.
  • This is actually positive do Microsoft. More O365 clients, creates the awareness on the people to the concept of having a pc on the pocket... this leads to full software on a smartphone - and android cant have it.
  • Lol for the optimism. ppl already have a pc in their pocket, all lightweight use cases are handled well by Android and IOS apps. full software on the phone that you envision will have terrible use of phone unless its an UWP, meanwhile no one is adapting to UWP for their full scale software. Also X86 will still not run natively on the phone but via emulation and also pc devices will not be powerful enough to run a full adobe suite and heavy games(the kind of examples that WSheep keep on citing).
  • Microsoft will gain from any successful operating system through its services, but I think we rely on an erroneous assumption, namely that "full software" will always mean software for x86 / x64. ARM has advanced tremendously over the past 10 years and now, with Snapdragon 835 appears to be prepared for laptops. What if ARM will get to lead basic consumers market (except for advanced users)? Right now, Microsoft has nothing on ARM, I do not think it's a coincidence that we see so many news about Windows and ARM (Windows on ARM, Win32 applications on ARM, etc.). Android apps can be more complex and powerful than they are now on big screens, and I think that we will see from developers in near future.
  • Not really. The reality is that google writes ****** code with more spyware and bugs that everything else, and oems try to make some money modifying and introducing even more bugs in what is already a mess
  • When it comes to spyware, all of them use it, even if we talk about Google, Microsoft or Apple. They need to understand better how people use their technology, it is true that Google and Microsoft are in advertising, but users are usually not interested in these aspects. And about OEMs, I understand that it's better without them? Today, I believe you are more likely to find gold than a phone with Windows.
  • I'm thinking that bringing win32 apps on Android is almost impossible, but how about this. Make bash and Linux subsystem and a nice universal source code editor available on Windows 10 Mobile and Contiinum has a good chance to beat DeX, the reason is that Ubuntu on Windows 10 is much more capable than environments like termux on Android which limit the available programming languages available.
  • Continuum can beat DeX only on paper, but Android evolves much faster. Google Play had no problem to reach almost 2 million applications with just one programming language. Android has the perfect trio - users, applications (developers) and OEMs.
  • Hey Rich, talking about that HP EliteX3, tell Dan to uplaod an updated video on the performance of the production build version as it stands now, before the CU. Thank you. PS will the latest firmware.
  • it's not just about Continuum (which has no interest for me) - just look at the size of the big one, or even the standard one. This is a push to make phablets the new norm, in the process hoping that for most people the"phone" really will become the only computer they need (hence the DeX strategy as weil). But think about it... the cost of one of these is going to be more than a pretty decent small laptop - so give me that laptop and a cheapish phone and you have a far more potent combination, in every way. If this is the plan it deserves to fail, and I hope it does, but if it's successful it's bad news for Windows and Microsoft should at least be concerned.  
  • Good point.
  • For most people, their phone already is the only computer they need. 
  • That's simply not true - anyone who needs to create rather than consume (in business, education, and many leisure activities) still needs access to a proper computer, and that's well over half the population. Sure, phones offer all the internet access many people need, but even then it's still an emphatically inferior experience. I'm not saying it will always be that way - more sophisticated input options and collapsible form factors could change things, but we don't seem to be anywhere near that yet.   
  • FANBOY DOWN VOTES....I missed them....truth hurts fanboys!
  • Not really, but trolls like you are always effective
  • wwaaahhhh I don't like what your saying....that is what you sound lilke HPVEZ.  crybaby...holy crap!
  • The problem I see is that Windows (not only Mobile) will also be in problems in the near future. As more people start to use their phones (mostly Android) as their only device, full Windows will become obsolete. Of course there will still be a need for it, but mostly for professional or business use. The regular consumer will be happy enough with just a phone, specially if they can dock it for a desktop experience when necessary. I say either MS takes agressive action in the next 6-12 months, or they will be obsolete in 3-5 years. Go full throttle with Continuum, make it run Win32 apps now or die a not so slow death.
  • Hahahahhahahah c'mon
  • Bye bye, Continuum, bye, bey ...
  • What bunch of flip floppers. First you say Continuum is nothing then Samsung will kill Microsoft in the phone biz. Well which is it? While Samsung releases their "flag ship" with DeX Microsoft will be putting Continuum on mid range phones and a full Windows computer experience on their high end Surface Phone. The only way Samsung could match that is by making a Windows Phone. Android is not a computer program. Microsoft will also come out with tablets that can run full Windows 10 and make phone calls. Samsung will jump right in on that with Microsoft. We could get to a point where phones are gone all together. A "watch" for your wrist, a Bluetooth ear piece, and a foldable screen in your pocket. Who would ever think 20 or 30 years ago that it would be so easy to connect to the whole world like we do today?
  • Someone's about to call you a fanboy in 4.....3.....2....
  • I never thought about this, and it seems plausible. Good thinking :)
  • You sir, and many fanboys here have been saying the same: Microsoft Will....for the past 5 years, and MS did nothing so far but half baked products. Btw, who on earth would want a 7" tablet that can make a phone call? Maybe with a decent OS that actually has a great tablet experience, which windows 10 is not. Windows 10 is ok on a desktop/laptop. As a tablet is a complete crap because it is not optimized for touch, the entire interface is still too mouse+keyboard only oriented. I admire your optimism but you hope for nothing...MS is not capable of delivering in this matter, and DeX is another proof of how others can deliver what MS started and could not, or would not want to.
  • Please WhatsApp, pull the plug and put MS Mobile out of misery.
  • So losing a ****** app would end the os? Interesting
  • Samsung tried this a few years ago and it didn't take off. I think it was the Note 2 that had a dock to enable a monitor and usb ports. Depending how this is priced I might buy into it, but I'm mostly looking forward to the next Note.
  • Continuum has done nothing to stop Windows mobile sales dropping off the cliff. It's a niche product as it stands. Right now Dex is the same and will make little impact. However, as a dock attached to the living room TV it could turn your phone into a portable tv media and game player. Then I could see it catching on with the consumer and really taking off. Continuum meanwhile is dead in the water. Daniel! I thought Microsoft were supposed to be positioning themselves for the next 'paradigm shift'?? Looks like they've missed the boat again. Maybe the next one, if they're still in business.
  • You can do that with a Lumia 950 and 950XL. The shift will come when you can run full Windows 10. It could even kill off the Smart TV.
  • What people on this site fail to realise is that 'the shift' is never going to come. People have been proclaiming various forthcoming technologies as being the game changer for Microsoft mobile for years now. Guys, it isn't happening. Sorry, but that's the way it is. Not even full Windows 10 on a phone... No one outside the confines of this very small community is in the least bit interested in that. No one I know socially or at work has ever said to me that they are going to buy a Windows phone when they put full Windows 10 on them.
  • Thanks for your forecast LOL
  • MS has been waiting for the next shift for the last 5 years...:))
  • what u dont understand is full windows 10 is not coming. They couldn't even get their band to run windows and dropped band 3. What is coming though is windows on arm that will "try" to run windows programs in emulation mode, this will still suck on mobiles due to the design of non UWP programs being not designed for small screens, and also there will be performance considerations, the same reason why a pc stick has nt yet replaced every desktop or laptop on the planet
  • I've used my 950 to watch movies on my TV a few times.
  • It would be interesting to see this on a tablet, just the software interface when a keyboard/ mouse are connected.
  • Waiting for the bend in the curve? Well, here it is.
  • What makes this worse for me is that DeX is supported by Microsoft. Meaning they have known all about Samsungs vision and features for it to do so whilst sitting back completely neglecting Continuum. That for me tells me all I need to know
  • Microsoft is a software company. I think they only got into phones and other things to show manufacturers the way.
  • IPad pro is supported by MS.
  • More people are already using the internet more on phones than any other device.
  • This has already had more press coverage than Continuum in a year
  • That's good for MS
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 is a realization of how a trully talented team can create a robust solution. The opposite of this sentecne is what Microsoft is doing.  Of course there is no deny that designing and developing software is much more complicated and painful than creating fabulous devices, However we can easily assume that the long time ago cancelled surface phone couldn't even touch what Galaxy S8 can do. If Microsoft was (I don't care about the numbers, they didn't show anything really new since 2000) a software giant then Samsung is an industry Titan. They have their own factories, universities, unique R&D centers and mythical (not like surcafe phone) resources. They can create/construct/design/implement anything you want. Poor Microsoft now looks like a former employee who undrestood that eating burgers, drinking cola and smoking all his life now will end running out of time to take advantage of his pension. Like many said here today yes Microsoft can't fight right now and they imagine that they could fight "soon" . Nope... Being uninspired, untallented and unfriendly with consumers and die hard enthusiasts this CEO at least understood the limits of Microsoft  and he is trying to hide his company foggy future vision behind their customers' enterprise servers.  What Samsung show us today is how they can be inspired from competitors dead ideas like continuum and iris scanner and make them usefull. As far as I don't see Microsofts' implementations of their vision I perceive every rumor like Cshell, Surface Phone and everything else as a pleasing joke to remember that once upon a time ms did try something before they get old fat and lazy. The only chance that DeX will fail in enterprise enviroment is the security risks of Android. Everything else seems well tuned and helpful. Samsung did the right thing to create their own digital assistant and not using the questionable cortana who struggles so much against google (I've used them both) The gift is collecting user's data directly to their servers and not bying them from competitors. Welldone Samsung! 
  • Oh man so much bullshit in only one post
  • Very well said. MS has done nothing in the past year but mock users, sell them half baked products and turn lies over lies about how their vision is. Their visio is almost ZERO at this moment. Besides the Surface products and the xbox which, I admit, are nice but not without bugs, there is nothing else great in their yard. Windows 10 and 10 mobile?? OS that on every update manages to fck up something? An OS built after their CEO fired dozens of experienced engineers and testers? built with what? Interns and free guinea pigs insiders that did the testing for them? I haven't seen any other company taking their customers as fools, as much as MS is doing. Every company has it's shtholes, but MS's is so big that even they cannot get out of it. I am working every day with users complaining about Office 2016 and windows 10 so yes, I can tell the quality has gone far below decency! There isn't gonna be any surface phone, because MS has nothing to gain by releasing such a device. Who on earth besides some fanboys would be interested? I have seen how much attraction the X3 had. It doesn't matter if it was targeted for businesses (another pathetic excuse for the missing sales of course), it's almost missing from usage charts and sales charts.A very good and nice looking phone, plagued by a mediocre OS. So yeah, everytime MS fails misserabily, others succeed.
  • Microsoft wants us to leave it's platform by making apps for Samsung dex now I'm really angry from Microsoft
  • OH MY GOD. I can't believe that this is happening. Not the fact that Samsung just released DeX, but at the fact that the Windows community is like this. Windows fans have this really REALLY annoying habit of looking at the half full glass. Why can't we just admit that Samsung just shat on our lives and learn how to deal/tackle the problem
  • This is quite literally the dumbest commenting community for Windows on the entire internet, and to make matters worse WindowsCentral doesnt have a single moderator to control the rampant trolling and flamebaiting. This website is almost unberable if you scroll past the article
  • by all means 513...please leave!
  • You can, instead, or simply stop posting retarded comments
  • Or,  you can stop posting retarded things about every post that does not agree with your way of thinking.... btw,  you are the one who looks retarded here.
  • Samesung and their lagdroid rip off may have shat on your face maybe
  • That's it everybody go home       
  • Seems to me that this site might want to look into AzureCentral cause at the pace Microsoft is innovating, Windows on any platform will be eclipsed by people just wanting to compute with the device they have. Microsoft's move to the cloud is the logical step in stay relevant in the future.
  • DeX wouldn't change anything for me.  Since I purchased my L950 well over a year ago I've used Continuum about 3 times.  It's a neat feature at first but went back to using my desktop/laptop/tablet.
  • Thats because there is not any apps/content....if you had multiple apps that you could use,  it would be great.
  • Not really, it would still be yet another concept running on lagdroid
  • I must say,there presentation was pretty neat,here's summary in 10 minutes,c'mon Microsoft
  • I love the last part of the paragraph"And Microsoft is already coming into this mobile computing revolution from both sides. Microsoft is a ghost, we didn't think they could build a surface laptop even Samsung have no answer to. The clock is ticking and Microsoft is cooking.
  • So android have a continuum like experience, it doesn't change the os is unstable and the privacy is a joke, on top of that the apps are riddled with malware sending private and tracking data to 3rd party businesses and google allows the apps to continue to be downloaded. So I use Windows 10 sure its tracks data but not sold and not stored by Ms.
  • Yell yourself that.... Only to make yourself feel comfortable
  • Exactly, sadly (for them lol) none of those poor users get this
  • Will my Display Dock just sits gathering dust, so I imagine this would have no use for me either. But it's good that someone else has finally jumped out of the gate and is on this bandwagon because Microsoft were sure as hell dragging their feet on this feature.
  • I've gone from elite x3 (three faulty units in a row) that I've just returned, to an interim LG V20 that I'll pass to my wife as soon as my on preorder samsung galaxy s8+ arrives. I still have an interest in W10m but until there are huge improvements to the hardware and software I'll be using android phones and a surface book.
  • So it's like Continuum with apps.  As long as it has a remote desktop (RDP) client it can get to corporate data too. 
  • We should all save our collective breaths. Anytime I read another "Is Windows Mobile dead.." or "Here's why Windows Mobile is not dead.." articles from the wishfully thinking authors in Windows Central, I would comment with a warning that this was coming. Well its here now and this is just the beginning. The official version from Google is just around the corner and they are NOT playing. Only the blind, deaf and dumb would not have understood that the Android Ecosystem was gunning, not only for the desktop, but ultimately the Enterprise/Server/Cloud space. There's already a whole generation of youngsters growing up with the Android/Chrome as their default OS in school and at home. Once this makes its way down to lower spec/cheaper/more powerful phones, only then M$ really start to understand. M$ may be a good Software company, but they are lousy at everything else. Its a bit like the geeky math teacher with a really hot wife; he can count all the numbers he wants but if he can't unclog her pipes real good, she'll get someone to do it for her. Ask Apple...
  • I think it's rather funny.  Dex is a watered down version of Continuum and Bixby is a watered down version of Cortana.  I wouldn't give up my "Hey Cortana" for anything.  Look at all Bixby can do As Long As You Keep Your Finger On The Button! On second thought, it's really a shame.
  • Well that's coherent, lagdroid is a watered down version of an os anyway
  • I was wondering if windows central was going to scknowledge the arrival of this. One thing for sure thus far phone reviewers are much more impressed with that the S8 DEX combo can do... It sure did look smooth running 4 apps at once.
  • As usual a lot of doomsday rhetoric despite those very same people continuing to use the platform.  Not sure how this is bad for MSFT who is after all a "software" company turned hardware company.  DEX is a Samsung feature, not an Andriod feature.  So unlike Continuum you can't experience with just any Andriod phone, and lets face it, there are more users of lower priced Andriod devices.  Some people are premature in their assertions about DEX, virtualization ability.  It's not even close to being on par with HP's.  Still it's a nice sounding feature that I think won't get as much fanfare as some are leading.  MSFT is just fine and with the creators update coming things will continue to grow and get better.  DEX could be a real threat if the Andriod ecosystem used it.
  • it makes me believe Samsung invented Continuum. i can see Samsung sue Microsoft for this patent in future
  • Doesn't matter what Samsung comes up with after ripping off every company EVER! They still use Android, so....
    If they came to their senses and used Windows like they have done with their Book (another ripoff) then they would be something worth looking at. I think they will do well because, again, people that can't afford to fork out for Crapple will buy Samsung. Android is awful, an awful hot mess.
    This deX has done nothing to MS or Continuum. Samsung is currently in the middle ground world with Android and its crappy ecosystem. Outside of them is Microsoft with their professional and enterprise features that kick arse, and then Crapple with their teeny-bop, lollipop sucking fairy floss system.
    MS rules.
  • "The potential reach of DeX is much wider, though it's hard to say whether it's more appealing to enterprise buyers than something such as the excellent HP Elite x3."   I'll answer this. Enterprise will prefer this over the Elite X3 with a dead OS. First because enterprises can actually change things on Android themselves after Samsung provides the phones, something Microsoft doesn't allow. Then because enterprises ALREADY use Android devices so they don't have to be concerned with changing a platform. Then because this will allow for just one phone. If they give the Elite X3, employees would just be annoyed as they'd have to carry 2 phones. Let us not be silly to the point of thinking anyone with a functioning brain would leave their Android or iOS device for an X3 running a dead OS with no apps. And then because Microsoft itself is providing all the tools they need. Microsoft knows their mobile platform is dead. They know even the Elite X3 is a major flop. And that's why they're cosying with Samsung on this. It's in Microsoft's best interests that their services are well integrated on the world's most popular smartphones. And if the OEM of said phones develops their own Android Continuum, even better for Microsoft as they cut the costs of doing it themselves and yet achieve the same results.   I have zero intentions of replacing the S7 with the S8 for many reasons, starting with the size. But the S8 does have DeX going for it and if I were to use a mobile device to replace my Surface Pro 3 on the go, I'd definitely look towards DeX far quicker than I'd ever consider using another Windows Phone (and I've used Continuum on the's terrible).
  • Money is the driving force behind anything in business, and if I owned my own business I would want the option to choose the device I want to use a PC like tool with. You simply don't have the option with DEX.  Not only do you need an Galaxy 8 but you also need the DEX doccking station.  It doesn't even come as a part of the OS built into the phone.  So how much will that cost companies?  With Continuum I have the choice of the Elite X3, 950, 950XL, Alcatel IDOL 4S, and any other new phones that come out because it's embedded into the OS.  As MSFT continues to generate UWP applications you'll realize more how undead the OS is.  What if I can't afford a Galaxy 8??  Then what??  MSFT's move with continuum was calculated and they are continuing to build on it. DEX looks like it'll be interesting but it has a single audience right now and that isn't good for business.
  • "As MSFT continues to generate UWP application" In which alternate reality is this happening?
  • "Not only do you need an Galaxy 8 but you also need the DEX doccking station"   You also need a Continuum dock. Not an argument.   "It doesn't even come as a part of the OS built into the phone.  So how much will that cost companies?" Less than issuing phones with a dead OS that their employees will NOT want to use.   "With Continuum I have the choice of the Elite X3, 950, 950XL, Alcatel IDOL 4S, and any other new phones that come out because it's embedded into the OS." DeX was just introduced. The Note 8 will also have it. In fact, it's likely Samsung higher end phones in general will have it. And guess what? The S8 alone will sell more units than all those Windows Phones combined.   "As MSFT continues to generate UWP applications you'll realize more how undead the OS is. " UWP isn't going anywhere. It's pretty much dead in the water. Developers have little reason to develop apps for the Windows Store when most people do NOT use the Windows Store. And even less to prepare the apps (and yes, they have to be prepared) for mobile when even less people use Windows Phones. The "single audience" of the S8 is FAR superior to that of ANY Windows Phone. That things is as dead as it gets.   "What if I can't afford a Galaxy 8??  Then what??" Then you can't afford the Elite X3 either. Nor will you be able to afford a "Surface Phone" if it ever comes to be (which it won't).
  • LOL okay okay thanks for the same old crap
  • Continuum was a great idea. but i guess samsung will get the credit. microsoft always create awesome stuff, but other companies are better in their sales strategy so they end up getting the credit. good bye windows phone.  
  • Agreed.
  • "it will dwarf Windows 10 mobile sales". It's already down to zero.
  • I agree.
  • Not really
  • continuum is a failed crap from MS, with no multi window support, mediocre UI, it's slow and has no apps! This DeX however is how such device should be! Good job Samsung, in your face Microsoon
  • Hahahahhaahah funny but smells like every other bullshit
  • WOW something I remained on WP for was contiunem, very compelling alternative this would be come on Microsoft give me a reason to stay or hope even....
  • Once again microsoft is losing this battle. Now we can say Windows is dead. Android apps are so much better than windows app, soon nobody will care about exe and win 32 programs! Because company's will invest in android apps not in windows and stupid win32 programs.
  • "Because company's will invest in android apps not in windows and stupid win32 programs." How old are you? My guess would be under 15 if you truly believe this ****, real businesses cant run companies on Android apps
  • Sometimes this year, Samsung will include that DeX dock with a S8 or S8+ purchase in some countries. It's in their interest to promote it because it is indeed usefull for some, because it's well made and has APPS!
  • Microsoft is too late again.
  • You think Dex is a "clunkier" name than Continuum?   What planet are you on?
  • I think the compatiability is the biggest problem on using phone as desktop. Motorola and samsung tried to make an android smartphone experience as a windows desktop. But they all failed. The reason is the compatiability. Android is just made for touchscreen. The Microsoft Office application has limited functions than the office on windows phone. And the contents which must used with multitouch doens't works on it. Windows Phone has similar experience. They made perfect environment. But the problem was the lack of the contents. Still on, Windows 10 mobile continuum supports apps like Office, MS Edge, Minecraft, and some other UWP apps only. These make windows phone a bit useless machine.  
  • lol like their edge, outlook, skype and other things microsftis just too slow at developing.  I didnt and dont see continum as a game changer but the people that did must be think opps.
  • *sigh* Another nail in the coffin.
  • This is good for microsoft... What microsoft lacks is "user adoption" there are billions of people who review/complain about Windows Phone 7 - 10 and Windows 10 without even experiencing it for min 30 days   Now microsoft has a way through Samsung. Everyone who buys a GS8 will experience the continuum then when they actually use Microsoft's continuum they will know how to use it and they will be feel more productive on Windows 10 continuum