The Division 2 Title Update 19.4 is rolling out, but there's no mention of the most irritating bug in the game being fixed

The Division 2 Title Update 19.4 is rolling out
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What you need to know

  • The Division 2 players can look forward to a new update today, with TU 19.4 rolling out. 
  • It's not a massive update, with larger changes still to come as part of Project Resolve, but there are some important fixes. 
  • The most annoying bug in the game, however, does not seem to be among them, leaving Manhunt progress potentially still broken. 

Players of Ubisoft's The Division 2 are getting a new patch today, with Title Update 19.4 (TU 19.4) rolling out. It isn't a big upgrade, with the larger changes as part of Project Resolve still to come. 

Nevertheless, there are some important fixes, but unfortunately the most irritating bug in the game right now, one I'm experiencing myself, doesn't seem to be among them. Unless it just wasn't listed on the changelog, but I'm not holding out too much hope. 

Before I get into that, here's the patch notes for what we do definitely get with TU 19.4. 

  • Disabled Winter Projects.
  • Fixed the issue with the wrong optimization materials being received instead of “Backpack Weave” when deconstructing Festive Delivery backpack.
  • Fixed the issue with The Recruiter mask backpack trophy not being received after completing the climax mission for the first time.
  • The issue of not receiving extra XP when increasing the difficulty for the Mari Singh mission has been resolved.
  • Fixed the issue with the takeover bounty area for Cindy McAllister being inaccessible to the player if the entrance door to the main mission was opened before starting the bounty.
  • Fixed the issue that prevented Birdie from spawning at the Castle after completing the climax mission.
  • Fixed the issue with Kelso getting stuck inside the wall in Haven.
  • Added various stability improvements.

This season's Manhunt is broken and there's no mention of a fix

Locating The Hatter in The Division 2

This season has been fun, but there's a progression bug that's driving me nuts.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

The most irritating issue in the game right now, at least for myself and many others, is a progression blocking bug linked to this season's manhunt. It relates to the earlier rescue missions, which you need to complete to unlock the Prime Target, in this case, The Recruiter. 

I've completed them all, but my progression is stuck at 92%. All of the rescued hostages are back in the Castle and their areas have been unlocked, but still I cannot complete the Prime Target mission and complete the Manhunt. 

The issue seems to be linked to completing the rescue bounties in co-op, and not leaving back to your own solo session before meeting them back at the castle to complete that particular section. In my case, I have two of these that claim I haven't met the person in question, despite them being there in my Castle settlement. I can't replay their bounties, I can't do anything. The only fix seems to be to reset the entire manhunt and complete everything again. Which I haven't done yet because I'm annoyed and lazy. 

The official Division 2 Trello board tracking issues has a card created as "in progress" for something that looks like this issue, but that's about all I can see right now. The season will be ending soon, and it would be nice not to have to go and do the whole Manhunt again, but it looks like that's what I, and anyone else affected, is going to have to do. 

There's still time though, Massive, and please have it fixed before the next season starts. 

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