Gears of War 4's cosmetic 'Elite Packs' will get a cost reduction following feedback

Gears of War 4's 'Elite Pack,' at present, costs either 4000 in-game credits or a fairly pricey micro-payment. The Elite Packs contain highly-prized cosmetic emblems and skins for characters and weapons, similar to Overwatch's loot crates. The difference between Overwatch's loot crates and Gears of War 4's Elite Packs is the speed of generation.

Earning 4000 credits in Gears of War 4's multiplayer modes can take quite a while, and The Coalition agrees.

In a statement on the official Gears of War 4 forums, The Coalition said they had heard the feedback and will be lowering the in-game cost of the Elite Pack to 3500.

After monitoring our data and hearing your feedback, it was clear the calculations that determine the rate at which Credits are earned were under our own expectations – and yours. Our Player Progression team have been working hard to address this as quickly as possible in order to improve the experience of acquiring Gear Packs. As of now, a new server-side update to Credits is deployed in Gears of War 4. 

Additionally, the amount of credits earned for completing a Versus match has been boosted.

The Coalition also emphasized that players can work towards any cards they wish by destroying duplicate cards for scrap, to then spend building something more desired.

It's good to know The Coalition are listening to feedback, particularly given the sense of grind earning 4000 credits could induce. Hopefully, the system will go towards funding plenty of free post-launch content as seen with Overwatch, and not simply a way to gouge extra cash.

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Jez Corden
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  • Nice, this is good work, and fast too.
  • Who knew back when the Oblivion "Horse Armour" furore kicked off that similar rip-off in-game transactions would become the norm? Regardless of there being a method to "earn" such items in-game, the idea of creating a false "tiering" using content that was ready for inclusion at launch still doesn't sit well with me... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Man, I remember the horse armor. That seemed like the silliest crap at the time, yet even that pales in comparison to some of the crap that people will buy in these games today. You are absolutely right, and we have no one to blame but the people who buy these. We can't blame the publishers seeing a chance to cash in on peoples stupidity. It sucks that these idiots have made this the norm for the games we now have to play.
  • Absolutely. It's just good business. Companies see the demand so they'll keep supplying. But hot damn that was some good armor!
  • I freaked out a bit when i saw the avi. Thought it was the phone version
  • Sorry, doesn't the season pass go towards funding future development? I love Gears as much as the next man but justifying micro transactions by claiming them to fund future development while at the same time an incredibly expensive season pass is on sale is insulting to me. Gears 4 seems like a great game tarred by the fact that it seems to be a social experiment to test just how much die hard fans will spend on a single game.
  • Sorry, but I feel like the decent thing to do would be to have removed them entirely. They are selling a season pass, what is that for if not post-launch content? The pre-order of the ultimate edition was like $150 something AUD, how much more money do they want from us? I hate this trend in AAA gaming, micro-transactions in full priced games is horrible.
  • They're still £3.99 to buy though right? You wouldn't have to buy too many to equal the cost of the whole game and they're just cosmetic. If they really must have microtransactions then make them micro like £0.50 or maybe £0.99 but as others have said they already sell a season pass and I think the skins should be included in that. I'm a huge Gears fan and bought the Ultimate Edition but even I would have to admit it was a rip off. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Need i point out that if things are cosmetic you don't have to buy them? They don't actually do anything other than change the look.
  • They're not all cosmetics, thanks for "pointing it out" though.
  • My bad, sorry. I was going by the information in the article.