Watch HoloLens turn Star Trek's George Takei into an interactive hologram

Microsoft is showing off how its Actiongram app for Microsoft HoloLens will work by teaming up with Star Trek's George Takei, who was filmed to be part of the app's mixed reality videos.

In a video on the official HoloLens YouTube channel, Microsoft showed how Takei was filmed on a green screen saying a number of lines and performing a variety of activities like boxing and using some laughably large scissors. The footage was then incorporated into the Actiongram app for the HoloLens headset, where Takei was transformed into a Hologram.

Takei remarks how Star Trek imagined how holograms might work in the future and he felt it was facinating to see that kind of technology starting to show up today.

The Actiongram app is currently in closed beta testing. However, if you have a spare $3,000, you can go ahead and get the Microsoft HoloLens Developer Edition headset from the Microsoft Store.

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John Callaham