Game of Legions, a match-three Windows Phone game with punch

Game of Legions is a match-three styled Windows Phone game that has a fantasy combat twist. You create the matches to attack your opponent and advance through the gaming levels.

While the graphics are a little on the dark side, game play is challenging and it's kinda fun seeing your matches hurl spears, swords, axes and other items at your enemy.

Available for low-memory devices, Game of Legions is a nice break from the typical match-three games you see in the Windows Phone Store.

Game Layout

The game starts out with a series of tutorial banners that will cover the basics of game play. If I had to pick one downside to Game of Legions, it would be the tiny print on the help banners. Well… the tiny print throughout the game.

Nonetheless, after you tap your way through all the banners, you'll be led to the game's map. Game of Legions has twenty levels with contain sixty challenges. The challenges will be laid out on the level banner before you enter the battle.

Asides from jumping into game play off the gaming map, you can also access the blacksmith screen where you can upgrade your weapons and army strength. Just tap on the little blacksmith icon in the upper right corner of the map screen. There is also a ? button in the upper left corner that will pull up the help banners. As you play Game of Legions, new banners will appear when new gaming features are introduced and this collection will grow.

At the bottom of the map screen you will find your gold count and crystal count. Each battle will cost you one crystal but if you win the battle, you'll be rewarded with a crystal. The crystals will replenish automatically over time (one crystal every twenty-minutes) or you can buy crystals with your gold.

Game Play

The battle screen has your army at the bottom of the screen and the opposing army at the top of the screen. Across the top of the screen you will see your enemy commander's life count and gold. Across the bottom of the screen is your life count and gold collected during battle.

You attack your enemy by creating a combo of three or more of the same styled weapon. Tap and slide to swap out boxes and create those matches. When you do, a volley of weapons will sail towards the enemy army.

The goal is to take out the enemy commander and to do so, you will need to clear a path to the top of the screen by taking out enemy units. Any shots reaching the top of the screen will cost the enemy commander a life. The challenge is that while you are taking shots at the enemy, the enemy is taking shots at you and replenishing troops with each turn.

If you lose all of your lives first, game over.

Swords, spears and battle-axes have to cut through the armies to get to the enemy commander. Around the fourth battle, archers become available who can shoot over the enemy troops and strike the commander directly. Chain reactions are possible (matches creating additional matches) that will increase the damage to your enemy.

Overall Impression

Game of Legions is a fun game and a nice change of pace from your typical match-three games. I do wish the print was a little larger to make picking up the game particulars a little easier and that the game didn't require the crystals to battle.

The game does take a little time to get the hang of. Don't be surprised if you get slaughtered after the first battle (which is rather easy). I would wish there were more than twenty levels but with the crystals and the difficulty, the twenty levels should last a while for most players.

Graphics are nice, game play is rather challenging and overall Game of Legions is an addictive time waster of a game.

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