GameStop is taking a step into the game publishing world as it launches GameTrust. The company, which normally only sold games, is going to be focusing on the AAA indie games to help bring ideas to life. After realizing that there is a large market for these types of games with various titles already valued at $10 to $30 million, GameStop sees a big potential market for itself here.

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Mark Stanley, vice president of internal development and diversification at GameStop, told Fortune:

"Our focus is going to be console, PC, and VR, and we're concentrating on that sweet spot of games that's usually ignored by most of the publishing world—it's these $0 to $15 million budget games. These are what we're calling in the industry 'AAA' indie games. They're mostly dream projects that studios never had the support to do because they're smaller games. We're able to take bigger risks either on through art style or creative or gameplay. And we're able to combine it with GameStop's access and assets to find a bigger audience, whether it's physical or digital."

The game titles have not yet been revealed, though Stanley does note that one of the VR titles will launch as early as next year.