Goblins vs Gnomes is Hearthstone's first full expansion, coming in December

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft will be getting its first expansion next month. Focusing on the rivalry between Warcraft's Goblin and Gnome races, the expansion is called, appropriately, Goblins vs Gnomes.

First previewed last month, the expansion features over 120 new cards. These include the new Mech minion type. Mechs can be both neutral and class-specific.

There will be specific Goblins vs Gnomes available in the in-game shop when the expansion launches in December. The pricing will be the same as expert-tier card packs.

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Source: Blizzard

Joseph Keller
  • Still waiting for the RT version, hope it will come one day :(
  • Too bad about the lack of an RT version. The regular desktop version works great (albeit at low details) on a Dell Venue 8 Pro.
  • I am hoping we'll see a universal app for Windows10 and Xbox
  • How about a WP version?
  • I wouldn't put my hopes to high for any WP support and RT is never coming. Blizzard only has a fling for iOS. There even isn't a chat app for the Battle.net chat on WP. And Android hasn't gotten the game either. It would be great, but it properly won't happen before MS takes over the world ;)
  • They've already annoucned that it's coming for Android. Take off the tin foil hat.
  • What hat :P
  • What does this have anything to do with windows?
  • It's to do with Windows gaming.
  • Barely. It's a game that happens to run on Windows. If it we're a game available in the Windows store, I could understand, but this is a miscellaneous desktop game. It doesn't belong here.
  • This is a Windows site with a clear recent focus on gaming. If you don't like the article, don't read it.
  • So much for having an opinion. Don't have to be a douche
  • Shouting out "what does this have to do with windows" isn't exactly that nice either. Why bother covering non-exclusive games on xbox? They aren't xbox specific, they just "happen to run on xbox."  I'd understand if it was an exclusive, but it's just a miscellaneous xbox game.    Blizzard is one of the few major developers that holds its own against Valve/Steam. They're certainly worth mentioning.
  • Shouldn't we all be supporting Mojang's Scrolls instead of this game, which has nothing to do with Microsoft? Go Scrolls, Go! Boo Hearthstone, Boo!
  • Hearthstone is just too good to not support it.
  • F2P? No gracias. Not when it affects gameplay.
  • Maybe Win 10 will remedy this
  • It's a good game.... But really I want to play clash of clans.. Why I don't have it on my windows phone store.. It's on ios and android
  • Please Blizzard, grace the RT community with with Hearthstone.
  • Should be fun. I was hoping to see an app by now but i guess they'll get to it when they feel like it?