Popular mobile shooter Overkill 3 is heading to Xbox for Windows and Windows Phone

Game Troopers appeared out of nowhere mid-last year with a mission to bring quality mobile titles to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 with full Xbox integration. Thus far, the team have published cutesy top-down shooter Tiny Troopers and the addictive virtual money generator Make it Rain.

Not content with stopping there, Game Troopers have today announced that they are working with Craneballs and Plunge Interactive to bring popular Android/iOS shooter Overkill 3 to Windows and Windows Phone.

"Game Troopers is very happy to announce that we will soon publish a new game that will delight our audience. We have signed a deal with Craneballs to publish one of their major titles on Windows Phone and Windows tablets / PC. Craneballs is a highly talented studio from the Czech Republic. They are very remarkable for their awesome, high-level graphics games with lots of action, bullets, explosion, and fun. The game we are talking about is no other than Overkill 3. It could be defined as a 3D shooter, an action game, but we like to describe it as a console quality game for mobile devices. The game has been released recently on other platforms with excellent rankings and users reviews."

Overkill 3 is slated to hit sometime before May, and will only support higher end devices to begin with (presumably carrying a 1GB RAM requirement). Game Troopers have said they will work to bring the game to lower end devices later on.

Re-affirming their commitment to the Windows platform, Game Troopers expressed their excitement for Windows 10 and the opportunities it will bring to games developers. Considering the inclusion of Windows app stores as a publishing endpoint for the ID@Xbox program, Game Troopers seem well placed to capitalize on the future of the ecosystem.

Stay tuned for download links and more info in the near future!

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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