Wanted: Dead update lowers combo requirements for troublesome Ramen-eating achievement and overhauls combat

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What you need to know

  • Wanted: Dead is an action-adventure game that combines hack-and-slash action with third-person shooter gameplay, developed by Soleil and published by 110 Industries.
  • The game has developed a cult following thanks to its quirky charm and wild premise.
  • While some achievement fixes and stability patches have rolled out, Update 1.13 will be the first major update with critical changes, focusing primarily on the combat system.

Wanted: Dead, the charmingly weird hack-and-slash meets third-person shooter from Soleil and 110 Industries, has received its first significant update since its 2023 release. While the game's developers previously focused on releasing stability patches and achievement fixes, the latest update has aimed at the game's combat system. Update 1.13 is the first major update for Wanted: Dead, targeting Xbox Series X|S consoles, as well as PlayStation 5 and Steam. The update will launch on last-gen consoles later this Spring. Wanted: Dead is currently marked down 50% on Xbox, making it available for just $15.

Update 1.13 brings a combat overhaul to Wanted: Dead, including a reworked skill tree featuring new skills and updates to existing ones. The development team has tried to rebalance weapons and consider player feedback. Advanced players can look forward to deeper combat mechanics, while those of all skill levels can still enjoy the weird and wild world of Wanted: Dead. 

An adjustment to the "Ramen World Legend" achievement, which has been a source of contention for achievement fans, lowers the requirement for unlock. Previously, the Ramen World Legend required a full combo in any Ramen song minigame, but it now only requires a combo of 250. Players can also look forward to updates to other Wanted: Dead minigames, including rule changes for The Space Runaway and bug fixes for the frame rate when exiting the Crane minigame

After finishing a level, further optimizations were also implemented, including improvements to the game's frame rate in the QTE minigame. Flickering lights in Club Deaf Panther during the slow-motion sequence of the Ninja appearance and enemies displaying a ghosting effect when DLSS is turned on for PC players have also been fixed with Update 1.13.

Wanted: Dead update 1.13 overhauls the game's combat system. (Image credit: 110 Industries)

A full list of patch notes for Wanted: Dead can be found below:

Wanted: Dead | was $30 now $15 on Xbox

Wanted: Dead | was $30 now $15 on Xbox

Join Hannah Stone as she and the Zombie Unit, an elite Hong Kong police squad, hacks-and-slashes her way through to uncovering a corporate conspiracy.

Price check: $5 (CDKeys) | $40 (Collector's edition, Best Buy)

Wanted: Dead Update 1.13 Patch Notes - Combat overhaul

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Hannah was not able to pick up a Stimpack after previously walking over it with a full set of Stimpacks and using one to heal.
  • Fixed an issue where a Stimpack would become inactive when an attempt to pick it up was interrupted by an enemy melee attack. 
  • Fixed an issue where Stimpacks would sometimes not be visible in the area before the Ninja fight.
  • The Cover Mode option is now correctly included when restoring default settings.
  • Manual cover prompts are no longer displayed when using iron sight.
  • Manual cover is no longer performed alongside item pickup whenever Hannah picks up an item next to a cover spot.
  • Fixed an issue where prompts would sometimes disappear after progressing an entire level without aiming.
  • Hannah is no longer able to return to the previous location after saving and loading on Kowloon Street.
  • Some redundant, non-functioning prompts have been removed from Kowloon Street.
  • Fixed an issue where skill points earned prior to the Ninja Fight checkpoint would persist when reloading a save from that checkpoint.
  • Fixed an issue where the sword would reappear in its display case after respawning at the Ninja Fight checkpoint.

Combat improvement

  • Skill Tree rework: The Skill Tree has been expanded, adding several new skills, and modifying some of the existing ones. (Players will need to re-distribute the skill points on any previously started playthroughs.)
  • Melee and ranged weapon rebalancing has been introduced.
  • Weapons no longer become invisible after releasing the chainsaw during the handgun attack animation.

Updated skills

Sliding Attack: This attack can now knock a shield out of an opponent's hand. Severed Limb Finishing Strike: Leg finisher and arm finisher combined in one skill.
Finishers: Grants adrenaline gauge, around the same as normal kill.
Bullet Time Aim: Duration increased, only enemies are slowed down.

  • Cutting limbs and stunning enemies with headshots (works better with improvement skills described below) and then using finishers will give players adrenaline.

Grenade\Incendiary Grenade: A quick button press now tosses grenades closer to the players allowing usage in melee (toss grenade, roll back etc.)
Extended dodge and combo: Can be initiated after being unlocked from the beginning of the game and doesn't show in the skill tree.

  • Extended dodge i-frames (x3) unlocked from the beginning of the game and doesn't show in the skill tree.
  • Extended parry window (x2) unlocked from the beginning of the game and doesn't show in the skill tree.

Charge Attack:  Can now flinch\disrupt enemies canceling their attacks\getting through super armor.

New skills

Sliding Shot: Players can shoot a handgun while sliding multiple times.

Adrenaline Rush: After using Bullet Time players will automatically activate slow-mo mode for 10 seconds. Receiving damage during this time will decrease duration instead of HP.

  • Dismemberment Up: During Adrenaline Rush, dismemberment with melee attacks increased by 30%.
  • Stun Up: During Adrenaline Rush, Katana and Handgun stun increased by 50%.
  • Damage Reduction Up: During Adrenaline Rush all incoming damage is reduced by 50%.
  • Limb Shooter: Shooting at enemy limbs with primary or secondary weapons has a chance to cut them off.
  • This skill synergizes with "Severed Limb Finishing Strike."

Concussion: Headshots stun increased by 50%.

  • With this skill there is a possibility to stun an enemy instead of killing it thus gaining opportunity for a finisher.

Improvements for Bullet Time Aim mode:

  • Improved Limb Shooter: During Bullet Time Aim dismemberment chance with ranged attacks increased by 30%.
  • Improved Concussion: During Bullet Time Aim Headshots stun increased by additional 50%.
  • During Adrenaline Rush mode players can attack additional enemies
  • before using finishers to set up multi-finishers and regain a good chunk
  • of adrenaline.

Melee weapon changes

  • Y-X-X-X-X: Additional 20% stun for every katana move (Handgun only had +5% from ranged weapons balance).
  • Y-X-Y-X-X-X: Additional 20% damage for 3 moves (Handgun has +5% stun from ranged weapons balance and one attack had +20% stun from combo buff above).

Ranged weapons balance changes

  • Handgun stun chance increased by 2x (From 5% to 10%).
  • Gunsmith Rifle base damage now correctly applies 133% damage bonus (from 60 to
  • 79.8 damage).
  • LMG Hellhound damage increased by 70% (from 70 to 120).
  • SMG Hyena base damage increased by 20% (from 54 to 65) and stun value increased by 4x (From 5% to 20%).
  • SMG Avenger base damage increased by 42% (from 42 to 60) and stun value increased by 3x (From 5% to 15%).

Optimizations and graphics

  • PSO cache has now been implemented for the Steam version.
  • Framerate has been improved in QTE minigames after finishing a level.
  • Cutscenes watched in the Memory menu now play with improved quality.
  • Fixed flickering lighting in Club Deaf Panther during the slow-motion sequence of the Ninja appearance.
  • Enemies no longer display a ghosting effect when walking with the DLSS option on.

Minigames improvements

  • The Space Runaway minigame rules have been modified so that the speed and weapon upgrades do not restart upon death.
  • The frame rate no longer becomes uncapped after exiting from the Crane minigame.
  • Playing the Space Runaway minigame no longer switches the frame rate to 60FPS.
  • The requirements for the "Ramen World Legend" Trophy/Achievement have been decreased to 250 combo hits.

Health bar fixes:

  • Mr. Holiday’s health bar no longer disappears after defeating his twin.
  • Fixed an issue where the Spider Tank’s HP bar would disappear after defeating an enemy.
  • The health bar of the first Ninja no longer flickers green at full health.
  • August’s health bar no longer flickers when hitting enemies with GL Flying Pig or grenades.
  • The health bar of the Tanks in Kowloon Street now disappears when they are defeated.


  • Hannah is no longer able to change the grenade type while it is still in flight.
  • The red trajectory line for grenade throws now displays instantly.
  • Grenade indicators are now visible all the time, even if Hannah is not close to it. Being in grenade range is now shown with a flashing red icon.

Control changes

  • Default weapon swap controls have been changed to left d-pad press on controllers or “2” on keyboard.
  • Default grenade swap controls have been changed to right d-pad press on controllers or “3” on keyboard.
Recent updates

Correction: This article originally referred to the update as 1.15, but the update is 1.13. It has been updated to correct that error.

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