Sea of Thieves Season 7 launches today across Xbox and PC

Sea of Thieves Season 7
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What you need to know

  • The seventh season of Sea of Thieves is out today on PC and Xbox consoles.
  • The update allows players to buy, customize, and captain their own ships with new milestones and achievements related to it.
  • Season 7 brings a new Plunder Pass with more cosmetic rewards alongside gameplay improvements and fixes.

Season 7 of Rare's online multiplayer pirate game Sea of Thieves is now available on PC and Xbox consoles, finally bringing the ability to be the captain of your ship, new rewards in the season and its battle pass, and some gameplay improvements.

The most notable change in the introduction of Season 7, or update 2.6.0, is that players can now be the captain of their own ship and to be able to customize it how they like. Ships are available in multiple sizes and are bought with in-game gold, though a ship must reach "Legendary status" before another ship of the same size can be purchased.

Captains can name their ships and customize the outside appearance along with the captain's room with various trinkets. Decorations can be unlocked by completing Ship Milestones. The game received 13 new achievements related to being a captain.

Season 7 also brings a refreshed progression path with the new Captain's Voyages that can earn Renown, and a new Plunder Pass that rewards with the Courage of Captaincy clothing set for completing. Pass holders can get the Baleful Bloom Costume, which can be upgraded three times throughout the season.

The 2.6.0 update adds a few gameplay improvements and changes from the patch notes, such as being able to zoom in on any note or map held, disabling mast friendly fire, and more respawn locations around the sloop. Players can also find stools washed up on beaches to sit on, seemingly to take a break from digging up treasure. 

Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox Series XXbox Series S, Xbox One, PC through the Windows Store and Steam, and is included with Xbox Game Pass.


Sea of Thieves

The online multiplayer pirate game now lets players be the captain of their own ship, allowing much deeper customization and progression between sailing sessions.

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