Game Chest: Logic Games - Review

Tactical thinkers and strategists rejoice! Chess, sudoku, and even Minesweeper are here in the second installment of the Game Chest series from Microsoft Game Studios. Game Chest: Logic Games classes up the place and throws down the proverbial gauntlet. Following suit with it's card-based counterpart, this Game Chest bursts open with exceptionally well polished graphics and an atmosphere a class above any other thinking person's game has delivered before.

The mood set by the music and in-game menu is one of sublime problem-solving perfection...

Each of the three games can be played at three varying difficulties so you can start Easy. Once you've got the hang of things you can advance to Normal or Hard. Each game also tracks your progress in Lifetime Stats so you can see just how well you've been doing. If that's not enough to keep you playing, Logic Games has the same experience and reward system that made Game Chest: Card Games so addictive. Earning pins and getting placed on Leaderboards adds substantial zest to old tried and true games. All of the games are great to pick up and play. Logic Games save at any point to be picked up again later on so you can continue right where you left off.

Game Chest: Logic Games may be a little biased toward fans of Chess because the best part about it is that it's turn-based multiplayer. You can play against your pals from phone to phone or on the web. Game invitations can be sent to any e-mail address. The invitation contains a link to Xbox Live's games portal where your opponent will have to sign in using their Gamertag. If they don't already have a Gamertag they can easily sign up for one and start playing for free. Notifications pertaining to who's turn it is comes either very slowly (no shorter than 15 minutes in my experience) or not at all, so it's up to each player to continually check to see if it's their go or not. It may not be the very best means of playing chess against someone but many seasoned chess players are already accustomed to waiting on their opponent.

Minesweeper, Chess and Sudoku have never looked so good or played so well on any mobile device before Windows Phone 7. For $2.99 you can hate two out of the three games and still come out on top. Casual gamers will really enjoy the mood and the ease of Game Chest's user interface with these familiar games. Hardcore gamers can get behind the challenge and the ability to earn experience, rewards, and achievements. Both will love the minutes or hours-long game sessions and will be quick to welcome Game Chest: Logic Games into their games library with open arms.

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Daniel Rubino

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