Get BodBot Premium — worth $120 —free for a year!

Get a free year of BodBot Premium worth $120!

BodBot is giving away 25,000 one-year subscriptions for BodBot Premium — a $120 value!

BodBot was featured yesterday in the first day of Hidden Gems: A Week In The Life, and the developer is giving away 25,000 copies of a one-year subscription to BodBot Premium to US and UK residents from now until June 31st. Normally BodBot Premium would run you $120 for a full year, so you could save some serious coin here!

Here's how to get it:

Windows Phone (opens in new tab) Windows 8.1 (opens in new tab)

  1. Download the BodBot app for Windows Phone (opens in new tab) (or scan the QR code) or Windows 8.1 (opens in new tab)
  2. Register a BodBot account in the app or log in.
  3. Open BodBot's settings, tap on "My Account", and then "Discount Code"
  4. Enter the code "BodBotWP" and tap on Upgrade
  5. Get fit with BodBot!

For full rules on the BodBot subscription giveaway, click here

An interview with BodBot developer Sergio Prado{.nofollow}

Lumia Conversations sits down with Sergio Prado, developer of BodBot, to talk about their advanced fitness app. It's about more than just giving you a workout routine — it's adaptive to the way you move, your schedule, and even your injuries. And importantly, what makes BodBot on Windows Phone great:

Live Tiles are a huge feature for what we're trying to do. When it comes to making sure people keep up with exercise, you need to continually harass them!

Read the full interview on Lumia Conversations{.cta .large.nofollow}

Derek Kessler is Special Projects Manager for Mobile Nations. He's been writing about tech since 2009, has far more phones than is considered humane, still carries a torch for Palm, and got a Tesla because it was the biggest gadget he could find. You can follow him on Twitter at @derekakessler.

  • They did this once before I think and I couldn't take advantage of it for some reason. Time to try again!
  •  just Installed and Registered and Used the code and I got it enabled. Type as they mentioned, Capital letters include. 
  • Only for US and UK
  • More than that, I'm bothered about why some Windows Central posts (like this and other Hidden Gems posts) cannot be viewed fully inside the WP app.
    Even the Rafflecopter widgets in contests require you to visit the website. This is not the case with the Windows Central app on android (which is free, as opposed to the WP app). You can view anything and everything from the app. It is disturbing, if you ask me.
  • You're right I do find that really annoying.
  • Little opinion, because deep inside, WC, even MS itself hate their own platform.
  • Or, alternatively, programming and creating graphically rich web pages and media while making that work with a mobile app is a lot harder than whining in comments. Look, we know sometimes things don't line up, but we can't always get what we want. Once our universal app comes out, things will be different. Until then, you'll just have to "suffer" with what we have. We try, but like all things in the world, resources are finite. Now continue your moaning ;)
  • Gee, in those 45 years that I designed systems and wrote code for major world-wide corporations, if I released something like that I would have been fired.  Oh well, I guess the new generation just does as much as they feel like and then sits around feeling superior.
  • >Or, alternatively, programming and creating graphically rich web pages and media while making that work with a mobile app is >a lot harder than whining in comments. LOL, it's not about graphicly rich web pages, it's about all the freaking ads you have on this site. In the last few months, this is the last place I visit when I need WP news because of this. Your ads are so bad 1/2 the time it crashes IE..
  • I agree so much about the ads, I cant even let my kid use the app coz of porn ads at the bottom.
  • Interesting, I'm currently on Chrome because everytime...yes, everytime I use IE to navigate to windows central explorer crashes. 
  • Such a bad reply for a normal comment.
  • Wow did not expect that reply, it was an honest question I agree with and instead you attack the poster. Wow just wow. This site is going downhill very quick if you cannot accept constructive criticism.
  • It worked also in Italy
  • I changed my region to the US and it worked - it sucks I had to do that, but it did work
  • Only UK and US :(
  • I changed my region to US and it worked
  • If i set my phone to us.. Do i get this??
  • Yes...i have it on my L735 set on US altough im from Serbia :)
  • yup.. working for me :)
  • installing
  • Thumbs up BodBot!
  • It's shows invalid code, (Can't believe is gone already!)
    edit: It went thru ahahaha
  • Done! Right on time! Now to get to it! Thanks!
  • Works in Canada!
  • Why only UK and US? I'm sure they accept my Euro's if I bought it.
  • Switch to US region - it worked for me
  • That worked this time.  Thanks BodBot devs.
  • I just got mine for myself and my brother, this is a pretty Cool Deal and THANKS Much to Windows Central for the heads up!!!!!
  • The code worked, for me, my wife and kid! Thank you Windows Central.
  • Let's see how fit this app gets me.
  • Can't get to the code. US region and language????
  • I'm in India and has language as UK English..... the code worked
  • No option like discount code in settings> my account ... What to do?
  • Thanks WPC
  • The code worked for me too and I'm from outside us&uk. Thanks WC.
  • Thanx for the heads up WPC.
  • 25,000 seems like a lot if this is a WindowsCentral exclusive code, especially as this article has less than 30 comments?
  • It's not a requirement to post a comment in order to use the code.
  • App crashes on my Win10M
  • Thanks for it in going to use it and see how it goes. Right know I'm learning the app but got to say the app is very good. Again thanks
  • As I tipped you guys last night about the other article that mentioned this deal....   June does not have a 31st. needz 'em
  • Thanks, Grabbed and signed up, maybe I will try this app, reviews look pretty good
  • Thank you!  Look forward to exploring the functionality.
  • No options discount code under settings my account
  • Thanks Windows Central! Don't know what you're talking people regarding regions: It worked in Lithuania with all the regions and languages set to LT.
  • Great video. Wish looks interesting but I'm not sure whether there's custom taxes and shipping charges since you're purchasing products from various parts of the world.
  • Goods to hear about the app. I have downloaded and registered. t
  • so I read about it, heard what you said, still not sure I would need anything like that,but very interesting and I like reading what others are saying and thinking.
  • Another must have body workout app top paid & featured multiple times at wp store
  • trying to install let see