Get creative and print your own 3D cases for the Lumia 820

Nokia is attempting to get the Windows Phone community involved in making new Lumia 820 cases. The company has released a 3D-printing Development Kit (3DK), which not only comes with the required raw files for 3D printers, but also guidance on what materials could be utilised, tips on what to look out for in creating a unique case, and other advice.

Should you have access to a 3D printer of some sort, you'll be able to use the 3DK files released by the manufacturer to craft new shells for the Lumia 820. But if you don't happen to own a 3D printer, there are a number of services online that can produce results from submitted designs for a fee. It'll provide an avenue for consumers to head down to create unique cases.

So what's currently available from Nokia for 3D printing? The following will help one get started:

  • Mechanical drawings
  • Back shell printing parts (in separated form)

If you're not into the whole 3D printing thing, then be sure to be on the look for available cases that offer further protection and / or wireless charging. It'll be interesting to see if Nokia releases a similar 3DK for the Lumia 620, another Windows Phone that supports interchangeable shells. For further information on the Nokia 3D printing kit, be sure to check out this lengthy blog post (and interview with John Kneeland, a Nokia Community & Developer Marketing Manager) over on Nokia Conversations.

We previously looked at 3D printing back in September where we recommended looking at the manufacturing process if you're unable to get your hands on some unique Windows Phone accessories. It's great to see Nokia attempting to motivate the community into creating their own shells and accessories. It'll be interesting to see how much interest is shown in the 3DK and printing Lumia 820 cases.

Are you thinking of creating your own? Share your results with us!

Source: Nokia, via: SlashGear

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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