Lumia Collection

Earlier today, Windows Central began receiving reports from users that their Nokia Collection in the Windows Phone Store had altered to Lumia Collection. Sure enough, hours later the conversion is going wide as our Store now reflects the new name as well.

The shift in branding should come as no surprise, as for months now Microsoft has been scrubbing the Nokia name from apps, websites, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Lumia Collection

The name change from Nokia Collection to Lumia Collection is nearly the last remnants of the Finnish company, with only the Lumia boot screen still showing Nokia.

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The Lumia Collection is a list of apps in the Store restricted to Nokia Lumia phones, as opposed to HTC, Samsung, and others. Focusing on imaging, gaming, and utilities, the Nokia Collection was one of the largest repositories of unique apps for Lumia Windows Phones. Now, it looks to carry on that tradition as the Lumia Collection with the latest addition being the Movie Creator app released yesterday.

So with that, we bid Nokia Collection farewell and embrace Lumia here on out.

Thanks, Parimal G., and Abhroneel G., for the tips!