Minecraft Legends shows off some of the new mobs you'll be battling

Minecraft Legends
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Minecraft Legends is an upcoming action strategy game from Blackbird Interactive, known for titles like Hardspace Shipbreaker and Homeworld 3. 

We were lucky enough to go check out the title at Gamescom, and came away quite impressed. Casting off some of the traditional limitations of a strategy game, Minecraft Legends puts players in a wide-open Minecrafty overworld, procedurally generated and filled with invading piglins. With up to 3 friends in tow, you will have to construct bases, research new structures, and spawn armies to save the land, and ultimately win. Minecraft Legends is slated to have multiplayer competitive content as well, with a live service potentially attached in tow. 

Today, Mojang and Blackbird Interactive released a new developer diary, offering some further insights into some of the new mobs in the game. 

Minecraft Legends is exactly as its title suggests, a legend, and may diverge slightly from the established Minecraft lore and enemy archetypes. There will be some familiar creatures like the exploding creepers and angry skeletons, but some traditional mobs have new twists. Zombie villagers for example now wear hats to protect themselves from the sunlight, and actually retain some of their intellect, offering quests to the player. 

The video details some of the other new creatures in the video, including healing mossy golems, plank golems, and grindstone golems, many of which will make up the bulk of your army. Each unit will have different skills and abilities, and ensuring you have a diverse army to meet every challenge will be key to success in this perilous Minecraft world. On the flip side, there are also a range of new enemy piglins, from cannon fodder small units, all the way up to hulking brutes that serve as boss battles. 

While there's no exact fixed launch window as of writing, we do know that Minecraft Legends is dropping some time in 2023, across Xbox, PC, and practically every other platform. It's also dropping day one in Xbox Game Pass, as well as Xbox Cloud Gaming. 

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