Google has only released one app in the Windows Store, and that's for Google Search. Now that app has been updated in the store with support for Windows 10. It includes a revamped and cleaner user interface that takes on Google's Material Design ideas.

Basically, the Google Search app allows Windows 10 users to access Google's search engine without having to use a browser. It does support using a microphone so that users can speak their search string which can then be accessed by the app. It also supports image search and the app also has a page to directly access online versions of Google's other apps and services like YouTube, Gmail, Maps and others.

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Aside from this release, Google has never make any indications it plans to release any native apps for Windows 10 (although it has released a dedicated Xbox One YouTube app, so for the moment it looks like Google Search will stand alone.

The Google app is actually pretty decent. It makes use of hardware for speaking, can do in-line browsing (or use Edge), and it has a clean look. The app does not yet work on Windows 10 Mobile, however, it may very well come over to that side soon too.

Download Google Search for Windows 10 (Free)

via: Microsoft News

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