It took two years, but Dying Light 2 players finally have guns to play with

Holding the Harran Pistol in Dying Light 2
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What you need to know

  • To celebrate the second anniversary of Dying Light 2, a big update has arrived in the game bringing players firearms at long last. 
  • The Firearms Update (1.15) is out now and adds guns to fight off the hordes with, just as we could in the first game. 
  • Everyone who logs in before March 7 will get the Harran Pistol for free added to their inventory to get them up and running. 

Dying Light 2 launched in 2022 and was easily my favorite game that year, and I certainly wasn't alone. But there was a lingering question on everyone's lips, to which I wrote a post titled "Where are all the guns in Dying Light 2?" There was actually some in-game lore attached to a side mission that detailed the history and what happened to all the firearms in Villedor, but two years later, they're back. 

The Firearms Update (1.15) is now available and as the title implies, the big deal is that the long wait for weapons of a bullet-based nature is finally over. To get everyone started, any players who log in before March 7 will get the Harran Pistol dropped in their stash for free. 

Claim the Harran Pistol for free by logging into Dying Light 2 before March 7. It'll be there waiting for you in your stash.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

As with the original Dying Light, you're not going to find guns and ammo all over the place, and chances are it'll be even more scarce this time around. When you get your Harran Pistol, it isn't loaded, so you can't even use it until you find some bullets to put inside it. 

As per the patch notes, there are four types of firearms being added to Dying Light 2. 

  • Pistols — when things go wrong, a reliable sidearm can save the day. It’s your basic firearm.
  • SMGs — high firepower and capacity, harness its recoil to seize the edge in close quarters combat.
  • Rifles — the perfect package of precision and power.
  • Shotguns — deadly in point-blank range, your go-to crowd control tool.

As there was a bit of backstory behind just why there were no guns in Villedor, it would be a bit rude to just dump them back without so much as a how do you do. There's a side mission called "Lost Armory" in the Journal for folks to go and play through and learn the story of how they reappeared. I won't spoil it, well, I can't, because I haven't played it yet. 

Additionally, the Agent you meet during the Lost Armory side mission will be an important figure going forward for you in acquiring firearms-related goodies, so it's probably worth your time to crank it out. 

I have quickly tried out my new Harran Pistol, and, well, it's alright. Ammo is scarce but not terribly hard to get hold of, but I'm not sold yet. Some of the melee weapons in Dying Light 2 are absurd, and it's so satisfying slicing through the hordes and being rewarded with endless gory effects. I'm also pretty attached to my Crossbow and Bow. I'll have to get my hands on some more potent firearms to properly get a feel for it, but it's certainly nice to have some new weapons and a new style of play.

I haven't played Dying Light 2 in a while, but if there's going to be an update that'll bring players back, it's definitely this one. 

It's not ALL about the firearms, though

The second anniversary is a big one.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

Firearms are the focus, of course, but not all that's being delivered along with this second anniversary update. The patch notes are the place to go to check it all out, since there's a lot. 

There are now an additional 50 Legend levels to achieve, survivor and elite missions designed for co-op, a new enemy type, environmental upgrades, and from February 29, even the return of some old names from the first Dying Light game. 

Oh, and one more thing. The Bloody Ties DLC is now free for all players, so if you didn't pick it up yet, be sure to grab it. 

Techland is one of the absolute best in the business when it comes to long-term support. Two years into Dying Light 2, that's still very much the case. Here's to the next two years and beyond. 

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