11 bit studios inks a deal with Microsoft for new Xbox Game Pass additions

Frostpunk 2 Key Art
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What you need to know

  • 11 bit studios is the team behind the frozen apocalyptic strategy city sim Frostpunk and the haunting This War of Mine Final Cut, both of which are currently available on Game Pass.
  • 11 bit studios recently showcased Frostpunk 2 and a new IP titled The Alters.
  • The studio has signed a deal with Microsoft to include a select portion of their portfolio to hit Xbox Game Pass on day one.

Fans of the icy apocalyptic city builder Frostpunk may be able to look forward to the sequel on Xbox Game Pass in 2024. Polish dev team 11 Bit Studios have announced that they signed a deal with Microsoft to bring a portion of their game portfolio to the subscription service, though the games that were included as part of the deal have yet to be announced.

Two of 11 bit studios previously released titles, Frostpunk and This War of Mine Final Cut, are already prominent entries within the Xbox Game Pass catalog. Earlier this summer during the PC Gaming Showcase 11 bit studios showed off Frostpunk 2, the cold and brutal city building strategy game that is set to be available on PCs in Early Access in 2024 as well as The Alters, an all new IP where gamers play as a man named Jan who is forced to create multiple alternative copies of himself in order to survive.

The Management Board of 11 bit studios S.A. (hereinafter the "Company") informs that the Company has received an agreement signed with Microsoft Corporation with its registered office in Washington, United States, the subject of which is to make available selected games from the Company's portfolio (hereinafter the "Games") in the Game Pass program run by Microsoft Corporation. According to the agreement, the rights to the Games will remain with the Company. In the Company's opinion, making the Games available in the Game Pass program will have a significant, positive impact on the Company's financial results in subsequent periods. The list of Participating Games will be announced at a later date.

11 bit studios

11 bit studios has also recently revealed partnerships with Fool's Theory and Starward Industries to announce new games, as well. Fool's Theory's The Thaumaturge is expected to release only on PC at this time, while Starward Industries' space adventure The Invincible will be available on PC and console alike. There has not yet been any confirmation which titles from 11 bit studios' portfolio will be included as part of the deal with Microsoft for Xbox Game Pass inclusion.

In the announcement of the deal, management for 11 bit studios stated "In the Company's opinion, making the Games available in the Game Pass program will have a significant, positive impact on the Company's financial results in subsequent periods."  This statement mirrors recent sentiments from similar indie developers and publishers such as Wishfully and Wired Productions while also being in sharp contrast to statements from Playstation CEO Jim Ryan who, in his video deposition for the FTC vs Microsoft acquisition hearing, stated that Xbox Game Pass was "Value destructive" and that he had spoken with "all publishers" who unanimously disliked the service. 

In now redacted documents released during the hearing there was evidence that 11 bit studios was one of the publishers Microsoft had considered acquiring, including other high profile studios such as Hollow Knight's Team Cherry, Bungie and SEGA

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