Glide for Windows Phone apparently in development

Heard of Glide? It’s a service that boasts itself as the fastest way to send and receive video messages. If you’ve been a diehard Windows Phone the past few years you probably haven’t paid much attention, mostly because they don’t have an app in the Windows Phone Store. That looks like it’s about to change. A Windows Phone app for Glide is apparently in the works.

Windows Phone Central reader reached out to Glide via Facebook and asked if a Windows Phone app was coming. Glide replied that they’re working on it. No release date in sight, but that’s better than nothing.

What’s the big deal with Glide ( It’s a pretty freaking popular app on iOS and Android. It’s “insanely fast” at sending videos with no uploading or downloading required. Messages can be watched in real-time or later. Chats are saved in the cloud, so you don’t need to take up space on your phone to download the messages. You can also do group chats, which is pretty cool. And like any modern photo/video app, there are filters for you to use and enhance your video. Sepia video chats ftw!

We’ve reached out to Glide to see if they’d confirm the status of a Windows Phone app and give us a better idea of when it’ll hit. We’ll update accordingly.

Source: Twitter

Thanks for the tip Johnathan J! 

Sam Sabri
  • With no ability to download, so you stream? Seems like a huge data waster.
  • +920
    And an even worse battery guzzler than Kik or WeChat (yes, it's possible.)
  • I'm sorry, but I can't see why anybody would use this. To me it seems like another wannabe start-up who tries to be hip by combining Skype, WhatsApp and SnapChat.
  • Really? You can't see why any of the other humans on this planet would use this? 
  • Well maybe, but isn't this exactly the same thing as SnapChat?
    I'm not entirely sure, as I don't use it.
  • That YouTube video explaining the service is hilarious. Sending video messages about ticket availability?? Geez, just send a text message or - I know this is crazy - just call the person.
  • lol.
  • Never heard of this. But, sounds cool.
  • WP also needs BitStrips... Have you heard of it❔It's extremely popular on iDroid...
  • This is a good news for you Rodney :) , hope bitstrips is next :D
  • I hope it comes soooooooonnnn.. My girlfriend was asking me if I new what Glide was, yesterday.. I was like "hell yes I do"".. But I changed the subject really fast.. She's all in bed laughing, and using it on her iPhone.. I didn't want her to know that I couldn't use it yet.... Lol! I'm glad she hasn't asked me to download it yet.. That would be embarrassing because I brag about my 1520 so much..
  • Lol, i feel u man,i too brag about my wp so much in front of my friends that its a real embarrassment when they ask me to download an app that's still not available on wp
  • haha i have a similar experience when my folks ask me text your bbm pin , on what level are you on candy crush saga or high score on flappy words , the reason i give them , i have whatsapp, i am not a kid who play these games.
  • Lol, same here WhatsApp an excuse for bbm and i hate puzzle games for candy crush
  • Ditch bbm and watsapp
  • Lol❕
  • Official = good
  • Correct. I might not even use it my self, but at least is one more App the competition can't bitch about not being avai for wp's.
  • +1. People need to stop knocking things before even trying them. And even if they wouldn't use it,it can help to get apps from developers of apps that they do use. Official apps are an asset,and help with growth and adoption.
  • I have an android and most of the apps that are "much needed" on windows phones are the ones no one really cares about. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Actually most of these "much needed" apps are just an excuse from people not to move to windows phone. What we need is better aps, not just have an app in the WP store and update it 2 years later like one of those we heard of today.
  • Nice, buid it and they will come.
  • Sounds like a razor or feminine product...
  • Love this comment lol.
  • Lol u made my day
  • Wow❕❕❕❕❕ I was just talking about this the other day... I sent Glide a tweet asking about it.. Let me check my inbox...
  • +920
  • Glad to see another article about an iOS/Android Developer thinking about coming to Windows Phone.
  • I get request from friends to join glide all the time.
  • if this was a Glide emulator to run old 3dfx games on my Windows Phone, I'd use it!  :D
  • For those who think its not useful, I used to feel the same way about Snapchat. But now, think outside of the box: what if you are showing info on marketing tactics? New previews? Ideas for your next meal or outing? Video and pictures are the future of messaging...Facebook saw that early and attempted its buyout of Snapchat, which failed. Glide I'm sure is much bigger than we realize as well....
  • It is big, everyone I know uses it.
  • While it might be big, your all friends using it isn't evidence of that. What you're encountering is a network effect.
  • Wish they had paltalk oovoo ustream
  • idk about the others but i know they have oovoo  
  • Just send a text. This thing is a data muncher.
  • Just another snobbish gadget. How about calling the person. There was a time when phones were actually used for that, and to be honest, just calling seems to be much less "hastle" anyway.
  • Whats the problem with it being a "data muncher"? For those with no data i.e. 2-3 gigs a month. Get yourself a new phone company.
  • All of my friends and family use glide its a cool app I am kinda hating my Lumia right now....
  • OK.  Looks like they finaly released it!