If you have yet to receive the memo, Games for Windows Live Marketplace has been shut down for good as of yesterday. Microsoft states that userswill no longer be able to purchase new content through the marketplace, but previously purchased software will still be available to re-download. As Microsoft’s Xbox platform switched from Microsoft Points to local currency, the Games for Windows Live Marketplace was left behind in the dust.

In-game downloadable content offered in some games will still be available, but users should first check with the specific game publisher to confirm. Users who had a remaining Microsoft point balance in the Games for Windows Live Marketplace before it was killed, have now lost their funds (You can complain to Microsoft about that one).

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Games for Windows Live was originally launched in 2007 and struggled to keep up with other game distributors including Valve’s digital distribution service, Steam.

Has the shutdown of the Games for Windows Live Marketplace affected you or have you been using Steam to download your favorite PC games?

Source: IGN