Ever since Microsoft released their Remote Desktop Preview app, a few users have been experiencing an odd problem for which they may not know the cause: their Glance screen on their Lumia flips upside down. The problem is about a week old, and it has been discussed a few times in our forums, but many of you are still confounded.

In short, there’s a conflict when using Glance and Remote Desktop, specifically when RDP is “is connected and in landscape mode where the bottom of the screen is on the left side of your phone”. There’s even one person reporting the same problem with Microsoft’s new Movie Moments app, though we have not yet verified  or replicated that connection. [Update: The Verge's Tom Warren has informed us he too had the problem with Movie Moments]

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How to fix upside down Glance screen

  • If you rotate Remote Desktop to be landscaped/flipped to the right side, your Glance screen will go back to normal without the need for a soft reset.

Of course, you could also soft-reset, although that seems like overkill and unnecessary. Needless to say, you have Windows Phone 8.1 Preview, Remote Desktop Preview or Movie Moments installed, you have a few incomplete apps colliding. There’s no word if Nokia will fix Glance or if this is in Microsoft’s court, but if you experience such behavior, you now know why!

Thanks, ven07, in our forums