Game Troopers: Dedicated Xbox for Windows Phone publisher seeks Lead Programmer for 'drastic' expansion

The heroic publisher Game Troopers arrived last year to save Xbox for Windows Phone from the jaws of mediocrity. The company are now advertising for the position of Lead Unity Programmer ahead of what they're are calling a 'drastic' expansion of operations.

Game Troopers have thus far published the addictive virtual finance game Make It Rain and the adorable top down squad shooter Tiny Troopers, both with full Xbox integration. The company also recently announced the imminent arrival of Overkill 3, a popular third person shooter making the leap from Android and iOS.

Game Troopers is expanding its operations and will drastically increase its development and publishing activities and capacity in the upcoming months. In order to do that we will be publishing a number of offers in order to cover key positions for our company.

The full job listing points explicitly to the development of console titles (one has to presume this means Xbox), and Game Troopers also state that they'll have more vacancies to announce in the near future.

Game Troopers is currently undergoing an expansion and require a Lead Programmer to work on a range of mobile and some console titles. As the Lead Programmer you will be working on performance optimization & diagnostic on 3D and some 2D games, while leading and mentoring a small team of coders to produce a range of titles, you will also have a hand in contributing to the existing codebase, as well as creating your own code. As well as your day to day tasks, you'll be in charge of finding and introducing tools that improve the development workflow of the team.

Click here to view the full job listing.

Considering Unity's strengths for portability between platforms and ID@Xbox's arrival to Windows 10 devices, the prospects for future Xbox mobile games, and indeed Game Troopers, seems bright.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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