Gears 5 server update fixes progression problems (update)

What you need to know

  • Gears 5 is a third-person shooter from The Coalition.
  • The game features a lot of new additions to its campaign and multiplayer.
  • Its early-access launch has been plagued with some serious server-side problems.
  • You can purchase Xbox Game Pass through Amazon (opens in new tab).

Updated September 12, 2019: The Coalition just released another update which missing collectibles, Xbox Achievements, and more.

Gears 5 is a third-person shooter from The Coalition. Not only does the game feature a larger campaign, but it also provides plenty of multiplayer modes. Some of the more underrated features of the game have to be its accessibility support and 60 Hz servers for smooth competitive matches. However, its early-access period hasn't been without problems.

Last night, The Coalition issued another server-side update which fixed the infamous progression problems. Hopefully, you should see the correct experience, rank, character level, and other details now. The team added, "Over the next few hours... should slowly return to their correct state."

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It seems like the majority of the problems Gears 5 is facing, even when it comes to its campaign, are related to server issues. Since the title is part of Xbox Game Pass, let's hope it's fixed before Tuesday because even more players will have access to the game then.

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In Windows Central's review, Jez Corden wrote, "as a benchmark for visual excellence balanced against stellar performance, Gears 5 is technical wizardry. It also bridges platforms and storefronts... complete with... cross-play. The fact that Gears 5 manages to jam a... 12 to 18-hour campaign, several multiplayer modes, a map editor, and the promise of post-launch support represents one of the best deals in gaming right now. It's an even better value when you factor in Xbox Game Pass."

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  • The people who paid for early access should get some kind of reimbursement or something.
  • I do not believe we deserve compensation because what it's been off for 4 days oh, really do it like $0.20 back. Play another game and by the way I have been able to play and have not run into any of those issues at all. I don't believe as a company they should have to give you money back because it's been a few hiccups when it launches it hasn't been officially launched until tomorrow. People who play it early or in sexually testing the software before they fully watches. And games these days or more services so there's going to be some hiccups when games first launch. And they always be updated.
  • I think (in relation to the "AAA" crud we've been sold in the last few years) This game is BY FAR the most complete and stable game I've played on day 1 that i can remember. Every other game I've bought/subscribed to recently with the exception of games like Forza Horizon (always a quality product), State of Decay (stable for me at launch, I don't think there were issues generally) and this game (Gears) have had major issues. I thank Microsoft and the devs/studios for putting out finished, quality and complete games PRE-DLC that make you feel like you got a game that was worth what they asked for it. In an age where they are taking modes out ('COD', looking at you), promising they'll finish it later ('Mass Effect', 'ANTHEM') and then running off with your money, or even if they do stick around to make it better ('Destiny 2' which did actually eventually get it together, 'Fallout 76' which I hear is still being supported), games that say they will only have cosmetic only microtransactions then dip their toes in the pay-to-win pool ('COD'...AGAIN, 'Fallout 76') it is SUPER RARE sadly to have a major studio put out a game with a complete and completed campaign, quality graphics, all the previous game modes you'd expect from the earlier version along with a NEW MODE and a map editor as well! Also, unlike the other games mentioned earlier, they were releasing actual working patches all through the night on day 1 which only made the experience better with each one (for me anyway). I may still be on that 1st date high for this game but they would have to do something obscenely unreasonable to make me feel negatively about the experience at this point.