Titanfall 2 is experiencing a resurgence thanks to a hefty Steam sale and that makes me happy

Titanfall 2
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What you need to know

  • Titanfall 2 first launched back in 2016 and received positive review scores from press and players alike. 
  • A 90% off discount on Steam has brought the game firmly back to life. 
  • Player counts according to SteamDB have been approaching its all-time high set a couple of years ago.

Amid the recent huge releases like Baldurs Gate 3, Armored Core VI, and Starfield, there is another success story well worth highlighting. And it's from a game that launched in 2016. 

Titanfall 2 is back, baby. 

Why? Well for one, it's a damn good game, and I'm really happy to see people jumping back into it, or for the first time. The new player count on PC is down to a hefty 90% discount, which made it so cheap it's almost rude not to buy it if you didn't have it. I originally played on console, so I've definitely picked it up to play again on PC. Especially since it's playable on Steam Deck. 

As of writing this post, you still have a few hours to get a cheap copy for yourself, as the sale ends at 1 p.m. ET today, September 18.

Titanfall 2 has been approaching its all-time high player count on Steam thanks to a big sale.  (Image credit: SteamDB)

Titanfall 2 also seems to be in its best state in years, beyond just the increase in player count. It seems that old, lingering server issues were quietly patched so that increase in players can have a better time. The recent player counts recorded by SteamDB are approaching the all-time high.

Titanfall 2, and the original before it, are both precursors to Respawns insanely popular, free-to-play battle royale, Apex Legends. If you like Apex, you'll probably like Titanfall 2. And unlike the original game, Titanfall 2 also has a single-player campaign. 

I poured a ton of hours into the original Titanfall and still remember how happy I was the first time I played the sequel at Gamescom. It's still one of my favorite shooters to this day, with its fast-paced action and movement pairing with giant mechs a roaring good time. Even at 7 years old, it really holds up. 

Titanfall 2 | 90% off

<a href="https://store.steampowered.com/app/1237970/Titanfall_2/" data-link-merchant="store.steampowered.com"">Titanfall 2 | 90% off

Respawn's classic FPS is experiencing a rebirth in 2023, and whether single player campaign or multiplayer is your preference, this insane deal is worth taking up. Ends September 18 at 1 p.m. ET. 

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