Popular mobile shooter Overkill 3 is heading to Xbox for Windows and Windows Phone

Game Troopers appeared out of nowhere mid-last year with a mission to bring quality mobile titles to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 with full Xbox integration. Thus far, the team have published cutesy top-down shooter Tiny Troopers and the addictive virtual money generator Make it Rain.

Not content with stopping there, Game Troopers have today announced that they are working with Craneballs and Plunge Interactive to bring popular Android/iOS shooter Overkill 3 to Windows and Windows Phone.

"Game Troopers is very happy to announce that we will soon publish a new game that will delight our audience. We have signed a deal with Craneballs to publish one of their major titles on Windows Phone and Windows tablets / PC. Craneballs is a highly talented studio from the Czech Republic. They are very remarkable for their awesome, high-level graphics games with lots of action, bullets, explosion, and fun. The game we are talking about is no other than Overkill 3. It could be defined as a 3D shooter, an action game, but we like to describe it as a console quality game for mobile devices. The game has been released recently on other platforms with excellent rankings and users reviews."

Overkill 3 is slated to hit sometime before May, and will only support higher end devices to begin with (presumably carrying a 1GB RAM requirement). Game Troopers have said they will work to bring the game to lower end devices later on.

Re-affirming their commitment to the Windows platform, Game Troopers expressed their excitement for Windows 10 and the opportunities it will bring to games developers. Considering the inclusion of Windows app stores as a publishing endpoint for the ID@Xbox program, Game Troopers seem well placed to capitalize on the future of the ecosystem.

Stay tuned for download links and more info in the near future!

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

Jez Corden a Managing Editor at Windows Central, focusing primarily on all things Xbox and gaming. Jez is known for breaking exclusive news and analysis as relates to the Microsoft ecosystem while being powered by caffeine. Follow on Twitter @JezCorden and listen to his Xbox Two podcast, all about, you guessed it, Xbox!

  • Game Troopers, take my respect. :)
  • Another dev who has been supporting the platform amazingly! :D
  • They are doing what Microsoft Studios should've been doing the past few years. Props to Game Troopers. I really look forward to their upcoming game, Abyss.
  • Yes! I now have respect for them :)
  • Like the games they brought so far and Xbox titles!
  • The more, the better!
  • Microsoft should hire these guys. They even seem to be excellent IP negotiators
  • They've been doing a grand job. :3
  • Game Troopers , the new Rudy for WP.
  • The Rudy of Xbox games
  • Hope Chillingo can allow Game Troopers to port CTR2, Time Travel and Pudding Monsters to WP as well. :)
  • 1gb requirement :'(
  • Game Troopers have said they will work to bring the game to lower devices later on.
  • Also, depending on your location, there may be some very affordable 1gb devices available. And perhaps even a phone trade program!
  • 640 my friend 640.  Tested it myself for a week and the dang thing is awesome
  • My greatest fear in the gaming specs is the requirement of 2gb ram...someday. Hope not.
  • All new Windows Phones (even the 430) have 1GB of RAM...
  • Yep I think going forward 1GB devices will be considered more on the low end. If this comes out on Windows 10 and not 8.1 I bet it will need 2GB initially. Not because of Windows 10 needing more resources, just because 1GB seems to be the new low end in terms of RAM for phones coming out now
  • Can't wait for this!
  • Free???
  • The Rudy of Games?
  • 10/10 will support.
  • All of us should write to them to express our gratitude and support. Their contact info is on their website. Gametroopers.net
  • Was lookin forward to it. Did em.
  • Whether it will support 512 Mb ram phones?
  • They said future versions may support 512 mb ram phones, but not the first version.
  • Good new endeed! I'm about to put my xbox dot cover and give some xbox theme to my htc one m8!
  • Xbox one too ? I dindt get it LOL
  • Yes, it's coming to Xbox too.
  • This is awesome news! I ran into this game while I was using Blue Stacks for windows. The game does looks really cool. And nice graphics. It's really awesome that is coming to Windows phone and others. Looking forward to play it!
  • Very happy... Thanx game troopers
  • Great. They really found themselves a job.
    But it's a bit shame that MSFT didn't done that years before. Maybe WP would have much better app situation now.
  • Love this company. Keep bringing us Xbox supported games!
  • Thanks Game Troopers for supporting Windows platforms
  • Insta-buy to show my support of Game Troopers.
  • What an amazing project, Gametroopers deserves a lot of credit for this. We should be thankful and support them as much as we can.
    Like Coip said, they are doing Microsoft's job and they should get hired. I'm sure this whole project will continue to do very well!
  • For a long time. For WP windows and Xbox
  • This puts a smile on my face.
  • Thanks for ur support to WP. And provide all games for free.
  •  Three for three. I am really starting to love this Publisher.
  • Please give it offline and 512ram support and also free
  • On Windows phone??