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Google has updated its only app in the Windows Store, Google Search, for Windows 10

Google has only released one app in the Windows Store, and that's for Google Search. Now that app has been updated in the store with support for Windows 10. It includes a revamped and cleaner user interface that takes on Google's Material Design ideas.

Basically, the Google Search app allows Windows 10 users to access Google's search engine without having to use a browser. It does support using a microphone so that users can speak their search string which can then be accessed by the app. It also supports image search and the app also has a page to directly access online versions of Google's other apps and services like YouTube, Gmail, Maps and others.

Aside from this release, Google has never make any indications it plans to release any native apps for Windows 10 (although it has released a dedicated Xbox One YouTube app, so for the moment it looks like Google Search will stand alone.

The Google app is actually pretty decent. It makes use of hardware for speaking, can do in-line browsing (or use Edge), and it has a clean look. The app does not yet work on Windows 10 Mobile, however, it may very well come over to that side soon too.

Download Google Search for Windows 10 (opens in new tab) (Free)

via: Microsoft News

  • lol! Are u kidding us Screwgle?We don't need your sh*t? We have Cortana!
  • The only Google app I want is one which blocks Google entirely from my machine. Google is the worst form of malware.
  • Me too, google chrome' s been installed hundred times without my will on my win7.
  • No it hasn't
  • Adobe is who you can blame for that
  • You're downloading the wrong sort of software then and not reading the small print.
  • Everyone should immediatey download and install 'unchecky'. Automatically unchecks those stupid pre-ticked boxes that most software come with that basically trick-installs crap like google and Ask to you PC.  
  • It's disappointing how such comments get the attention of fans subtly similar to those of the 2008-2010 bunch of fanfags.
  • It's disappointing how in 2015 some people still use "fag" as an insult.
  • You can hate Google, but you should recognize that the windows store will instantly better off if Google offered first party Chrome, Gmail, and YouTube applications. Mail is good, our 3rd party YT apps are good, Edge is good. But millions of people still use Google, and the store would be instantly more attractive to all of them if they could find those apps, provided by a first party. It helps legitimize the app store, even if you don't use the apps yourself. Shouting "Who needs {Google/apple}" is a great way for MS to isolate itself. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nope. It still sucks.
  • I agree with @txDrum.  Google apps are a necessity, I don't use Google, but them having apps in our Store is a good thing.
  • Exactly.
  • Necessary, they are not - desirable, by some they are. Beneficial to the platform, indeed, if it is what people what. Personally I wouldn't notice if Google disappeared tomorrow. There isn't a single service they have that there isn't a more appealing alternative for.
  • so tell me more how you can listen to youtube music in the background, or getting notifications on gmal, all this from a browser, when you have a phone. stop being haters. as of it right now, WE are the ones who need google services on the platform, not vice-versa, otherwise google would have released its apps already, despite its rage against windows platforms
  • It's astonishing how delusional you people have become.
  • I think we both should do some collaboration. Ridding the world of Google.
  • if you want some of the 2 billion iphone users and android users to come to windows phone then the word necessaty fits perfectly, windows phone cant go forward to far if it doesnt have all the major apps, and phone abilities of its competition, things like apple pay still havent even been mentioned for windows, no gestres which was wow, at least we are geting intergration with skype, thats starting to look and feel great.   Microsoft know all this and they are trying hard to solve it.
  • They are nessery many deplovments people arount the would try to compete with function apps agains large as Google, and if they start spend mony and employ people for code for Windows, many other deplovments people also start to deplove for Windows.  My self deplove for PC software, iOS and Android and will never taget Windows atlest not for Phone see no point of spend my mony and time for this OS, but if many of the company some give out stuff like my own product am gonna be force by automatic to release or am will lose people use the prodcuts :)
  • Why would one need a chrome, gmail or youtube app? They can all be accessed and arguably perform better in the browser, and in the case of gmail your account can be pulled into any email client.
  • Tell that to a casual, non-enthusiast customer.
  • Are you actually suggesting that there are people who have no idea how to set up an email client? And that if they had multiple email addresses they would use multiple branded clients, one for service, instead of just adding all addresses to one client? Come on.
  • Yes, most definetely. Even though I use one client on windows10 I more often go to dedicated clients for each webservice for added benefits. For gmail there's the tab grouping system, let's not even talk about google inbox, even for outlook there are added benefits to using a first party client.
  • Clearly, you haven't met my mother.
  • That has been true for most popular apps on phones and tablets. The apps are more convenient and tend to have more functionality added to them over time. HTML5 might change that, but it hasn't happened yet.
  • People like Chrome because it Syncs their Log-In information across devices.  Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't make Edge for iOS, Edge for Android, etc.  Their Bing App is clunky as shit.  Chrome is the only Firefox that really bridges a gap that wide.     YouTube is necessary to easily Upload Video to the service, like via "Share."  Additionally, they can build in moderation and communication/messaging tools into the App and generally offer a much better interface for i.e. Tablets.  On top of that, when Google introduces changes or new capabilities to the platform, they tend to get them implemented first.  We do not know if or when Google will choose to crack down on 3rd party YouTube apps - a majority of which runs afoul of their Terms of Service. Gmail app is necessary because Gmail sucks in anything that isn't designed for Gmail, due to the way the mail service works on the back end, an the way it exposes its data to 3rd party apps via IMAP. Additionally:  Push Notifications for things like GMail or YouTube without having to keep the App Running all the time in the background, or having to do Manual Synchronization on a Schedule which both drains more power, and can lead to you getting important emails minutes late. No vanilla IMAP email client is better than a proper Gmail client.  It's part of the reason almost no Mac users I know use anything but Apple's PIM Apps for thier iCloud PIM.  Once you switch off of those apps, the user experience breaks down and you're thrown back to the 1990s.
  • well simply put because out of the 1.5 billion on android and iphone about 90% of tem use official you tube app, gmail, googles caleder so ts a eal olid reason why windows phone would benifit from these apps.  Personally i only use you tube and gmasil now but i am using other things and if google doesnt wana suport windows phone then im gona be changing my habits too.
  • First party Gmail maybe, but the mail app itself is above satisfactory. It's YouTube that widows store needs from Google and that's it. Maybe drive just so people can move their storage from drive to OneDrive.
  • You can already move your storage from Drive to OneDrive by downloading the Sync Client and just Dragging the files over from Drive to OneDrive.  OneDrive is cited as being incredibly slow by a ton of users, and it doens't support nearly as many file formats for previewing as Drive. The Windows 10 Mail app is a buggy piece of shit.  How much do you actually use email?  The damn thing can't even reliably sync without breaking... "Your email options are out of date." 5 times a day...
  • I agree with you. I am fine without google but I cannot recommend WP when I see people like google service, like hangout, maps, Gmail. This thing has no perfect substitute yet in WP. Only google can give me perfect address, email client doesn't provide categories email, there is no substitute of hangout (no app in WP allow free incoming and outgoing of real phone number). I love WP but because google service, I cannot recommend strongly if I see somebody is relient on google service. Thanks
  • In the US, at least (cannot speak for other countries), Microsoft Maps is as good as Apple Maps (if not better), which is totally usable.  So, I don't really see the obsession with Google Maps unless you happen to live in one of the areas where they do Transit Directions and use that.  None of the services support Transit where I live, so they're practically all on par with each other.  In that case, Here Maps is theoretically superior, but I don't like using 3rd party apps for stuff like that, so I use Apple Maps on my iPhone.  I wouldn't care about Google Maps on my Windows Tablet, Notebook, or iMac because I'd just use the bundled Maps apps (Apple Maps or Microsoft Maps).  My Tablet has a GPS so Microsoft Maps works wonderfully on it, with the Offline Maps.  It's like a really big GPS unit :-) On top of that, you get Auto-Updatable Offline Maps.  Seems like a great service. Google Maps took us to Jersey instead of Pennsylvania when a friend of mine entered his street Address.  Apparently the service couldn't realize that he wanted to go to PA even though his Address was the same street address in PA.  It was taking us to some random city in New Jersey instead.  I ended up late for an engagement because We lost 35+ minutes of travel time as a result.  He told Google Maps to Navigate "Home," and it made this mistake. Google Maps is not infallible.
  • Google maps has bike maps which are a really nice feature if one is an avid cyclist.  They also do a nice job with trails -- both hiking and bike trails.  An an avid Windows user and IOS user (Iphone and Ipad) I think Google maps has the best overall map application with everything that it offers.  I am not a Google fan, but I have to give them credit for maps.  It's the only thing I wish they had on Windows phone -- I do like Windows phone, just can't justify buying one for the App gap as Windows phone also lacks Garmin bike computer app and Strava.
  • There are more people who use cars for map services than cyclists. Google Maps sucks for drivers. Period.
  • I think they may come out with one. Edge is actually competition now. So why not try to steal ms edge share on ms's own platform. It can even integrate with Cortana.
  • For practically anyone using Chrome or Firefox, Edge is an afterthought because it does not support Extensions. People using Google Chrome likely are in the Google Ecosystem, which means Cortana is probably worthless to them as they do not use the services she relies on to do what she does enough for her to be all that userful.  Chrome installs Google Now with itself by default. The problem is, at this point, Google doens't even have to TRY to steal Edge's share on MS's own platform.  They just have to exist there.  Seriously, even IE11 has an Ad Block Extension (and TPL's), and Edge is disfunctional with a lot of websites/web apps, especially those used for business use.  Friend of mine had to set IE11 as his default because Edge being the default made his PC inoperable for work purposes. Given the shape Windows 10 is in right now, the bugginess, the glitchiness, the buggy Universal Apps, the incompleteness of Edge.  I would not have complained if they had waited until October to release the OS instead of rushing it out on June 29th.
  • I'm deeply nested in the Google eco-system and i hate chrome, I don't use it in windows nor on my Android phone. People stick with chrome in the same way they stuck with IE pre 10 before realizing there were better alternatives. Now that chrome has become the new old IE it's the same pattern.
  • You can buy yourself a chromebook and go to google campus if you don't understand what is meant by development in progress. And fyi, July and June are 2 different months on the calendar.
  • i think that things would be different if google search app wasn't the only app google makes for windows users. it's like they are spitting in our, that app is totally useless! if i want to make a google search i use edge or other browsers, not that app! I gotta say that I would like to have google apps on windows store, because this would let a lot more people think about moving to windows tablets and windows phone, and this would be like a bootstrap to begin attract more developers to port their apps to the windows store. But i don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon...​
  • I agree with you that WP needs Google app to appeal to Google dependants. Strangely enough, WP currently has the best YouTube apps available on any platform, particularly when it comes to aesthetics. It's the one area in the OS app battle that WP is superior.
  • WP not having the Google apps is a big reason a lot of people are still using Android instead of WP, and Google knows it. They aren't going to port them.
  • Not only that, but they threaten and intimidate anyone who makes a good alternative that uses the Google API that has the guts to actually make a WP app for a google service. They even blocked the app they made WITH microsoft for youtube, claiming that it didn't use HTML5 and so was banned from accessing youtube.  This is despite the fact that apple's youtube app doens't use HTML5 and (at the time) googles own damn youtube app for android didn't use HTML5 either. They are a scumbag company that have built their entire business ripping off other peoples' IP, wrapping it in spyware and calling it their own, and yet its MS that the sheep all raise their pitchforks against and race with flaming torches to the windmill about!
  • Google has to Advertise, adn Microsoft did go around them the first go around.  It's hard to negotiate when you spit in their faces on first attempt.  Microosft kind of blew that. Also, Microosft should have built a better browser engine for Windows Phone.  A lot of the issues they ran into were due to their horrible mobile browser engine and lack of technology support in the platform. Even the Vimeo App sucked on Windows Phone, so it's not exclusively a YouTube problem.  Apps on the platform are just generally terrible compared to iOS and Android, and the developers do not pay a huge amount of attention to maintaining and supporting them. The result is Apps get terrible reviews and low ratings, which leads to lower downloads and usage, which leads to developers just giving up. A lot of the "developer pain" on this platform was caused by its own users.  While they were on forums saying "give it time, the platform is new" they were on the App Store blasting any developer that violated the most menial areas of their precious UI/UX Guidelines or had issues developing for the platform earlier on. Windows Phone was not an encouraging user base to develop for, especially given how little they generally spent on store content (generally speaking).  It was like Android all over again, but with even shallower pockets and only 1/1000th of the market share.
  • Yeh gameing apps huge issue, normal apps a small issue but soz my 6 years on iphone was taken over when i tried 8.1 mobile, its was the refreshing live tiles, it was the open nfc that even today the iphones version is restricted, its the windows gestures where i placed the phone on a take and it auto maticly put speakerphone on lol and theres loats and lots of things my windows phone did and does then my iphones never did and visa versa.  I really dont want generic apps from first party unless they make a little effort to fit into the envoirnment they are made for, thats the great thing about windows phone its that different and you get a little more customisation than a iphone and a little less than android, it feels right.  also i loved cortana and the built in browser in 8.1 mobile, it was never a issue for me and it was fast, then again i never had a issue with safari either. With my limited experience on android i always tell friends iphone or wwindows, try them first, i and again its just me i am fed up with androdi phones i have used becomeing slow after a day or 2 of customising and app installing, i was fed up with all the crashing too, i see android as the old windows moblie 5-6 t but i dont want to go back to those days.  Maybe in 4-6 years ill try android again and maybe itll be better for me but at this time im not a fan.  Saying that i saw colour os and that seems to be a nice android version.
  • Google still sucks, not just because we hate it, but because Google is trying to show that it has the upper hand. If Google had released the #$%^ing apps already, we wouldn't be here, bitching about it now, would we?
  • 100% disagree
  • Really?  Mail is good?! No it damn well isn't.  It looks kinda nice, but its got perhaps 1/20th the capabilities of something like Windows Live Mail let alone outlook or even Its like using a mail program with boxing gloves on, however thats what most 'normal' people think they want (which means they're freaking idiots).
  • I will never understand why Microsoft crippled the usability of thier OS by replacing something as good as Vista Mail/Windows Live Mail, Windows Photo Gallery, etc. with ... Microsoft Mail/Calendar and Microsoft Photos. Kind of like how they replaced WLM with Skype and everyone I knew who used WLM basically moved to a non-Microsoft product because Skype is such a horrible Messaging service. They are really desperate with this Universal Windows Platform bullshit, that doesn't benefit anyone but them, because the apps are so crippled (and unstable) compared to the ones they replaced in the OS that they aren't even worth using. I've actually been considering switching my Notebook over to Linux, though.  These days I use iOS and OS X about 90% more than Windows so it's the perfect time to move my Laptop over to a LTS or Enterprise Linux Distro/Subscription and phase Microsoft's Platform and services out completely.
  • Not being on Windows Phone is the best decision ever made by Google for ... Microsoft. Now I'm using Microsoft Services also on my Android and IOS devices because I like to have unified experience. And I bet I'm not the only one.
  • Don't need em. I could see those living outside of the US may have a need for google search since Bing is still farily basic there. But in the US. Bing is King.
  • Obviously, but there's nothing we can do if Google continues to be vindictive, so we raise the middle finger right back at them.
  • i would love a you tube app but to be fair i love my metro tube and tube cast, if metro had casting then i wouldnt need a you tube google app.  Ofc we all want to see those google apps on our phones but because google didnt support windows phone 8.1 i have already moved away from most google things, i even spend alot more time on vimo and other chanels just because google dont suport windows phone.  If they dont suport windows 10 phone then my next step will be to change all my gmail accounts toing google as my main search engin'i hope i dont have too.  Personally i find them being anti competative.  Its funny to think that google just wouldnt exisit if it wasnt for windows yet they show no loyalty back.  Instead they suport apple who never suported google in the years gone buy.  thats prety discusting really but then again google is owned by a load of suits these days.
  • You are right! But it would have made much sense if Google would have ported their first party app way back when Windows Phone 8 launched, but they avoided infact made changes to APIs in such a way that 3rd party developers too find it difficult to get Google services on Windows Platform and now when we have better traffic and platform if getting better by the day, they are sneaking in to get more traffic from here... All would have welcomed them wholeheartedly at start but joining party now when cake is ready to eat is not acceptable.. Google NOT Welcomed anymore...
  • Actually, from everything I've read, its Google being a dickweed and simply refusing to port/create its Apps for Windows Phone. I get it. Windows Phone is a competitor. Honestly, I'd love to see YouTube and Google Drive applications developed by Google developed for Windows Phone, I'd be a happy duck if that ever happened, but it won't cause Google doesn't give a **** about being platform agnostic, although it promotes that a lot. It had to port its apps over to iOS because their Market Share is so great, so it would be destructive for them to not do so, however they simply scoff and shove off the Windows Phone platform because its so small, and probably refuse to pay W10 anymind, because, well hey, if you're on a W10 computer you can just use a web-browser, so who cares to develop apps. I personally hate this attitude, and have noticed that Microsoft is the predominant company of late which is developing platform agnostic software and apps and letting everyone have it, iOS, Google, whatever, and THEYRE the underdogs, especially in the mobile app world. So wtf.
  • You may not want it but other people that like Google will use it. This is a good thing and should be welcomed.
  • They can use their google on android tablets, google be gone.
  • 100000 LIKES for this -----> lol! Are u kidding us Screwgle?We don't need your sh*t? We have Cortana!
  • HA HA!
  • LOL
  • What would google say if Microsoft said it doesn't follow modern app standards and blocked it... or worse pulled and an Apple and said duplication of OS functionality: blocked.
  • They should absolutely do this.  However, todays microsoft has no balls and seemingly little desire to stand up for their users.
  • Lol people still use Google? What year is it, 2010?
  • I'll take Google thanks, Bing is a poor second.
  • Says someone who probably hasn't tried out bing for several years. I get far more relevant results and way fewer "buy this shit" results than when I trust google to do searches for me.  You might think google has you covered, but you should try some of the blind search tools that only tell you which engine your preferred results come from AFTER you make your decision.
  • Google is about as amateurish as it gets. I switched over to Bing maybe two years ago and the difference is night and day. Bing is beautiful, relevant and just a much better effort at a search engine and even qualifies as an excellent landing page with all your office and OneDrive access. Google is just a white page with an input box with results all over the F'ing place.
  • We think alike NIST.
  • Most of us don't have Cortana because of the region s**t
  • Is that app still relevant?
  • Yeah! Who uses Google search... Just billions users....fuck off. Microsoft doesn't need you.
  • Of course it is relevant. STOP BEING A BITTER FANBOY!!!!
  • My favorite part was the title.
  • Looks clean.
  • Why is this on my platforms store ? Google is trash.
  • a Trash who is market leader. Don't know that that make MS
  • Seriously, why would anyone use this?
  • Why not?
  • Open app. Enter search. Open browser. Enter search. Honestly, the only this thing would be faster than the standard option would be to overrite Cortana.
  • You don't even have to open an app.  Just hit the windows key and start typing your search request.
  • Here comes all the Google hate. Guess it's the cool thing to do eh kids?
  • Tell me what's cool then, Mr. Adult :)
  • Google has on multiple times taken potshots at Windows with a horrible, laughable search app and literally no other app.
    Heck, they even removed MS Youtube apps for no reason at all
  • Oh they gave a reason, but it was total bullshit.  MS's app (the one google made WITH MS) didn't use HTML5 and so google claimed that because it didn't stick to google's API access standard couldn't allowed to work with their service. That, despite the fact that google's OWN android youtube app didn't use HMTL5 nor apple's youtube app either.
  • Well, certainly learned behavior. Anyhow, in this instance isn't it warranted? Google has done all it can to forsake people who use multiple ecosystems (particularly Windows Phone users). Not debating whether or not that makes sense for their business, only that it is the modus operandi for them. Unfortunate, really.
  • iOS
  • The goog just doesn't support our platform. That's their choice, in my opinion kind of short sighted but still their choice. I do however hope it comes back and bites them though.
  • As a Windows phone user, they decided to hate me first, so I don't feel bad hating them back.
  • Agreed
  • Eloquently put, sir!
  • Thank you. Because of that, I would never install google search on my windows phone.
  • That's how I look at it, I mean they basically said they don't want or need my business, ok thanks have a nice day, others do.
  • That's where I'm at now also. I liked their service but they drove me away. They don't want my business, I don't want their service.
  • So true!! ;)
  • I love how it's an accepted norm to hate on anything Microsoft, but as soon as there's so much as an utterance of negativity towards Google, you people all go holier than thou. Pot calling kettle black is what I'm seeing here.
  • Would you use any of Googles apps if they put them on Windows? Most of you wouldn't as you're 'fanboys' so why the hell do you care? If they did put all their apps on it i guarantee it'd be the same negative crap you're all posting now.
    Anything that doesn't praise Windows for being the best thing since sliced bread and you all go batshit crazy.
  • So let me get this right - not using a product because I find a product from another company to be better and suits my needs better, now qualifies as being a fanboy? I also find it funny that you are here complaining that if someone doesn't praise Windows is being "batshit crazy" and yet you are the one being batshit crazy because we are not praising Google and their products. In other words, we must not say anything negative about Google and complain about Microsoft because if we don't then we will hurt your feelings and you will have a temper tantrum about us "fanboys"
  • #strawman
  • Did he call us fanboys? Yep. Did he claim that we refuse to use Google products? Yep. Did he call us "batshit crazy?" Yep. Is he complaining because we do not give Google complements? Yep. Is he claiming that we spread hate towards Google? Yep.   Strawman? Nope. Trying to be cool by using a "hash tag" and one word snarky comments, but instead looking like a pretentious moron? Yep.
  • You're taking everything apart in order to exaggerate everything he said. He didn't call everyone. He called most*** which is not a false statement. The majority of people here do focus on the fanboyism towards MSFT. Same thing in the apple and android forums.
    The fact that you immediately took insult to something that maybe didn't apply to you.. Attacked him back.. Well you prove a different point.
    Anything against your opinion makes you go batshit crazy. Also: #ad hominem And I'm not even going to begin defining everything else you said down below.
  • I won't presume to speak for the OP you are replying to. I personally will say I don't think its about not saying anything negative about Google or the hypocrisy in hating on MS as its more the idea of it being quite silly and childish to absolutely praise or outright hate a company who (and let's be really honest here) has done nothing to directly to improve or ruin your life respectively. Sure a device or service might make doing some task a little easier. But at the end of the day, none of these companies (regardless of how much I like or dislike their products) are not that important to waste so much emotion over. Maybe I've never been the target individual for these discussions. But the extremes over phones (and in connection these companies) just comes of as insane. 
  • And that is the thing, I am not writing anything about how I hate Google. I wrote I find alternative products better, I tried Google, and found other products better - not all of them are from Microsoft. But the OP had to jump in and start complaining about those Google haters and how mean they are, and then add more whiny-ness to the thread. Google has specifically denied giving me a product that supports my device, so I use a product that is supported. And somehow that means that I am a hater, and he has to go to a site to whine and complain about no comment in particular - he started a new comment thread in rep