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Text-to-speech can be really useful for creating video voice-overs and audiobooks — but many apps use weird voices. Notevibes helps you produce something more natural, with 177 customizable voices for just $69.99.

Not everyone is blessed with a radio-quality voice. Perhaps more importantly, you may not have the time to do a full voice-over for every project.

With Notevibes, you can add high-quality narration in seconds. This web-based platform has 177 voices and over 1.2 million characters, covering 18 languages with high-fidelity speech synthesis.

To get started, you simply paste your script into the web app. Notevibes gives you loads of options to choose from, and you can highlight specific sections for emphasis.

The app also allows you to add pauses, change the speed of the speech, and adjust the volume and pitch.

You can save the audio in MP3 format or WAV, or listen via your browser. The latter option is great for digesting written tutorials through your headphones.

Order now for $69.99 to get a lifetime subscription, normally worth $540.


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Notevibes Text to Speech Personal Pack: Lifetime Subscription – $69.99

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