GoDaddy now offers a hosted Exchange option

You likely know as an Internet registrar and for its, er, eye-catching advertisements. Now you can add hosted Exchange to its resume (opens in new tab).

What's hosted Exchange, you ask? It's most often found in the workplace, but outside vendors are now offering its push-email and cloud-based storage for monthly fees. We've written about it a bit, and Dieter and Mal have touched on it in a couple of podcasts (19 & 22).

For $6.99 a month, GoDaddy gives you a single mailbox with 2 gigabytes of storage, POP3 and IMAP access (and presumably OWA, though it's not listed), plus the usual calendar goodies. For $9.99 a month you get all of that plus access on your mobile device.

The price isn't bad, but we'd like to see more storage. While 2 gigs is still a boatload of space when it comes to e-mail, it hardly stacks up to the 7 gigs gmail gives you for free. Yeah, it's still not true push e-mail and it doesn't play as nicely with Windows Mobile as Exchange, but you can't beat the cost.

However, it is nice to see another hosted Exchange option come to fruition. Check out GoDaddy's offerings here (opens in new tab).

via jkontherun

WC Staff
  • While it's nice to see another option for Hosted Exchange, my preference is IT Solutions Now offering. Their Hosted Exchange service is $9.95 per month for >>>unlimited
  • I don't understand the news value of this.... has been offering this service for over a year... and its 6.99/month...i'd like to correct your article though, you state is 6.99 its actually 9.99...
  • grr misread the prices sorry...but still offers the same thing..
  • Not advocating one over another. But if you're a fan of GoDaddy (or Danica Patrick, I guess), then it's another option. And more options=better for consumers.
  • how does it compare to intermedia ?
  • Ain't Google is offering the same thing... free? I am sure their calendar is compatible with Outlook though - I have never tried it. But godaddy is unbeatable when it comes to domain pricing - I am paying about $6.75 per year for .COMs after coupon coupon and rebate