Palworld on Xbox doesn't have dedicated servers and won't for the foreseeable future

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What you need to know

  • "Bucky", the community manager for Palworld, has recently stated on Discord why the game doesn't support dedicated servers for the Xbox console versions.
  • The reason is because the Xbox versions can only support co-op mode. However, players on Xbox consoles and Windows PC can still cross-play together.
  • Bucky then states that the developers are trying to acquire dedicated servers for the Xbox versions.
  • Palworld is a recently released multiplayer survival game that combines survival crafting elements with that of monster-catcher games like Pokémon. 

Palworld, a strange yet excitingly unique survival game that could best be described as 'Pokemon with guns,' just released today on Xbox consoles and Xbox Game Pass

However, players have noticed that the Xbox versions don't support dedicated servers. This means that Xbox players who want to play with others online can only play the game's co-op mode, which is limited to 2-4 players. On the other hand, the Steam version supports dedicated servers and can support 32 players at a time.

In response, the community manager for Palworld, known as "Bucky," appeared on the game's official Discord server to explain to players why there are no dedicated servers for the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One versions.

According to a report via PureXbox, Bucky says, and I quote:

"Xbox only supports co-op mode. Xbox and Xbox PC can crossplay together though. We'd like to have dedicated servers on Xbox but unfortunately it's not up to us and is quite difficult to negotiate at this time! But... we are trying!"

Bucky, Palworld Community Manager

So if you want to play Palworld with community servers, you will have to settle for the Steam version for the time being until the developers can figure out a way to implement them in the Xbox versions.

Palworld is one of the wildest and most bizarre Xbox games thus far released in 2024. This game allows players to go on adventures where they can capture cute critters called "Pals" and train to fight with claws and guns, build farms and factories, or defend themselves against poachers looking to hunt them for profit.

If you're an Xbox player who's curious to see how crazy Palworld can get with your friends, then the 4-player co-op mode will be able to suffice for now until dedicated servers get added.



Set forth to uncover the mysteries of a harsh land and make friends with cute Pals in Palworld. Explore the wild and hunt poachers alone or bring your friends along in online multiplayer so you can trade Pals with them.

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