PSA: Exoprimal doesn't really tell you how its progression works

Exoprimal progression
Exoprimal progression (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know about Exoprimal

  • Exoprimal is out now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PS4, PS5 and is included with your Xbox Game Pass subscription.  
  • The 5v5 competitive multiplayer title fuses elements of PvP and PvE into one dinosaur-packed offering.  
  • The community has discovered that the progression system in Exoprimal is unconventional and poorly explained to new players. 

Exoprimal is a wild video game concept combining Earth Defense Force's chaotic action with the class-based PvP of Overwatch. The core Dino Survival mode pits two teams of five against each other in various mission types that primarily revolve around killing dinosaurs as quickly as possible. Exoprimal's cutscenes and pseudo-campaign are sprinkled between matches of Dino Survival. While the competitive multiplayer game clearly indicates how close you are to earning the next cutscene, it doesn't really explain how to unlock maps, missions, new dinosaur types, or even raid battles.  

Thankfully, as more players invest serious time into Exoprimal, the mysteries surrounding player progression become less obtuse. For players wondering why the introductory experience feels so repetitive, there are a handful of crucial details you need to know about unleashing deadlier dinosaurs and mission variety in this over-the-top action game.  

Exoprimal Analysis Map

(Image credit: Windows Central)

To evolve the wargames in Exoprimal, you should prioritize two objectives; completing Dino Survival matches to uncover cutscenes and actively engaging with the Analysis Map. Playing Dino Survival will reward players with audio logs and documents that can be accessed via the Analysis Map. Enjoying the havoc of corrupted Neosaurs, additional dinosaur types, more Final Missions, increased swarm density, and 10-player raid battles requires you to view the Analysis Map files.   

There's a surprising amount of lore and storytelling in Exoprimal. While that might not be a draw for some players, considering the game's competitive multiplayer focus, you are handsomely rewarded for interacting with cutscenes and supplemental narrative devices. If you're tired of seeing the same maps and missions over and over, hopefully, this info helps you unveil some of the more exciting moments in Exoprimal. And if this 5v5 dinosaur joint isn't your jam, check out our list of the best games on Xbox Game Pass

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