Gameloft discusses their new game, Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War at #CESLive

Gameloft spent a little time with us at #CESLive to discuss their upcoming gaming title, Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War.

Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War is a first person shooter optimized for touch control and is slated for release for Windows Phone 8 later this quarter.  The game will be a free to play with in-app purchases.  The demo looks good and controls look very user friendly.

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  • Xbox live...
  • Sadly, it looks like Gameloft have moved away from Xbox Live, which really sucks cause for awhile they were the only dev actively supporting it.
  • The WPCentral staff should've taken this opportunity to ask Gameloft directly why they abandoned Xbox integration for Windows Phone games even though other major developers still support it: EA, Ubisoft, SquareEnix, Imangi, and Microsoft Studios. It was Gameloft's sudden abandonement of Xbox branding that sparked the #SaveXboxWP movement:
  • Ok, you're overblowing the "movement" thing're just linking your comment to your thread.
  • A thread that has 4,128 page views and has spurred quite a few people to post quite a few #SaveXboxWP tweets, including some that have gotten responses from Phil Spencer and Ubisoft. It may not be the largest social movement in the world, but it is a social movement nonetheless. I'm not sure what your intentions are, but I'm proud of the movement and hope it continues to grow in size.
  • That was a great thread, good job. I actually bought Asphalt 7 instead of 8 for my Surface the other day, because it was an Xbox title.
  • Thanks! Viva la Xbox on WP and Windows 8/RT!
  • so did I.
  • I've already asked them before. Some people within the organization don't feel that Xbox Live is worth the time and effort, and those people won out. It's a shorter version of the same story we've heard from other developers over the years.
  • Do you think Microsoft will make the process easier for windows 8 and WP?
  • It would take a change in leadership within the WP division as well as a desire to cooperate from the Xbox console division, which has just never been there. So it's possible but probably not happening anytime soon.
  • There is no question that Microsoft needs to revamp the Xbox certification process: if developers, especially big name ones like Gameloft, are not clamoring to use your system, then something is wrong. However, I wonder if Gameloft's contention that Xbox on WP isn't worth the time and effort has panned out. When they made the decision to stop making Xbox games on WP they didn't really have a point of comparison, since they had only ever made Xbox games on WP. Since then, they've released 4 non-Xbox games, none of which seem to be 'selling' as well as their comparables. Granted, only Gameloft and Microsoft know exact sales numbers, but using user review ratings as a proxy it does not seem that non-Xbox Asphalt 8 is selling as well as Xbox Asphalt 7 did, despite WP having a larger user base now and despite being prominently featured in several of Microsoft's television commercials. Granted, Asphalt 8 is still pretty new so that could change, but from what I've seen since it launched, it doesn't look like it'll close the gap.  Likewise, non-Xbox Dungeon Hunter 4 and Total Conquest are lagging behind Xbox Kingdoms & Lords. Even Gameloft's most popular non-Xbox game, the endless runner Minion Rush is not doing as well as Xbox Temple Run 2, which also absolutely destroyed non-Xbox Temple Run 1 in popularity. Of course, I'd rather see some actual sales numbers, and of course there are more variables to consider, but it would be pretty sweet if Gameloft was wrong in their decision to abandon Xbox on WP and decided to come back on board. I believe they underestimated just how many hardcore Xbox gamers on WP there are, but, then again, I've got blinders on.
  • Another reason for Asphalt 8 not doing as well (if that's correct) could be that some players are fatigued from the previous game. Asphalt 7 was the first graphically impressive racer on WP8. A lot of players probably got their racing game fill from that one, and thus didn't feel the need to grab the sequel. Also, does Asphalt 8 run on 512 MB devices? I forget, but that make a huge difference in the addressable market for the game. Then you also have the issue of Asphalt 8 being free on other platforms but costing $2 on WP8, which makes the WP version less compelling. Of course, the reduced visibility and difficulty in reaching Xbox-only WP gamers must also play a part. I only have anecdotal observations to go on here, but I'd guess that Xbox-only gamers make up 10 percent of active WP gamers. 20 percent at the very most. There's an argument to be made that in a smaller market like WP you need the whole userbase as potential customers for your game, in which case even a sliver like 20% can hurt. But it's also possible that the money they lose by ignoring 10% (if the number is that low) of potential users is made up for by their savings from avoiding the Xbox certification process and associated issues.
  • Right in target. I enjoy 7 and it is massive. I planned to hey8, but 7 iz so good. Now, I wish gameloft would bring more games to windows 8. They would sell more and I would have purchases them all by now. Touch controls are cool, but love taking mu Xbox controller with me when I travel, I get a break at the office, or home to play asphault, zombie HQ, riptode, h. Thunder, etc If their shooters were on 8 I would own them... As for now, I plated the demo once on my phone... I want to support them as they support wp, but I just can't buy stuff I will not use and big games on my phone is not where it is at... They did such a great job with 7... I can play on my phone or tablet.
  • If it needs xbox then you would have to wait for another 5 months.
  • I'd be fine with that, to be honest. I'd rather have games with more features come later. An extra 5 months would have done Battlefield 4 a lot of good.
  • Yeah, bf4 on my Xbox one is driving me crazy. I lost all my campaign progress, game crashes, and the servers are always buggy! And their twitter account always says "We will investigate". -_-
  • Bf is, was and will forever be a pc game. It's just not made for console. But I got some issues as well on the pc. So i agree with your release-statement. Just my 2 cents. I def prefer xbox games as well and i'm willing to pay and wait for it. I think the customer base is just not big enough.
  • Word!! Bring it
  • Xbox Live, pleeeeease?
  • I second this. It would be great to have Gameloft back on board. #SaveXboxWP --> let @Gameloft know it.
  • This.
  • 512mb ram supported ?
  • I'm hoping for that
  • Highly unlikely though
  • Suped
  • The one thing I don't like about Xbox live is those games seen like they never get updated.
  • Tetris Blitz has been updated 6 times in the past few months, so most of the blame has to be put on the developers for being lazy. Still, unquestionably the Xbox certifcation process needs to be revised to make it easier for developers to publish and update Xbox games on Windows Phone. That's one of the major goals of the #SaveXboxWP movement:
  • Hope it doesn't contain any glitches like most of their work!!
  • They abandoned it because it's a pain in the ass and Microsoft refuses to do anything about it. Just be happy your getting it at all. You can thank Microsoft.
  • So which franchise is GameLoft ripping off with this one?
  • Call of duty world at war.
  • The Brothers In Arms series has been out for a long time on PC......Have you not heard of the series before this one? The main BIA games were developed by Gearbox Software and Published by Ubisoft. I have Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway Collectors Edition with the figurine and book for PC and it is a very nice game, gripping story. BIA isn't a Gameloft IP that is ripping off another franchise.
  • Call me when Gameloft supports Xbox live again...have not played a single game since they stopped bringing Xbox titles.
  • Why hasn't anyone from the WPC Team asked them about the Xbox-Live deal? I mean, really...I won't give a damn about this game if it's yet again not Xbox-Live enabled so...
  • XBL was the only feature that kept me playing their buggy games
  • You people overreact. Give it time and Xbox titles will pour in. We're early adopters.
  • That's an optimistic but naive way of looking at it. Unless policy changes within Microsoft, Xbox Live releases for WP will continue to dwindle.
  • That's what I'm Hoping for. Glad FF3 got XBL treatment ;)
  • can't wait, I love gameloft's games
  • How about asking them to stop with the Freemium games? Just charge an honest price for a good game and people will buy it. This trend of "free" games that cannot be played seriously without shelling out money stinks.
  • Problem is free to play games make way more money in the mobile space than paid games. The free to play model just isn't going anywhere.
  • How does a person even utilize freemium in an FPS, I am genuinely perplexed.
  • Probably in a similar way to Six-Guns. Putting timers on everything and charging players to circumvent the timers or buy actual decent equipment.
  • Having trouble with this level? Here, buy a medkit for 50 gems! Or more ammo for 100 gems! Or a better gun for 500 gems! etc
  • You are most certainly right; the shift by all major developers to the 'freemium' model is evidence of that, but as someone who loathes freemium games I cannot comprehend why they make more money than traditional games. I mean, honestly, who exactly is out their spending $99 on buckets of diamonds, subsidizing the game for the rest of us? I have never spent a penny on a freemium game, but I've spent many, too many, pennies on traditional games. The economics behind the pricing models in all of these freemium games makes no sense to me, but clearly people are spending money on it. Weird.
  • I agree, the two freemium games I've played from Gameloft, Real Soccer 2013 and Six-Guns, just absolutely suck.  Seriously, who wants to struggle with substandard controls while grinding through repeat missions just to earn enough money to properly play the higher levels?  These games are oriented toward rote gamers and impulse players who don't care about getting raped for a $49.99 "shortcut."  I won't be downloading this game as a result. 
  • Is there a page or link somewhere to these Xbox Live - Windows Phone policies? I don't understand how bad they are.
  • though these games are good(since provided by gameloft),there was only one thing that made our os exclusive.....the xbox intigeration which certainly lacks now in games provided by gameloft
  • Agreed! Xbox gaming on WP was the distinguishing feature that set us apart from other platforms. Now all we're getting from Gameloft is boring ports from iOS and Android. No thanks. Be sure to join us in telling @gameloft that No Xbox = No Download. #SaveXboxWP
  • It is dead though. As a developer if your game is selling loads on iOS and Android without it. Why would you change it for WP? Time is money and if that time doesn't reap benefits which obviously it doesn't for them so they stopped. Console/PC games just like that same game multiple platforms. It works.
  • If I were Gameloft I probably wouldn't add in Xbox features either until Microsoft revised the looney process. That's one of the major goals of the #SaveXboxWP movement: to make it easier to release Xbox games, particularly by bringing the ID@Xbox program to Windows Phone (and Windows 8!). That said, there is evidence that Xbox Windows Phone games sell significantly better than non-Xbox games, so if the certification process can be improved just a little bit, that would really entice publishers to put in the extra effort for us. No doubt, though, Microsoft needs to wake up. Let's help rouse them! Also, Xbox on WP isn't dead. We've had 6 Xbox games released for WP in the past 3 weeks by major developers: Microsoft Studios, SquareEnix, Ubisoft, and Imangi. And EA is still on board as well. It certainly is hanging on by a thread, but it's not dead...yet.
  • You realise the games released in the past 3 weeks have been in development for some time? These games are being built/ported from the beginning to have xbox integration. When XboxforWp is dropped completely (if it hasn't been already) it'll just happen, but games will still dribble in that were already in development. Also, we get it, you started a "movement". Please stop mentioning it in every reply you make.
  • It is a tactic called social movement recruitment. Many ideologically aligned people are still unaware of the movement, so I toss them an olive branch. Sorry if that annoys you, but I only post replies to people who already posted something that revealed themselves as being part of the movement's target recruitment base. All I can say is that if you aren't interested in aiding the cause, then these posts aren't for you and you should probably stop reading and responding to them because you're actually the one derailing the conversation, then.
    Yes, everyone is aware that it takes time to develop a game. However, both Microsoft Studios and Ubisoft, within the past few weeks, replied favorably directly in response to #SaveXboxWP tweets inquiring about continued support for Xbox games on Windows Phone. This is promising.
  • Lets hope it doesn't have in app purchases. I'm steering away from all the iap games. Its too easy for my young one to buy something. And I'm fed up of sticking it in airplane mod.
  • Why would a free big budget game not have a feature that generates money for the developers? There is 100% IAPs in this game.
  • If the in-app purchases were reasonable, i.e., you could get something of value for $5.99 that would make for a decent gaming experience, I wouldn't object to iap.  However, the pricing structure is ridiculous and I for one won't support a scam like that.  I suspect many others feel the same way.
  • This is a third person shooter .. Not first person
  • Am I the only one that finds a shooting game without any actual aiming completely pointless? where is the challenge is this game? clicking one handed on where to go next? seriously? maybe its because im used to proper shooting games with a mouse and keyboard but I would even take virtual analog sticks anyday over this
  • And let me guess,no 512mb ram support :(
  • Well, as far as I'm concerned I'm happier with not having the fremium model invade my Xbox realm. A title using this monetizing system once in a while, fine, but I'm actually glad Microsoft isn't opening the flood gates.
  • I'll download it if it's Live enabled. Hope it is as it does look like a good game.
  • It's not.
  • 512 MB support please.....
  • Free to play = No thanks
  • So, another buggy grindfest with eye-watering (no so) microtransactions and f-all dev support. Thank {insert name of relevant diety} I don't play non Xbox Live games.
  • Brothers in Arms was a great series. It was serious and dark and showed the true emmottions suffered during war time While the second one used more FPS mechanics than the previous 100% teamwork mechanics, it still was  a game dedicated to WW2 vets. Now its a f2p game on tablet :(