Goodbye, Nokia Collection and hello Lumia

Earlier today, Windows Central began receiving reports from users that their Nokia Collection in the Windows Phone Store had altered to Lumia Collection. Sure enough, hours later the conversion is going wide as our Store now reflects the new name as well.

The shift in branding should come as no surprise, as for months now Microsoft has been scrubbing the Nokia name from apps, websites, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Lumia Collection

The name change from Nokia Collection to Lumia Collection is nearly the last remnants of the Finnish company, with only the Lumia boot screen still showing Nokia.

The Lumia Collection is a list of apps in the Store restricted to Nokia Lumia phones, as opposed to HTC, Samsung, and others. Focusing on imaging, gaming, and utilities, the Nokia Collection was one of the largest repositories of unique apps for Lumia Windows Phones. Now, it looks to carry on that tradition as the Lumia Collection with the latest addition being the Movie Creator app released yesterday.

So with that, we bid Nokia Collection farewell and embrace Lumia here on out.

Thanks, Parimal G., and Abhroneel G., for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Dont remember when I last time opened Store :) got all apps I need, WhatsApp and others
  • Try clicking Lumia Collection and it will lead ye to Nokia Collection only..
  • Goodbye, preview for developers and hello Denim..........!!!!!!!
  • ?
  • Did ye took your meds today..?/
  • So Microsoft is saying you should get a Lumia for the full Windows Phone experience? Wonder how the other OEMs feel?
  • I bet you only see Lumia on Lumia phones.
  • Of course. HTC has 'HTC Apps' and Samsung has 'Samsung Zone', etc. All OEMS have their own section in the Store.
  • What about the smaller guys like Blue?
  • They also get their own section, should they choose to enable it.
  • Apparently not all phones. I don't have it.
  • Strange that I don't see HTC apps section in Store. Maybe its there only for One M8.
  • On HTC 8X there is this section, on the first scrren of the Store
  • Well, apparently not on my 8x
  • A lot of the stuff in Lumia collection must be available to other brands surely?....i mean it includes apps like Skype, Spotify, Whatsapp...etc. Must be a list of 'staple apps' to start new users off
  • "Wonder how the other OEMs feel!"
    Honestly, does anyone even care? I kind of don't. I don't worry one bit about what Samsung thinks, that's for sure.
  • Exactly.. Besides the bottom of the barrel OEM',, what other OEM's❓
  • Totally! I don't give a rat's behind.
  • No, other OEMs do not care at all. But users of those phones do care. If the Lumia apps are under microsoft now, why shouldn't they give those apps to all the windows phone users? It will only help people to chose other OEMs' Windows phone as well. Atleast not all the apps but the essential ones?
  • That's a possibility.. IDK
  • They CAN'T give all the Lumia apps to all the Windows Phone users, it's obvious. But I agree, Microsoft shouldn't hide those apps to the other OEMs' stores which will only add to the WP experience as a whole.
  • I think the idea is that each OEM should have the ability to have custom apps if they want. Right now Microsoft is at an advantage bc its Lumia Apps are superior and exclusive. But imagine a world where HTC or Samsung decide to put effort in their exclusive apps, then Lumias would be at a disadvantage; Samsung phones would have the benefit of Lumia apps and Samsung apps, but Lumia phones would not have access to Samsung apps.
  • What a world would that be indeed.
  • Daniel, I do agree with you but i don't. We all know OEM's (even samsung and HTC) are very important to  WP, we are not even half a year in seeing how they ([the new OEM's] develop(ed), for SURE Microsoft does..!! They are still very kind to Snapsung and  I wonder why too.?? OEM's are neccesary just as in the PC/ tablet world right? I wish samsung, google, facebook, snapchat,some financial institutions and airlines actually started to support their own made enemy, they are in for a surprise, I can tell you that!! And, I hope Samsung goes first!! (their "support" for WP is the worst)   Thanks t
  • "And, I hope Samsung goes first!! (their "support" for WP is the worst)" I don't get this at all. I have both a Lumia and a Samsung. Lumia OEM apps =20, Samsung OEM apps=21. That's one more app on my Ativ than my Lumia.But honestly, I rarely use those apps. My main concern is the phone and for ME, Samsung>Nokia. However, I'm looking forward to Microsoft's phone. I mean, they should be GREAT right...considering they'll be in charge of both software and hardware.  
  • I can't believe Samsung"support" is worse than Huawei's. I never got an update on my W2 and when I asked them if I will ever get an update to 8.1 they said it is not their responsibility, but Microsoft's. I'm really sure they also need to do something in order to get phones receiving updates. On my old Samsung Omnia W I got the 7.8 update. After a very long wait, but I got it.
  • Microsoft is responsible for 8.1....careful who you hate on
  • Maybe if the other OEMs had utilized even half of the resources that Nokia used towards Windows Phone....
  • Other OEMs do that even on Android.
    Samsung have "Samsung Apps", etc  
  • Other OEMs do that *only* on Android.
  • HTC and Samsung have they collection on WP too...
  • In case you haven't noticed, other OEMs don't give a sh*t about Windows Phone. HTC and Samsung pretend they do from time to time but the truth is...they really don't.
  • Actually, if they felt that angry over it then they should respond with more competitive hardware.. A full line of WP devices, and a huge marketing campaign... Anything less, and they themselves are saying that you should get a Lumia for the full WP experience..
  • +1030 Agreed..!!
  • "AwesomeAman2901".... That should've been your username..
  • Thanks 'RockstarRodneyej'..!! ;):P
  • Lol!
  • No...just no
  • Why so..??
  • He's jealous.. He wants me all to himself..
  • Nooooooo
  • Lol
  • They could also respond with more compelling software support, HTC apps aren't available on Lumia devices, why should Lumia apps be available for HTC devices.
  • Other OEM's are free to create whatever apps they want, just because Samsung, HTC, etc don't give a damn about their WP customers by having diverse apps like Lumia does, does not mean Microsoft should just give them the Lumia apps they bought from Nokia. If they do that they may as well stop producing Lumia phones alltogether, and the whole Nokia purchase would have been for nothing.    
  • the only thing changing is nokia to lumia, so if other oems didn't care before they won't care now
  • Why should the other OEMs feel anything about it? Lumia is a distinctive series and it's only fair for Lumia phones to have their own apps!
  • Google says the exact same thing about Android? Of course you get the better experience with Microsoft, which in contrast to others have laid all their eggs in the WP-basket and is supporting the OS 100% (*cough* Samsung *cough* HTC)
  • They are as irrelevant as they ever been so who cares what they think :P
  • Sigh....
  • What?
  • Nothing! Let the poor guy sigh!
  • If you insist.
  • Microsoft should make all apps in Lumia collection available to all non Lumia devices as well.
    No-one really cares about these apps anyway. It will be nice little add-in to the ecosystem.
  • I dont use the store. I get apps you talk about on windows central.
  • +630
  • Well that means you do use the store because wcentral gives you link and that link simply sends you to the store :-D
  • Exactly what Andy said.
  • I think he was referring to general browsing ;)
  • They took to long, I was waiting for it
  • patience...patience.... LOL
  • Lumia icon...
  • About time, all they've got to do now is change the boot screen (which should come with the next firmware hopefully) then we can say goodbye to Nokia forever. Don't get me wrong, I liked Nokia, but Microsoft has to get out of this transitional period ASAP.
  • I hope pre Microsoft branded phones get to keep the Nokia boot screen
  • Yeah, and MS can make a Nokia to Microsoft trade in program where you send in your phone and they replace the Nokia logo with the bland Microsoft one. Give me a break.
  • Does Lumia 535 have a Nokia boot screen?
  • Most likely not.
  • It doesn't.
  • My phone was made by Nokia though. Not Microsoft. Its one thing to change things now for the future. But, you can't rewrite the past. Trying to do so would be just silly.
  • Are all the apps on Lumia Collection exclusives to Microsoft/Nokia's handsets? Like Spotify or Afterlight. Would they be available on HTC's?
  • They used to have timed exclusives or slight app variations with different optimizations. Not so muchn any longer.
  • No. Only apps created by Nokia are exclusive to Nokia phones. The Nokia Collection has those and a selection of other apps - like Spotify and Afterlight - but it's just a selection of apps for the users to try out. You can get Spotify etc on HTC and Samsung WPs.
  • Well, some where temporarily exclusive to Lumia devices, but like Daniel said, we really don't see that anymore..
  • Imitates Darth Vader in episode 3. ​nooooooooo!
  • Lumia ? Microsoft forget to place the Name lumia in their new devices. So I don't like Microsoft mobile without a word Lumia in phones
  • I have a Nokia Lumia 1520 and I don't see any "Lumia" word on it, and the same for all my past Lumia Phones (920, 800 and 710). Your comment is ridiculous ;-)
  • What the difference the Nokia Lumia of the past all show Nokia on the top of the phone and Nokia on the back. Microsoft just replaced the Nokia names with there's its the exact same thing
  • yeah, but it would make more sense to use microsoft instead of lumia for the collection name (nokia-nokia collection, and now microsoft-lumia collection)
  • Where do ye see 'Galaxy' written on 'Samesung'..??
  • But sony do that on their xperia phones.... just mentioning....but its cool.. :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So people don't think that it's the old Sony Ericsson back at work again..!!
  • It is a matter of preference, Nokia and Samsung don't do it, But Sony phones say XPERIA on them and Apple phones say iPhone
  • Well what do ye all see on a Nexus..??
  • Mine still shows the name of the rightful creators: Nokia. And if I could prevent the update as I can the apps, I would.
  • That's so petty, DJCBS... You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
  • Petty is taking credit for something you didn't do. I'm just keeping the right name in the Nokia apps that are in my Nokia phones that I bought to Nokia.
  • So by your not taking the update your somehow giving Nokia credit? These apps are free and you've already purchased the device.
  • pathetic and ridiculous as always... I wonder when will you get a life and stop worrying about "nokia" name disappearing so much? you could always go and wait for the new Nokia handsets if you want, or you know, buy one of those amazing symbian phones from the past. Stop being pathetic and ridiculous and grow up, I mean if you care so much about "nokia" a simple name, you really need to find something useful in your life to complain about.
  • Well, just for the record, I wasn't trying to bash DCJBS.. I just wanted to call him out on that particular comment.. He's actually really smart, and he's cool.. You guys shouldn't be so hard on him... He's frustrated.. If you're going to call him names then at least acknowledged when he has a point, which he does,, a lot...
  • Don't bother Rod. That wench never writes anything useful or meaningful. Neither in response to me nor to anyone else.
  • I never noticed him.. Oh well.
  • Probably a guy sitting there in a wench's outfit...
  • Wench... Lol!
  • Dear _Emi_ Who let you out of the hospice? I hope the guards find you quickly and confine you back to your quarters. Go back to your lonely sorrow and spare me the dejects that come out of your fingers every time you type something.
  • +1030 Lol DJCBS
  • Lol!!! Yall are crazy... Some funny shit.
  • This way I suppose that ye aren't installing Microsoft applications also..?? DJCBS stop being to loyal to em now..They are more than half dead..!!
  • Lol! They aren't half dead... They are operating on a smaller scale.. Profit can still be relatively the same... We have to remember that Nokia has way less overhead, and way less people to pay now... Those guys are fixing to hit it huge!! Nokia is an awesome company, and I hope they succeed.. But, to be mad at MS because MS was obviously the more affluent company is dumb... If Nokia was so great, and MS so bad, then why wasn't it Nokia buying WP? Not that they would do that, but you get the point.
  • @DJCBS I was wondering if ye were also one of the laid-off Nokia Employees....?!?!
    I was just askin..
    No offence bro..!!
  • Lol❗❗❗ You would think Elop murdered his family, or something... LMFAO.. He's Steven Segal, out for vengeance
  • Half dead? o_O 1 million downloads of HERE for Android in 3 weeks (the app ISN'T in the Play Store btw) and the Z Launcher on my Android device beg to differ from that assessment ;P   By the way, as I've said a million times before, I have no problem with Microsoft. Heck, you know what email I use on my Z3C? Outlook. You know what cloud storage I use? OneDrive. Productivity suite? Office. I have, however, a problem with Microsoft Mobile and specially with this frenzied re-branding just for the sake of it. If Microsoft Mobile was adding anything to the Nokia apps AND rebranding it, I would at least tolerate it. But updating just for the sake of removing the brand that made WP what it is? Sorry, but no. Not with me. 
  • It's not rebranding for the sake of rebranding, it's rebranding because they have to. Are you actually trying to tell me that the reason you're upset is because they haven't added any new features yet? Sorry, but that sounds like the most petty thing I've ever heard.
  • Dude.. Weren't these apps co developed between MS, and Nokia❓ YES❗❗❗ Really, DJCBS❓ Really❓
  • News flash, when you purchase a division of a company, you inherit the products they created, kinda like beats by Dre, the world now knows they are Apple's and any further iterations will be manufactured by Apple and not Dre. Dre is now like Gates was when he helped save Apple....a non-decision making board member.
  • The Nokia you grew to love is now Microsoft mobile. All of Nokia software and hardware engineers now work for Microsoft. So the funny thing is that about or after 2016 according to Nokia CEO. They wont make smartphones Anymore. But they may license the Nokia name to other OEMs. Do you really think its going to be like the old Nokia. Love it or hate it the closet you ever going to get to that Nokia you love is buy buying a Microsoft branded phone. Everything the same the great Nokia engineers the build quality everything but the name. Now the name is Microsoft lumia
  • I already pointed out all that's wrong with your comment on another thread. I'll just say this: what Nokia's CEO said was that they were not returning to manufacturing phones. That's different from not returning to phones.   Also, since Nokia retained 75% of the talent that produced the Nokia phones, and from the 35% that Microsoft bought, half of them were, Microsoft Lumia is not at all the closest thing I can buy to a Nokia. A Jolla phone is closer. And it's still not a Nokia phone. By the way, you know what part of Nokia that I hated is now part of Microsoft Mobile? Eflop & Co.   And no, I don't think any return of Nokia will be done in the same way it was done before. Actually, for the sake of Nokia, I hope they never try to use the old model of "do everything in house" again. Design the hardware, design the software, control the quality but outsource all the rest. And that's, coincidently, the strategy laid by the President of Nokia Technologies ;)
  • Why does everyone get so worked up over DJCBS' opinion, lol.
  • They do the same to me.. But, they can't NEVER bust me down⬇⬇⬇⬇ .. Lol!
  • They=NIST only..!!
    No one else bothers you cause ye are right 95% of time Rod..!!
  • Yes, NIST even makes fun of me on Facebook.. Pretty sad dude...
  • Wonder what his DP might be like..?? BTW what's your username on Facebook..?? Let's become friends..!! :P:P
  • Glad ye removed it..!!
  • @DJCBS The rightful creditors are now bought by Microsoft and are living happily after in the new company!! They are also offering app updates for their loyal Nokia customers..!!
  • Only if the Microsoft releases some real updates instead of just changing the brand name from Nokia. They are also super slow in releasing the denim update while Motorola has already given the lollipop update so soon.
  • My store states Nokia Collection until I tap on it, and then it states Lumia Collection...
  • Mine is vice-a-versa..
  • So is the Samsung dislike because they a refusing to honor agreements and owe Microsoft a billion dollars or because their phones are junk or don't get supported? Just curious.
  • Their phones are okay, but it's really the half-hearted effort they put into it. Sell a phone here, don't promote it, sell a phone there, ignore it., etc.
  • I can see that. None of their phones have ever really taken off and its like they're never pushing them. Thanks
  • Well, actually one of the most successful WP devices of all time was the Samsung Focus... Lol! It's true...
    They actually used to carry WP, them and HTC, with multiple devices.. They just gave up after Nokia came along.
  • The Focus was awesome. Samsung owned the WP market for awhile, and they let it all go without a fight.
  • Yeah.. SMDH.... Oh, Sony. Where art thou❓❓
  • Sony is in the process of restructuring their mobile division. They just exchanged the CEO of Sony Mobile (yes, exchanged as they swapped guys within the Sony Corporation structure). We'll have yet to see what the new CEO of Sony Mobile does. But I think he'll first streamline the Xperia line. And if he's smart, that'll begin by ending the ridiculous 6 month cycle refreshes. Specially now that the Z3 line has basically finished the refinement process. Maybe after that process is done, they'll return to the Microsoft table. My only question is: will they focus only on high end phones or will they leave Android for high end phones and put WP on low ends? If you ask me, I would actually kill off all low end Sony devices. Sony can't do cheap or low end. So better to just focus on premium phones. And, why not, present a high end line with two different OSs for you to pick your flavour. Want Android? Here's an awesome Android flagship. Prefer WP? Here's an awesome WP flagship. What a cheap Android or WP? Go look somewhere else.
  • "Go look somewhere else"
    Well buy a Microsoft-Cum-Nokia WP..!! It's the same ideology as that of HTC..But is it enough to satisfy any OEM's hunger for profit..??
  • If Sony made a "Windows Mobile?",, wtf do we call it now?,,, device do you think they would support it well?.. Something tells me they would.
  • They will as WP has grown enough to come in sight of big OEMs..!!
  • What??? Aman? Is that you? What are you smoking? WP is shrinking..
  • No I meant that WP will get more support from OEMs than before..It's ever expanding bro..!!
    BTW I prefer drinking..It calms you....
  • I remember that too. But once their Galaxy brand took off they almost completely backed down. They aren't pushing their WPs as much as many of the WC community would like.
  • What you are saying describes EVERY Windows Phone OEM.
  • Lol! Right.
  • I got the Blu win HD. I don't see the Lumia anyways. Better than lumia
  • Hello Lumia
  • It hasn't changed yet I'm my phone. I took a quick screenshot with Nokia collection on it. Love Nokia!
  • I did the exact same thing. Now I need to upload it to her, OneDrive, Google drive, dropbox, etc.
  • Can you give me the link as mine is lumia collection now
  • That's nice and all but when will the UK get the store update where the app is the day is a large tile? I saw it teased a while back but nothing has changed. Any ideas??
  • I would like to know why the Store Live Tile still doesn't work.
  • That's apparently still US only and may hit other areas in update 2.
  • If only we had a new flagship Lumia to make sweet love to all these nice changes. Still waiting for TMO to stop delaying the One M8.
  • Talked to T-Mobile today again, they said two weeks.
  • Oh my
  • Can anyone else confirm this? Waiting is just making me second guess letting go of my L925.
  • Nokia location has been looking like a spotlight garage sale in the last 6 months
  • Unfortunately in Australia any changes usually occur several years later.
  • But after you click lumia collection it will still shows nokia collection
  • Give it some time.
  • Mine is still "nokia collection"
  • Tap nokia collection n see.
  • Well, the consider this article a look into your future ;)
  • I think if you did a "FAQ" editorial it would be hilarious.
    Like.. JohnD. "why can't I see the app yet?"" DanielR. "give it some time, it's a big world""
    SarahJ. "Is Sony planning a WP device?" DanielR. "IDK, that would be huge news. Don't you think we would report it?".... Lol!
    IOW, you would just awnswer every question back with a smart as question intentionally, and it would be a funny, smartass, read.. DO IT❕
  • +1030 Daniel is smart and handsome..Perfect candidate to lead WC..!! But he's a lot angry sometimes..I have noticed..!!
  • Yeah, but its funny.
  • Mine still called Nokia Collection
  • Really... It's a big world, dude.
  • Wow!! Here's you toffee dude ~==~
  • Same here in Ireland and we're the control centre for the world
  • "Control Centre Of The World..??"
    Care to explain how..??
  • Too hard to explain but we run the globe,
  • It happens at this age..I can understand..
  • There's no better feeling!!
  • There are much better than this..Get a girlfriend..If ye know what I mean....
  • Oh I'm happily married
  • Ohh!! Enjoy the Happy Feelings then..
  • Green Lumia 1520 here, mine says Lumia collection
  • I just hope we get denim before Thanksgiving... The bragging will last all weekend long with family...
  • Right There..!!
  • Yup I'm hoping the low light photos are better
  • I still have Nokia Care, Camera Beta, NFC Writer, Reading, Trailers and Xpress browser. Good to have some remnants of the past still. But most of those apps are awesome.
  • I miss Xpress browser, can't install!
  • Install SysApp Pusher and search in it..!!
  • Meh.
  • The Nokia connect app is still just that Nokia connect. Its the best quick ref for specs on the nl and Lumia phones. It does show the old phones as Nokia Lumia and the new phone as Lumia though which I thought was interesting.
  • They at least need to rename Nokia Play to to Lumia Playto.
  • Seems microsoftier.
  • What....!!! Common...
  • welcome changing....after Nokia +MS deal....
  • Now they should release to ALL windows phones!
  • No way , why would they try to kill there own company!!
  • Nokia chat beta will be the last to change to Lumia.
  • I cannot see any other app,rather than the Lumia app+ here apps!! Were is the collection of more usefull app!! It used to be a 1 stop for installing every usefull apps on my Lumia!(after hard reseting lol!!)
  • i wonder if they are going to change the bootscreen at all, at least for older lumias carrying the nokia logo physically
  • I sure hope they don't change the Nokia from the boot screen :( well, at least they can't scrub my phone and get the printed Nokia out!
  • The end of a era :|
  • I wish everything had "Microsoft" as the first name.
  • I'm still having Nokia collection. There is no change in my store
  • What about the new store UI. I didnt get it.
  • Byebye nokia n welcome ms lumia.. In the future byebye lumia n welcome surface phone/collection
  • Lol
  • Lol
  • I don't care about Nokia or whatever...what I care about is the next generation of WP. Where are the new high-end phones? I have a 1020, and contract is up in 4 months. Any great new Windows Phones on the horizon? Not that I know of. Meanwhile, iOs and Android are getting better versions of Office than Windows Phone users. Maybe they're letting WP go.
  • Lumia collection then Lumia again for me.... But there are so many friggin apps. Not interested I most of them. Looking around the store and I have to say I don't see an app gap anymore. Sure missing a few I guess.. Like some AutoDesk apps but other than that for me everything else is there...
  • Missing you NOKIA
  • I don't get all the weeping over Nokia. Where are the next gen Windows Phones?
  • Same here - I accept reality and have moved on
  • I'm Nokia Lumia 925 user and now Nokia Lumia collection gone and they appear Lumia collection.. I love ❤ Nokia phones and I'll be.. Symbian phones was awesome phone ever. If they make again I'll buy it.
  • Nokia, please come back! Where are you going?
  • Loving my 1520...
  • Still Nokia for me
  • Lumia collection got less collection of apps than Nokia collection
  • Maybe Microsoft Lumia Store soon.
    I don't see yet any difference maybe one... Coming more sh!t
  • Mine still showing Nokia collection.. Yoyo.. :)
  • Microsofts makrwt share in india is 12% aftwr Micromax 18% and samsung 33%
  • I think Microsoft should make this available to all Windows phone, just for goodwill
  • No that is ridiculous.
  • Wait, so the 530's boot screen still says Nokia?
  • That's a good question, but probably not.
  • The 535 doesn't
  • I would love to embrace Lumia, but it seems the new phones only have Microsoft stamped all over it, front and back, is there any way to start a petition to have LUMIA on the front of the phones, don't really want my phone and mouse to have the same brand written on them. How did we get them to keep the name Cortana?
  • It was overwhelming community feedback (I think on their uservoice page) that got us to keep the Cortana name.
  • *Sniff sniff*
  • Why is BBM in the Lumia collection? Is it not on all Windows Phones?
  • It sais Nokia Collection on my 625
  • Whatever happens you guys not gonna take the 'Nokia Trailers' away from me..... Muhahaha
  • It's still Nokia Collection in Poland. I frequent the store quite often to find new cool apps.
  • Why O! Nokia what have thee done?
  • The Lumia it's recognise by the customers. Why to not use this under Microsoft not Nokia. That's the same like a economic collapse in the centre of the Europe by the biggest corporations.
  • I still have Nokia collection
  • Hope MSFT doesn't name the next version of its Mobile OS "Windows For Lumia".
  • ROFL
  • Still waiting your goods
  • My phone shows Nokia collection
  • Still I get as Nokia cooection only
  • Awesome!!!!
  • Yeah
    My store Nokia collection
    Even gone to Lumia collection
  • Mine is still Nokia collection, you tap then change to Lumia collection
  • Have we decided what is the Official Last Nokia Smartphone? Is it the 830?
  • The 830 is the last Lumia branded with Nokia yes but Microsoft had already taken over before it was launched.
  • As long as Microsoft continue to make unique apps under Lumia collection branding all is well in my world lol.
  • Nokia Hater
  • These Lumia Apps are now msft Apps, so as much as I don't want other oems to have them, how can msft not share them. If they want the OS to grow then they really have to make them available to other oems.... Unfortunately!
  • Having grown up with Nokia since the the early 90's and witnessing how quick things change in 2 subsequent decades with mobile phones, I'm curious to see how these cusp of events will paddle moving forward.
  • I'm buying the 830 for the Nokia branding (and Finnish loyalty :'( ) Then will either stay with WP or go with Android based on reviews. Wp will have to work harder now to keep me interested even though I am aware Nokia employees are working with Microsoft, it's just not the same thing. I just prefer having Nokia stamped all over my phone. Microsoft gonna have to werk harder now than ever before.
  • Same here. Wasn't happy to see that new phone coming out with Microsoft branding on it.
  • Nokia is only stamped on my 830 once. On the removable back plate.
  • Don't feel comfortable buying a lumia without Nokia branding
  • The roll out is not over because in my phone, the category in the store still says Nokia Collection. 
  • Nokia collection is back.
  • Good bye and good riddance. Onto bigger and better and the Microsoft Surface Phone Elite!
  • I checked the store today and I surprised. The Nokia collection returns to day. I'm from Algeria
  • It's back to Nokia collection
  • i  have  perfect idea for social  app. for nokia and microsoft ? or should i see google  bye