Wholesome Pokemon-like "Creatures of Ava" shows off a new trailer, with a playable demo coming soon

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What you need to know

  • Creatures of Ava is a wholesome, combat-free take on the creature collection genre codeveloped by Chibig and Inverge and published by 11 bit studios.
  • A new trailer for Creatures of Ava was part of the 2024 Guerilla Collective showcase.
  • A playable demo for Creatures of Ava will be available during the upcoming Steam Next Fest event.

Move over Palworld; there's a new Pokemon-like in town. Developed by Spanish developers Chibig and Inverge and published by 11 bit studios, Creatures of Ava is an upcoming creature collection game that puts a more wholesome spin on the genre. You can wishlist Creatures of Ava on GOG now.

Despite its overwhelming success, creature-collecting indie darling Palworld garnered quite a bit of pushback. Pokémon fans found the game to be too harsh, seeing as it gave players the opportunity not just to battle with their creatures but also to put the adorable little critters to work manufacturing weapons and gear. Creatures of Ava focuses less on what the critters can do for you and more on what you can do for the critters.

Wholesome doesn't mean lacking in story, and the latest trailer for Creatures of Ava gives us a good taste of the story and gameplay coming to us when the title releases later in 2024. The trailer shows us Vic, the heroine, and her companion Tabitha as they document their crash landing on the planet of Ava. The gorgeous and vibrant world is slowly being consumed by 'the withering,' and Vic will need to work with the local people of Ava if she hopes to save the planet and its inhabitants.

Creatures of Ava is expected to launch day one on Game Pass for both Xbox consoles and PC as part of an agreement between 11 bit studios and Microsoft. The game was originally revealed as part of the recent Xbox Partner Preview showcase, but the latest trailer was unveiled during the Guerilla Collective digital event showcase. 

A playable demo for Creatures of Ava will launch with the upcoming Steam Next Fest event on June 10. Players can crash-land with Vic and Tabitha on the planet of Ava and learn alongside the two protagonists how to stop the withering from destroying this stunning world, complete with biomes that are absolutely teeming with new and unusual wildlife.

Creatures of Ava does not yet have an official launch date, though there is a release window of 2024. It will be available on Day One for Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. 

Creatures of Ava

Creatures of Ava

The planet of Ava is teeming with unique wildlife that is fighting to survive against a spreading infection known as "the withering". It's up to you to save the planet and its inhabitants in this wholesome, combat-free Pokemon-like.

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