Get BodBot Premium — worth $120 —free for a year!

Get a free year of BodBot Premium worth $120!

BodBot is giving away 25,000 one-year subscriptions for BodBot Premium — a $120 value!

BodBot was featured yesterday in the first day of Hidden Gems: A Week In The Life, and the developer is giving away 25,000 copies of a one-year subscription to BodBot Premium to US and UK residents from now until June 31st. Normally BodBot Premium would run you $120 for a full year, so you could save some serious coin here!

Here's how to get it:

Windows Phone Windows 8.1

  1. Download the BodBot app for Windows Phone (or scan the QR code) or Windows 8.1
  2. Register a BodBot account in the app or log in.
  3. Open BodBot's settings, tap on "My Account", and then "Discount Code"
  4. Enter the code "BodBotWP" and tap on Upgrade
  5. Get fit with BodBot!

For full rules on the BodBot subscription giveaway, click here

An interview with BodBot developer Sergio Prado{.nofollow}

Lumia Conversations sits down with Sergio Prado, developer of BodBot, to talk about their advanced fitness app. It's about more than just giving you a workout routine — it's adaptive to the way you move, your schedule, and even your injuries. And importantly, what makes BodBot on Windows Phone great:

Live Tiles are a huge feature for what we're trying to do. When it comes to making sure people keep up with exercise, you need to continually harass them!

Read the full interview on Lumia Conversations{.cta .large.nofollow}

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