Ghostery and RoboForm extensions now available for Microsoft Edge

Extensions from Ghostery and RoboForm are now available for Microsoft Edge users to check out. Both extensions were announced by Microsoft, and are available to download to Edge from the Windows Store now.

Both RoboForm and Ghostery make browsing safer and more convenient and in their own ways. Ghostery, if you aren't familiar, blocks trackers and cuts down on clutter as you browse, ultimately working to enhance privacy and clean up websites. RoboForm, on the other hand, is a password manager that can automatically fill in forms and remember your passwords from site to site.

Both extensions are popular options on other platforms, and it's good to see them expand support to Microsoft Edge. If you'd like to check either one out, you can grab them from the Windows Store now.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • RoboForm extension not downloading from store!
  • Make sure your downloading ext and not the app. Works perfectly for me.
  • Never heard of Ghostery. I hope it doesn't interfere with uBlock Origin.
  • I use Ghostery and uBlock Origin simultaneously on other browsers, so ideally, they should co-exist fine on Edge. I must admit that uBlock has similar tactics as Ghostery, so they are kind of duplicitous.
  • Thanks for the info. I will install Ghostery once I get home.
  • It could all be in my head but browsing definitely seems faster.
  • Yeah, back in my days of using Chrome, I replaced both Ghostery and AdBlock extension with just uBlock Origin. Never looked back.
  • Yeah Roboform is borked in the Store.
  • Neither are downloading.
  • Ghostery ftw...!
  • tried to install ghostery i keep getting something went wrong on our side :S
  • Ghostery has saved my skin on a few occassions. Glad to hear its making its way to Edge
  • Roboform requires a yearly paid account to Sync passwords as it stores passwords in their cloud.  You cannot store the passwords locally with this version of the program.  So it is not "Free" at all, and you must have an internet account and connection for Sync to work across devices.  There are much better solutions available, some are free.
  • Please let me know a one that works on Edge.
  • Wrong you get about 10 passwords for free. I have used it this way for about ten years.
  • I ENTEND to extend my browsing 😝
  • Yes yes
  • Never used either. But always nice to see more stuff comin our way. Too bad the damn store is down right now, I just reset my phone!!! Talk about #appgap
  • Never heard of them, but good news!
  • So, it looks like the store is super screwed right now, yeah? I have been trying and trying... :(
  • Can you dig it?
  • ghostery worked for me no issues
  • OMG - RoboForm! Been waiting on this. Boy is that icon terrible, like they did a bad snipping tool on it.
  • Me too, been waiting since the edge came out. I can ditch explorer now.
  • Whats the point of all these extensions when we are not even allowed to use them in "InPrivate" mode .
  • RoboForm is telling me my session timed out as soon as I log in.
  • Ghostery was installed, configured, and working earlier this evening, now it's not. Wot???
  • Ghostery can make you really depressed sometimes, especially on contentfarms like the network WinCentral belongs to. There are more then 10 unnecessary trackers spying and slowing down over here.
  • Looking out for the Enpass extension ....
  • Store is down right now...
  • These extensions need to come out for mobile.
  • Finally, I can say goodbye to Chrome. All the extensions need are here.
  • I am a long time RoboForm subscriber, and have been waiting for this forever (it seems). Installed through the Extensions option in Edge. Installed on 2 PCs without a hitch, signed in and saw all of my logins and identities. So far, seems to work fine for most sites, will keep testing and see what happens. Installed Ghostery too, but not sure what it is supposed to do. Still getting too many web site has stopped working message boxes with the offer to recover - mostly on Wish they could fix this.
  • Roboform Edge Extension is not working for many of us. Immediately on signing in, a message pops up saying "session timed out, logi again". Same thing on logging in again. I have reinstalled, change optional settings, cleared my Edge cache, cleared session cache on Roboform site! Still not working. Seems weird that some users have no trouble, others have this issue. IF ANYONE HAS AN ANSWER PLEASE POST IT. Thanks.